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on August 16, 2012
I've been using this headset for about 2 months, and just about every work day for at least a few hours. Here's my general summary:

Good sound quality (I don't get many complaints about poor sound)
Comfortable (fits my ear well, doesn't make my ear sore)
Stays put (doesn't fall out easily)
Easy connection with my phone - easy to pair
Charges quickly - takes about 2 hours to charge in my experience
Unobtrusive tones for battery life during calls
Deals with light wind noise effectively

Poor battery life - I get 2-4 hours of talk time on the headset. It's inconsistent how much time I get even after a full charge which is a little weird. Usually around 3-3.5 hours.
Poor battery indicator - My headset has run out of battery and disconnected but the battery indicator still shows yellow (it should show red before it dies). The tone for short battery is a little better but still it dies before all the warnings I'm supposed to get (according to the manual)

Over all this is a very good headset for my purposes, but the short battery life is inconvenient b/c I sometimes have 4-5 hours straight of phone calls, and towards the end I have to switch to speaker phone on my cell phone as this device is dead. So I have to remember to charge up whenever I get a break to keep the headset going all day. But I've been through a number of other headsets and dropped them b/c of poor sound quality, and so this headset is worth the trouble b/c sound quality is so good. It also seems to handle wind noise adequately.
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on November 9, 2013
Ok, first off i will tell those reading this that i have had hearing problems since i was little, and it is difficult for me to hear on cell phones when there is also noise in the room around me. So i have been using Bluetooth headsets for a long time because they allow me to hear normally. I have tried so many different ones that i have lost count.
I thought that i had found the perfect one when i bought the Jawbone Era, i was wrong.
This Bose earpiece is the best on the market in my opinion. Here is why:

1. The audio quality better than anything i have ever used.
2. The earpiece itself is the only earpiece i have ever used that fits so well in my ear that i actually forget its there.
- EVERY earpiece i have ever used was a pain in the butt to get it to stay in your ear correctly. Normally you have to twist them around until they are jammed in your ear and end up causing your ear to hurt after a while.
- This earpiece does not even feel like its there. That alone is worth more than any other factor.
3. The volume curve is much bigger. I usually have to have earpieces at full volume, yet this one i cant have it barely above half or its too loud. Too loud? I have never had that problem before.

1. Unlike the Jawbone era, there is not internal configuration such as voice changing or differing voice dial applications. However this is not much of a con because pressing the button on the headset opens my Siri on my iPhone 5 anyway, so it still accomplishes what it needs to.
2. The Jawbone Era allows you to double tap the earpiece itself to hang up, that was really cool and this one doesn't, but again i'd rather have an earpiece that fits than one that is slightly easier to hang up a call.

I hope this review helps people looking for that perfect earpiece that fits perfectly, sounds perfect, and have it fit well enough for the user to forget its there. This was the best investment i have made in a LONG time. Fantastic Product.
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on May 2, 2015
Great Bluetooth headset for use with my iPhone. The Bose earbuds stay firmly in your ear. You are limited to use it in one ear, so if you like to switch it up this unit may not be for you. The sound is great quality and plays music as well as voice. The caller can always hear me, unless I'm in a windy or high noise location. In that case I have not found a headset yet that blocks out that kind of noise and I've been through the best/most expensive out there. The battery will get you through about 1/2 - 3/4 day if you use for both calls and to stream audio, about 3-3.5 hrs active use between charges. My only gripe is that Bose needs to come up with a voice based way to answer the phone. With my Jabra and Plantronics headsets I could hear who was calling even when phone was in my pocket because there was an announcement played in my ear. I could also say "answer" and the call would be answered. Those headsets were cheaper than the Bose but had these features. Given how expensive the product is and how easy it is to add these features, Bose should do it. That's the difference between a 4 and 5 star product in my opinion.
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on July 4, 2012
This is a great little bluetooth earpiece, I've done a lot of research - used many different types. If you not on a tight budget this one is hard to beat.

-sound quality is excellent for both music and communication
-noise cancellation seems great - no complaints by whoever I'm talking to
-buttons - I like that there is a physical volume control that's easy to use, a button for hanging up/picking up calls and a physical on off slide switch - I've used many bluetooth devices... many times companies cut corners and use one button for everything (plantronics comes to mind - not knocking plantronics - they have some good units as well)
-comfortable ear piece once you get the right size and get comfortable with it - takes a good day or 2 of use before comfort kicked in for me.
-looks fantastic!

-takes some getting used to comfort-wise
-restricted to 1 ear - of course we know this when we buy it but, still - it would've been nice if you could use it in both ears but, you definately can't with the way the "ear anchor" is shaped.

