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on December 6, 2013
Wow talk about taking a racing game to another level. Purchased to play Forza 5 on Xbox One with the Thrustmaster TX. I was worried that the TX might not bolt up to the seat, but luckily it all works! I am extremely happy with this purchase. If you are serious about racing games/sims and put hundreds of hours into them, do yourself a favor and buy this seat!

One thing that I will say is that the seat is not quite as comfortable as I had hoped, given the price point I expected a little more seat cushion/lumbar support. Discomfort is only felt after 2+ hours of play and well its probably time for a break from the game anyways by that point. For this reason I kept it at 5/5 since the majority of time I'm playing for 30min-1hr and it is perfect for that.
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on January 15, 2013
This is a very nice seat for the price, I got it for $250 on sale which is really good considering the retail is $600. Went together really easily all parts were there.


- Price was great.
- Nice Quality.
- Nice faux leather.
- Easy to Adjust.
- Very easy to store away.


- Mounting Plate does not work with Fanatec Wheels had to drill my own holes.
- Shifter mount sold separately.
- Wheel base not plumb, a little cocked to the side. Tried fixing with washers and stuff but couldn't get it perfect. But definately no deal breaker.


- Would be great if they installed wheels on the back of it for easier transport. I installed my own caster wheels from Home Depot and it worked great.
- Wire Channels, if they could put channels to fish wires through to make a more clean install that would be great.
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on January 11, 2013
I've enjoyed sim racing for many years. During that time I have progressed through various types of driving wheels, each one more refined (and expensive) than the previous. Once I had upgraded to a Fanatec wheel and pedal set, it was finally time to retire the tray table I had previously been using and upgrade my rig, as well. I found the Playseat Forza 4 edition seat on sale during Black Friday for a fantastic price and purchased it.

It was easy to assemble and once I hard mounted my wheel to the seat, it has been an entirely new experience. Great purchase for those who are serious about their sim racing "careers."
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on December 27, 2012
I recently acquired a Fanatec CSR Wheel and CSR Elite pedal set and I wanted a quality mounting option. Notwithstanding other reviews which seemed to report that this playseat was not fully compatible with Fanatec CSR wheel & pedal combo out of the box, I took the plunge and ordered one in late December 2012 when I noticed the price dropped to two-hundred-and-fifty dollars. I'm glad I did considering the temporarily reduced price. However, upon receipt of this playseat, the plastic wheel mounting platform was NOT pre-drilled for the CSR Wheel. I emailed Playseat USA's customer service ( as suggested by some of the other reviews to request a CSR-compatible pre-drilled wheel mounting plate be sent to me. Although I did not receive an email response, I did receive (at no charge to me) the new CSR-compatible pre-drilled wheel plate along with 2 mounting screws via FedEx Ground delivery from Redmond, Washington 5 business days later!

(Before receiving the new wheel plate, and not knowing if customer service would respond, I took matters into my own hands. I learned in reading some other reviews that a drilling template for the CSR wheel was available on the Fanatec website, so I hopped over to Fanatec's website and downloaded the template. Make sure if you're doing this that you select to print in actual size in the print dialogue box, not the reduced screen fit size! After taping the Fanatec drilling template to the Playseat plastic wheel plate, I used a household Black & Decker drill and drill bit, I was able to quickly drill four holes in the plastic mounting platform for the playseat. I was then able to bolt/screw down the wheel to the playseat with no problem. As for the pedal mounting, the CSR pedal set is actually longer than the mounting platform for the playseat, so I attached the pedals at the two bottom mounting screw holes on the pedal platform (as opposed to the two screw holes at the top).

Once completely set up, this playseat and wheel combo is very stable and is very comfortable. Aesthetically, it also looks quite nice, especially with the Fanatec CSR wheel and pedals mounted to it. Although the product was not fully compatible out of the box, I'm giving the product 5 stars given the excellent quality of the seat as well as customer service's excellent response in FedEx'ing me the CSR-compatible pre-drilled wheel plate. I recommend the product without reservation.
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on November 24, 2011
I just received the Forza 4 Playseat and a Forza 4 Fanatec wheel and the CSR Elite pedals. I was very disappointed to find that neither the steering wheel or the pedals fit the playseat. Given that the description clearly states that they are compatible and that the Fanatec and the seat are Forza 4 special edition, they should work together, right? Even more disappointing is that I tried to get customer service from and they told me that they are only resellers. They would not tell me how to contact the actual playseat people to get this fixed. All they would really need to make it work is a plate with holes at the right place for the steering wheel. It is possible to drill holes yourself to make it work but with the seat selling for $500 and the wheel for $250, I don't expect to have to drill holes to make it fit. Worse is the pedals. The plate for the pedals is to short by several inches. There is no way with the current plate to attach the CSR pedals securely to the the seat. I guess I could buy a piece of metal myself, cut it and drill all the wholes. Again, unexpected for that kind of price. Another thing I didn't like is that the people told me that they know about the problem and are planning to sell a plate for the pedals that will work sometimes in mid-2012 (6+ months after it came out). I don't think I should have to buy an extra plate and I don't think they should advertise this playseat is compatible with the Fanatec wheel or pedal. I wonder what Microsoft thinks of this; they licensed this playseat and the Fanatec wheels and pedals, they should work together out of the box. Unless you are pretty handy at fabricating plates and drilling holes in metal, you probably should not buy this product.

As far as the solidity of the product, it also was not up to expectations. The post that holds the steering wheel doesn't feel very solid and the parts don't fit well together. The adjustments for the steering wheel are very limited. The post is angled up at a sharp angle so if you need the steering wheel farther from you, it also goes up a lot. I'm not sure I'll be able to make this work without having the steering wheel right at eye level. Also, the piece that holds the pedals feels very loose and unstable. I'm not sure how it will hold up whenever I get the pedals installed with a custom-made plate.

