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on October 28, 2011
My son got iPod Touch 8G (4th Gen) last Christmas and he likes it overall, but there were several issues that we are not so happy about. So, I've decided to try out the Galaxy Player for my daughter. I preordered it through Amazon and, with Amazon Prime, the Galaxy was delivered on Mon, Oct. 17, which was two full days earlier than promised. :-) So, here's what our family's experience has been over last two weeks.

- Galaxy 4.0 vs. 5.0: I settled on 4.0 since it is mainly used as a music player and a hand-held game machine for my daughter and, thus, the smaller size makes it more convenient for her to carry it around. I did try out Dell with a 5-inch screen at BestBuy to get the feel for larger 5" screen, and, although I liked it better for web surfing and videos, I felt the 4" would be just fine for her. So, if you are going to use the Galaxy to stream shows over NetFlix or consume media on the web, then you might be better off with 5.0.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Screen: There's only an half inch difference between them, however Galaxy looks much larger and much, much brighter than iPod. Although iPod has slightly higher mechanical resolution at 960x640 than Galaxy's at 800x480, I like the Galaxy's screen better and find it to be easier to look at than iPod's.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Sound:

(1) For both machines, sounds coming out of earphones are nothing special. Some earlier post mentioned that the Galaxy's earphones are 'crappy/horrible', but in my opinion, they are pretty much dead even; iPod's earphones are equally 'crappy/horrible'. So, if you want much better sound quality, I recommend you to buy a set of more expensive earphones. For non-audiophile, both of them are adequate and serviceable.

(2) For sounds from built in speakers, Galaxy is much better than iPod. Galaxy produces clearer and more crisp stereo sounds than iPod does.

(3) For in-car sounds, they are comparable. They both generate much better sounds than through earphones.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Web surfing: For Youtube videos, Galaxy performs faster than iPod. For other general websites, iPod tend to be slightly faster, but it is because many websites have flash contents and Galaxy loads all of them. Actually, I do like the fact that you can view all the videos on the regular Youtube site with Galaxy; it's not limited to just Youtube Mobile videos. Also, that small difference in screen size makes a big difference in viewing web pages, so Galaxy shines here.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Apps/Games: It depends on whichever app/game you prefer. For my daughter, Galaxy has a full range of free games/apps that she can play, including Angry Birds, so it's a non-issue.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Battery: Yes, we all could use longer lasting batteries. But we found Galaxy's battery to be excellent for music listening and video playing. However, if you play games all the time, then you'll find both Galaxy and iPod batteries to be inadequate.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - File Management: If you're married to iTunes, you are going to like iPod better, but I found iTunes to be extremely buggy and slow, not to mention very limiting. So, it felt very refreshing not to have to be tied to iTunes to manage my files. In addition, I didn't have to convert videos to play on Galaxy since it plays most of the known video types. Again, if you're tied to iTunes and don't know what else to do, go with iPod. But if you want flexibility and know what you're doing, Galaxy is better.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Camera: This is one of main gripes that I've had with iPod. Galaxy's camera wins, hands down. Also, Galaxy handled Skype video chat with ease and we didn't have any issues with casual picture taking. However, if you want to take really high quality pictures, buy a separate digital camera.

In summary, my son likes his iPod and my daughter is happy with her Galaxy. However, if I'm interested in a media player/mobile internet device and wouldn't want a phone/data contract, I'll definitely pick Galaxy over iPod Touch. I'm actually considering buying Galaxy 5.0 myself this Christmas. :-)
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on November 11, 2011
This is a review of the 4 inch model. I bought this mainly for it's ability to surf the web and check email at WIFI hot spots, as I was searching for an economical solution of not lugging around a laptop on trips, and I did not want to incur expensive monthly smartphone / data charges.This unit is very lightweight, slim, and easily slips unnoticed into a pocket.

Until this came out, there was only one other choice: the Apple iPod touch. I evaluated both and decided on Samsung for the following:
Easily replaceable / accessible battery
Wins the "drop" test (see various videos on the web)
Expandable memory (just drop in a microSDHC card)
Larger screen

Tip: I went to Samsung's Website and downloaded and read the complete 140+ page manual, to get familiar with this unit before purchase, and also to quickly get it up and running when it arrived.

