Customer Reviews: Sleeping with Paris
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on January 2, 2012
All is right in Charlotte Summers' life. She's quit her job to move with her fiancé, Jeff, to Paris so that she can study French at a highly acclaimed university. When she goes to Jeff's office to surprise him (an expensive bottle of champagne in hand to celebrate) he's not there, so she sits down at his desk and signs into her email to look at pictures of their apartment in Paris as she daydreams about their upcoming adventure. Suddenly a message from another woman pops up, and soon she learns the truth, that her beloved Jeff has signed himself up on a dating website and has been cheating on her.

Leaving Jeff behind she decides to still to Paris to achieve her goals. At first she's devastated at her broken engagement and longs for Jeff to call her and say he's made a horrible mistake and that he's coming to Paris to be with her. After a few days of sulking she get up out of bed and begins a blog based on how women should learn to date more like a man. Along the way Charlotte makes new friends, and without giving too much away, one of her French suitors brings a whole new way of thinking about chocolate and sex.

At the end, Charlotte has an opportunity to be with Jeff when they are both in a wedding. Does she take him up on his offer, or does she kick him to the curb for good, and start over with the suitor I mentioned before, the "Half-Naked French Hottie?"

"Sleeping With Paris" by Juliette Sobanet was one of the best books I read in 2011! It's a true Chick Lit, and one I will never forget.

From the beginning I liked Charlotte. She was a no-nonsense kind of woman and I find that very refreshing. Just because her fiancé cheated on her, that didn't stop her from doing what she wanted to do, which I thought was very brave. I think Juliette wrote a very real character in Charlotte, and I felt that I could relate to in many ways.

All of Charlotte's suitors were very interesting men. I loved how they all weren't so much alike. At times I couldn't decide who I wanted her with, but in the end I loved who the choice was. (I'm not going to spoil it for you. You have to read the book).

Not only is this book an exciting read, it's also gives you a few French lessons through dialogue. If you can't understand French, don't worry; you'll still understand every word. I found myself swiping the pages on my iPad quicker and quicker as the story continued on, even when it was four in the morning and I was halfway asleep.

I recommend "Sleeping With Paris" to anyone who enjoys Chick Lit, wants a light-hearted sweet love story, and to anyone who loves Paris!
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on January 17, 2012
This was just a decent story about a young girl who has had a bad string of bad luck with men. It turns out that everyone she has ever dated has all cheated on her. Her most recent cheater is her fiance (who is 6 or 8 years older--I cant remember), a successful and handsome lawyer, who is being transferred for one year to the firm's Paris office. Two days before they are due to leave, she finds his online personal dating accounts (eharmoney, Yahoo personals) and also learns that he had just had a night (and morning) of wild sex with someone he met online. To top it off, he had canceled their date the night before in order to be with the new girl. She dumps him on the spot and leaves for Paris without him. And thus begins her adventures in dating. She basically starts a blog (and sends a mass email to all her friends advertising her blog), which is about how to date like a man. Or rather, sleep around like a man. She updates the blog contantly with new rules she learns (or more accurately makes up) along the way.

The path this story will take is really rather predictable with no surprises thrown in. Jeff, her ex-fiance lets her go with no fight whatsoever. Charlotte meets an interesting guy in Paris her first day there, but her bad choices ends up possibly ruining this potential new relationship. Not that it's going to go anywhere for a while because, as you can guess, Charlotte is really over Jeff yet.

The story was only mildly amusing and enjoyable and really didn't leave you with anything at the end. Further, none of the characters were very likeable. Jeff is clearly a jerk. His best friend is also a jerk. His best friend's fiancee (and Charlotte's friend) is also stupid, extremely naive, and sounds like a doormat who can't make any decisions for herself. Charlotte isn't even likeable and her blog and her rules for dating like a man just makes no sense. I actually cringed as a I read her blog because I just kept thinking that this silly girl is just exposing how silly she is and just how much she has NOT gotten over Jeff. But perhaps that was the tone that the author was going for--that this is a young girl who just hasn't grown up yet. Charlotte, and her actions, remind me of a thirteen-year-old first learning that her crush likes someone else. You cringe at their behavior. And yet, the author tries to make Charlotte sound more sophisticated than she is, which doesn't fit with her actual behavior.

