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on November 4, 2016
11/03/16 - I received my scope today. The sealing tape wasn't sealed, so I don't know if it was a return or not (which bothers me a bit). The scope itself looks new. It came with a nice cleaning cloth and two batteries. First thing I did was loosely set the scope in the mounts (on a table), roughly centered on the two tube sections, and installed the top mounts finger tight. I set my pistol in the vice, set the mounts on it and aligned them in a roughly centered section on my receiver. I closed my eyes, raised the gun to firing position, and opened them. After two repeat adjustments the eye relief (which is generous...a bit over 4" at a guess) was perfect with the rear mount in the fifth slot forward. I locked the mounts forward in their slots for recoil, and tightened the quick connects (the mounts are very solid). I then put the gun back in the vice, and leveled it.

Now, this is the part that lost the sight a star already. I have always mounted scopes by leveling the top turret to the rail. I then verify this by checking the reticle against a level mark on the wall. One always equals the other. This gun has a slightly canted reticle (just a few degrees off, but it's off). The UTG instructions ignore leveling the top post (which is ignorant in the extreme in my opinion), and ONLY instruct you to level the reticle. This is counter to every other scope manufacturer on the planet, and honestly it bothers me more than a bit.

That said, the scope's clarity is wonderful. I can get it to focus clearly at as close as 1yd (at lower magnifications), and the distance clarity is excellent as well.

This scope was bought to replace a CVLife 3-9x32 unit which had a HORRIBLY short eye relief. It's mounted to an AR15 pistol with a 12.5" barrel, chambered in 6.5 Grendel. I'll definitely be updating this weekend once I get some rounds put through it, and will also get some video of the scope functions including the turrets, as well as the colored reticles.

11/04/16 - I made a video today going over the scope, then took my pistol out to sight it in. Started at 25yds, adjusted it to center, then dropped back to 50yds. The scope was easy to adjust, and seemed to work well enough. Later I'll set it up with a 200yd zero using 123 grain Hornady SST ballistic tips...but for now I just wanted to get it shooting the Wolf 100 grain FMJBT I have on hand. Final result was about 2.5MOA...but keep in mind this was in no way the scope's fault. It's on a pistol, using very inconsistent steel case ball ammunition. Average fps was over 10 shots was 2400, but the variance was as much as 60fps (2380-2440).

Anyhow, I'll update later if I run into any issues. I'd still give the scope a solid 4 at this point. The slight cant of the reticle wasn't much of a factor in use. More a sign of poor quality control than anything else in my opinion.
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on January 29, 2017
I have had this product for two years. It has been mounted on both a .22 LR rifle, as well as a .22 caliber air rifle (spring powered). In my time with this scope, I have identified a few pros and cons.

-The scope is well built and durable. I have never encountered any function issues with the scope or the QD rings. It is able to withstand the recoil of a spring powered air rifle (the bilateral forces of a spring piston are notorious for destroying good firearm scopes).
-The optics are clear, and more than acceptable for the price point.
-The adjustable objective and magnification settings are very user friendly.

-Due to the compact size of this scope and its limited eye relief, I have never been able to shoot from a relaxed shooting stance. Regardless of the host of this scope, I have always found myself uncomfortable with how far I have to lean in to get proper eye relief.

Summary: The quality of the scope is more than satisfactory. I have put the scope through a lot, and it has never let me down. And, due to the limited eye relief and compact nature of the scope, it has really never been quite right for me. If I could go back, I would have gotten the full length 3-9X.
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on December 24, 2015
I am very happy with this scope. It didn't cost a whole lot but it is very well made, easy to operate, and it has a lot of helpful options. Have had it out to the range twice now. Have had no quality or breakage issues with it that some of the other buyers have mentioned. I am not very experienced using optics of any type on rifles. Even with my relative lack of experience I was able to zero this in at 50 yards and then do fairly well out to 100 yards on an AK47. I've put over 200 rounds through the rifle since I installed this scope on it. I have seen no problems with it handling the recoil from 7.62x39. I struggled a little bit with cheek weld and how the scope was mounted on my rifle. I have since changed out the scope rings and brought it closer to my eye. Plan on taking it out again and see if I'm better at 100 yards with the new mount set up.
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on November 22, 2016
First off, due to the popularity of this scope, there are cheap clones out there for less. AVOID THEM! Many of the reviews you may read here where the battery cover falls off or the reticle is canted, etc. may be related to the buyer unknowingly getting one of these cheap clones. I have used mine extensively for over a year now and am continued to be amazed at the performance of this optic. Price aside, this scope has been almost flawless mounted on a AK47, and has now passed 1500 rounds. This gun is used primarily for hog hunting and control on our ranch and gets abused just like any other ranch tool. I expect it to provide first shot accuracy every time and it has consistently delivered. The gun gets used by me as well as the hands and by every guest to the ranch. The scope has been praised by every person that has used the gun, including some very impressive professional shooters, hunters, and military personnel. One ex-military sniper who is by far the most knowledgeable person I know about guns and optics as well as the best shot I have ever seen, actually refused to believe that this scope was a UTG for under $100. He claimed it was the first time he actually enjoyed shooting an AK, which was fine with me as I got to hunt with his custom Colt AR.
It is also important that you take the time to set up this scope properly as you would with any scope. The scope needs to be mounted carefully in the right spot on the gun and securely or else you will have view/parallax problems. Get some help with this if you are not sure how this needs to be done.