WiFi: I can honestly say that this unit exceeded my expectations. When it arrived, the unit charged up quickly ( 1 hr). I headed out to our local library to check the WIFI, and it was excellent. Pages loaded quickly. No dropped connections. I repeated this at several other hotspots around town, all good. Although the screen display resolution (800 x400) is arguably not as nice as the Ipod's retinal display, it was nice and clear, even when "pinched" to high magnifications.YouTube videos played with ease. I was quickly able to set up all my bookmarks, set up all my email accounts, customize the home screen to my liking, and load a few free android apps all within an hour.

Battery life: very reasonable; able to surf for all day with music in the background and still had some battery power left. Tip: turn of the WiFi and GPS when not needed. It is easy to access this function- just swipe a finger from the top of the screen downwards- you now have a quick menu to turn these functions on or off. Also you can access the "task manager" wigit and shut down all running programs not needed.

Music player: It synced very easily to all my tunes stored on my Windows media player software on my laptop. The earbuds provided with the unit are a step above the usual cheapies, with a pause and skip button. They fit snugly and comfortably into the ear canal (silicone) to block out external sounds and give a better listening experience. Sound is average.

Warranty: It is 1 year. Initially I could not find any warranty info,so I called Samsung to confirm this. I was able to speak to a customer rep quickly, which is nice.

This unit is based on Samsung's famous Galaxy smartphone series. It Comes with a 1 Ghz processor (not dual core), 512 Mb RAM, 8Gb memory (expandable to 64 Gb with external micro card) and Android's 2.3.5 Gingerbread software platform. It has 3.2 MP camera (no flash on this 4" model, only the 5" has flash), and GPS, It is basically a smartphoone without the phone.
Warranty is 1 year.

One annoying note: if you accidentaly push the volume control bar simultaneously with the power on button when you initially turn on the unit (easy to do, they are on opposite ends) the unit goes into a scary "download mode" . It's eay to get out, just power the unit completely off then on again.
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on November 11, 2011
For people who've wanted the capabilities of a smart phone, without the hefty monthly bill, the iPod touch was the best available option. The Galaxy Player provides another alternative. For me the Galaxy Player had the advantage with a removable battery and a mini-SD card slot.

I primarily wanted a device that would easily sync with my Outlook calendar for work and my Google calendar for everything else. The Galaxy Player performs this function flawlessly. It easily hooked up to both of my accounts and shows them in a common calendar without any additional set up. It may give you a prompt about not saving items to Samsung's Kies calendar, but this is irrelevant and can be ignored. The Galaxy easily connected with other Google accounts I use such as Gmail and Google+.

Once you set up a wifi connection in the device it will remember it and automatically switch to that connection when it becomes available. This means I can go from home, to work, to a cafe, and it will connect to each network without any input from me. About the only time I'm without a wifi connection is in the car, and I was pleasantly surprised the the maps and driving directions continued to function adequately with no internet.

As a media player the device performs well. It sounds good and I found it easy to use. Videos are crisp and vibrant. The battery allows me to get through a day of regular use without needing to recharge.

The biggest disappointment (and why this isn't a 5 star review) is the camera. The Galaxy 4's camera has a poor auto focus that only seems to work half the time. It needs a fair amount of light to take pictures that are not blurry. The camera controls are also poorly designed when compared to the controls for the rest of the device.

There were two other minor issues as well. I found the auto brightness feature a little irritating and eventually disabled it. The Google Sky Map did not function correctly until I turned off the magnetism adjustment and restarted the app.

