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on February 21, 2013
OK, just so you know I have owned just about every cutting edge android phone out there. Last iPhone used was the 4S. The last Android one was the Samsung Galaxy S3. The problem with all of these high end do everything gadgets is that the battery life sucks. The iPhone wasn't bad, its a work phone and battery gets me through day but I have to charge it after 7-8 hours.

While the Admiral is an older design and runs an older version of Android, this phone works well beyond my expectations. It handles all of the basics well, email, text, photo's/video, downloads, social media, etc. Oh yeah, as a phone the sound quality and strength of calls is great. With my S3 I would lose audio on voice calls depending on where I was in my house. With the Admiral I have a strong signal throughout and very clear conversations.

Also, according to other reviews which say this phone has terrible battery life, I have to strongly disagree. I take my phone off the charger first thing in the morning. I don't need to recharge for a few days-literally. And I am a heavy phone user. If I take my phone off the charger Monday morning at 7am, I will have juice until around 9pm on Wednesday when my battery life is down to around 18% (still not dead just low). I love this about this phone.

Bad sides about this phone. 1. When you turn on you have to allow 10 minutes or so for phone to fully load software. Really slow but necessary as if you try to start using phone before everything has loaded you will have the phone freeze until it gets done loading its software. 2. Because you are running an older version of Android operating system there are certain apps which will not be available to you as they require a new version of the Android OS. Not a huge deal but there are certain apps, like SWYPE, which are not available for the Admiral.

Other than what is listed above, this has been the best phone I have owned. I was going to originally use this phone until my contract was up and I could get a new model phone (iphone or android). That has changed. I am off of the new cell phone merry go round. I will stick with the Admiral until it dies or I kill it but this has been the best cell phone and biggest surprise I have had since owning cell phones.
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on April 22, 2014
My son broke his first one by sitting on it and then proceeded to drop it (he's a clutz). He loves this phone so I replaced it with the same one. He's had it a while and knock on wood, it's still in perfect condition
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on June 22, 2014
Bought this for my dad it's easy to use and still has buttons as well as a touch screen it was a great purchase no complaints at all
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on November 5, 2013
In general I love the phone, it was simple but still had all of what I needed. But the phone stopping working bout 2 weeks after I got it, so I was disappointed ..
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on September 23, 2013
It is everything i hoped for and more. Great two way direct connect and the android app are amazing too.
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on January 10, 2014
Does not function adequately as a phone - Calling somebody seems to really stress the hardware to its limits, lockups are expected. Unusable for any calls requiring you to dial numbers during the call - the phone locks the screen so you don't accidentally hit it with your face, and doesn't recognize when you actually want to use the touchscreen during a call (not that it can handle such intense multitasking anyway). And then of course your face hangs it up when you have the phone to your ear and want that feature to work. Does not reliably receive texts on the sprint network. Rarely ever sends short messages on the first try. Barely works for MMS - most of the time doesn't download picture messages. Autocorrect when texting can not be turned off. Candy crush is too resource intensive for this phone and crashes it - wow. Sometimes the touchscreen goes crazy and starts flying through my menus by itself. Sometimes the phone just reboots itself for no reason. Wifi and 3G radios are terribly slow. GPS is about half a mile off. Difference between full volume and the next highest volume setting is immense. Don't expect the back or home buttons to work - even though it has them permanently marked at the bottom of the screen. Standby is the only one that works most of the time.

Not negatives:
Battery life is 24 hours with moderate use.
Phone looks ok-ish.


Using this phone makes me very angry and depressed about how my life has come to this.
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on December 17, 2012
This was a replacement phone for my Samsung Epic, because I kept breaking the sliding keyboard. It was free and meant to hold me over until my contract is up in 5 months. The phone is slow to react and often locks up. I actually was making a 911 call when the phone locked up. Fortunately, it was not a life saving emergency. The keyboard often imputes multiple letters into a word, requiring me to go back and edit texts, emails, etc. Frustrating to say the least when you're in a hurry to get something sent quickly. The camera quality is not as good as the Samsung, and again, it takes so long to take that your subject has usually moved on at that point. I would say on average 4 out of 10 calls that I receive I am unable to answer because the screen won't respond. My car is Bluetooth equipped and never had any issues with dialing through my car or making receiving calls. However, it usually takes 2 to 4 attempts with this phone and I can't even think about making a call immediately after as the phone takes a good 20 to 30 seconds to realize you're not on a call anymore. I wouldn't even get it for my kids because once they downloaded a couple of apps it would be slow and I would worry about them actually ever needing to use it in an emergency and it locking up or not dialing.

