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on December 30, 2011
My LG Dare tragically stopped working this week, and I was seriously devastated. I LOVE my Dare, and I'm still getting over it. I got the Pantech Hotshot in the hopes that it would be similar. It looks sleek, but...

The screen is so unresponsive and slow, and it doesn't respond at all if I use just my fingernail to tap the screen, which is what I'm used to doing. The vibration when I touch the screen feels cheap and texing is a nightmare.

It's difficult trying to text because the screen is so slow at picking up my touch. I have to slow way down and continually go back and correct myself. The way texting is set up is way different from LG phones as well. Instead of being able to hit "next" you have to scroll through a list of words the phone thinks you want. I haven't found a quick way to make a smiley face (on the LG Dare, you just press 1 two times), and I'm forced to navigate through the symbols to find a colon and parenthesis. To top it all off, the phone defaults to "g" instead of "i" when using the 12-number keypad (rather than the qwerty keyboard) for texting. "g love you"?? No. I want my Dare back!
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on September 11, 2013
Absolutely the worst phone I've ever had to use. It makes daily life much more frustrating and takes up valuable time. I wouldn't let Verizon pay ME to use this phone.

Where to start? Let's look at the touch screen. It is dumbly unresponsive, slow, and lags. This causes you to miss calls when trying to unlock. Also, the touch screen at times becomes completely unresponsive- requiring you to pull the battery out to reset the phone because you can't even unlock it.

Let's talk about texting. Near impossible to do it in a timely manner on this phone. The touch screen can't keep with what you're typing, so often it will lag- when the lag ends, the phone will miss certain letters you've typed and ultimately the entire sentence you just typed is ruined and comes out incorrectly. Along with this, the t9 word function SUCKS. Type a word such as "hello" and it will write hfkko - WTF?

This is also the only phone I've had that will DISPLAY ADS at any given time- could be texting, could be taking a picture- and ad banners run across the bottom of the screen. Seriously?

The camera is horrible, the memory space sucks, the phone randomly drops calls, and the navigation is slow and delayed. Oh, and the phone has randomly turned off at any given point since I've had it; even during important phone calls.

The second I buy an Iphone I am throwing this thing against the wall and never looking back.
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on July 5, 2013
This is my second phone, my first being a Samsung Intensity. Now, I could talk good about that phone all day. It was a good no frills device, that did its job right.

This phone (Hotshot) isn't one of those phones.

I got an update to the firmware that was supposed to bring enhancements and upgrades to the phone, as far as I'm concerned, its still a bad phone.

- Poor touch screen, locks up during texting. Occasionally deletes text from a message I'm trying to write due to the lockup.

-Battery life's average at best

-Phone is generally slow. Tends to run on the slow side for a lot of things. Lag = bad

-Poor camera. Sure, it takes video, something my Intensity couldn't. But its poor quality.

Slow processing and a bad screen are the two main complaints.


+ Free 2 GB SD preloaded into phone. Unfortunately, you have to take the battery out to replace the card...

+ Music function is alright. Better then expected.

