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on July 20, 2014
I've had this thing for only about 3 weeks so I won't comment on the long term durability of these headphones just yet. I bought these head phones because I work out doors a lot cutting grass and such and needed something to go in my ears that would keep wood chips and pebbles and such from flying into my ear canal when I use the string trimmer. Also it gets boring when I spend all day cutting grass so I wanted head phones not just ear plugs.

- These things noise isolate better than any head phones I've ever owned. (I've mowed and trimmed grass while listening to talk radio and heard everything just fine.)
- They sound and look great.
- They fit flush and comfortably to my ear canal and come with different sized ear pieces to fit all sizes.
- The cord feels strong and durable.

Possible Cons:
- The shape of these ear buds could cause problems if you have to shove them into your pockets, they usually get caught on something because they protrude more than regular headphones.
- The plug on these head phones are L shaped, this isn't a problem for me but could be for other people.
- They don't have volume control only pause and skip. I now found that it's because I bought the "one button" control not the "three button" control. Three button control costs $50 and is the exact same head phones just with two extra functions. The one button control has the buttons, they just click and do nothing. This seems money grubby as hell to me because they're the same head phones minus two functions when $16 Apple headphones have all three functions. It just seems like they easily could've gave all three functions but instead chose to hold the volume control hostage for the extra $20. They sell the same headphones for $20 extra for only volume control. That's shady right there.
- Other reviewers question the long term durability of these headphones. I can't confirm or deny the durability of these things yet, but you should still know about the questions out there.
- The button control is set in the center where both cords meet instead of just on the right cord like other headphones. Depending on which headphones you're used to this could take some getting used to, nothing major, a few days max.

For me personally I found these headphones perfect for my purposes. Some of these cons are really more FYIs to other people than cons for me. I don't mind clicking the volume buttons on my ipod directly, it just irked me that SOL holds the volume buttons hostage but sells the same headphones for an extra $20. If you've read all this and found this helpful then consider hitting that "helpful" button so other people can see this.
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on February 18, 2013
I may have unusual requirements for in-ear headphones. Since I travel a lot, I prioritize:

1. Rugged enough to be shoved into pockets running through airport security, check-in, boarding, taxis, etc.
2. Cord doesn't tangle when trying to pull headset from my pocket while answering my phone.
3. Microphone in good location, where the two individual ear wires merge into the single cord.
4. Noise isolating.
5. Fits into ear firmly enough to stay in place while running, traveling, or other physical activity.
6. Soft enough it doesn't hurt my ear.
7. Sounds good.

I've had plenty of failures. I have a set of (expensive) Klipsch that doesn't sound much better, feels fragile, and the cord gets tangled on everything. I had a great set of Shure (also expensive) but the wires were fragile and eventually frayed under usage. Others had the microphone hanging from one of the ear pieces (instead of where the wires merge) and had audibility problems. From this perspective, the SOL is close to ideal. I don't particularly like the large disk, which doesn't seem to serve a purpose and makes the earpieces bulky.

I'm generally not using the in-ears for critical listening, so sound quality isn't the top priority. If I'm wanting quality, I have a different set of priorities. However, the SOLs sound good relative to other in-ear sets in the $100-$200 category.
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on June 4, 2014
This review is really lengthy and detailed, so this is a summary of what is written below:

The Amps are really nice sounding headphones with a flat sound (tunable to any EQ), nice build quality and flashy aesthetics, and the HD's are far better sounding (more detailed, better bass and mid range capabilities) with great build quality and more a more refined, modest appearance.

I own both the Amps and the Amps HD, so this review will go over both and hopefully help people decide which is better for them.

First of all, the Amps and Amps HD's both come with a "Free Ear Tips for Life" guarantee. The Amps (and Amps HD's) come with 4 rubber ear tips in different sizes and if you lose one or something happens, you can go on Sol Republic's website and request new ones and they will send them free of charge. Just in case there was some confusion about how this guarantee works, that's all there is to it. They take 2-3 weeks to ship.

The Amps HD's come with a rubber case and clip for easy portability and protection. This is the only accessory difference. The case is really helpful, but it doesn't close all the way, which might let dust get in and clog the earbuds, and the rubber of the case attracts a lot of dust, which is annoying but not a huge deal.

The Amps have a thin, easily tangled and fragile cable and the plates on the back of the earbud are made of a reflective black plastic. The SOL logo is engraved into the plastic, which looks really cool, but the earbuds are fingerprint magnets. The Amps HD's feature a flat, sturdy, tangle-free cord and lightweight metal plates on the earbuds. The SOL logo is engraved as well, but it is much more shallow and it gives a more refined, attractive look to it. The Amps are more flashy and noticeable (something I don't prefer; I respect the Amps HD's for being a more modest headphone). The build quality is a huge step up from the Amps to the Amps HD's, because of the much improved cord and earbud material and style.

