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on November 29, 2016
Voting with my feet... I bought one of these 18 months ago, lost it, and HAD to replace it. Couldn't imagine life without it. It powers on with a simple flip of the microphone, and syncs up painlessly and immediately. Fits onto my ear with the greatest of ease. Battery life is good. The only slightly negative thing I could say is that I've not yet gotten comfortable with the volume and mute buttons. The former are tiny and hard to access mid-call, but, as with the mute, I'm confident that if I used this thing every day, multiple times for day, those functions would become second nature. People I call using this never complain about background noise.
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VINE VOICEon February 29, 2012
To begin with, I live in Nevada where they just passed a no cell phone talking while driving except with bluetooth or speakers. I am in field where I get a lot of calls and it is imperative that I have a good connection and can hear my clients clearly. I decided to buy several different model bluetooth sets and compare them side by side since they all have at least a 30 day return policy. First I bought a motorola, waste of money, disconnected and unpaired constantly. Second I moved up to the jawbone Icon. fair volume, super uncomfortable and without the hook that was unbendable and caused blisters, it would fall out of your ear just by chewing.. I did like the features, especially caller ID and voice dial. But after several drops out of my ear the sound quality was gone and I returned that one too. Next I tried the Plantonics Voyager HD (top of the line) and was NOT impressed. The volume was insufficent and in a noisy enviornment, even at full volume (30) it was difficult to hear. I also didnt like the fact that you had to pay extra for voice control service...and although they give you a free 1 year subscription to their vocalyst program, after one year you have to pay for an ongoing subscription, which is pure greed and unacceptable, the same service is totally free on the jawbone Icon and Jabra Supreme, ...and lastly, the Voyager did not even support caller ID, and for such a pricey bluetooth, that was the clincher for me. Returned that one too. Decided on the Jabra Supreme. I was nervous about it due to the reviews that it was bulky and wouldnt stay in the ear, like the Jawbone Icon. But I went ahead and took a chance. Turns out this is far and away the best of them all. With the extra earpad that comes with it hooks inside your ear and combined with the soft bendable hook it is totally secure and I felt it was as secure as the Plantronics voyager. The volume is superb. In fact, at half way up its louder than the plantronics at full blast. The sound quality is the best by light years. (compares to a corded phone) When I would voice text with the Voyager, I had to constantly repeat myself to get it right, with the Supreme....perfect voice texting it hears you clearly. All the voice commands work perfectly. The only complaint is the unit is big and thus not too stylish, but it more than makes up for it in incredible performance. My phone is an HTC Radar windows based phone. The Jabra Supreme is the one I am keeping.
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on September 5, 2014
This is the second Jabra Supreme I have bought, the first was amazing, and lasted over 2 years before it would not hold a charge, and this is where the problem started.

The new headset started out fine, but now 2 months later, no one can understand me, it is beyond worthless. I just tried a cheap 9.99 headset and everyone I called said it was night and day better!

This headset cost me $75 two months ago, and now I can't even get Jabra to return an email.

These units USED to be good, but not any more, save yourself the expense and pain, DO NOT buy this headset.
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on November 17, 2015
It has a nice look and feel. I really wanted to like this headset. I liked all the hype, and the claims from Jabra: namely that it would cancel out the background noise and produce great clarity calls. I also got excited by a few of the reviews that said it was so loud they had to turn it down halfway! I'm in noisy environments sometimes at work, and I'm also just a little hard of hearing, so something "too" loud sounded perfect for me.

After wearing this earpiece for several days, I was left feeling let down. It did not maintain great contact with my phone on occasion. Although, there were times were I could achieve a phenomenal distance from my phone! Dropping at 3 feet, but sometimes staying connected for 75 feet! The lack of predictability was annoying. Also, I had to turn this ALL the way up to hear people speaking at normal levels. And that was not in a noisy environment, I never got the chance to try it out in a noisy environment.