If I could, I'd give it 1.5/5 stars, but Amazon won't let me do that; Either way, avoid this phone. You could do better, far better, by putting up a little more money for anything else. Try a decent flip phone. They still make those, somewhere. XD
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on August 9, 2012
Not very touch sensitive, lags, hard to use and text. Would not recommend AT ALL. Also, very cheaply made. All this after one day of use. Wish I wasn't on a two year contract with this phone.
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on August 15, 2012
I've had this phone for 3 months now and it worked well for the first month. However, after just a few weeks I began having several problems. The touch screen is very frustrating for a few reasons. One, it freezes when you text on it. Another issue I have is it doesn't always sense that you've touch the screen at all. For example, when I try to hit the end call button, it often times doesn't react. Every once in a while I can get the phone to recognize I am hitting the end call button but more times than not I have to wait for the other person to hang up. Just as I have issues ending a call, I also have experienced problems with answering calls because the phone doesn't recognize I have touched the answer call button. My last reason for not liking the touch screen is that the individual number/letter buttons are too small. This makes it very difficult to text efficiently. I have now gotten to the point where it is easier to just simply call someone rather than text them, which can be very inconvenient. I have become so tired of this phone that I have actually decided to get an iPhone because I am tired of purchasing poorly made basic phones that only last a few months at best. While I do not like this phone at all, there are a few good things about it. I like that the sound is easy to hear so that even though I have difficulties with the phone before and after the conversation, during them my phone is fine. The camera is what you would expect with a basic phone, not grand but it works. One thing I did really like about this phone is that it is very stylish and a good weight. As far as web browsing goes, I do not have a data plan so I can not speak for that, but I have heard many negatives about it. All in all, I'd rather have a phone that doesn't make me want to slam it into the ground after every use than one that is stylish, has a sub-par camera and decent sound.
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on April 7, 2012
I have had this phone for three months now and can honestly say this is the worst touchscreen interface of any product I have ever used. It's been mentioned quite a bit in other reviews about how unresponsive, slow, and uncooperative the touch screen has been, but I cannot stress enough to some of you who think they can live with this that it is a deal breaker. It usually takes quite a few taps before it makes a selection, whether it be answer call or choosing a contact or trying to select a song to play. Half the time you'll end up choosing the wrong action because it did not understand your swipe and you'll have to start all over. Even after a few software updates it still is slow and fails to recognize taps. The screen displays pictures nicely, but it refuses to load any pictures I import via bluetooth or memory card, even if I resize them to the phones dimensions. The music player takes forever to load for just one gigabyte of songs and has a terrible interface and again poor touch controls to really do anything with. The BREW OS is awful since it makes it impossible to customize or add homebrew games and apps. The only reason it gets two stars is the good battery life, it's incredibly lightweight and thin, and does have a nice camera and displays pictures taken on the phone very well. Verizon really should let customers use smartphones without having to purchase an expensive data plan. That way we wouldn't get suckered into purchasing cheap knockoffs like this Pantech Hotshot.
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on July 1, 2012
I activated the pantech hotshot a few days before Christmas. It was an easy to use touchscreen cell phone. I started taking pictures, and customizing the phone the way that I wanted it. The camera takes good pictures in well-lit areas. The keyboard for texting was a good size but it was a slow experience. The touchscreen is not multi-touch, so it doesn't recognize two fingers touching the screen. Calling was good on this phone. When I put music on the phone, the speakers were loud and clear. After playing around with the phone, I decided to go on the mobile web, since I do have a data package. The Opera Mini Web Browser was well organized and easy to use. When it came to typing in a website or typing in general, it was horrible. The keyboard on the mobile web is too small! When it is in portrait mode, the keys were bigger than in landscape mode. I would press the wrong keys on accident and typing in the mobile web just made it very frustrating. When I would watch videos on YouTube, the video was very small and I just didn't use the web at all! The phone is good when you don't use any web related things on it. Overall, it is good for pics/videos, calling, texting, and other basic functions. The phone would shut down about 3 times out of the day. The battery life became shorter and drained very quickly. After a while, I decided to purchase the LG enV touch. I wanted the touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard and flash in the camera. Happy with the decision I made!
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on August 27, 2012
I got the Hotshot because I wanted an upgrade from my LG Chocolate. At first, it was pretty amazing: the touch screen was responsive, it's very light, and the battery life was pretty good. But in about a month, the phone notified me that there was an available update. Thinking it would only make me phone better, I let it update. This may be a sheer coincidence, but after the update, my phone seemed to slow down. There would be a a 5 second lag from when I press a button and when it would run on the screen. The phone would randomly turn off and back on by itself, usually during a call, receiving a call, or listening to music. At times, the touch screen would stop working, so I would have to remove the battery, put it back in, and turn it on. But despite that, everything else seems to work fine. If you think you can deal with these minor problems, then I wish the best of luck to you. (:
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on June 15, 2013
I have been stuck with this piece of junk for a year and a half now. I bought it online through verizon and it worked perfectly fine until a few months into my contract. Verizon wouldn't take the phone back and get me something new for the same price, so I was stuck with it. The texting on it sucks, when I text someone the touch screen will randomly stop working and it will lag or miss letters that I had pressed. When I make phone calls to places that use a touch tone menu, the phone will blink off and on and I will often have to re-call the number. The sound on my phone went out almost a year ago, so I haven't had any type of sound/ringtone at all. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. It is a big pile of junk. I wish that I could be reimbursed.
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on March 8, 2012
I thought the Pantech Hotshot would be a cool touch-screen experience without having to pay for a data plan. It is NOT anywhere near a smart phone. Myself and 3 others in my family all replaced our aging phone with this unit.

Being that I use an iPod Touch and an Acer Iconia Tab tablet daily, I may be biased towards text input that simply works.

The processing speed of the Hotshot is unbearable. It may take several seconds for a button press to be registered.

The biggest concern I have with my $0.01 purchase is texting. This is likely very important to many people these days and it does not work well. A word may be lost with slow processor speed and you only type 3 letters out of 15. Then you backspace ONCE, and it erases everything.

Additionally, the phone has CRASHED (ie shutoff and takes a long time to reboot) when making or receiving calls. I consider this a threat to safety in an emergency and I'm looking for other options. My LG env2 that I used in 2008 is still working better, and I may just switch back or get a SMART phone, not a mere touch screen.
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