**this is a con for all bluetooth type ear pieces - easily lost!!!!!!
at $150 - that's a heck of a gamble!

Other thoughts:
This is a great little device - I like wearing it while I'm shopping and streaming music to it - great sound plus is has the "BOSE" label on the side "Better sound through technology"!

There are several other great units I've used in the past - this one takes the cake BUT, it's at a premium price..

If you can't afford this baby I recommend the plantronics m1100 savor - at a third of the price - it's quite nice - doesn't have all the bells and whistles of this bad boy here but, it does have good noice cancellation and voice commands... works very well
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on August 14, 2013
I've tried just about every high end bluetooth headset on the market. Next to this one, Jawbone ERA is the best I have found. Plantronics Voyager Pro is a pretty good one, but it really isn't durable for the price, and its call clarity isn't nearly as good...some of Plantronics earlier headset models were better. Of all the headsets I've used, the Bose bluetooth headset beats all the others "hands down" for clear conversations in all environments. People I'm talking to never notice when I go outside to enjoy the patio, yet I live on a street with a lot of traffic and there is always a nice breeze. The other wonderful thing about the Bose headset: I always hear clearly too, with plenty of volume...despite the fact that I'm older and have some hearing loss.

Cons: It doesn't have the nice "low battery" indicator on the phone that Jawbone has, or the neat voice caller ID telling you the phone number and who is calling.
Also, for the price, you would think they could send all three ear jell sizes. It only comes with "small" and "large" ear jells. After trying the large and small size that came with it...small fell out of my ear, the large pushed outward somewhat...I gambled and ordered some "medium" jells, and found them to be a nice fit.

Pros: Sound Quality for both you and the person you are talking to, regardless of the background noise you have around you....including wind, road traffic, stereo or television playing, or children playing in the room. A volume control that actually works...You can adjust the "hearing" volume up loud enough to understand soft-spoken people, and turn it down when having a conversation with friends who tend to talk loud. Siri also responds well on the iPhone using the call button on the Bose headset.
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on May 3, 2014
...that I was wrong to wait this long... First of all, I have so many of these things, each one better than the previous, still the last one was not loud enough and was falling out of my ear. Still it seemed obscene to buy another one... The impetus was that the one I used broke into half on its own, and their previous model was not A2DP capable, so the GPS from my phone was not getting into the headset. (That was critical for me.) I had read only the highest praise of the sound characteristics of this one, but for some reason it appeared, that you could not voice dial. And that was crucial for me too.
Now that the one I was using broke I figured I will bite the bullet, - compromise - and buy the one that I will hear, do GPS, even if I cannot voice dial.
And then it turned out, that the voice quality was better and louder than I believed it could be, even with the reviews (My ring theme song comes in with a reassuring base line, that still floors me every time ...) and it turns out that it does every other trick (voice dialing) that my previous headsets did. (And why would'nt it? Has the same amount of buttons...) It apparently is that Bose is timid about claiming the feature, because it is ultimately hanging on the phone's feature set. Common. Every smart phone has that. (Best buy info page - ask questions - helped.)
It is still a novelty that when I get a call, I do not have to push with my left hand to hear, and occasionally hang up like that... and the volume is about half on the phone. (Galaxy Note 3). I have this standard opinion: when you buy something, it is usually below or sometimes over your expectations. This one is way over - which is more difficult, because obviously you start out with high ones. Extremely happy with it. Oh, and it stays in my ear too. (Not ears mind you: only one ear...)
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on November 10, 2014
I tried several BT headsets before deciding on this one, and I'm on my second one. The Bose ear-tip is great; it's very comfortable and holds the headset securely, which a real boon if you wear glasses and do not want to use a headset with a look. (The headset comes with eartips in three sizes, and one should fit most folks.) I also like that the headset is operated using discrete switches and buttons that are all easily accessible while wearing it: volume up, volume down, answer/hang-up (and Siri), and On/Off. There is no fumbling around. Sound quality is very good when calling, and because it has the A2DP BT profile, you can use it as a wireless headset for music and podcasts in a pinch, which is nice because it actually sounds quite good for that.