Overall I'm very happy with the Galaxy Player strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for wifi-based smart phone alternative.
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on March 27, 2012
When I bought this one of my Apple Iphone friends almost had a cow. My sister almost had a cow as well because she though I was making a mistake not getting a smart phone.
Well turns out I have really enjoyed this little MP3 player. Honestly, there are so many places now with free Wifi that I have not had a lack of connection. Even my church has wifi now.
I did not want to pay the monthly data fee that is accompanied by a smart phone. Yes, I have to tote around my little dumb phone and this but its not really a big deal. In fact I actually use this more that my phone. I have the yahoo messenger app and can txt my friends using yahoo.
I have not played with the Iphone much so I really cant say if my friend who has an Iphone is right or not. I actually wanted an Ipod touch but the price was prohibitive.
I like the versatility of this product. I can take notes and look at my Bible during church. I can chat with my friends on yahoo and Facebook. I can look at cache maps when I travel. I love the choices that I have with this. I also like the drag and drop file transfer. I dont have to download software onto my computer to use it.
I have found one small problem. When I am listening to music and turn it to the camera it freezes up briefly. It is a little annoying but not a big problem for me. The shutter lag is terrible on this so if you are taking pictures of children, pets, or sports expect blur. I suggest that you get a dedicated camera if you want clear pictures to preserve your memories. This camera is great to snap a shot and send to email or Facebook.
If you will be using it primarily to read books and surf the web I suggest the bigger size. I got the smaller one because I needed it to be pocket friendly. I exercise a lot and wanted to be able to stick it in my pocket as I jog.
I have had this for about a month now. We will see if the honeymoon continues. :-)
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on June 21, 2012
I purchased this MP3 Player for my teenage daughter. She desperately wanted an iPod, but I refuse to buy into the Apple mania and have iTunes take over my media collection. So, this was the alternative....and what a great alternative it is. The interface is Android and works flawlessly; it has all the same great options as an Android phone (Wifi, free apps, etc....). The screen is amazing with a crystal clear display and it takes brilliant pictures and videos. As far as screen quality, Android interface, and photo/video quality; it is much better than my Motorolla Droid and as good as any other device I have seen.
The media menus are well organized and simple to operate, and the sound quality is superb. Another nice feature of this MP3 Player is that it has a built-in speaker that actually sounds pretty good (the speaker was the option that convinced my daughter to go with this player and she is very pleased).
If you are looking for an MP3 Player that is anything but iPod; then this is the route to go. In my house, we have two Sansa Fuzes, a Sansa Clip, a Sony Walkman, and a Cowon S9. This Galaxy 4.0 is by far the best of all of them. Only the Cowon S9 comes close to comparing; the S9 has better sound, but can't touch any of the other features of the Galaxy. You cannot go wrong with this MP3 Player. I am extremely picky about my music and the devices I play it with and I am now considering replacing my S9 with this incredible device. I think Samsung has a real winner here and has finally made a device that is better than the iPod.
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on March 15, 2012
I discontinued data service so I wanted a wifi device with Android OS not iOS. I've tried Ipod, Ipad, Iphone and Ido not care for any of them, that's why I was pleased when Droid first arrived on the scene. This device is so smooth and the screen is super clear HD quality. Of course the battery does not last nearly as long as Samsung claims which is the same for any mobile device. Samsung claims 54 hours of music listening, you'll be lucky to get 20-24 hours and if you use the device other than music expect about 15-18 hours of use, even less with video i.e. Netfix. I was happy the GPS actually works without wifi or data which is why I was interested in this device. I sold my Droid X and I noticed some apps I had are not compatible with the player, which I am able to find off market, and they work just fine as with other "incompatible" apps/games. I wish it had more than 8gb as games are now taking up Gigs of space and you can't run them off external SD. The only negative I really find is the battery life so I gave 4 stars, I am also looking to purchase a portable charger the size of the galaxy so at least that will help but other than that this device is what is needed.
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on July 22, 2012
This device is actually a Samsung Galaxy (Android) Player YP-GB1 / Galaxy S WiFi 4.0. The product picture provided from my seller was a bit misleading. This is the product I actually received: [....]. Look it up on Google if the link does not work. Note the minor differences. I'm not sure if it's an older or upgraded version of this one.

With that being said, I LOOOOVE this Galaxy player!!! It does everything. The only thing missing is wireless talking capabilities, but I'm sure there's an app for that. On top being able to play music, you can also surf the web, download apps, watch videos, and skype. Of course, it has common features like calendar, calculator tool, and camera function. The touch screen is literally crystal clear like it says and works superbly. The sound is amazing (you can adjust the "SoundAlive" settings). I'm not a fan of the earbuds that are provided, so it's a good thing I already had my own pair of Sony earphones that hooks behind the ears. I also purchased a 32GB microSD card along with the player to avoid using up my internal memory too quickly.

