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on November 5, 2011
I couldn't be more satisfied with the features of this TV alongside with its price tag. First off, I am truly surprised how few reviews there are on this model in comparison to the LG42LV5500. I did my homework before buying a new set, and both of these models are exactly the same. The only difference is the lv5500 has a magic remote. But this tv comes with the magic remote "feature", meaning you can always buy the remote in the future at around $70.

I consider this LG unbeatable with all that it offers. The picture is flawless, brilliant in colors, contrast and detail. I feel no motion lag as with some 60hz models. And am truly grateful to have the 120hz. It has a decent amount of user manual settings including colors and pic modes, but not overwhelming and simple enough for the ordinary ind.. The Trumotion feature is not to my liking, as it makes the picture look like some soap opera, taking away from that "cinema feel". So that is up to ones personal liking, but I simply turn it off. The amount of inputs in the back is staggering, and that is one thing I researched before buying. I needed to hook up anything and everything I would ever need in the future, and this model does not dissappoint. 4 hdmi's, 2 usb's, ethernet and wireless, 2 rgbs, components, optical,comp monitor, etc. I have my playstation, internet and hd antenna hooked up and all work with true precision and quality. The home menu is friendly and appealing. More than average apps online. The streaming does not work "great" but it is "good" I would say it would be more fun to use the internet and streaming apps with the magic remote, that is the only place where it can really play a positive effect. But the browser on this thing is lagging in speed. So don't expect to be surfing at lightning speed. After all this is a TV not a Mac. And we haven't gotten to a point where TV browsers reach astonishing speeds. For this model it is good to have this feature, with hopes to update it in the future.

I am truly happy with this LG, and it should have much more reviews and likes from people who put in their time into buying the best quality product for a reasonable price. It is by no means a tech junkies dream, but a very sturdy design for an intermediate to experienced user.
One thing I wanna point out is about the LED lighting. I wanted to buy LED because these lights are much more precise, and they emit light that is closer to a natural lights spectrum. This means the colors are more natural is easier on the eyes. They also emit no uv radiation compared to the regular CCFL tubes. I do love how the LED's light up the screen, very even distribution and great contrast. The only issue is you can notice small light leakage around the top of the screen when the pic is completely black. It is very minor and only noticeable slightly when I play games. But with regular tv viewing, its hardly ever seen. So it is a very minor flaw in comparison to the benefit of LED!!!
Overall I recommend this Set 100%, you will not find all these features for such a low price.
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on November 12, 2011
I began shopping for a 42" LED TV about two weeks ago. I am limited to a 42" only, as that is the largest size TV my entertainment center will allow. I don't need anything larger than that anyway, so I am happy with that configuration. I did research on all of the brands that I had seen in the stores, and found that LG seemed to make one of the best rated TV's in that size. I then went to LG's website to narrow down the model that I wanted. Then I ran into a problem, there are ZERO retail stores near me that sell any 42" LG TV's, let alone the 42LV5400, the model that I really wanted. WalMart.com stocks an older model LG 42", but it did not have the same new features as the 42LV5400.

I was delighted to find that Amazon not only sells this model, but does so for less than the older model offered by WalMart.com. I was even more delighted during the checkout process...I also ordered the optional Magic Motion remote control. There was a hidden promo during checkout that gave me a full credit for the remote, so I got it for free! Throw in the free shipping and zero sales tax, and I was happier than you know what!

Now, my review of the actual TV. When I first turned it on, I liked the picture, but I was slightly disappointed in the quality. It wasn't as true to life as some of the other 120hz LED's that I had seen in stores. After I enabled the wi-fi, the on-screen menu told me that I needed to update the TV's software, which I did. After the TV re-booted, I was amazed at how much the picture quality had improved. It is now better than I had hoped for. Needless to say, I am happy about my purchase from Amazon and thrilled with my new LG TV.

5 stars!
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on November 13, 2011
I'll make this short and to the point. I am a computer technician and I Love being able to customize and tweak my electronics. This LG set gives you plenty of control, so much that I had to call customer service for a few explanations. By the way customer service was fast and efficient, no long waits on hold. My first and ONLY issue with this TV was the "soap opera" look my Blu-rays and programming had. I did some research about this "fake" look and it was a simple fix...turn off Tru Motion. Tru Motion is great for Live programming like Sports, SNL and Nightly shows. For movies, not so much unless they are cartoons.

What I Love:
1. Picture Calibration Wizard(easy to follow)(Calibration could cost you $100-$200 if done by geeks!)
2. Tons of features...
3. Amazing Picture Quality(Makes my Comcast look 1080p...no more crappy channels)
4. Super Thin and Tons of Inputs.