I have purchased the Motorola Photon for my kids and I think that is a much better Motorola phone.
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on April 5, 2012
After some dabbling around with different phones, I couldn't pass up buying the Admiral phone for just one cent. I wanted something that was fit for business use with a real keyboard, tough construction and a good look and feel. What I ALSO got was scratch resistant Gorilla glass, a very strong battery and it's pretty darn fast.

If you're coming from the BlackBerry world and need a keyboard with the popular Android operating system, look at the Admiral. It's the right combination of performance, quality, price, app selection and more.
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on November 13, 2012
We use DC at my work, and since they're getting rid of all the iden Nextel towers, I had to get rid of my $35 a month Boost Mobile phone regretfully. I was forced to switch to an Android phone with DC, so this was my only option.

That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Admiral; it made my transition from a cheap phone to paying just over $90/month very easy. I now love having what I would refer to as a computer at my fingertips. To me, the phone is very fast and I can surf the web and run any application very easily. Having a "smart phone" is fantastic, I doubt I could ever go back to a "dumb phone" now- didn't realize how much I was missing. Texting and typing is a breeze like a Blackberry with the key pad. I never liked the touch screen idea, but having both a touch screen and keypad is wonderful; although I do like that ball that is on some Blackberrys.

At first I was not looking forward to spending well over $100 a month for a cell phone, but I now see the value in doing so with a phone this usable. I have the everything 450 plan and $10 data add on, so the bill comes out to $79.99/month, and after the fees it is just over $90 for me. I have auto pay set up so I believe that saves a little bit of money. Since all cell-to-cell calling, texting, and DC'ing, is free, and considering the free nights and weekends, I have not yet come close to exceeding the 450 mins.

I was skeptical of the $.01 cost from Amazon Wireless, and even called them no make sure there was not a catch, seeing as this phone sells for $100+ everywhere even with a contract. There in fact is not a catch, I just signed the contract and was charged an activation fee on my first bill. The person who I spoke to at Amazon Wireless was helpful, courteous, friendly, and intelligent.

The camera/video is sufficient. Use a steady hand, and sometimes it will distort colors especially in low light, but in my opinion it is adequate for being cell phone camera. I find myself taking pictures of everything now. I downloaded the "brightest flashlight" app, and I easily use it almost every day, the tiny led is extremely bright.

I would not call it military tough at all, I've seen others at my work drop them bad on pavement, and in some cases they were damaged severely and beyond repair. The screen does seem highly resistant to scratching, but I've also seen a shattered one. I have noticed a few tiny glitches, but they are very rare, and no where near as bad as any other phone I've used from Motorola- it's a level of quality I am not used to from the company.

The general smoothness of usability, and the seemingly endless list of features could keep me talking about this phone all day, and I'm no techie. Overall I would buy this phone again and again, and would recommend one to a family member or anyone looking for a good smartphone, whether you need it for the DC or not.
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on December 28, 2011
Just picked up this phone a few weeks back, and am absolutely loving it. A bit of background - the family was on Nextel for many years, and relied on the PTT Direct Connect to keep the family in touch quickly and easily. We used Nextel Blackberries. As data became more important, we shifted to the Sprint network and away from Nextel to take advantage of high speed data. We, however, missed the PTT feature in a big way, and have been looking for a way to get back onto it, but not at sacrifice the 3G speeds for data.

We went to Android phones, but missed the PTT feature, and most importantly, the great Blackberry keyboard that was always there. No matter what, a man with decent size hands CAN NOT work a virtual keyboard well. The tactile response of a keyboard is just so much better than the touch screen. That being said, touchscreens were now pretty much standard in how many people (including myself) interact with their phones, and I really didn't want to give that up either.

My wishlist for my next phone included a high quality touchscreen, longer battery life than my prior Android phone (or most for that matter), a PTT option, and of course, an always there, non-slider keyboard. The Admiral fits the bill perfectly. There are bigger screens, but this one is fantastic and of great quality. I can continue to enjoy the Android eco system and the apps I had before. I have a fantastic keyboard that allows me to compose emails and texts far faster than on any virtual keyboard.

Bottom line, this is the phone that I have been waiting for. I have yet to activate the PTT features, as the rest of the family's phones do note yet have the Sprint PTT features, but as they get new phones, we will be going live with the PTT. Stock battery management features now are giving me a couple of days on a full charge with a decent level of usage. Great phone, love the Motorola quality, and looking forward to adding more of these to the family's inventory!
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