Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S II, Titanium 16GB (T-Mobile)
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on December 19, 2011
I have owned many many phones in the years since I have first had a cell phone. I have had T-Mobile since day one, and I love them. I also generally love their phones. I will admit, that a few years ago, I wasn't much of a fan of Samsung, I had a few of their phones including the blast, the behold, and the gravity touch.. and I hated every single on of them. I had my gravity touch for about a month and could no longer stand it, and I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant(I was a little worried, with the horrible past I had with Samsung), I ended up loving the phone. It was by far the best Samsung phone I had seen. I had the phone up until a few weeks ago (for almost 2 years). I just got the Samsung Galaxy S2, and Samsung sure has changed. I thought the Samsung Vibrant was probably just a one time deal for Samsung, but they sure have gotten things figured out the past few years. I have recommended the Galaxy phones to many friends, who also love theirs now. I love Samsung's touch-wiz interface with android, it makes the phone easy and fun to use, but still keeps the android feel.
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on October 20, 2012
We bought two Galaxy S2 phones from Walmart two weeks ago and put them on Walmart's Family Mobile (T-Mobile) network. They replaced older Sprint (non-android) phones. They were relatively easy to use after a few days of practice. Within a day problems arose that seemed to be with the network. Phone calls would not always go thru the first time. You would get a screen showing it was dialing, and sometimes start showing the connection time, but no connection. Other times it would show it was dialing, nothing would happen, and the screen would suddenly be somewhere else having nothing to do with making a call. Frustrating. A bar code type application for wholesale car auctions initially seemed to work great, only to work intermittently a day later, and not at all after that... came back with "try again later". Reloading app, but still "iffy", seemed to be the network connection. Again, very frustrating. Talking to customer service was no help. Maybe it's T-mobile (we're in a Minneapolis suburban area - shouldn't be), or maybe it's the Galaxy S2s (they seem a little cheaper/lighter than my sons S2 on Sprint, which works great). Also, in somewhat weaker signal areas where basic Sprint phones work fine (& my son's Sprint S2 works fine), ie in Walmart or shopping malls, the S2s had no signal. In any case, don't need relatively expensive phones that don't work so back they went. Now looking for something on Sprint or Boost - maybe end up with dependable basic (not "smart") phones that always work, until the smart phones are perfected a bit more.
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on January 25, 2012
Though I purchased this phone direct from T-mobile, I have discovered this phone is amazing!

This screen is the largest I've seen, and a friend that has an iPhone 4S is debating on getting this phone with Sprint to replace his iPhone! lol

This phone has a great camera (with flash), large screen, solid casing, easy operating system (Ice cream sandwich), and excellent ability to gain access to extras (like the web, and GPS).

If you're interested in getting a new phone (with T-mobile) this would be a great option! :)
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on November 13, 2011
Great phone, super powerful, but even at 1950 mAh this battery is useless for this phone. With just web browser you can run through this batteries charge in an hour or an hour and a half -- its that super amoled plus display. It eats the battery alive. If you don't have a place you can plug this phone into for most of the day, I recommend you stay away from it. Heavy users are just going to be dissappointed.

That said, as far as features go, there's just about nothing this phone CAN'T do and do so looking brilliantly. It's like a small laptop. However, much like a laptop, you'll need an outlet nearby if you plan to do anything for very long. That may be fine for a laptop, but a cell phone? That's hardly acceptable.

Additionally, it seems, if you put a case on this phone -- a case of any kind, whether its a hard case or a soft case, that'll somehow interupt your call quality and introduce garbling and echoing into your conversations with people. You may not be able to hear it, but others will be able to hear themselves played back to them. I bought 3 for my family and we all have cases on them, and we can barely make each other out half the time because of all the garbling and echoing. I've contacted Samsung about it and they said its not their fault because the Galaxy S II was never designed with a case in mind. I find that somewhat ridiculous.

Edit: I wrote the above review when I had just got the phone and it was all around brand new. T-Mobile and Samsung have since released 3 updates to the phone, including Ice Cream Sandwhich, that dramatically addressed battery life. Even the case echoing when calling other Galaxy S 2's seems to have improved to some degree. Now I think the phone is great, but if you're reading this then the Galaxy S 3 is already out and you may want to check that one out instead.