One Flaw...Optical Output is Only Stereo 2.1 and cannot output Dolby Digital 5.1 ...to get DD sound through your sound system you will have to connect directly to it!
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on November 21, 2011
Update 1/9/12 : This set went bad after a month and half of use. It would randomly shut down(Maybe I got a dud) Luckily I bought it during Amazon's holiday window so I had until Jan 30 2012 to return it. Amazon customer service is superb and returns are easy. Received my refund in a few days. I will continue to buy from Amazon

I received this set 2 days ago and so far so good. I debated over the getting the LW6500 with 3d and 240 Hz but after consideration on price and the lack of interest on 3D I went with this model. Picture is much better than my 46in Samsung 60 Hz set I bought a few years ago. The set is very light and thin in comparison.


I tested for banding and LED backlight bleed with a calibration DVD that I have and the display came up clean, not perfect but not has bad as some have reported. I ran some of my games on my Xbox 360 & PS3, I did not notice lag like others have mentioned. I played a few blu ray movies and they looked spectacular. I'm very pleased with the display.

Now for the not so great; I liked the idea of a smart TV with integrated apps but after playing with them on the TV they didn't seem necessary for me. For example, I run Netflix off my Xbox 360, Amazon video was nice. The other apps were ok and I have PC for web browsing. I liked the idea of streaming video to the TV since I have a lot of MKV movie files with DTS audio and I would no longer need my WDTV media player. Not the case, the TV will play the video file but cannot handle the DTS audio, so I'm back to using the WDTV player

I have the TV mounted on a Zline Vitoria stand. I have an Xbox 360, PS3, HD cable box, WDTV Live Plus (for streaming my HD DTS movie files) and a Sony HT IS100 for sound

I also like to mention that I did receive the free wand remote. I have yet to open it so I cannot comment on its performance.

Not a bad deal for the current price and display performance (not so much for the Smart TV aspect).
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on November 23, 2011
This is, quite honestly, a truly spectacular television. I thought so from the moment I unboxed it and set it up, but I forced myself to wait for a little over a week before I reviewed it, to be sure that my opinion wouldn't change. It most certainly didn't. I've been researching TVs for several months now, focusing on one I could use as both a standard television as well as a monitor for my computer; this made for a difficult selection process as many TV's offer a fine signal for regular broadcast, but suffer from visual latency and resolution issues when put to gaming or PC video. This is especially true when using such a large screen as a computer monitor (the LCD I replaced with this beast was only 23"), considering how close one sits to their computer. Originally, I had looked at LG's 42LK520 LCD screen. It's a solid monitor, and my experience seeing it in person at Walmart and Best Buy was positive, but the LV5400 blows it out of the water.

IN THE BOX: Remote (NOT BACKLIT!), WiFi Adapter, 1 AV and 1 Component Adapter Cables (These are listed as "gender cables" - they are actually adapters to add an additional AV or Component input to the TV, as the input panel only has 2 AV and 1 Component input directly available), Cleaning Cloth, Owner's Guide and Owner's Guide on CD, and NERO's MediaHome 4 Essentials on CD (this is to aid in connecting the TV to your home's DNLA network... particularly useful if you are not using Windows 7 devices). NOTE: This TV IS Windows 7 compatible.

Out of the box this TV was a breeze to set up. You WILL need to have a Philips head screwdriver to attach the included stand (the panel includes screws and holes for standard 200mmx200mm wall mounts as well) but the process is quick and painless, and at just under 30lbs, the panel is fairly easy for even a single person to move, though you may wish to have a buddy help for safety's sake. After that, just a few clicks through the TV's setup wizard and you'll be good to go. Included in the box is a WiFi adapter, and should you buy this TV I highly recommend that you make a point of connecting it (or else through the available Ethernet port) to your home's network and updating the TV's onboard software/firmware, before you do anything else. This is easily accomplished through the TV's menu system. The software update improves the video processing and menus on the TV, as well as the Smart TV options. I have yet to use many of the included Smart TV features, as I am running a PC through this TV, but patching does seem to have an impact.

