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on September 10, 2012
So let me first mention this, I am an apple fan. I have bought every single iPhone (including iPhone 4S) the day they became available. I use Macbook for work, iMac at home and of course iPads.

BUT this phone rocks. I happened to try it because I got it from my company. I absolutely love it. The user interface is absolutely fluid. It is a different yet wholesome experience in terms of the user experience. Of course there are some limitations (inability to do screen captures) being the biggest one for me) but I love the windows phone cocnept. Windows Phone is truly a worthy competitor for iOS. Also the total integration of the social media is really impressive. Similarly native support for MS office documents is a real winner. WP& apps store has limited choice but I have access to the key apps that I use (Skype, Facebook, Adobe Reader, Spotify, Skydrive etc.)

The quality of screen, size and the vividness is just impressive. Also the phone is really light and thin. It has survived multiple falls without any damage. I have been very impressed with the camera as well. I really like the touch to shoot function as well as the access to camera function from a locked screen.

Bottomline. : I will never go back to using iPhone 4S. Now as for iPhone 5, well we will just need to compare it against the the upcoming WP8 phones.
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on December 4, 2011
I bought this phone about a month ago and it is terrific (after seeing my phone, my wife immediately ditched her Blackberry and bought one for herself too). Big, beautiful 4.3" screen that really has to be seen to be appreciated (video just looks fantastic). However, the phone is so thin and light, that even with all that screen real estate it still fits easily in my jeans pocket.

The Windows Phone operating system is also a real pleasure to use and super smooth and responsive. The live tiles are cool, different, and actually deliver useful information. The social network integration is really cool and allows you to interact with Facebbok, Linkedin, etc. all from one place. Microsoft Office integration is slick and allows one to access documents from anywhere--desktop, to Skydrive, to phone, back to desktop.

There are so many other things integrated into the phone, that I keep stumbling onto stuff I would normally expect to need an app for. Voice commands are built in: Want to text someone? Just tell the phone who, dictate the message, and then tell the phone to send it--done! Looking for an Italian restaurant nearby? Just ask the phone to find you one. Want to launch an app? Tell the phone to launch it and...wallah! Not sure why there is some much hype about Siri on the iphone, because this phone seems to do everything it does and more (for some reason Siri can't launch apps). Also, visual recognition (bar codes, etc.), audio recognition (who sings that song?) are integrated into the Bing search engine.

Haven't tried the XBox integration yet, but we're getting the kids one for Christmas (yes, dear, it's for the kids...hah!), so that's next.

It has an 8 megapixel camera and also a smaller front facing camera so you can make videocalls. Skype isn't available yet on Windows Phone--although Microsoft owns it, so I'm not sure why--but there are other apps for that. Battery life has been good--makes it through the whole day with plenty of juice to spare.

Only knock I can really give the phone is the dearth of apps compared to Android and Apple; however, the Windows Phone has only been out for one year and already has about 40,000 apps in the marketplace and the number is growing rapidly.

Bottom line: You should try this phone!
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on January 6, 2012
I am new to Windows Phone, I had a HTC EVO 4G and the Focus S is a million times better in every way. Microsoft has done an amazing job with the software, it runs super fast and apps open fast and don't crash, at least not yet. I've had my new phone for two months now and I find it to be easy and fun to use, when I had my Android phone it was a sluggish painful experience hoping that my text messages and emails would send or having to always go into an app just to turn off other apps that would run in the background slowing the OS to a crawl. Give Windows Phone a chance, if anyone gives it a fair shake and spends a few days with the phone I think it would be the phone to own, even better than the iPhone. I've also had no issues finding apps that I want in the marketplace and the apps are actually better than Andriod apps, they look better and seem to be faster. If you are on the fence on which Windows Phone to buy I highly recommend the Focus S because of two reason... batterly life is amazing and it has Gorilla glass! I don't like cases and shield protectors and you don't need it with this phone. I have dropped it and banged it around and it looks brand new. Aesthetically it's thin and sleek and fits perfectly in my pocket, the other day I put it next to my friends iPhone and it makes the iPhone look blocky and ugly in comparision. I love this phone and I am very impressed with what Microsoft has created with Windows Phone 7.
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on March 27, 2012
This is nice phone! I have been using WP 7 for sometime now. I just upgraded to Focus S. People talked about WP do not have enough apps? well.. may be for some people, but not so mcuh for me.. The phone is very solid easy to use. My sister uses Android. To me, they are great toy and fun. Practical and smart user interface? WP7 is very solid phone and has very smart interface. Focus S is probaly the best WP7 at this moment. Soon, Nokia 900 will be avaialbe with similler spec with cool Nokia Drive - GPS. Till the Nokia 900 is avaiallbe, Focus S is the one you should get...

