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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2012
This phone looks great on the spec sheet, unfortunately, since it shuts itself of all the time, it sits on the shelf while I use my old LG Optimus. $500 paper weight. Accordind to my research this is common isue which HTC has no interest resolving.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 29, 2012
This phone looks pretty good, but beware. There are serious issues:

1. The phone I bought did not have the "Ice cream sandwich" operating system installed. That meant that when I reset my google passwords, I had to do a complete reset before being able to access all my services. Really, this is google's fault, but the phone had no easy way to let you do this and it wasted a day of my time hacking away.

2. The charger port is a custom micro USB that is really, really awful. It is hard to fit the plug in the port and you never get used to it. It always feels like something is wrong and you need to look carefully at the port to decide which orientation is correct. Putting the plug in the wrong way feels exactly like putting it in the right away.

3. Once the charger is fitted, the phone probably won't charge. You need to wiggle the plug around and once the red "charging" light goes on carefully place the phone out of the way, somewhere where there are no vibrations, breezes or cats because the slightest movement will cause it to stop charging.

4. Finally, if the phone discharges the battery completely, it will probably be necessary to remove the back of the cell phone, remove the battery and put the battery back in. Really.

I'm guessing they pushed this phone out with minimal quality assurance and engineering review. To be fair, the screen is nice and the software is pretty good too. Not as easy to use as the Iphone, but getting there.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
I love this phone. I've had it for about five months now. It has an incredible camera, great slick feel, etc. For the amount you'd be paying for it you expect all these wonderful things, so I'll just tell you about the little setbacks:

1. Though you can't really expect any technology to have a battery life of a week, after a few months the phone starts to lose its original battery life. At first it would last me for about 8-9 hours. Now it lasts about 4-5. And to make it last that much you have to be conscious of the back light and its volume setting. Naturally (like with any technology) expect to carry around your charger.

2. Charger is not the best. Had to get another one (very cheap) after two months.

3. Sometimes it shuts off on its own; it's very strange. And it will seem difficult to turn it back on. It just shuts off on its own. It's not really a big problem. Happens a few times a month.

4. Compared to other phones it's ... heavy. If you've dealt with the new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5, they will feel like toys compared to this. I personally like the weight and I don't so much care for the toy paper feel.

It's a great phone. I got this phone for free from tmobile as an upgrade but I would never go out of my way to pay 600$ for it. There is literally nothing more dumb I could think of than spending so much money on a phone. But you're not here to hear that.

It's a great phone. Get it.
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2012
This would be my favorite device if it worked well. Nice design, great screen, great tactile experience, I like just about everything.

My problems:

1. Random, spontaneous reboots. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes 10 times a day. I always reboot after installing updates or if the data feels sluggish. But the phone now does it for me, sometimes when I really need a phone. Oh, and the reboot process can take 4 minutes.

2. T-Mobile unlocked the phone and while visiting Europe, I replace the T-Mobile simm. I was able to use the phone and text functions, but no data at all. I tried both Vodaphone and Orange.

I expect an expensive phone to be free of problems. There are several HTC Amaze forums with posts about the reboot problem. It seems to be related to signals being dropped. The only solution listed is to root the phone, sometime I am not willing to do.

I will wait for the Ice Cream Sandwich update from Android to see if anything changes. If not, I will be dumping this phone, and possibly HTC, which has been my brand of choice for the last 3 phones.

Yeah, I'm irritated.

Update 7/11/2012: I sent the phone to HTC to repair the rebooting problem as it did not go away with Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone arrived back today and now it doesn't read the microSD card that I have used with the Amaze ever since I got it. I swapped the microsd with other phones and they read it fine and I tried 3 different cards in the Amaze and none were recognized. After screwing around with it for 2 hours and another 30 minutes on the phone with HTC support, I got another RMA to send it back again, at my expense for the postage. Apparently HTC doesn't actually test the phones when they repair them. If HTC can't make good on this, it will be my last HTC phone. Too bad because I really like their design and approach.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2012
First, I would like to say that this is a great phone, highly representative of what the Android and Sense can bring you. Everything works as it should, and the phone responds fluidly with its processor. It has also been updated to Android 4.03 with Sense 3.6. Unfortunately there are a few problems that HTC let get by them, that will come with every phone made. These are entirely minor, but when I spend a large sum of money on a device, I expect the little things to work as much as the big things on the phone.

