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on October 28, 2011
I switched from a Blackberry and wonder why it took so long. I am a google chrome, gmail, etc user, as well as Amazon - so the Android system is great. Couldn't be happier.
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VINE VOICEon November 19, 2011
So far I am very impressed with all the bells and whistles the Impulse offers. I use my phone for light browsing, photos, mp3s, texting and the occasional phone call. But with this phone I could easily I can see myself stepping up with social media applications, and to rent and watch movies or shows.

-Easy set up
-The phone comes with an upgradeable 2GB memory card.
-It holds a charge for several days depending on use
-The speaker is the best quality I've come across in a phone. It even gets loud.
-The built in flash and quick camera speed produces sharp and quality photos.
-The app store is very easy to navigate and the browsing speed is incomparable, I had Netflix up and running in seconds. There is even a preloaded book app with access to Google's massive public domain library
-Phone calls are clear

-It comes with a lot of pre-loaded apps, so you have to get used to a lot of scrolling.
-It locks itself within seconds and utilizes a drag and drop to unlock (which takes some getting used to and some may find irritating). And you also have top drag to answer calls.

-I only have one big CON. After a few days the touch screen simply stopped responding. I couldn't even answer incoming calls.

I purchased the phone through ATT wireless so I already have a replacement phone in route. I'm hoping it's a fluke because so far I really love the phone and hope to update this review and rating.

Update 12/15: Had new phone two weeks now and no issues. Still working great!!
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on November 4, 2011
I upgraded from the iPhone 3GS to this and I'm very impressed, overall I believe that the Impulse wins out of a match against the 3GS, but that's just my opinion. I'm no fanboy by the way, but I do prefer Android over Apple any day.
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on November 7, 2011
My "dumb phone" was on the fritz. I needed a new one and decided it was time to upgrade to a smart phone. I still had 4 months on my contract and I was going to have to pay $250 for the iphone. The salesman showed my the Impulse and I decided to get it. I love it! It does everything an iphone does. The only downside is that I'm having trouble finding an Otterbox (or something simmilar) to protect it.
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on December 14, 2011
This is the 4th android device I have owned and easily the most unreliable and unusable one.

Phone constantly locks up on me or has regular issues. In only two weeks of usage here are some of the more common issues:
* Google maps will lock up.
* Turning on the wifi gives 'data errors'
* Checking for updates from AT&T gives 'receive fail... because of some error in the network'
* SD card often not recognized
* Regular 'App "X" is no longer working Force Close' prompts.
* Can not power off cleanly (It locks at the power off screen necessitating a battery removal)
* Market place apps will not download/update
* Text messages will not be delivered
* PC will not recognize when it is plugged in to the USB cable
* Gmail notifications don't arrive

All of these symptoms will disappear if enough reboots are performed - usually 4 or 5. But before long they will return.

A factory reset did not clear these issues up. Symptoms occur on both data and wifi connections.

Less critical but highly irritating are the ways that AT&T mod'd the Android OS

* There are a fair amount of pre-installed crapware on this, not only do the the loathed Layar and YP Yellow Pages make a return but there are several AT&T titles some of which require paid subscriptions to fully activate.

* Several of the apps constantly remain running in the background : Layar, AT&T Hot Spots, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T update are all running and can not ever be turned off.

This phone is essentially completely worthless to me - even if I had gotten it for free it's just not worth the massive amount of time lost into getting it to work and headaches it has induced.

It's not even a good trainer on jailbreaking and flashing as I can't located any ROMs that I can load onto it currently.

I think I'm just going to have to go back to my older phone see how many times I can get this thing to skip across the duck pond out back.
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on June 27, 2012
When my flip-phone finally died, I thought it was time to join the world of smartphones. I researched what phone I wanted, but the AT&T rep suggested the Impulse 4g, which had just come out the week before.

Seemed decent, and figured it was worth $10.

Besides the annoying fact that there are no useful directions for using the phone (had to Google everything for generic Android, as there is no information available for this device), be aware that this phone is not using the latest version of the Android operating system, and it is unknown when and if they ever will upgrade to it.

The biggest problem I have with the device is that it will randomly shut down and reboot itself. Not only does it do this when it is just sitting there, but it also does it while in the middle of doing something in an app. This got so annoying that back in March I swapped out the phone, after it was checked to make sure it wasn't the battery or SIM card, etc. that was causing this. So of course I had to go through my Contacts, etc. to reset everything. I also uploaded one app at a time, to see if it was one of the apps causing the reboots to occur. Of course, before I even installed one of them, it happened again. I thought installing one of those battery monitoring apps might help, but alas, this was not to be.

I called AT&T again today, and told them I want a different phone (like kind and quality). They told me they couldn't then said I could, but there would be a $36 processing fee. I told them I am not going to pay to get a different phone because the phone model they sold me (twice) is defective. So it will be escalated, but first I have to make sure everything is backed up because they first want me to reset the phone back to the factory settings.

