Customer Reviews: Brother Printer HL3045CN Color Printer
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on July 19, 2012
This is my first color laser printer. I'm accustomed to black/white laser jets (HP, Dell, Konica Minolta). I was a little astonished by the size and weight of this machine. The picture is not a good perception of the scale/size of the printer. The printer weighs nearly 50lbs and the box is very, very large.

The size and weight aside, this printer is amazing for the price. My only complaint is that when I try to print photo quality (2400dpi), it says it needs more memory. But for a sub-$200 printer, I think this printer is perfect for your standard documents and prints. The colors look beautiful and there is no streaking.
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on January 15, 2013
This printer arrived with a defective yellow cartridge that printed a yellow streak down the side of every page. I contacted the seller and have never heard a thing back from them.

This thing also puts a wicked curl into every page unless you use the rear trap door exit, but if you use that it won't bleed off the static charge it puts on every page and then pages stick together tenaciously for a while. That wicked curl prevents using the paper tray for duplex printing, so that "feature" doesn't exist in any usable way. For duplex you are thus required to put one page at a time in the manual feed slot in the front, but that is so sensitive to having the paper inserted only the EXACT depth into the slot that I get a paper jam signal nine times out of ten. The only way to recover from a phantom paper jam with this machine is to either cycle down the power or to open the lid and remove all four cartridges. Of course, printing one envelope is a major chore.

I have another Brother printer that is an unstoppable gem, but avoid this turkey at all costs and avoid Super Deal, the non-responsive seller.
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on May 11, 2013
This is a good printer for the money. I'm pleased with the quality of text, and the quality when using "toner save mode." I teach as an adjunct professor (i.e., part-time) in a graduate program, and do a lot of printing of handouts, Keynotes, worksheets, and such, for students. So, I want a decent, readable quality of print. I'm not doing true desktop publishing, so I can't say how it works for that.

I do want to caution - this printer can be networked, but it's not inherently wireless. It CAN be used as a wireless printer if your wireless router allows you to plug in a network printer - my wireless router is Apple's Airport Extreme. This printer functions perfectly as a wireless printer via the Airport.

I really dislike it when a printer decides I'm out of ink as opposed to letting me make the decision that the print is becoming spotty, and yet, so many printers do this. There is a solution.

Some people have made comments that this printer burns through toner. Months ago, I read an Amazon review for a similar printer; the reviewer had pointed out that the codes on toner cartridges can be re-set. I saved that item in my Wish List so I'd be able to find that review. When this printer told me I was out of black toner (after about 400 copies) I looked up the review and re-set the code on my toner cartridge. I probably got another 500 copies out of that cartridge (yes, I had to tip it back and forth a couple of times to get even distribution). I ended up with MORE than acceptable use for a starter cartridge. So, I don't anticipate toner use being a problem with this printer.

I'm very happy with the price, and love the fact that it was available via Prime.
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on August 25, 2012
I am pleased with the way the printer works. It is smooth running and has all you need for home/small business and it is fast.
This printer has a small footprint whick is great for small places. I replaced my old Oki C5200 and it took up less then half the space. I wished Brother made ,I am sure they could, bigger volume of toner cart's. I would recommend this printer to the small volume user.
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on March 25, 2013
Its has the normal size for a toner printer (some reviews said it was big) but it is a toner(high volume) printer so
Has to be bigger than a ink jet printer.
At first sight the box is tremendously big, but this is just for all the package protection wich is a very good thing in an electrical item.
I will gave 4 stars just for the low memory (32 mb ram) . If you want to print out with the best quality(2400 dpi), order a
512mb sdram memory separatedly ( only 15 or 20 dlls) to have the best performance.
But if you have it for non graphics purpose this will be perfect for you
Even so Great product.
I used the ethernet port and conected to my wireless router, configured the IP settings and voila!!! WIRELESS PRINTER
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on May 26, 2013
For a low-cost printer with a relatively small footprint, it performs better than the $2,000 printer that I replaced. The only drawback is that the supply costs for color are greater than for my previous printer. I have addressed that by selecting black in lieu of color when color is in something I download is not really necessary..
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on May 14, 2013
I replaced a black and white personal Samsung laser printer I bought in 2005 with this one 3 months ago. Not that there was anything wrong the B&W one, but my son wanted to print in color, and I had long since tossed all of my "cheap" inkjet printers.

The printer does work great, and I'm glad color laser printers have come down in price to make them a very good value compared to an inkjet printers. Laser toner never "dries up" like inkjet cartridges, and you get many more pages of high quality printing out of a laser printer toner cartridge at a much faster pages per minute rate. The starter cartridges it comes with are rated at 1,000 pages - I checked and I've printed 233 pages so far (it keeps track, accessible via an admin web page).

So far I've used regular paper and the Hammermill 32lb Color Laser Gloss paper, which works great for photos - as long as you are OK with "normal" resolution.

I have now run into "out of memory" error when trying to print. However, I ordered a $15 512mb stick of laptop ram here on Amazon that looks like it will solve that problem - if you buy this printer and intend on printing high quality photos with it, order it with it now - it will just flat refuse to print pictures in "fine" mode (600 x 2400 dpi) otherwise.
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on April 26, 2013
I bought this printer as a replacement for an HP monochrome laser printer that was almost 20 years old. I recalled that that one was almost $1000.00 when I bought it in 1993. Now, for less than 20% of that, I have a color laser that does a remarkably good job. The relativey low price of the toner cartridges was a governing factor. It is a little slow, a little large, but it does a great job in color. I would have loved a duplex feature, but this HL3045CN is worth the slight added inconvenience and it is being used as a network printer to boot. Great quality for the money.
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on January 24, 2013
When Amazon finally put this one on sale for under 200 bucks, I had to go for it. I've needed one in my desktop publishing business for a few years now. I only use it for CD-ROM album jackets but it produces beautiful color copies when needed. No drying out ink-jet ports. My only complaint is the LCD display window. Since my office space is extremely limited the printer had to go on a shelf high enough that I actually face the front panel. The display is completely unreadable at that angle (only see black squares). I literally have to stand on a small stepladder to look directly down at the printer to read the display which is then perfect. After sitting for hours at the computer, the "stair-stepping" is probably good for keeping blood clots out of my legs so I am not complaining. It's an economical and quality product way beyond it's price and I've never had a problem with any Brother product and I have three running now: this color laser, a B&W HL-1440 laser that's almost 10 years old and still running like the first day after about 50,000 copies and a laser fax machine. I recommend it highly.
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on September 26, 2012
Excellent print quality and speed. Whereas I used to have to wait a good amount of time for my Epson inkjet to startup and fight with it to "catch" the paper, this printer gives me none of those headaches.

That said, it did give me a headache when linking it to my MacBook Pro (10.7.x). I followed the provided directions to the letter when hooking the printer up via USB, and installing the provided installation software. I was unsuccessful. I went to Brother's website, registered the printer, uploaded both the current driver information and firmware update, and still no success. I then checked for "Software Updates" from Apple itself, and found that there was one for Brother.

In other words, install the drivers and firmware update(s) from Brother's website and then install the corresponding software updates provided via Apple. It will save you the headache I acquired.
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