-The capacitive button lights bleed into the screen itself. This is incredibly irksome when trying to view multimedia on your phone.
-The flash from the camera will bleed into your picture. It's a design flaw with the case that HTC did not account for.
-If there is any sort of movement from headphones in their jack, you will hear crackling.
-HTC will not release the source code for parts of the kernel of the phone, preventing extensive development on it.

Just to be clear, everything else works great on this phone, I just have those gripes.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2012
Within a week i got the phone i understood that there was some issue with the head phone jack. When you put the head phone in the jack, the voice get disconnected frequently . I had to adjust the head phone every time to hear properly. I reported this issue with T-Mobile , they issued a new amaze 4G phone for me. My bad luck, The second phone had the same issue with head phone jack. I tried different head phone but no luck. I went to T mobile store to verify it. They too were convinced about the issue. I talked with T mobile again, they told they cant do anything .When i googled, i found that there are many customers who are facing the same issue. My experience with HTC amaze was bad.Even i wont suggest anyone taking this cellphone from T mobile.It is really disappointing when you purchase a phone with lot of expectation and behaves something like this.Battery life also sucks. I would prefer Samsung over HTC.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
This phone is by far the worst phone I have ever had! HTC did a horrible job with this device, I constantly had issues with this phone shutting down for no reason at all. I warrantied this phone six times with t-mobile, and finally they told me that they had to get me into a different phone entirely because there was a problem with the software and HTC wasn't fixing the problem anymore. Very disappointed.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 28, 2011
Superb. As the other writer pointed out, it does not have 16GB of Free has that much storage capacity. If you pick up a micro SD card, maybe a 32GB, then you've got plenty. Don't let a whiney small dollar amount complaint sway you. Well made and a great phone as well.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2012
I've been a life-long BB smartphone user, and always had the latest BB flagship device. However, after "upgrading" to the Bold 9900 as soon as it was introduced last Fall 2011, I experienced many software glitches, frequent "stalls" (where the spinning little clock tells you that the processor simply can't keep up with what you're trying to do with your phone), and mysterious and spontaneous power cycling on/offs. Even after T-Mobile exchanged my new 9900 for a another "new" 9900, the same symptoms started happening again after a few months. And, I still stuck with my 9900 because I loved the Blackberry QWERTY keyboard.

But, I'm done with it. After accidentally going swimming with my 9900 in my pocket, I decided that this was my opportunity to finally try a "modern" device. And, I have no regrets....yes, I miss BB's QWERTY keyboard, but the "swipe" feature on my HTC Amaze is not bad at a matter of fact, it's one of the main reasons I chose the Android device over the iPhone. In short, I highly recommend this device. Even though it cost me $600 (because I didn't have insurance), but the Bold also retails for $600, so it was a no-brainer to switch devices. I'm a very heavy email user, and Active Sync on this Android device works just as well as the BB Enterprise Server (at least from what I can tell); the only advantage BB has over other devices/operating systems is when you travel overseas...T-Mobile/BB offers an "Unlimited BB email" feature for $29/month, which is unbeatable. For Android devices, T-Mobile charges $15/mg while travelling overseas, which can result in very high bills, especially if/when you send/receive emails with large attachments. Plus, now that i have a modern device with a 4" screen, i find myself enjoying surfing the net on my mobile device. People complain about the battery draining extra fast, but it's on par (if not better) than my BB. All in all, I have no regrets, and highly recommend this phone.
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2011
So T-Mobile sent me this phone, and I've been happily using it for about a month now, and I figured it's time to start yakking about it. It's an Amaze(tm) 4G manufactured by HTC. Some may know it by its HTC production name, the Ruby. Either way, it's a stunning phone, and as I've found over the past several weeks, it ROCKS! Let me tell you the ways...

