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on August 30, 2013
This is an elegant (and low cost) alternative to push button flip phones for those of us who don't see going to a data plan and therefore do not need an i-Phone of equivalent. Nice software QERTY keyboard for texting and entering contact info. Pretty good camera. Good battery life and good audio quality. Probably does poorly if you try web browsing and other real smart phone features. But as a high end basic phone, it is excellent.
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on March 17, 2013
this phone is okay
i bought it as a replacement for my other phone.

pros: thin
touch screen
digital qwerty
battery life long

cons: freezes a lot
music always skips
when you use the digital qwerty, the phone freezes a lot

good starter phone
wouldnt reccomend it for heavy texters
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on July 25, 2012
I Have had no problems with this phone what-so-ever. If you are looking for a phone for the basic stuff( Calls and texting mostly) Then look no further. Have had this phone for 6 months or so and have had absolutely no problems. My Sister in-law has this phone also, and doesn't like it. Turns Out, if you have internet and like apps and whatnot, then this phone is a pain in the lower back area. However, If you want a basic, no-data phone that you will use primarily for the basic stuff. Then it has My recommendation.
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on February 16, 2012
This phone is pretty cheap quality. It lets you listen to music while you do other things like text, but the catch is every time you hit a button or change screens the music skips. Its slow when texting, even without playing music in the background. Its very slow to send picture messages. I know no phone can send a pic message as fast as a regular text, but my old LG Octane was much faster. I like the design and features and just how the phone is set up in general, but its slow and glitchy which pretty much ruins it. I wish I hadnt broke my Octane, I dont think I can handle this phone for 2 years.
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on February 1, 2013
I got this phone because it was free on my plan and all the other phones cost at least 50 dollars. I very quickly found it annoying, but decided to keep using it in the hopes that these minor annoyances would pass. They did not. They only got worse. Much much worse.

- Touchscreen often fails to respond, or responds with significant delay. This causes you to be unable to answer calls even when you press the "pick up" 3 times and wait 20 seconds for it to work. Many times I have typed ENTIRE SENTENCES on the touch screen, the phone does nothing, and then 10 seconds later like 3 letters appear. When I tap the "backspace" button, it freezes, and then deletes the entire text message.
- User Interface is flawed, several graphical bugs occur during phone use. Not all of them interfere with use of the phone, but still show how carelessly it was designed. Some of them very much do interfere with phone usage.
- Comes pre-installed with junkware (Ads for crap you don't want)
- The following is the procedure I need to go through to send a text message to my friend Steve:
Turn On -> Slide Unlock -> Contacts -> S -> Steve -> Text -> Add Text -> (Actually Typing Message) -> Done -> Send. Seriously WHO THE F*K designed this.
- Camera app is very poorly designed.
- Calender app is very poorly designed
- Lots of messages/titles are worded poorly or wrong (Outgoing Calls is labeled as "Dialed Call From:", even tough it is a call dialed TO that person)
- No really... it's like the entire interface was designed by first year computer science students who just took a single course in intro programming/app development (and failed it).
- half the time you press something, it just does nothing. Then you wait 5 seconds and press it again, and it presses it twice and opens something you don't want

- Light
- Thin
- Durable enough that it has not yet broken from the many times i threw it against a wall or floor in infuriating frustration. Before you ask, these problems led to my throwing the phone... not vice-versa.