On the positive side, the seat itself has a nice feel to it.

Edited on 01/11/2012: I received the updated plates for the wheel with two points to mount to the column (steering mounts to the plate, plate mounts to the column). Mounting with the bolts is more solid than the table mounts that I originally had to use. There are three points to mount the plate to the seat column. When using the Fanatec mount points, you can only use the closest and middle mount points. Should be good for most people unless you are very tall. I'm 6' and it's an OK fit (would be nice if I could have the wheel lower and further). Because the wheel is too high, I can't use my Kinect (not sure how good that really is). You will need to buy two 30mm M6 screws to install the wheel, the 20mm screws provided are not long enough.
I also wanted to confirm that the seat itself feels very solid. The pedal mounts feel more solid than I originally thought they would, even with two mount points instead of four. The only weak point is the steering column, it could use some reinforcement. Despite my initial disappointments, I have to admit that playing Forza 4 with this seat, the wheel and pedals is a lot of fun and I would buy this setup again. I just wish it would have worked out of the box or that getting support would have been easier. Speaking of that, if you are in the US, make sure you get in touch with people at; that made all the difference. I wonder why the people didn't redirect me to the American branch. Bumping my review from a 2 to a 4.
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on January 24, 2012
I purchased this seat to use with a Fanatec CSR elite wheel and pedal set. I was initially disappointed by the lack of proper wheel mount plate but a quick email to customer support and the update plate was in the mail. The seat setup was easy using the supplied instructions. Was up and running in no time. The seat is comfortable and I find the wheel hight adjustments perfect.

The look and feel of the seat is quality and with the addition of the CSR Elite wheel and pedals looks ready to race!
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on December 9, 2011
It worked perfectly for me. It does include all 4 holes to mount the Clubsport pedals since the base is smaller than the CSR Elite pedals. However, I had to drill holes for the Fanatec CSR wheel which is temporarily since Playseat will be sending free updated wheel plates if u purchase this seat. They expect to ship the plates on 12/15...lets see if it holds true...

I was looking for a Buttkicker Gamer2 but those are on backorder everywhere and I heard those are not strong enough so I went ahead and purchased a Pearl Throne Thumper (15% off in Amazon) which is made by Buttkicker and is basically a Buttkicker Advance transducer with a paint job and a 200 watt Amp. It works wonders and its easy to mount if you follow AKATrent's guide in YouTube, I soldered the socked instead of using just a bolt. And I can also use it with my Roland TD20 :-)
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on December 19, 2013
My husband loves it! Easy set-up and feels like he is sitting in a real racecar. Some adjustments had to be made so he could hootk up the shifting gear along side the steering wheel
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on December 25, 2012
Confortable, adjustable, lateral stability not terrific. Do not forget to save the extra screws to hold the steering wheel when you get it.
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on December 28, 2011
Fanatec CSR Elite Steering Wheel:
Initially when I received this product the steering wheel plate was not pre-drilled for Fanatec steering wheels. However, after some research on this, I found out that Playseat were working on getting the correct wheel plates and are sending it out to any customers that require it so that the customer does not have to drill the holes themselves. This is at no charge to the customer. You can find out more from Playseats web site or their Facebook page.

I received the new pre-drilled plate and it lined up perfectly to my CSR Elite wheel (using the angle brackets included with the wheel). The only thing is that they only pre-drilled two holes (one for each side) instead of four holes. They told me this is by design and it is sufficient. Upon my testing, the two holes was indeed sufficient to hold down the CSR Elite wheel without any issues.

The only gripe is I wish the position of the wheel was a bit more adjustable as I would prefer it a little futher outward without having to raise it up the post as high. Also once the CSR Elite wheel is mounted, the bolts under it will prevent you from mounting the plate to the 3rd furthest point. So you only have the first two distance points to mount the plate down. Other than the distance of the wheel, the angle is just right for my particular wheel and has a fairly stable feel.

Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals:
The CSR Elite pedals mounted up fine as well. Note that you are supposed to use either the two top holes or the two bottom holes for the pedal mounts. I built my own bracket so that I can utilize all four mounts on the pedals however, before that I had just the two top mounts and it was fairly sufficient. I wanted it wobble free so I built my own brackets to mount behind the Playseat plate giving me mounts for all four holes.

The seat is very comfortable however the synthentic leather on the cushion does make a rubbing noise. It's nice they added a spring bottom for added comfort.

Putting it together:
I found the instructions sufficient to put the seat together. It's no harder than following instructions for furniture, etc. Just follow the pictures and assemble it with the tools included.

Steering wheel: I already mentioned above that I there was better ability to adjust the plate forward.
Pedals: The adjustable angle of the pedal plate is a great addition to position the pedals at the perfect angle.
Pedal distance: The quick release latch works great to move the pedals further or closer to the seat. No more knobs to turn.
Seats: You can't adjust the seats, they are stationary and does not move, similiar to real racing buckets. For home use, having the ability to adjust the backrest would have been great however for me the seats are fairly comfortable in it's current position.

Build quality:
From what I can see, everything is fairly well built from what looks to be powder coated steel parts. There's no rough edges in the metal work.

Customer Service:
Customer service was very responsive and quickly addressed my concerns with the pre-drilled mounting plate for Fanatec wheels.

The seat is fairly well built and comfortable however the price is a bit expensive when compared to other options out there. At this price range, the shifter mount should be included instead of being optional. However, warning they do not have a Fanatec compatible shifter mount yet. I hear it should be coming soon though.

Overall I'm giving this 5 stars because the seat is comfortable, "now" compatible with all my gear, fairly adjustable, and excellent customer service support.
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