Compact - light weight
Outstanding optics - nothing comes close for less than $1000
Excellent battery life - original battery still going strong
Durable - we use guns as tools and it has held up well
Reliable - holds adjustments over time
Easily adjustable - positive adjustments

Crosshairs get fuzzy at high intensity settings

In summary, buy this from a reputable source and install it properly and you should be delighted with this scope.
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on February 6, 2017
Pretty good scope. The illumination feature seems a bit gimmicky to me. Pretty cool looking but I'm not sure how much use it is. Any setting above about 25% kinda bleeds and get blurry. Also seems like it causes my eyes to dilate and the target gets dark. I can imagine on a higher quality scope that the illumination would be a nice thing, but on this one I just don't find myself using it.

Otherwise the parallax adjustment is great, the focus is REALLY good, the magnification is great, the etched glass cross hairs are really nice and crisp. The entire thing seems VERY well built, holds zero firing 5.56/.223. I LOVE that it's short and the quick release mounts are super nice. It seems to hold zero when removing it from the rifle and putting it back on. The turret locks/adjustments are REALLY nice and easy to use. Looks REALLY cool too. I do wish it had a place to mount and handle to manipulate the magnification adjustment - it's a bit stiff.

Get this scope, TOTALLY worth the money.
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on April 3, 2014
No, this scope is not made in the USA, but the quality seems to be pretty good for a non-American product. By having the scope made outside of the US, the price is brought down. The quality of UTG Leapers products is definitely better than NC-Star products. I bought this to mount on a 5.56/2.23 rifle. The scope held up great at the range and the glass didn't fall apart due to the recoil. The scope is supposedly nitrogen-filled, rain proof, fog proof, and shock proof like you would expect for any half-decent scope.

Because this scope has external windage and elevation knobs, the locking ring features come in handy for keeping your zero when transporting your rifle in a case. The magnification ring is a bit stiff, but that's a lot better than having a loose magnification ring. If you. The scope does have a reticle that can be illuminated but the good thing is that you don't have to use the illumination.

If you buy this scope, keep in mind that it uses a second focal plane mil-dot reticle. This means that if you want to do range estimation, you have to use a modified mil-dot formula. First, you use the standard mil-dot formula for 10X magnfication to get a preliminary range. You then take this range and multiply it by your actual scope magnification and then divide by 10 to get your true range.

The scope rings that come with the package have these quick detach levers. The levers seem to be slightly loose, but I haven't had problems yet...

Also, the dust cover for the front objective lens is too loose if you also install the sunshade. If you want to use the sunshade, I recommend wrapping the front of the sunshade with some black electrical tape so that the dust cover will fit on more snugly.
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on May 4, 2012
To begin, I really like the scope. It looks great on my M&P 15/22, the magnification range is perfect for a .22, and the optics are surprisingly sharp for this price range. I mounted the scope and had it zeroed in 10 shots (at 25 yards due to limited space). The lighted reticle works great against a dark target. The elevation and windage knobs click properly and the locks work as advertised. Really good quality for the price with a few (one big) exceptions.

Now for the negatives. I really only have two but one is a pretty big annoyance. First, the battery door on the control knob for the lighted reticle gets unscrewed when I twist the knob. Not a really big deal but if there was some kind of slot so you could use a quarter or something to tighten the cover it would all but eliminate this minor issue. The bigger problem is that I too received a scope with a rotated reticle (I posted the second reticle photo - with the levels pictured). I realize this is an inexpensive scope but seriously, it IS a rifle scope and what is more important than the reticle on a rifle scope? And how hard could it possibly be to engineer a manufacturing process to ensure a level reticle? Alignment marks? A small notch? I would think this would be a very simple and obvious concern for a scope manufacturer to fix. We'll see. I just ordered a replacement from Amazon and if everything else works like the first scope AND the reticle is straight I will certainly come back and give 5 stars.