I mainly use this unit as a PC monitor, and in that capacity it works wonderfully, easily outperforming smaller specialized screens I've had in the past. The LV5400 are LED-lit LCD's, and as such are extremely thin (roughly 1" except at the input panel and of course the base) and very light, making it an easy fit (and a safe one!) on most decent-sized desks. The contrast, color palette and resolution are astounding, even at two feet away. More importantly, the screen suffers no perceptible lag between input and display; it took quite a bit of research but LG's Canadian website ([...]) lists the response time for this panel as 2.6ms, in-line with high-end dedicated PC monitors. I'm using an HDMI cable as my attachment between my video card and the display and achieving 1080/60p resolution with few necessary tweaks of the settings, suggesting that you're likely to get the same impressive results from virtually any other HDMI-connected device. If you plan on using this as a PC monitor but your video card does NOT have an HDMI port, the TV also has a standard RGB PC input, so it should be possible to attach any PC to this monitor to great effect. It should be noted that even with my video card set to output in 1920x1080 resolution, the TV displayed black margins/borders around the image until I set the Aspect Ratio setting to "Cinema Zoom 1", at which point it fit to the screen perfectly (the zoom and vertical and horizontal orientation can be further tweaked if necessary); also, though the TV supports input labeling, if you're attaching to a PC via HDMI, DO NOT label the input as "PC" - this removes the "Cinema Zoom" Aspect Ratio setting and seems to make the margins irremovable. I have my input labeled as "Game" at the moment and this seems to avoid the problem. Zooming the image the small amount necessary does not seem to reduce the resolution perceptibly.

As a TV, this is an equally amazing choice. I am only running a simple digital antenna through it, but the channel quality and the number of channels supported is tremendous! Some reviewers have complained about the TruMotion settings, and it's true that if you have them set to High, motion can appear unnaturally smooth, however the TruMotion settings can be easily fine-tuned, and I find that set to Low, the image smoothing is a great feature... especially watching football! This TV was MADE for high-def viewing - take advantage of it!

In regards to some of the issues/complaints regarding this television: an external review at CNET suggested that the viewing angle on this TV is not ideal. While I'm certain that there are TV's with better, my experience has been that the image is almost perfectly clear even from a nearly side-on angle. Also, a few reviewers here have complained about "local dimming" and light bleed issues. I suspect that people having those problems may have received faulty panels: local dimming is supposed to counteract light bleed, so if the feature was active, it would be REDUCING the amount of bleed people are reporting... those having that issue probably have a panel with an error in the local dimming feature, or else with the signal source or the cable carrying it (for example, classic AV hookups -the yellow video plug- are not of sufficient quality to deliver a crisp, blur-free image). Several of my tests of the contrast, including Mythbusters S10E7 (the spinning bullet, which has scenes of a black gun against a bright snowy background) as well as credits from numerous shows and movies both in standard- and high-def have shown NO bleed or banding whatsoever. People having these troubles should check their inputs, their display settings (backlighting, contrast, etc) and call Amazon or LG if they're still having trouble. As an owner of this TV I can promise this is NOT an issue with all LV5400 units (at least not the 42"). The other complaints, regarding speaker quality, aren't off-base. The built in speakers aren't the best, but frankly, a smart shopper isn't buying a TV for its speakers. They do fine if you can't afford a soundbar or other external speakers (preferably something with some bass), but they'll get you by until you can. Speaker quality certainly isn't bad enough to justify deducting any points from this TV's review.

In the end, for less than $700, with free shipping and no sales tax, you can't go wrong getting this TV. There may be better models out there, but not for the price.

NOTE: As another reviewer pointed out, Amazon is presently offering the LG Magic Motion remote FREE with this TV, making it essentially identical to the LV5500, the 42" model of which retails in my area as of 11/23/2011 at $900 + tax! The MMR isn't really a killer-app for this TV, but it can be useful for quickly navigating menus, and so it's certainly worth it at no extra cost.
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on April 30, 2012
This is definitely one of the best TVs out there no doubt. Perfect screen, a whole bunch of ports including 4 HDMI and 2 USB. The TV is pretty thin and is light weight too. I din't even feel the need to buy any external speakers ( My Living room is not a palace anyway)which is the case for most flat TVs these days. I've been using this TV for more than 6 months without a problem.

I'll try sum up the review and be short and sweet.


1)Every thing you can think of in terms of image and sound.
2)The LG TV Remote app in the iTunes market. It is super cool.
3)All the extra ports like HDMI, USB, etc,...(I connect my iPad and iPhone with an HDMI adapter to play YouTube,NetFlix,...)
4)Connects to Wi-Fi (Comes with an external adapter that takes up one USB port)
5)The price (Was only 650 bucks when I bought it)
6)A few good apps like NetFlix, Amazon, etc...


1)Most of the apps (Except those I mentioned above) SUCK. Including Youtube. The search results are different on youtube and some videos just don't play.
2)Browser is a Joke. Still doesn't support Flash 10.

I would say, if you can buy the same exact TV without the so called "Smart"ness for less, buy it. And get an external app device like Roku or Apple TV.