The main problem I had, and the primary reason I returned it, is that it would occasionally change my voice to a robot gargling rocks for anywhere from 10-35 seconds or so. Sometimes I could hear the other person clearly during this event, but sometimes they would also sound like a robot for a while. Switching to my handset, then back to the BT would fix the issue.. but who wants to deal with that all the time.
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on January 18, 2017
"In the ear" headsets have not been loud enough for me recently. I think it's because of Bluetooth version 4. I think they lowered max volume so people wouldn't harm their hearing [like we aren't responsible enough to do that on our own!] This ear piece sits over the ear not in it. As a result I can hear extremely well! Nobody can tell I'm speaking on it in a call. Calls are very clear and I have had no complaints from callers either. Its very classy looking and very light, which I have had to get used to. Hard to remember you have it on! Absolutely LOVE this headset!
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on September 21, 2012
About two months after buying the headset, callers started to complain that they could not hear me, so I had to stop using the headset. So, I started e-mailing Amazon and Jabra and i-fuse, the seller, requesting that they either repair or replace the headset pursuant to the one-year warranty. Jabra's website has no warranty return information. Amazon refers you to the seller, i-fuse. i-fuse dumps the problem on the manufacturer. Nobody steps up to perform customer service. Everybody gives the classic runaround. Twelve days later, they all still refuse to send me a Return Merchandise Authorization, or do anything else to resolve the problem. My opinion: Jabra warranty service is terrible. i-fuse is terrible. Amazon is terrible. Don't buy a Jabra from i-fuse on if you want a warranty that you can use.
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on July 22, 2016
This is absolutely the best way to waste $100. Uncomfortable, won't stay on the ear, not compatible with glasses, won't use my LG phone even when properly paired. Does check its own batteries ok. Wow! Won't call based on phone's internal directory. Unfortunately I didn't keep the box and take use of Amazon's generous return policy.

Why doesn't Amazon offer a "0" = Star?
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on November 3, 2011
This headset replaced a Jawbone Prime headset I got a year ago but managed to permanently misplace when transferring my stuff back from a rental car. The sound quality on the Jabra Supreme is much better than the Jawbone. People I was talking to on the phone could hear me very well, without even the hint of background noise from my loud car, even at high RPMs. The ear piece noise cancellation is also amazing, I was able to have the Jabra Supreme volume much lower and still hear better than through my phone or the Jawbone.

Setup for one phone was super easy, charge the headset, then put it on, it is immediately in pairing mode ready for its first device. I have two phones (personal HTC Thunderbolt and an iPhone 4), so I was able to take advantage of the multi device capability of the Supreme. For that, all I had to do was press the voice button and say "Pair new device" and the Supreme was again in pairing mode. After connecting the second device, I had a little bit of trouble getting the headset to say "Connected to two devices," I realized all I needed to do was go into my iPhone and tell it to connect to the headset again. Now every time I turn on the headset, it immediately connects to both headsets. The only problem I'm having with the two devices now is how to determine which phone will be used when I use a phone command, I think it has something to do with the order I've connected the phones, but I'm not sure yet. My old Jawbone also connected to two devices, so I don't think this is as revolutionary as they want you to believe, but it's a good feature for people with two phones.

The Android app is pretty neat, I can see the battery level, change some sound presets (Home, Office, Car) and adjust the level of noise cancellation. I played around in there for a bit, but the headset seems to do a pretty good job of picking the best setting. There isn't an iPhone app yet, but the website says one is on the way. When my iPhone is connected, there is an indicator in the top right of the iPhone that shows the Jabra's battery life. I can also press the voice button and say "Battery" and it will tell me how much talk time I have left on the current charge.

The voice guidance feature is also really nice, it's really nice being able to talk to the headset instead of trying to figure out the secret button sequence to get the headset to do what I want. It also allows me to say "Answer" to take a call when the headset is already on, rather than find the right button for that.

A couple other features are a little bit confusing, like when I'm on the phone with one phone and the other rings, I can press the Answer/end button to put the current call on hold and take it, then press it again to switch between them, and then tap the button to hang up, which is where the problem is... The button will do different things depending on how long you hold it, the manual says there are 5 different lengths that will get you different results: Tap, Double Tap, Press, Long Press and Extra Long Press. I'm sure once I get the hang of it this won't be an issue, I don't get too many calls while I'm already on the phone anyway.

Overall, this is the best bluetooth headset I've ever used, audio quality much better than the Jawbone Prime I had until recently.
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on June 16, 2015
I've had many Bluetooth headsets and this is the only one I found that works great great battery life great noise reduction very good the only one I have had that's better then this is the blue parrot headset because it has the bigger battery and top of the line noise reduction the only downside is that the parrot is a bit cumbersome, the jabra supreme is top of the line in power sound and comfort because it sits on your ear like headphones not jammed in your ear. I bought 3 so far One for a friend and I'm on my second one already the first one I used for 14 months straight for business everyday everyday charged every night I really abused it , my friend moderate user still raves about his 3 years now . You can hear and be heard very clearly even in a noisy environment. Well worth the money buy it brand new!
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on July 3, 2017
First off I do like the design of the headset it is comfortable and easy to operate..the problem I'm experiencing with it is that people cannot hear me sometimes...other times it's fine..very unpredictable headset...If this problem did not exist it would be 5 stars...!!!
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