There are much better phones out there for minimal pricing, go with them and stay away from this piece of garbage.

UPDATE: After rebooting to factory settings (but AT&T does provide a way of syncing your Contacts list to your online Address Book on their site) the rep told me that they know it's not "one of their better devices" and he suggested when my renewal comes up I should go with the Samsung Galaxy phones, as their Tech guys rave about it.

Shame on AT&T for selling such a mediocre device.
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on July 24, 2013
I bought this phone nearly two years ago, and it became glitchy shortly after I purchased it. At the same time I got this, my husband got the Samsung Infuse. We can be standing almost in the same spot and he can get cell service as well as 4G, while I could not. I always figured this was because his was a much more hefty phone. The phone locks up, force closes apps (especially Facebook, and as a blogger I'm a huge Facebook user), and reboots itself constantly. This has gotten so bad in the last two months I can barely use the phone. Also the power button at the top of the phone has begun sticking so that I have to push it repeatedly before it will actually turn the phone on or off. Recently I took the phone back to the AT&T store where I bought it to see if they could help me resolve the rebooting issue. The salesman took one look at my phone and said "Yeah, it's dying. I'd buy a new one." The only reason why I've held on to it for 2 years is it's my first smart phone, so I wasn't really sure what to expect as normal. Giving it two stars instead of just one because for a beginner smart phone, it was fairly easy to use. Also it's fairly durable. I've never had it in a case of any kind and have dropped it a time or two with no case or screen damage.
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on July 30, 2012
I got this phone from my local AT&T store when my contract was renewed. It was only $30.00 with an upgrade, and I figured for an Android, it's a total bargain!
Within a week of using the Impulse 4G it began to randomly turn itself off and restart, sometimes in the middle of a phone call or text message. Unlocking the phone, even when all my apps were closed, would cause the phone to freeze. It was slow ALL the time, texting/writing emails took forever, and don't even bother trying to use the internet on this phone. The camera is very poor; it never focuses and the placement of the capture button is just idiotic and makes taking pics tricky. Plenty of my pictures and videos have disappeared out of the blue. I'll go through my album and see a pic of friends then POOF, next minute it's deleted from my phone. After every pic I took I had to email it to myself, just in case.

I took it to my AT&T store to see what the problem was. There was no physical or water damage and no viruses or bad applications had been downloaded. Basically, there was nothing to fix because the phone itself is of very poor quality. I was eligible for a warranty because I only had the phone for 4 months. I got a new one in the mail free of charge and sent the old one back. I've had the new phone for a week and guess what's been happening to it? Just like its predecessor, it began to turn off and restart out of nowhere. It LOVES to freeze.
The new phone is faster, but I should have gotten a different phone instead of making the same mistake. I better start saving up now if I want to afford a better Android by the time this one breaks down.
My advice: PASS.

EDIT: AT&T censors their reviews and omits anything they find too negative. They rejected both my review and my father's, so be aware of that when shopping around for a phone on their website.
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on June 30, 2012
This phone was a step up from my old work Blackberry but in sort, if it wasn't a work phone that was issued to me I'd have sent it back to AT&T. The phone freezes often, for example I was getting a call today and the unlock screen was showing but I couldn't unlock the phone and take the call, it just kept ringing. I missed it and it went to VM.
The phone will also reboot at random times. No rhyme or reason.
The volume button also works when the screen is off. If you're not careful the volume will turn all the way down and you'll miss incoming notification for e-mail and other things.
Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. It'll hang up on you in the middle of a call for no reason. Once it even answered an incoming call while when I was already on the phone talking to someone. We were all so confused we ended up hanging up. As I did I noticed it was in a three way call.

In short, don't get this phone. There are several others that are a lot better.

Update 9/21/12: The phone is still rebooting on it's own a couple times a day but now I have to do a battery pull at least once a day (some times several times a day) because the phone locks up. The battery also drains really fast. I'll pull it off the charger and in 45 minutes (with only checking e-mail a couple of times) will be down to 85 or 86%. If I didn't charge through out the day I'd have a dead phone on the way home from work.
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on December 9, 2011
I got this phone 1 week ago and it was my first smart phone. The keypad did not respond well. They seemed to be jumping all over the place or not responding at all. When I searched the web, some of the websites did not show any words or images. It just went blank. Also, it kept dropping calls, which I did not have such a problem before with my old cell phone.

I just received a replacement yesterday, all other problems were gone except the dropping calls issue. Now, the phone making this non-stop beeping noise when I am talking on the phone. Not sure it is a new issue or they are trying to notify me I have new messages. Overall, I rate this phone as "Junk", not worth a penny. Very frustrated.
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