*The Story*

But before we get into it, let me give you a bit of back story. A few months ago, the Emerging Media Manager for T-Mobile, along with their public relations company, Big Fuel, asked me to be a part of T-Mobilizer, their consumer-driven Emerging Media group. The idea is that, as a loyal T-Mobile subscriber and active member of the T-Mobile consumer support community, T-Mobile is giving a bit back by giving me access to some of their cool new products. While it's not required, I'm encouraged to share my thoughts about the products that they send and T-Mobile in genaral. See my previous post here for more details.

So, after nearly 2 years of working my stout old Fender MyTouch 3G, T-Mobile sent me a shiny new and pretty Amaze 4G to play with. Now that I've got some experience with it under my belt, I feel that it's time to share my thoughts with all of you (which I hope will make Mr. Elliott a happy man).

*The AMAZE-ing Story*

Around the first week of November, I receive my new Amaze 4G (well, not mine, it's only a loan). I'm like a kid loose in a candy store.

Okay, my first thought after opening the box? This thing is GORGEOUS!! Very clean lines without looking like it was built by shaving down a black plastic brick. The back has a nice aluminum look (although I learned later that it's just painted plastic) with a rubberized overlay on the top and bottom that looks great and helps you grip the phone (I've heard that the white model has smooth panels where the black is rubberized...a minus in the white's column in my book). I love the look.

Second thought...the screen is enormous. This phone is big, probably about as large as you'd want to get for something that sits in the palm of your hand. The nice thing is that the screen fills almost all of the phone's face. There is a little slice taken off the top for the speaker, notification LED, and front camera, and a slice off the bottom for the navigation buttons, but otherwise it's all screen. More on that later.

Third thought...this phone is a bit on the heavy side. Not like it's made of gold heavy, but it's got some heft. Maybe about the same weight as an apple. Now, before you start thinking of this as a negative, consider this...this phone has fantastic feel. Think about driving a car. Do you prefer a car that feels like you're driving a sponge down the road, where even small boulders don't even give the steering wheel a shiver, or do you prefer a car with a wheel that lets you feel the size, shape, and consistency of that tiny pebble that you just ran over? If the former, then this phone isn't for you. Look at the Samsung Galaxy S2 instead (great phone, lighter feel). But, if you like something that says, "Hey, I'm here, FEEL me!", then the Amaze 4G is a Godsend. It still sits nicely in my pocket, and I can hold it for an hour reading a book, but it just feels...well...substantial, like something built for quality.

*First Use*

So, I get it unpacked and set up with the new SIM card (you need it to use the recently enabled WiFi calling), fully charged, and boot it up. Boy oh boy, what a beautiful screen. This puppy is full 960x540 pixel qHD equipped, and that means huge, tight, sparkling digital goodness for your eyes to feast on. I'll grant that the SGS2 is a bit brighter and the colors are a tiny bit punchier, but the screen on the Amaze 4G is, for me at least, more elegant and less "cartoony" than the Sammy. No diss on the GS2's screen. It's beautiful too. I just prefer the more realistic and cleaner look of the Amaze's screen.

Booted up and registered (took a couple of hours for the new SIM to register with my number), I start to play. This phone comes stock with the HTC Sense 3.0 as a launcher. It's pretty nifty, and comes with some great preloads like Netflix, the Google suite (except for Google Plus, which you can download from the Market), Lookout security, T-Mobile TV HD, and qik Video Chat (for 2-way video chats). Of course you can load up on other apps as well, and I'll discuss a few that I like in a moment. It also comes with some preloads that I'm not really keen on, and unfortunately they can not be removed without rooting the phone WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT DO! That is, unless you really really really really really really know what you're doing, and are ready to accept a total loss of operation of your brand new $500+ investment. So, you're stuck with the shovelware that you don't like, but luckily you don't have to use them, and they don't seem to cause problems with the phone if you just ignore them.