BTW: if you want to use 3G SIM, you will need to download wireless Manager from Samsung Zone from Marketplace and change APN setting to 3G, then you can still use 3G SIM, you do not need to get 4G SIM (ATT store told me that I need to get 4G SIM and give up 3G unlimited Data)
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on December 26, 2011
Having owned six different smartphones (iphones and androids) in the past six years, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the phone works. Things just work. The extra large display screen is just a thing of beauty.
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on January 21, 2012
Fabulous screen, thin and light. Great OS, just needs a few more apps to make the move over, but that will be happening soon thanks the Microsoft/Nokia juggernaut that is going to be spending much cash to make sure everything gets taken care of in the next few months.

Battery life could still use a boost, but hey I can easily pop off the back and drop in a fully charged spare and I'm back in business. Not an option with my previous iPhone 3GS.

Everyone raves about the iPhone and the Droids, but the really innovative interesting entertaining platform is now Windows Phone 7.
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on December 23, 2011
For the last year I've been using a Samsung Focus, which is a very good phone with one limitation: screen size. Having a 4" screen is nice, but coming from a 4.3" HD2 before the Focus I found the browsing experience cramped on the Focus. The Windows Phone "Metro" Interface is very touch friendly, so most of the time I didn't mind the smaller screen.

Then I saw the Focus S. It is thinner, lighter, and the 4.3" screen is back to what I consider the right size for a phone screen. Browsing is a lot easier in desktop mode, with links appearing just the right size. I think the faster processor makes a difference in game load times and browser speed - I am able to view websites in Desktop mode and it performs very well. But for me the single greatest aspect of this phone is the screen - Super AMOLED Plus, with vibrant colors and very good brightness outdoors. 800x480 resolution does not seem pixelated on the screen, which was the case on my old HD2.

Some Samsung-exclusive apps include Now (a wide app when pinned to the homescreen that displays weather on the live tile); Tango (video conferencing app - I don't use it yet) and MiniDiary (a very useful app that lets you store images, sound and text as diary entries). Also the Focus S came with some exclusive sounds for message notification and ringtones.

Other comparisons with the original Focus:

- The 8MP camera is about the same quality as the 5MP from the Focus. I do not use the front-facing camera, but I can see how it would be nice during video chat.
- Size: it is wider and much thinner than the original Focus. The Back protrudes at the bottom, giving you a better sense of orientation.
- buttons: The power, camera and volume buttons stick out farther than on the original Focus. This was annoying at first, but I got a phone case (Case-mate Barely There Case for Samsung Focus S i937 - Blue [AT&T Retail Packaging]) that helped with accidental button pushes. Incidentally it makes the phone look great - a little like the blue accents on the new Nokia Lumia 800.
- Battery Life: longer than the Focus. I frequently end the day with 1/3 battery charge remaining (with the focus it would be drained).
- micro-USB port is on the bottom now! This is great for orienting your phone in a dock or holder (as the Focus would have a cable sticking out of the top).
- storage: the Focus had 8GB internal and a micro-SD port that could expand by another 32GB. The Focus S has 16GB internal and no expansion. Although a step back, I still haven't filled up my 16GB yet.
- screen: bigger, same resolution. Brightness is dimmer by default (due to aggressive battery saving settings), but enabling Medium brightness on the Focus S is brighter than the Focus in default.

Overall I'm very happy with my upgrade, and extremely happy with the phone overall.
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on January 8, 2012
In my opinion this phone is far better than the iPhone. Windows has changed the way mobile phones are. The screen is big and the phone itself is very light in weight. It is thin as can be without sacrificing performance or usability. I would high recommend this phone to anyone. I converted four of my hard core iPhone family users over to this phone.
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on December 22, 2011
I feel like iOS was a real game changer. It said, "Hello, welcome to the 21st century."

Windows Phone comes along and says, "Welcome to century 21.1."

That is, iOS feels like it belongs in the last decade, and the Windows Phone design is where we're currently at in this second decade of the 21st century.

As for this particular phone, even though it's got a bigger screen and is a bit taller, it's lighter than the iPhone.

The pixel density at ~217 pixels per inch, is pretty good. It's not as high as Apple's Retina display (around 326 ppi), but tremendously better than the 3GS's 163 ppi. 54 pixels may not sound like a lot, but on the whole it's about a 25% improvement. Combined with the Super AMOLED Plus techonology, we get the tremendous visual improvements.

I once read the reason that Apple keeps a 3.5" display is because the average human hand is too small for anything bigger. Trust me, that is absolutely ridiculous. 4.3" is so much better. You'll actually use the web browser on this screen.

The phone is very fast and snappy. I need to switch between English and Japanese keyboards often, and this was really slow in iOS 5. There was a tap-delay. On Windows Phone, the keyboards switch instantly. It's the little things like this that add up.

The battery life is very good. I don't have any numbers but I think the auto-brightness setting really does a good job at maxing out battery life. It should definitely last all day.

I have been having a problem with the camera not detecting that I'm holding it to my ear, and my cheek keeps pressing the speakerphone button.
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on November 28, 2011
I simply love this phone. Amazing screen, great OS, and a surprising battery life. Some may say to go with the Titan because it is bigger, however I feel it is too big. That is a preference though. This phone is the perfect size. Could go on, but will keep the review short.

Get This Phone!
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