A cool factor is the touch "glass" buttons on the TV. Of course, you'll only use the Remote but the buttons on the glass edge look cool. You can also use this TV for Skype. I never tried though but the camera is still about a 100 bucks.
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on February 15, 2012
Ok, this is only my second HD LCD TV. The first was a small one for the kitchen. This is my first large screen and I love it! The size is perfect, not too small and not too big and heavy. It is at the right price point of size versus cost. I feel I can put it just about anywhere and on anything without too much worry though I do have it strapped down by the base so as to not worry about kids tipping it over. The internet and LAN access is a dream. I can play picture and video files from any of my networked computers and can play internet content. Sure you can do that with a separate box, I have an HDLIVE box on my old tube TV, but it is nice to have it integrated with the TV and controlled by one remote. Of course once you add your cable box you have another remote. By looking online I was able to get the codes to program my Comcast remote to control the LG TV too. The picture is great. The matte finish on the glass mostly eliminates annoying reflections. I had compared picture quality on a long line of TVs at Costco and Target and other than an outrageously expensive Sony model this one had the best picture in its size class. After watching a few 3D TVs on display I decided 3D was not worth it. The first firmware upgrade proceeded with no trouble once I hooked to the internet. I found the sound quality acceptable but wanted more so I added a Sony BluRay home theater system and speakers. This duplicates many of the internet and LAN features so if you go this way you may want a TV without those features if it saves you money and you can still get the great picture quality.
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on November 21, 2011
In comparison to my 2 yr. old 46" Samsung, this smaller TV has it beat! (I could only fit the 42" in current wall unit, otherwise I would have bought a larger TV.) I watched a "streamed movie" and it was CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I did have a few minor connection problems with my wireless Internet/ router, which Belkin fixed via phone in 1 minute! Also, the Magic Motion remote didn't work after the LG tech replaced the main board (the TV clock kept losing lots of time), so I phoned WONDERFUL AMAZON, and they IMMEDIATELY FED-EX'D out a new remote. I should have it today.

One final problem: I was unable to connect the new TV it to my OLD existing HOME THEATER SYSTEM, but I did buy a TOSLINK connector from Amazon when I ordered the TV, "JUST IN CASE."
The LG technician who came to my home to replace THE BOARD, and other LG "phone" reps said I couldn't connect the new TV to my present system and needed to buy a NEW receiver(!!!!), OR I needed to buy different connectors. WRONG!!! I finally got "Patty" in the LG call center yesterday, and she said I could connect via the Toslink. YIPPEE!!!! I had just put one end in the wrong input on the back of the receiver.

Do not hesitate to buy through Amazon!! They are the absolute best. They TRY TO PLEASE AND DO A GREAT JOB!!! I buy everything I can through Amazon and Zappos. I refuse to even go INTO the B.B. store! Why waste time, gas and energy??
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on December 6, 2011
This has been a very nice TV so far - came very well packaged and was pretty easy to set up. Thanks to the other reviews, we knew to turn off the Tru-Motion most of the time, so the picture doesn't look so funny. Used the recommended extra cables from the website - they are fine and definitely the right price. Only thing I messed up on was getting the free promotion for the Magic remote - part of the reson I bought this model. Remember that you have to order that item separately too and the cart has to take care of adjusting the price - something I didn't know, so I didn't get the special Magic remote. The TV's regular remote is quite adequate, but I did want to play with the other one. Our cable remote found the code for the TV quite easily, so we can use only 1 remote if we want too. The one thing I am having some trouble with is finding a picture size that looks right and doesn't leave too much of the screen dark. It has several offerings, but we don't seem to have found just the right one yet. Frustrating to have a 42" screen and not use it all.
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on November 28, 2011
Let me just break down a short and sweet review. For this price, size, and quality, there is ZERO competition... this is IT. Do your homework and compare the specs first, go ahead! Then realize the overabundance of positive reviews that call into question whether or not this TV is even real!

Panel type is IPS... confirmed by checking barcodes. Phenomenal TV is an understatement, and--again--at this price it is a MUST HAVE.

Video games are clear and crisp with no motion lag and BLACK BLACKs, and the same goes for your favorite epic blu-rays.

Local dimming distractions that have been mentioned in other posts are only really noticeable on some loading screens or the occasional chapter/settings menu, from my experience. Once a movie or video game gets cranking, it's just clear, sharp, and exquisite picture. THANKS LG!!!


UPDATE as of 2014... This TV suffered 2 dead pixels after only 3 years of usage. Very disappointing, and LG would not even reply to emails. FAIL.
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