This is my first book of this author's. I'm not sure if it's her first, but it certainly reads like one.
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on February 4, 2012
Charlotte Summer is about to live her dream; marry a wonderful man who loves her, live in Paris and study at Sorbonne University.

Two days before their big move to Paris, Charlotte finds out her fiancé has been cheating on her. Upset and heartbroken, she goes on to Paris by herself. This isn't the first man to cheat on her and as a result she decides she is never going to be hurt like that again. She is no longer going to get involved in a relationship, she is going to have fun and date like a man! She begins a blog "Sleeping With Paris, a Girls' Guide to Dating like a Man in the City of Love"

Her plan is to just have fun, have sex with no commitment, and blog about it along the way. She gets quite a large following, women who can sympathize with her. But can she really do that, date like a man?

One of the guys she casually dates is her neighbor, Luc. She meets him on her first day there, coming out of the communal shower in the building were she lives. On her blog she calls him Half-Naked French Hottie. Oh, I fell in love with him!

I really liked this story! We spend almost a year and a half with Charlotte. She goes through many emotions, makes new friends and discovers something really important, herself. I was not always happy with her decisions, in fact I found myself yelling at Charlotte, "You're screwing this up!" (Don't you love it when you're so into a story you start talking to the character?) But it is through these mistakes that she finds herself, and love.
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on September 13, 2013
Did I pay for this book? I can't remember. I hope I didn't.

The story begins with promise (drama) but quickly fizzles out. I did not find it entertaining to read about a women who enters a foreign country with the idea of dating like a man. It's no accomplishment to sleep with men because that's what they do. The character obviously had shaky morals and low self-esteem. I couldn't relate to the story at any point.

The writing was okay but nothing to write home about. The characters were under developed. All the scenarios were too convenient and fit too perfectly into the main characters situation. It was unimaginative and lacked the necessary detail to carry interest in the story.

I do not recommend this book. I gave it one star because it was required. My actual analysis is no stars. Thank you
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on March 6, 2012
I can't decide if I really like this book, simply like it, or don't like it...and here's why:

I really like this book because: I've been through something similar. Having been in a committed relationship with plans on getting married, only to find out that he was cheating on me was seriously depressing. Furthermore, because we ran in the same circles, it was impossible not to see him often and have the situation thrown back in my face, so I definitely know what it feels like. Plus after studying French for 5 years, it was nice to see bits of it throughout the book :).

What I liked: she tried to get over it. She got to go to a fabulous country and live out one of her life-long dreams. Even when she was busy "dating like a man" she didn't take it too far, and still had her own slightly off-kilter moral compass. I also liked that, at the end of the story, she came to (many) life changing realizations and acted upon these newly found epiphanies.

What I didn't like: was that for most of the book she was selfish and couldn't think further then her own semi-destructive behavior. I think the blog was a brilliant way to let out the emotions and the steam, and a decent coping method. I don't even mind that she almost whored it out. I do mind that she was so self-absorbed that she waste most of her precious and limited money on wine and eating out, completely disregarding her goals of going to school and making a good impression on her mentor/guidance counselor. I was also extremely annoyed at her lack of forethought when it came to meeting with Madame Rousseau: missing their first meeting, being late to their second meeting (this is sort of excusable), forgetting to schedule an appointment (seriously, I've written a thesis and had to schedule appointments monthS in advance), falling asleep outside Madame Rousseau's office, etc. You are a grown woman. No excuses.

Lastly, I suppose I am annoyed with the protagonist because she kept falling back into her rut. She would get out and realize that she was living her dream and then go back to wallowing in her misery while destroying all the good things she had left in her life. Yes, I realize it's depression (having gone through it myself), but she could have been so much productive. She could have used all her free time not dating/falling in love to get the most out of school and living in Paris. But, then she wouldn't have created all those disasters for herself and wouldn't have learned a lesson, I guess. And, this might be petty, but it really bothered me that Luc told Charlotte to meet him at 7h (7 oclock) but in France they use standard (or Army) time, so it really should have said 19h, n'est pas?