However, if the Galaxy S 2 still appeals to you its a much improved phone over what it was.
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on October 1, 2012
So I have this phone for 2 days now and I like it. It has big screen, very responsive. I have used iphone and blackberry before for years and this is my first android phone. Here is a quick summary:

- More flexible, a lot of different options. More customizable than iphone.
- Phone itself is way lighter than iphone (except for iphone 5) someone might say it feels more flimsy but to me, lighter is better, I am not looking for a paperweight.
- Way bigger screen than any iphone, more real estate to work with.
- micro SD card, and replaceable battery

- With flexibility, it becomes less initutive than iphone. Plus and minus at the same time.
- Barely barely a one-hand device, I could hardly type or swype with one hand.
- Battery apparently cannot last as long as an iphone or BB (not a professional run-for-8-hours test, just daily common usage)

However, out of my frustration with numerous mistakes made by T-Mobile, I'll advise people to buy from carriers other than T-mobile. Here is a quick summary:

- I placed the phone order with TMobile on 9/12. Got the phone on 9/18. WRONG PHONE. Called the T-Mobile support. No way to exchange in store (aren't they the same company or supposed to be the same company?), and cannot send me a new phone until I sent back the old one. They finally processed phone on 9/25 but they need to charge my card again for another $550 before the original one is pending refund (supposedly in a month). They why do I need to wait for you to get back the wrong phone if you need to charge my card again anyway?

- I did get the phone the next day, but activation is a hassle because this is a "new" sim card; instead of just one phone call, I had to call a couple of times because the first rep didn't activate the wifi calling. But the worst thing ever was that he sold me some on-the-spot discounted packages and completely messed up my rate plan.

- I spoke with the supervisor, who repeated the script several times to sympathize with me, but no real help. So I asked him to set me back at the original monthly plan. He said he did it and gave me the address to file a written complaint. But next time I check, the rate plan is still wrong.

Interestingly, I spoke with at least 5 other individuals used or are using TMobile and they just chuckled and gave me their own version of horror story.

So my experience is "Good phone, but not with T-Mobile".

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on December 21, 2011
Bought one of these at full price ($600, $400 net of rebate) from T-Mobile corporate store with a $200 rebate in mid Dec 2011. Used for 3 days in the Austin Texas area. Good 4G coverage and phone is very fast as a browser. Speed tests of 4G are stunning at 3-4mbps down and 1mbps up. Large display is great though beware that is uses more battery than any other aspect of the phone. Wifi calling (incoming and outgoing) without having to use an app like Skype is a great addition, though sometimes it doesn't work right (no ring though you see and incoming call, or you answer and there is no sound). SWYPE keyboard conflicts with some logins on some apps.

Beware that the stock email app does not support IMAP accounts (Gingerbread 2.3.6 and the stock email app) though Google Accounts work fine in IMAP mode. Deal killer for me since our business runs IMAP and was not willing to use a non-standard app for email purposes. Returned and after hassling with three Tmo reps finally got my old grandfathered rate plan back. While I think the price of the phone with rebate and the 2gb data-all you can eat price of $60 a month is way better than anything you can get from ATT using the Skyrocket, be darn sure this is what you want to do before leaving your grandfathered plan, and as someone else wrote, they will stick you with an $8/mo "protection plan" without telling you AND you have to agree to a $200 early termination fee (NOT PRORATED!!!) on your RATE PLAN even if you pay FULL PRICE FOR THE PHONE. This does not seem right to me and another reason I will be wary before signing anything with Tmo in the future. Tmo claims there is no rescission period for a RATE PLAN so BEWARE. I've been with them for 7 years and I'm happy with rates and service, but this experience left a VERY BAD TASTE in my mouth........

Will wait and see if they get the bugs out of this one (to support IMAP correctly) and also go back and look at the Skyrocket which is very similar phone with almost same specs. Of course Tmo is slated to have the iPhone 5 and the new Ice Cream Google phone may be better.
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on February 20, 2012
1. Lightweight
2. Durable
3. 1.5 ghz (FASTEST processor on the market)
4. 1 GB RAM
5. 16 GB internal memory
6. 8 MP camera is sharp and clear

1. freezes if you run more than 8 apps at once.
2. Battery life could be better.