There are some things that I would change: The price is too high by $50, but that's the Bose premium. Also, the life-span of the device could be better. After about 2 years of regular (but not heavy) use, the battery on my first unit no longer held a charge, and had to be replaced. It would be nice if in A2DP mode the answer/hang-up button would function to pause, skip and rewind (in iOS) like a BT headphone, but that's a small quibble.
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on August 11, 2014
I guess it's as good as it gets. For the price, yes it should have a lot more features. It's very comfortable and the sound quality is good. The only issue is it drains my battery like crazy and it amplifies all your background sounds. According to Bose Technical Support, it does NOT have noise cancelling technology like the Jawbone. It only has a microphone that is designed to help your callers hear you better. This statement is very misleading. "Noise-rejecting microphone allows callers to hear more of your voice-in windy and noisy environments" The Bose Tech could not even explain to me what that meant. In my daily use, if there is noise around you like when you're washing your hands, the caller can hear the running water in the background and it sounds a lot louder for them then it does for you. The jawbone was much better at canceling that noise out. As far as comfort, sound quality and hearing you in quieter environments, Bose does a good job there. I'm kinda disappointed that Bose would not use noise cancelling technology at this price. I guess there still is no perfect Bluetooth headset, even though Bluetooth was invented in 1994! 20 years later and we still can't get it right.
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on June 8, 2013
I have been neurotic about finding a good blue tooth telephone headset. I tried Plantronics, Blue Ant, Jabra, Jawbone, many Motorola products etc. Until now I had settled for the Motorola Oasis as it was clear enough, had adequate volume and definitely was comfortable. I had avoided Bose. Too expensive and my presumption was that it was not worth the money. Bose tends to dictate how their products sound rather than providing user options. With reference to the blue tooth headset I was wrong. It is comfortable (almost too comfortable), volume is adjustable to a level that even a geezer like myself can hear clearly. Called parties think I'm at home on my land line. It is that good. The only down side I've noted so far is the occasional failure to respond to a voice command and the darn thing is too comfortable. It feels like it is not securely placed in the ear. The "gizmo" that holds it in the ear should be a little stiffer for a feeling of confidence, security and build quality. Five star sound clarity. Three star ear "gizmo". Four stars overall.

Will update if my impression of the "ear gizmo" changes
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on July 13, 2012
Further update. I solved the problem of the device switching itself on while in my pocket. I got a pad of paper, cut a curved piece out of the stiff cardboard backing in the shape of one side of the little zippered pouch that Bose sends with the headset. Put the cardboard piece inside and put the headset in with the switch facing the cardboard piece. After a week or so in my pocket it no longer switches on or off by itself.


Update March 2015. I am still using this device. I still love the sound quality and the fit. I can use it in an airport or car and the ambient noise doesn't intrude into the conversation so they've done a nice job with that. I carry it in a front pants pocket inside the little zippered case that it came with and have some trouble with the switch turning itself just by the motion of walking, sitting, etc. I am looking for a different solution for a carrying case but haven't found one yet. I can talk for about 1.5 hours before requiring a charge.


Update November 2014. The device did quit working for me in the middle of the summer after about a year. I installed a firmware update and that didn't fix the problem. It wouldn't stay connected to the iPhone and the problem was getting worse. I wiped and reset the iPhone and that didn't help (that was probably an unnecessary step but I was having problems with the iPhone anyway). After a talk with tech support at Bose I sent the device back and got a new one for half price. The new one works fine with the same iPhone. I still really like the quality and fidelity of the sound and the ease with which it goes in the ear. I hope this one lasts longer than the last one, though.

Original review
I've owned four or five other bluetooth headsets: Jabra, Jawbone, Motorola, etc. What is most important to me is sound fidelity--the quality of the sound that I hear and that the person on the other end of the call hears. So far this Bose is the answer. I use an Apple iPhone 4s. On long conference calls with other headsets I have had to resort to using the Apple earbuds because it was difficult to focus on a conversation for a long time with just my left ear. The Bose makes it easy to hear and understand what's going on. It's like the device fades away and you can just focus on the conversation. People on the other end of the call don't have any trouble hearing or understanding me either.

I don't use the headset to listen to music and I'm not a big Siri user, so I can't comment on those features.

It's extremely comfortable to wear. I can have it on for hours. It stays in place while I'm walking. So far I've never felt like it was going to fall out.

I love how simple it is to carry around and charge. My last device had a special charging "clamshell" (in addition to a wall adapter) which looked cool at first, but ended up being a real pain and just one more thing to cart around. The Bose has a small, flat wall adapter with fold down prongs and a simple USB cable.

I will echo what others have said about not having a battery meter visible on the phone during a call. I think it's unfortunate that Bose chose to leave that feature out and I hope they address it on future models. After a call has been going on for a long time, the question of how much battery is left starts to nag. It seems that it would be such a straightforward feature to add. Putting the amber battery meter light on the device itself doesn't help much when you're wearing it all the time.

I'm sure the device is overpriced but the audible solution they have provided is unmatched (at least in my experience), and when you're at the top in performance like that you get to charge what you want. When I lost my last phone it took me a long time to decide to try this one because of the price, but it was worth trying.

Despite that, I would still go with the Bose again if I had a choice. Nothing else that I have tried compares to it sound wise and at the end of the day a call is about hearing and being heard.
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