The entire development team for the user interface and processor on this phone should be immediately fired. Your phone is bad and you should feel bad.
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on December 31, 2011
I purchased this phone as a replacement for my beloved Dare phone which after 4 years the speaker gave out. This hotshot would lock up several times a day. It would ring and I would have to pop out the battery, turn it back on, wait for it to come back up...then call the person also would not stay synced to my car phone system..probably because of the previously mentioned problem...very disappointing.
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on April 14, 2012
I was really anxious to upgrade to a touch screen phone, but I didn't want to renew my contract with Verizon. When I saw this phone for a penny with a two-year contract, I thought I'd just go for it. I can't say enough bad things about this phone. Maybe I just got stuck with a lemon, but I feel compelled to warn others about the defects I've encountered.
First of all, if you do a lot of texting, this isn't the right phone. The virtual keypad is difficult to impossible to use. You really need to buy a stylus or you'll be hitting all the wrong keys. And really, if you're going to type with what amounts to one finger, texting gets old real fast.
Next, the send key is at the bottom of the screen so that it's easy to hit it while typing in any letters on the bottom row of the keyboard. I can't even count how many incomplete texts I've sent because of this.
Then there's that little screen with the drop-down menu that gives you a list of words to choose from, once you type the first couple of letters. What's with that? When texting, you don't type in whole words. At least I don't, because I have a limited number of texts every month. But texting is also my main means of communicating with my sister, so I need to have something reliable. And you can't turn off the drop-down feature, so it's there interfering with your view of your message. I read the entire instruction booklet, and I can't find anything indicating how to turn off this feature.
Then there's the little problem of answering calls. How many calls are you willing to miss because, when you go to drag up the screen to unlock the phone, it doesn't work? I've gotten to the point where I almost threw the phone against the wall because of this. And I have all the patience in the world. But this phone has me so upset, I turn into a raving lunatic when this happens. And it happens often.
The only other feature I can speak about is the camera, which is not even worth using.
Since I don't use any other features on this phone, I can't trash them.
Please save yourselves the frustration of ending up with this truly awful phone. When I finish this review I'm heading out to the Verizon store to have my old phone reactivated.
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on August 31, 2015
The texting is really annoying, however it is a great little phone for basic needs. I killed my my more costly smart phone, and find that not paying data and just using the basic features is really all I need.
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on February 12, 2015
This is, without a doubt, the WORST phone I have ever owned (and that's saying something!). The touchscreen has HORRIBLE response - it was bad enough when I first got it, and after nearly 2 years I have to periodically beat it to get it to recognize that I'm trying to text on it! I can never get through typing an entire text on it without it skipping letters, freezing up, or suddenly erasing all I've written. It has decided not to allow me to see multimedia messages anymore - "Message Receipt Failed" is an all-too-common sight for me on it's pathetic screen. However, it is durable; there have been many times I've dropped it and picked it up hoping it would be dead and I could move on to new phone, but alas! It keeps on surviving. If you want to capture a fleeting moment with a picture, you'd better hope that moment has time to wait on the Hotshot's "camera" to load. Taking pictures/videos with this phone is about as enjoyable and easy as pulling your own teeth. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. I am looking forward to viciously destroying mine when my new phone arrives next week. SERIOUSLY. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
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on June 13, 2014
At first I thought this phone was nice. It was new and sleek and had a touchscreen.
Then I started using it for a while. It went from exciting to dull very quickly.

Texting is a nightmare. It constantly misreads the letter I hit and generates odd words that nobody would use on a regular basis causing me to search through a list for the word I was trying to use. Sometimes I don't realize it changes a word to something else and I end up sending someone a message that makes no sense. Which means I have to send it again after I fix it. (Not the worst thing in the world but it gets annoying after awhile.) When using the qwerty keypad, it is slow and registers that I hit letters I didn't, regularly requiring edits.
I've gotten the hang of the texting issues after having the phone for several years but every once in a while it likes to freeze completely while texting and not register that I hit anything for a while. When it finally catches up it just inputs the last key I hit. So I type several words until I realize it's stuck, when it finally does it's thing, only one letter shows up. That is unless I hit the backspace last. Then it decides to erase the whole message.

Using the phone for calls is okay. The sound is clear for the most part and it's a comfortable phone to use. Occasionally I get a text message in the middle of the call which causes the screen to light up. Sometimes this is no big deal but sometimes it decides to register that I am hitting buttons and before I know it I'm talking to no one.

The camera on in this phone is basic. It works well in high sunlight but that's about it. Dim lighting is blurry and if I move the phone from the subject before a few seconds after hitting the button it turns out a really blurry mess. Most of the time an image is blurry.

When I finally put music on my phone I thought it was the coolest thing ever, until I started listening to it. It skips every time the phone does anything. Every time I push a button the music skips. Or when the display turns on and off it skips. It even skips when the screen is off and it's just sitting there. The music volume options could be better as well. It is either really loud or, when I turn it down to the lowest setting, a little less loud. Especially when I'm trying to use headphones.

The battery has been pretty good. It stays charged for several days if I'm not constantly using it. It charges quickly and I'm pleased with the battery life.

Another good thing about this phone is it's surprising durability. It's thin design means it's hard to hang on to and I've dropped it quite a few times. In the sink, on the sidewalk, skidding across the floor, and often down the stairs. It's held up for a year or two but recently I dropped it flat on its face and the screen cracked. Where it cracked was especially over the proximity sensor for making phone calls. As a result the screen no longer turns on during calls making it impossible to enter numbers or hit the end button. This means I can no longer make phone calls or check my voicemail. It still works for texting and receiving calls but it's a hassle not being able to check voicemail.

Overall this phone has served its purpose but I will not be getting another one.
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