One final note on the manufacturer... I sent a support request online (to Leapers), not trying to return it to Leapers but just asking about the rotated reticle and politely asking if this was a fluke or if Leapers considered this to be an "acceptable variation" in the manufacturing process. I was simply trying to determine whether I need to go through the replacement process or look for something else. Two days later and no reply whatsoever. I'm pretty big on customer service and this leaves a really bad impression on me for a company I'm buying from. As I said earlier though, if the replacement has a straight reticle and otherwise works like the first one, I'll consider it a five star scope for the money.

Update 5/7/2012
I received the replacement scope today and it too had a rotated reticle though not as bad. I've decided to return it as well and purchase a little nicer scope. I'm just too anal to let a rotated reticle slide since the whole point of a scope revolves around the reticle. It's like a watch maker that makes a perfectly nice watch that does everything right except keep time. For general plinking or for an airsoft gun, this might be fine. If you can live with a rotated reticle (meaning if you adjust elevation you'll have to adjust windage as well just to compensate for the slanted reticle - not to mention either having your scope mounted crooked or sight with a slanted reticle), it's perfectly fine other than that. Apparently, judging by the positive reviews, not all of these scopes may have this issue. Maybe you'll get one that's not affected and in that case you'll have a decent little scope for the money.

Also, Leapers did send me an email response today and they offered to replace the scope at no cost - actually wanted to have their engineers look at my scope, but I had already started the return process with Amazon.
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on March 8, 2017
I received the scope in 6 days including the weekend. I put this scope on my .444 cal. H&R 20" barrel. Shooting 265 gr. Lever Evolution 2325 fps.
Now, you want to know if it holds Zero ? So for "Yes" ! Zeroing in at 50 yds. was fun. Meaning it took me (28) rounds to get it hitting where I wanted. I loosed the turret locks like the instructions said and left them loose for half the rounds shot. It still wouldn't hold (POA). I then checked the pica-tiny rail and it appeared to have been a little loose. I then started adjusting the turrets and locking them down after each adjustment. This stopped the walking around effect I was getting. This appeared to have made a difference in holding in (POA). Once I was where I wanted the (POA) to be, which was 3 inches high at 50 yds. I shot a group of the last 6 rounds which were touching except one was slightly off. I am imprest with this scope for the money. Now, will it hold zero, we will see. This might be a lot to ask for with this scope but so it be. It also looks very good on my short barrel .444 cal. H&R. The reason I gave it 4-stars was due to having to shoot more than 3 rounds.
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on November 21, 2016
I have noticed that UTG has quality control issues with their optics made in China. This is my second UTG product problem. The first I was able to return to Amazon. This one was not vetted until too late to return to Amazon so was left with dealing with UTG. The problem here is the lighted reticle is intermittent, both red & green. New batteries to be sure. Comes & goes when adjusting the rheostat, or tapping the scope gently. Haven't had a chance to mount & fire so not sure what else may be loose. Costs so much to return to UTG that I have decided to try to use sans lighted reticle. Trusting that will be the only flaw. If not, I'll review that too. Most annoyed that UTG does not pay shipping both ways for out of the box defects.
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on August 7, 2016
Fantastic scope for the money. At this price, it's more like you're buying the quick release rings, caps and sun shade and getting a variable power scope with illuminated reticle free. Bought it for a 10/22 takedown simply because of its size -- I read many reviews that said the 10/22 will fit in the stock bag with the scope attached. I believe that it will, but I haven't tried it yet. I zeroed it at 100 yds on a 300 BLK AR to test, and that is where it has stayed. For under $100 (actually about $80) I'll buy another for the 10/22.

Is it crystal clear from edge to edge? No. If you focus it in the middle it's clear about 3/4 of the way across. If you focus near the edge, it's clear around the edge. Who cares. If your application or tastes demand better, why are you wasting your time reading about an $80 scope?

Will I pass this down to kids or grandkids someday? Dude, it was less than $100. Who cares? Will it break if I drop it? It hasn't yet. If it does, I'll buy another. Will it hold zero for 1,000 rounds, and will the adjustments still be accurate? Who knows? All good after a couple hundred rounds of 300 BLK. I'll update this review if that changes, but you won't hear me complain. My cost per round for the scope is already less than the ammo or the rifle.
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