This is by far the best phone I have ever used. The fastest phone on the market can run apps and games perfectly without any lag. The touchscreen is very responsive and the 4.5 inch screen makes everything easier to see. The shape of the phone fits perfectly in your palm and in your pocket. The durability of this phone is shocking because of how light it is. (I dropped it from 10 feet and not a scratch but with a cover of course). The 4g speed from tmobile is super fast.
If you are looking for a phone that can handle any app without any lag then this is the phone to get. Period
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on May 21, 2012
I'm a phone geek and i must say that this has to be one of my FAVORITE phones that I've ever owned! the international version of this phone came out a year ago and its still competing VERY well with the phones of today!! don't hesitate to buy because this phone is very smooth, thin, light, and everything you want in a smartphone.
-Super Amoled Plus screen is just flat out Gorgeous!! colors are beautiful, and have me drooling when i look at the screen
-4.5 inch screen size is perfect for a phone! it fits in my hands, yet gives me a large estate to view my games, pictures, movies, etc. on
-speedy specs! dual core 1.5ghz processor is quick and 1gb of ram is plenty to keep you running multiple apps at the same time
-removable back cover with removable battery with removal micro SD slot.
-battery life is good but i toggle my data on and off when i need it to save battery.
-hardware is gorgeous! i love the slim sexy look of this phone!
-overall a very smooth interface

-the resolution is a mere 800x480 giving it a pixel density of about 160ppi. (its not the highest resolution screen, but in my opinion it isn't noticeable and the Super Amoled Plus display makes up for the lack of resolution.
- there is a "blotchy" effect if you view black colors in the dark. Many owners have noticed that the black isn't consistent and has patches and lines that are darker. This ISNT noticeable unless your eyes have completely adjusted to the dark surrounding and you look at a black color.

overall opinion:
i would recommend this phone over the galaxy nexus, and many many other phones that are even newer than this one! its one beautiful and perfect device.
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on November 11, 2012
My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. I loved it initially (it was a lot of phone for $200). It had the same operating system as the S2 (Gingerbread) but was buggy and lacked sufficient RAM and a large enough processor to work well. With all the bloatware on T Mobile phones, the Exhibit was slow and froze a lot, and after 5 months it started acting up (random black screen, random vibrating, not connecting to networks, screen freeze ups) so I dumped it and got the Galaxy S2. So far, so good. Battery life stinks (the Juice Defender app is a must) but the phone, though large, is very light and easy to use. You can pick up a T Mobile no contract S2 at Walmart for just $300. T Mobile wants an arm and a leg for theirs ($479).

NOTE: if you buy a prepaid phone make sure and have it unlocked for a postpaid plan to ensure proper functioning! Prepaid phones on T Mobile will not roam to ensure good call quality; you will be restricted to the T Moble network only and that will be problematic. Trust me.

Let's hope it lasts more than 5 months-I truly have my doubts about Samsung after my Exhibit problems! If it fails, I'm reluctantly moving to the iPhone!
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on January 19, 2012
Had this phone for several months now, ever since it came out from T-Mobile and I have been really pleased with it so far. By far my favorite feature has been the "Swype" keyboard, although not exactly made for this phone in particular, but yet many phones, including the iPhone, don't yet have this. Swype makes writing things a lot easier to me.

1. The size is great - it's slim and the screen is large.
2. speed, storage is fine
3. Gorilla glass and the metal frame seem to make it very durable.
4. The battery life is sufficient and the battery is interchangeable.
5. The camera is good quality and I am using it all the time.
6. Plenty of apps, which are not censored as Apple's app-store is, so you're not limited to one browser like Safari on iPhones, or a single music player, like iTunes.
7. the Swype, of course!

1. Screen, even though is pretty enough, has a shade of greenish, blueish shade that makes pictures looks as if you're looking through a bottle glass.;

2. Android still doesn't have a good multi-tasking way to switch between running apps, even though many apps can and do run concurrently (I love WebOS for that reason and I am looking forward for it to become an open source);

3. Expensive....

Other than that I've been very happy with this purchase so far and am looking forward for this several hundred dollar investment to last me for few years before I upgrade again (my last phone was a Windows Mobile 5.0 and it lasted me for 5 years before it finally passed out) :)

I would (and I did) recommend this phone to a friend looking for a power-muscle-phone that does it all in the best possible way, yet!

Thanks, Samsung!
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