Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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on September 7, 2012
I originally had an HTC Incredible through Verizon, but once it started experiencing the nightly restart cycle, I knew it was time to get a new phone - from reading many posts about the problem, I figured neither Verizon nor HTC would be of any help.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire I jumped. The Nexus could be a nice phone. It has a bigger screen, theoretically has faster speeds with Verizon's 4G network, and should be able to take advantage of having a better OS (given that no one seems interested in updating two-year-old phones).

But ... there are problems all over the place. Some of them are minor, like the changes to the OS itself. Google seems to think that, just like with desktop apps, fewer explicit decisions are better. They'll just try to predict what you want to do and present you with only those controls, and you can guess where everything else is. Guess, because they won't say. Can't figure out how to connect to a wifi network? Touch the Wifi section of settings - not the right side, but the left side. Where do you find this out? Online, from all the other people who couldn't figure out this counterintuitive system.

It gets worse. The ringer is significantly quieter than the Incredible's, even on the highest setting. I will miss calls if I am not right next to my phone. Of course I might miss the calls anyway, depending on whether or not I can get a signal when I am sitting on my sectional at home in a spot where I have never had signal problems ... nor should I, because my house is in the middle of a gigantic swath of supposed 4G coverage. However, signal problems persist. I've had a number of calls drop without warning when I am not moving at all. Never had this problem with the Incredible or with other carriers.

Naturally, the battery drains like a flushed toilet, even though I have an extended battery and have wifi and GPS turned off (which makes it even more of a pain, now that I no longer have unlimited data.) And I don't mean oh look, the battery indicator shows that there's 20% left when there's actually 40% left. I mean oh look, my phone is dead again because I didn't charge it last night before I went to bed.

Looking up these problems online, I find the same old story: Verizon says it's Samsung's problem, Samsung says it's Verizon's problem, and no one seems willing to reach out and say "Here, let me fix this for you." I am beginning to believe that the entire wireless market in the US is just one giant scam. That may not be the case, but I certainly can't find a reason to continue to work with Verizon after this experience, and I would not recommend this phone, at all, to any other Verizon customers.

UPDATE: It's now October, and Verizon finally admitted there was a problem with some of these phones and pushed an update out for them. I no longer have signal problems when sitting in my house, my extended battery lasts more than half a day, and I haven't had a call drop since the update.

The OS changes are still disappointing - "home" is now the entire five-section screen instead of only the middle section, so touching home when on one of the outer sections no longer returns you to the middle, for example - but that's to be expected from Google. The phone itself is now what I expected when I bought it, and I would recommend it to other Verizon customers.
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on February 11, 2012
I went from a Nexus One to this. Speeds are incredible, oftentimes loading pages faster than laptops. Battery life is fine, albeit with a car charger. Camera's ability to take quick pictures is a major bonus. Only problem I have with it is that the vibrate is very week, so I often don't notice when I'm getting a call while on silent mode. Love it, highly recommended.
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on July 16, 2014
I've had problems with this phone since the day I got it, I exchanged it for a new one and still have had the same problems. The phone gets extremely hot at times, it does not hold a charge very long, it freezes constantly...this phone definitely has a mind of its own. When it freezes, the only way to get it going again is to take the battery out and put it back in again. I wouldn't recommend this phone. I love Samsung products but am extremely disappointed with this phone.
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on September 3, 2012
When companies advertise their phones with the "latest and greatest android OS" you have to take that with a grain of salt. HTC, Sony, Samsung all use skins on top of the existing Android OS platform to "personalize" the phone for said-company. Often times the additional layer of software features will slow down your phone or cause it to hiccup. So keep that in mind when looking at phone specs.
The Nexus series are google-branded phones which are vanilla. Meaning that there is no layering of additional software on top of the Android OS. What does this mean?-Pure, unrivaled speed of your device. You can push it to its full performance. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is the very definition of a well-balanced price point phone with specs that are above average even by today's standards.
The phone's battery life is solid. The standard OEM lasts about 8 hours of HEAVY usage. The extended life battery will last about 10 hours of HEAVY usage. If you are like most people, you have a car charger for your phone. So you never really have to worry about running it completely dry. The ICS (android 4.0.0 OS) is extremely user friendly. It's easy to personalize your home screens, make phone calls, send text messages and surf the web. Verizon's 4G LTE network is, without a doubt, the BEST 4g network in the U.S. At times I get over 21mbs download and 18mbs+ on upload. It's insane.
Even with the new 2012 phones coming out the Galaxy Nexus 4G is a solid investment. It has a huge screen, 32GB of memory, vanilla operating system and the google branding. Get this phone. You'll be happy that you did.
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on April 29, 2015
First time buying on amazon, the phone looks brand spanking new but the software doesn't feel the same. Immediately my phone is slow, apps force close or quit working often, my MMS doesn't work properly. Over all I like the device just wish it didnt act like ive already used it for 2+ years.
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on August 9, 2014
WORST PHONE EVER!!! DO NOT BUY!!! I purchased 2 of these phones from Verizon for $299 new with a 2 year contract. Im 30+ yrs old btw. They started off awesome. Each update they became progressively worse. Now 1.5 yes later... Neither phone will hold a charge, phones lockup(freeze) and you must remove the battery to fix, and call drops + poor 4g minutes from a major metropolitan area. Never again... Never aagain... P.s. The Nexus 7 tablet... Same piece of garbage. Started of great now is complete garbage. Shame on Samsung for making this landfill crap!!!
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on February 4, 2012
I have just completed one month of owning of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I have no doubt declaring I am very happy with this. This is the best smart phone on the market for the time being until iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 releases. I had iPhone 4 for 2 months and I like many other people who could not be satisfied with beauty and fruit brand alone threw that 'dumb beauty' . For me that was more of a 'show off' rather than of practical use.