Be aware that you can only access the internet and apps requiring an internet connection when you're near a wi-fi network (like in your home or in a library) or in a wi-fi hot spot if you want to use the service from your own internet provider. I highly recommend this Galaxy player for anyone who wants to avoid a high monthly bill for a data plan with a wireless phone provider...that is if you don't mind having to carry around a seperate phone and music player. It's definitely worth the money, but then again, when I bought the player, it was $35 less than it is now and the microSD was $6 less than it's listed for now. I suppose it depends on the cost at the time of purchase.

FYI: If you're looking to buy a case/screen protector for this device, make sure you do it after it's been delivered to you to verify its design. You may discover that your screen protector and perhaps your case (depending on how it's designed) may not fit properly. If you have the player that's in the link I provided in the beginning, you may want to go visit PDAir's website ([....], which I think is the best, or ExportPrive's site ([....]) if you want to purchase accesories.
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on July 3, 2012
I get lousy cellular reception where I live and therefore use a cell phone minimally. But I develop web pages and needed to stay abreast of the technology. Ideally, I would have liked a smart phone but no data plan -- just using the wifi for data transfers. But cell carriers do not seem willing to make that offer.

I've now had the Samsung Player 4.0 for 3 months, and I've been happy with it.

I find the screen very readable. It is generally easy to use. Reacts appropriately to gestures -- though sometimes a little too sensitive (I swear I didn't touch the screen) or a little off (I swear I hit the link above, not that link).

Works very well as a web browser -- my main business purpose. Works too well for games -- I've wasted much too much time there.

Carrying it around: It isn't very light. Not too bad, but you will notice it in your pocket. I do find it too heavy to take with me when running to use as an mp3 player, so I am still using a small, old, very light mp3 player for that purpose. (I haven't tried an armband yet.) But I find that for something like yard work, it works quite well.

The FM Radio in particular is quite handy, when you want to listen to the news while walking the dog for example. Something iP*d doesn't have.

The dependence on wifi and not cell network will mean some things (even non-phone) things don't work as well. For example, I wanted to pick up a video from Redbox on the way home from an event. You can't just look that up in the passenger seat. The driver has to pull over someplace that has free public wifi. The Navigation tool was a little dodgy, too. (Couldn't update maps?) And you can't select a new destination until you are back on a wifi. But usually, this is not a big deal. And the navigation tool did still show us where we were even though we were obviously not on wifi.

Contacts/Calendar/etc. A main practical use of a device like this is access to your planner, contacts, etc. Since this is an Android device, the recommended path is to create a Google account for gmail, the google calendar, etc. I don't love these applications but they aren't terrible. You might want to sign up for and play with those applications before you buy an Android device to see how you like them first.

Battery life: Okay at best. Depends a lot on what you do with it. If you play games, particularly the type that keep running in the background when you are not using the device, you'll get less than 12 hours out of it. But if you keep off games that run in the background and turn off the GPS except when you need it, you should get a couple of days. If I stick to checking the news, a couple of websites, and the weather, turning the device off between uses, it is good for 3-4 days. But turning it off is key as there are many things it does in the background when you are not using it.

Overall, it's quite a good product for those who want a handheld device, but don't want to pay for a data plan.
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on February 17, 2015
Music players are headed for extinction. This one is a phone without the phone part. It has wi-fi. It runs Android software. It supports Micro-SD cards. After it was discontinued I rooted it and flashed CyanogenMod to get it off Gingerbread. It now runs more "modern" software than it did with no performance problems. I'm going to continue to use it till it drops.
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on December 7, 2011
This is a very nice android mp3 player. It has every thing that a android phone has except the phone part, it even has the phone speaker on the front. The device has Bluetooth, WiFi, gps, camera on the front and back, two speakers on the back, 4 inch screen, accelerometer (for rotating the screen by manually turning the device. I am getting about 9 hours out of the battery with moderate use with the screen as dime as it can go. It is not the best devices in the world but it has done everything that I have thrown at it with great performance. The other thing is it has just come out so places like gameloft have not tested their games on it even tho the games might work it will be awhile for this to get on there list of supported devices. I have talked to them and they are working on getting this device on there list of supported devices.
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