The only other difference is the sound, and I would buy the Amps HD's over the Amps any day of the week in regards to the sound. The Amps are a very flat-sounding headphone, which I really enjoy because it wasn't too bass-boosted or anything like that, but rather it was adjustable using a separate EQ. SOL Republic, in reference to the Tracks, Tracks HD's, and Master Tracks, have not been known to provide a nice, even sound, so it is awesome that they have pulled this off. However, in the case of the Amps HD's, they are like the Amps in that they aren't boosted in any sound register, but they are incredibly clearer and capable of smoother mids and lows that the Amps could ever dream of. The instruments all sound separate and distinguishable, and the details are easily discerned through the Amps HD's. And the bass... with the right EQ, these things thump with a really tight, refined, smooth bass. The sound is great for both headphones, but the HD's are a lot better in my opinion.

Finally, the reason I rated these 4 stars out of 5: both earbuds do not have insulated cords. As another reviewer mentioned, when the cord touches anything, they make a loud thumping sound in the ears. Unless you are sitting down or not moving a whole lot, these headphones are really bad at preventing those annoying thumps from distorting and covering up your music. It is almost a deal-breaker for me, because these are so hard to use even when walking! If it weren't for stellar sound quality and nice materials, I would have looked elsewhere. Not to discourage buyers, these are great headphones, but if you need fitness headphones, or anything that is super versatile for use during activity, don't buy these.

At the pricing, the Amps and the Amps HD's both are a steal, I would go for it if you are looking for a really high-end pair of earbuds! If you can afford the slightly-more-expensive Amps HD's, I fully recommend them. If not, the Amps are still great headphones that I would still recommend.
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on June 23, 2014
I got the AMPS In-Ear Headphones as a gift and, for the first two months I had them they worked great. Amazing sound, great bass, comfortable, and great on runs. I hate earbud headphones that come out of your ear while you're running and these didn't, which I loved. After using them for about 8 weeks though, the music I'd listen to started to warp. It's hard to explain but sometimes the vocals would be taken out of the mix and the music would have this strange echo to it. I couldn't hear anything when I'd listen to podcasts. It almost sounded like the headphones were possessed. Every song sounded like a bad remix. I felt weird describing what I was hearing to the Sol Republic representative, but, afterward, I had a feeling he knew exactly what I was talking about, because he sent me a new pair of headphones, no questions asked. I'll give Sol Republic this much: their customer service is awesome. These headphones, not so much. My second pair of headphones lasted about 2 months, just like my first pair, and started doing the same thing. I didn't even bother contacting Sol Republic for another pair. That's 2 for 2. Even for $23, these headphones are not worth it.
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on January 10, 2014
The sound quality on these is excellent... but I just can't run with them. I'd have to glue the things in. Maybe they stay in other people's ears, but if I do anything other than walk with them in they fall out in less than thirty seconds. So great if you're planning on using them under more or less stationary situations, otherwise... plan on getting a head band to hold them in place!
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on December 15, 2012
I've been searching for comfortable in ear headphones for some time. I have my huge over ear headphones that I use at home, but needed something more convenient for traveling and using at work. I have not had to give up good sound quality either...from audiobooks, classical and hip-hop to jazz and drum n bass. They actually stay in my ear and I barely feel them there. Once they're in I can block out the world.
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on October 11, 2014
I owned a pair like this for almost a year, but sadly I lost them. In any case I was sure about what to expect in regards the quality of this product. Best sound and design on the market, richest bass and crystal clear sound. Silver looks simply beautiful and elegant, so once more I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.

The only con is that after I opened the package when I got them, the box was kinda ripped open, no seals or anything like it, so I don't want to believe that I got a used pair instead of the "new" ones I supposed paid for.

Just don't go to bed with this on, you could actually hurt your ears. Other than that they work great, look even better and shipment arrived right on time, so nothing to worry about.
I'd recommend these earphones to everyone.
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on June 14, 2015
These are the best earbuds I ever had. You can actually feel the sound and it makes you think it is happening right in front of you. The bass quality is also good. One time I was listening to this song and it had some background helicopter sound and I actually thought it was happening above me and so I looked up looking for the helicopter and then I realized it was just the song. =)
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on April 21, 2015
These are some of the best sounding headphones I have heard for the general listener. I bought them a little over a year ago and they have no signs of ware and still sound great! I work in a store that specializes in high end headphones and these murder a lot of headphones in the same price point and even the more expensive ones! I'll take these over a set of beats any day. The drivers are a little big but it doesn't bother me. 5 stars for sol republic on making these!
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on April 29, 2014
I bought these headphones because the ones that come with the iPhone aren't loud enough and don't stay in my ears when I'm working out at the gym. A colleague of mine had recommended Sol Republic as a better headphone than Dre Beats, so I took a chance and ordered these. I will say that the sound quality was excellent- It was much louder and crisper than anything I'd heard before in a set of headphones, but the problem was that the earphones didn't stay in my ears when I was at the gym! Despite coming with four different ear bud sizes, no matter which one I used or how hard I tried, I couldn't get these things to stay in my ears while at the gym.

I wound up switching to the Sol Republic Tracks Air, which are wireless over the ear headphones and I absolutely love them. I highly recommend the Sol Republic brand and the quality of the sound, but if you want headphones that won't move when you're active, try the over the ear ones.
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