Apple itself in a recent patent suit directed against google termed this as the "most creditable competitor to iPhone'. Apple co founder which is not a apple employee anymore and hence free to speak truth freely declared iPhone easy to use but 'Android more feature rich'. He dismissed Siri totally saying he could not understand how come internet could be needed to make a call through Siri. Do I need to say more now? If yes then here is the detail review:

Like ->
(1) Bigger HD contour display-> Though you can distinguish between pixels while looking closely unlike iPhone's Retina display, Nexus's display is gorgeous. Colors are very vibrant and rich. Black is real black (because of Super AMOLED display technology) which creates the whole difference.
The Screen is large and with medium hands I can reach to the whole screen stretching the thumb or fingers. Sometimes I tend to use the other hand (luckily I have two hands and both are fully functional so can't complaint).

Because of bigger screen this phone is more useful or convenient for what Apple invented iPhone for ie Browsing web, playing games, watching videos. And because of this I tend to depend lesser on PC/laptop/tablet. With bigger screen, power and customization of Android OS this phone is closer to our old friend PC/laptop.

**I run the same HD video both on nexus and iPhone 4S and nexus one was better to watch.**

(2) Soul-> The soul of this device is ICS OS which is now equal to iOS in terms of user friendlessness but is better because it is much more customizable and hence you feel completely in control and power. This is different feeling than using dumb iOS. After using ICS I really struggled to use the iOS or same iOS based apps. ICS is lightning fast and smooth.
Face unlock, NFC, android beam and google wallet (not available on Verizon version) are very cool. Face unlock works perfectly.
Built-in Data usage monitor is very helpful for not letting you go above your data limit.
-> Mine is international unlocked version which within a week got automatically updated to 4.0.2 from 4.0.1.
This has Best notification, better customization for web browsing.

Ohhhhhhhh... did I tell you android has taken two steps which is miles ahead of time and going to change the things completely? (i) No Physical button-> The buttons are in fact part of OS itself and function well. Hence the buttons can now be context specific and smarter. They change their position depending on how you are holding the phone or what you are doing. While watching video they disappear completely giving you the whole screen for watching, and yes they will reappear on appropriate place when you need them. (ii) Same OS for all devices: Unlike Apple now same application can run on any device running on ICS. For apple the applications need to be written separately both for iPhone and iPad. That's why Apple has lesser applications on iPads. With new approach of ICS now people will just write once and run it anywhere hence number of apps is going to get multiplied faster on ICS.

(3) Eco System (Apps)-> Android eco system (or app market) is there on par with Apple eco system. In the same period I have installed much more applications ($150-$200 of worth in Apple world AND YES ALL FREE!!!!!!!) than I did on iPhone 4 (because most applications are free compared to Apple). I am more functional on Android than I was on iPhone 4. There is nothing which I want and its not there. And yes now google going to start monitoring of applications so less argument against Android apps.
(4) Form factor-> I like its form factor more than of iPhone's. Countered makes it more convenient to use and keep in the pocket. Now to me iPhone is just any another device and I look on iPhone with pity.
(5) Battery-> I need to charge it once a day with low to moderate usage which is what other iPhone 4S customers are also doing. And if you are going to use it like laptop you will need to charge it more (is not this same with your laptop?). Better part is unlike iPhone you can carry batteries and change it easily. No complaint here.
(6) Reception-> Decent.
(7) Call quality-> Nice.
(8) Volume/Speaker-> Low, could be helped with volume control plus application.
(9) More social-> Very well integrated with google.
(10). Build-> Except the battery cover everything else is of high quality. I don't care about plastic versus metal debate. iPhone even with metal and corning glass are equivalently fragile and people have been reporting iPhone being broken having dropped just from 12 feet or so. And with gorilla glass on both ends iPhone 4 is more fragile. Remember gorilla glass is just scratch resistant not damage resistant.
(11) Typing-> is a breeze and it seems to read you mind and hence make typing a different experience than on iPhone. And big screen helps every here again.