Overall good read with funny moments. I think it's much easier for the reader to realize things, no matter how relatable the character is, much faster than Charlotte does. ***SPOILER*** For instance, it is quite obvious that Luc has a daughter and even more obvious that Charlotte has feelings for him. The ending was mostly predictable - you knew it was going to happen, you just weren't sure how long it would take.
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on January 8, 2012
Sleeping With Paris is a story about a young woman who, after discovering that her fiance has been cheating on her, decides to move to Paris by herself even though she was supposed to move there with him. Bitter and jaded after having her heart broken, Charlotte decides to experiment with dating "like a man" and she starts a blog to journal her experiences. The experiment is made easier after she meets a new friend, Lexi, who claims to have no interest in men aside from sex. While slowly mending her heart from her ex's deception, Charlotte finds herself growing more attached to Luc, the "half naked French hottie" who lives in the same apartment building.

Sleeping With Paris was quite the rollercoaster ride and I really enjoyed it! Some scenes, especially Charlotte's date with a frisky man she met in a club, had me laughing out loud. The author also did a great job of creating storylines for many of the secondary characters and I liked that they were not only there to support Charlotte.

What I liked best about the book was how realistic Charlotte's journey was in moving on from Jeff, her cheating bastard of an ex-fiance. Even though she knew he was no good, there was a part of her that wanted him to prove her wrong and to fight for her. And even when she was dating other guys and growing more attached to Luc, she still stubbornly held onto her feelings for Jeff. And even though she seemed to enjoy her dating escapades, at the core was a desire to throw them in Jeff's face. What woman cannot relate to that?? At the same time, there were moments in the book where I really did not like Charlotte, especially a scene where she allows herself to "be taken" by a man she has no desire to really be with and afterwards just shrugs it off like it was nothing. I found that scene very hard to swallow and it took me a while to like Charlotte again. Additionally, I found her to be selfish in her attitude about her parent's separation, as if their lives were supposed to revolve soley around her. 55 year old parents are just as entitled to find their happiness as 25 year olds. I shrugged that off as immaturity but was hoping for an "aha" moment that never came.

In sum, I found this to be a very engaging and entertaining book full of drama, conflict and, of course, a satisfying happy ever after ending. Good sex scenes too :)
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on April 8, 2012
I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall the book was pretty good and I enjoyed reading it, but I have some issues with the book that keep me from giving it anything other than a middling rating.

The writing was good and the story was enjoyable, a big plus, but I am having trouble with the main relationship. I honestly didn't feel like there was any reason for the love interest to want anything to do with the main character, he certainly never saw her at her best. Their relationship was extremely shallow (given what we were shown) and seems to be nothing but physical. Don't get me wrong, he seems to be an ok guy, but I didn't see her do one single thing that would give him reason to fall in love with her. And, honestly, she seemed to get to know her tutoring student on a far more personal (not physical and I didn't feel any sparks between them) level.

Basically, she and the love interest didn't know each other at all, and that really bugged me.
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on March 7, 2012
I was on the Eurostar to Paris, and I'd recently picked this up as a Kindle freebie. It sounded like the perfect combination: a little Parisian romance to keep me entertained en route.

But this isn't such a happy read. In the first few pages, Charlotte discovers that her fiance has been cheating on her. And when she sets out to reclaim her own life, instead of embracing her independence, she quickly becomes bitter and entrenched in negative views of all men. For the first half (or more) of the book, Charlotte struck me as a completely selfish and immature individual, so when things start to go wrong for her it does feel like she's had it coming. This wasn't comfortable reading, and I'd struggle to say I enjoyed it; I rushed through the middle to get away from Charlotte's self-created misery.

But I did really like the ending, and although this wasn't my favourite book, it was well-written and I will definitely look out for more by this author.
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on February 16, 2012
Fun, witty book with compelling, yet flawed characters, a good plot and satisfying HEA ending. Sex in the City fans will enjoy this novel, as well as anyne who like their romance hot, the cast smart and the setting evocative. This novel has some serious moments, and like any good story, there is a lesson to be learned by the main character-- mainly about taking a chance on love, even when past heartbreaks have made her terrified of opening up again. I will certainly be reading more by this author!
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on May 9, 2012
I can understand the pain a woman would go through if she discovered her fiance had signed up on a dating website and then was sleeping with someone he had met there. What I cannot understand is why an intelligent woman, like the main character Charlotte is supposed to be, would act so badly and then broadcast it to the world via a blog. I guess I just find it hard to believe that a person could flip flop so dramatically so quickly. The storyline would have been plausible, but the way Charlotte acts is stupid and unbelievable for the first half of the book. The characters are not well-developed and the writing style juvenile. This was, unfortunately, a disappointing read.
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