HTC Sense. It's the whizzy, bangy, nifty launcher that the Amaze 4G comes with. It's very slick, gives you lots of options for widgets and looks, but from what I've read, and what I've seen on this phone, it comes with a cost in battery life. I opted for a little different launcher that I downloaded from the Market. Just like the differences between the Amaze and the SGS2, your mileage may vary. This highlights one of the beauties of Android phones like the Amaze 4G and the SGS2, that being the availability of choice. If you don't like the launcher, change it. If you don't like that launcher, change it again. It's all up to you, and not up to some drone in a fruit-based electronic device development hive.

*My Impressions*

Okay, so now I've had it for well over a month (almost two, actually). What are my impressions? Let's discuss.

I still love the phone. It will be a sad day when I have to send it back. I've become quite comfortable with its size and feel, and the operation has been flawless. Big happies to HTC and T-Mobile overall. Here are some of the things that I love about this phone:

*Build Quality*

I'm still impressed with the quality of this phone. It's solid! Heavy, yes, but I think that is partly due to the fact that it is a rock-solid piece of engineering. Everything fits precisely, and the back has a satisfying "click" when it closes. I've used the phone without a screen protector in place, and it's held up beautifully (it's supposedly made of some analog to Gorilla Glass, and it seems to be just as durable and functional). The hardware buttons have a very positive feel, and you can tell by touch when they've bottomed out. No squeaks or mushy feel when pressed. Overall, this seems to be a very solid piece of equipment.

One thing that I would like to note though is that I do have the black model, which has a rubbery material on half of the back panel. Given the phone's weight, I'm very glad for this grippy surface, and the white version, which is a smooth plastic finish, may be a bit more difficulty to handle. I'd recommend sticking with the black version unless you're really into white for fashion reasons.

*Call Quality*

Call sound quality is beautiful. I've not had difficulty hearing people on the other end (in fact I've had to turn down the volume from time to time), and the Bluetooth connection seems to work well with my Plantronics stereo headset. I've not had any issues with people hearing me on the other end either. Quality also remains high when using wifi calling (recently enabled) for those times when you're outside of T-Mobile's signal range but within a wifi hotspot.


All I can say is, wow! This is one beautiful screen. I noted above that the SGS2 seems to be a bit brighter and punchier, but the Amaze 4G screen is plenty bright. The colors are, in my humble opinion, very well saturated and rich, without looking like they were painted in a cartoon cel. The resolution is the kicker though. There isn't a phone out there that beats it, and it really shows. Viewing a Netflix video or something off your media server is just so clean and clear. Some people are bothered by the light bleed from the buttons (the light from the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen can bleed into the main screen), but I don't find it to be too annoying, and I believe that there's an app on the Market to shut off the button illumination if it's really a problem for you. I'd much rather have this delicious resolution than worry about how black the blacks are.


This is one of the real standout items of this phone. The camera is phenomenal! Resolution is amazing with the 8MPx rear-facing camera, and it's really not too bad with the 2MPx front camera either. Low light shooting is fairly nice, especially with the built-in twin LED flash (only for the rear camera). The thing that really blew me away though was the way it handles contrast. I'm used to cellphone cameras really blowing out highlights and blocking up the shadows. They are also notorious for bleeding light over from bright areas into dimmer areas. The Amaze 4G shows none of these drawbacks. It also boots up and is ready to shoot immediately.

Another cool feature of this camera is actually on the app side. It provides you with several effects options that are very useful. One of my favorites is SweepShot. It's a panorama setting that lets you shoot about a 90 degree pano shot by sweeping the camera while the shutter is open. The software then stitches the shot together into a wide pano shot. It really is pretty neat! There is also SmartShot that lets you capture a series of photos of people, and it combines them into a "best of all worlds" shot. Great for eliminating the old "I blinked!" disaster that can ruin a group shot. There is also a burst-shot setting, great for action shots, ClearShot HDR that helps in high-contrast situations, Portrait to set off a subject with a soft background, and several other options. I have to admit that I haven't even tried them all yet.