Unfortunately this phone decided to do have some deliberate suicidal traits perhaps to avoid wiping away other Samsung devices. So here are the things which could have been improved upon:
(1) Speaker-> Could have been better (Minor+ issue)
(2) Reception-> Though not much complaint, Could have been just a 'little' better (Very Minor issue).
(3) Camera-> Could have been better definitely.
(4) External Storage-> Either they should have allowed adding external storage or given the device with more alternated with respect to storage capacities. (Minor issue)
(5) Display-> Should not be able to distinguish pixels (Minor issue but this should be ultimate goal for the display)

Conclusion-> This is the best smart phone on the market for the time being if you can live with some minor issue with volume. And all issues reported so far with this device seem to be software issues and should get corrected with updates or third part applications.
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on December 29, 2011
I've read about how the Droid Razr has better this and better that, but there is no phone, short of the Galaxy Note (not available in the US), with a better screen than this one. Go download some 4MP+ abstract images and view them on this phone and you will be floored. The camera is outstanding. The camera software built-in needs an upgrade. The camera itself has far more capabilities than the software allow... a simple update will remedy this, or there are alternative camera apps available on the market now. Sound too quiet? I agree, so I got Volume+ from the market and now that argument is moot. The feel of this phone in your hand is unmatched. It's so slim (and I am sporting the extended battery) and sleek, with a nice texture on the back.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a Nexus phone, so it's not expected to be perfect in every way on day one. The whole point of Nexus is to be a proving ground for new major versions of Android. Part of that process is identifying and ironing out bugs, shortfalls, and the like. As far as the hardware goes, I have had some issues with signal strength, but I do not believe those issues are entirely hardware related... if at all. People would be surprised how important the software is that drives the radios in phones. I have had Samsung phones in the past and have not had problems with signal strength, and I am confident those issues will fade away with a few key OS updates from Google. Why would Samsung suddenly drop the ball on the built-in radios on this phone?

Droid Razr, HTC Rezound, both great phones, but both hindered terribly by their manufacturer's OS overlays and locked nature. Not to mention Verizon... those phones are loaded with 'crapware', apps that Verizon forces that cannot be removed without rooting, if you can even root them, which is unlikely. Why do you think Verizon hasn't advertised the Galaxy Nexus more? Because they don't have as much control over it, they were only able to force Google into allowing two of their proprietary apps, one of which is actually useful. In addition, there is no Carrier IQ built into the Nexus, which allows Verizon to secretly track all detail surrounding the phone's usage. Not that they're fully abusing that capability... anymore at least... but you can't remove it.

Sure, those sweet phones will get Ice Cream Sandwich eventually, but this OS is so awesome and advanced that eventually is like telling an early adopter the prize gadget they've anticipated for momnths just sold out and will be back in stock in a few months.

I write few reviews, but after reading some on this phone I felt I needed to speak my mind. I love this phone, and feel it was worth the almost three month wait since I became aware of its coming. Android 4.0 is simply amazing. If ever there was an 'iPhone killer', this is without question it.
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on January 15, 2014
I've had this phone for 1.5 years and it's had several reliability issues. Would not recommend!
(1) Battery life is really bad - this was immediate. I've had to charge my phone all day at work. Even with minimal use, the phone seems to last at most 8-12 hours, so if you're out of the house/office/car you need extra batteries.
(2) Random restarts - the phone reboots itself randomly.
(3) Headphone jack issues - the phone started to think the headphones were always plugged in, preventing me from talking on the phone.
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on May 3, 2012
This phone is a great improvement upon the Motorola Droid I had previously.

The WiFi and 4G are super fast. All the apps load quickly and the screen is excellent quality. The new Android OS is fantastic! They've taken everything the iPhone has that we Android users could want and kept all the benefits of the previous Android OS. The running app manager, folders, 2 cameras, and ability to take screenshots are all great upgrades. Again, the speed of this phone is my favorite part. It's quite thin and has a large screen, but doesn't feel to big when I'm talking on it. Call quality is great.

DOWNSIDES: The battery life is AWFUL! I definitely have to charge my phone every night and if I'm using a lot of apps, I find myself needing to charge it in the middle of the day! If the battery life were better, I would give this phone 5 stars. I also had a problem with the camera app freezing a few times, so I had to reboot the phone to get it to work again. I think this is something they'll get a software fix for eventually.

I would definitely recommend this phone--especially because of the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It's great!
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