All in all, considering image quality, features, and ease of use, it really is an outstanding camera for a phone camera, and would even shame a few purpose-built digital snappers that I've seen!


The built-in video isn't too bad, and can shoot up to 1080p (1920x1080) resolution on the rear-facing camera (limited to SD on the front camera), which is the current high standard for HD video. The video is nice and clear, without any noticeable stutter or motion blur except in very low-light situations. There are some nice features too, such as the ability to turn on the camera's flash LEDs as movie lights in low-light situations.

However, the audio leaves a bit to be desired. It's not a complete disaster, but I had higher hopes for audio quality given the quality that the rest of the phone exhibits. It's possible that we'll see an improvement with future firmware updates. In the mean time, I wouldn't replace a decent quality purpose-built HD camera with this unit just yet. It's nice for those spur of the moment shots, but don't count on it for high quality stuff.

*Camera Buttons*

This is something that is extremely cool, and something that you have to experience to see just how cool it is. The Amaze 4G has two dedicated buttons along the right side of the phone (when held vertically). The smaller button activates the video camera, and the larger one activates the still camera. They both double as the shutter/record buttons. Why so cool? When's the last time you've fumbled around, opening up the camera app, finding the shutter soft-button, only to see the picture opportunity fade before you're ready? This gets you ready to shoot in an instant. Believe me, once you've had this feature, you'll cry if you lose it.

Overall, these are some great features, and have helped make my experience with the Amaze 4G a very good one. However, there are a negatives that I'd like to point out:

*Soft Buttons*

I hate soft buttons. This isn't an issue that is specific to this phone, and I fear that, because it's cheaper, all phones going forward will have soft buttons rather than physical buttons. However, I find myself constantly brushing the buttons accidentally, closing windows that I'm typing in, deleting email, jumping to the home screen in the middle of some other activity, etc. This happens most often when I'm one-handing it, reaching with my thumb to drop down the notification window and end up palming the Home button accidentally. Very annoying.

*Screen Sensitivity*

The touchscreen on the Amaze 4G is extremely sensitive. In fact, I've noticed several times that the screen has responded without my actually touching it. Typos waiting to happen! This is especially annoying when you consider the soft button issue that I noted above. I haven't tried this phone with a screen protector yet, and that may eliminate the issue, but I don't recall any difference between a protected and non-protected screen on other touchscreen devices, so I think that this is a flaw that won't go away. I'd suggest that HTC dial down the sensitivity a bit.

*USB Connector*

The USB connector on the phone is a brand new style. It's not the old Mini-B connector, nor the Micro-B connector that some more recent phones have. The connector that the Amaze 4G uses is a funky little adaptation of the Micro-A connector with an extra channel down one side. While the manufacturer and T-Mobile indicate that a Micro-B connector will work, function is often sketchy, and you find yourself tinkering with the phone to get it into just the right orientation to keep the cable connected. I will say that the new connector is inordinately stable, and feels much more solid than the Micro-B connector that my wife uses in her MyTouch 4G, but I haven't yet found where to buy any aftermarket cables, so would be forced to purchase a T-Mobile branded cable to ensure compatibility. Not sure that's a good move, given that the biggest competitor of Android phones is also notorious for forcing esoteric configurations on their users, to their detriment. However, it works well when used correctly, and you can always do the Micro-B route in a pinch.

*Finishing Up*

So these are my impressions so far. Would I trade it in for anything else out on T-Mobile now? Not willingly. It's an outstanding phone and digital assistant. T-Mobile's 4G speeds are outstanding, and I'm still exploring some of the phone's incredible array of features. The rumored Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade in the next few months only makes it more attractive to me. There are plenty of other fantastic phones out there, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus (soon to come to T-Mobile, I hope!), but I'm very happy with my decision to go with the Amaze 4G, and would recommend it for anyone.

**FULL DISCLOSURE** The Author has been selected as an Influencer for T-Mobile USA, Inc and in conjunction with this role has been provided with a device.
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