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on March 18, 2015
The phone was in excellent shape when I received it. For the price this is difficult to beat. My only complaint is that the screen scratches easily - I suspect the original screen was replaced with an aftermarket screen of lower quality.
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on January 3, 2012
Like the title says really nice phone purchase mine from Verizon store (early upgrade)the phone is so good I just had to say something about it.

Really nice screen, watching videos either movies or HD youtube video are stunning on the 4.65 inch screen. With that said the device is huge and I have pretty medium size hands (this is really hard to describe or show) and though it fits nicely in my hand I did have some difficulty operating the phone with just one hand. For its size its light and the minor contour and curve of the phone does fit "ergonomically" in my hand. Same can be said for it fitting in my front jean pockets as my biggest fear was having this phone weighting down and create a bulge in my jean, fear all gone: tried and tested sometimes I even forget that its in my jean pockets.

"OS" does get some getting use to, however it is simple and straight forward to operate. Has tons of features and I am still learning the features the phone come packaged with. Running apps on it is fast and simple though I have run into some apps that are not fully compatible that lead to frequent app crash not a biggie but a little annoying.

Battery life is so-so to say and it really depends on your particular usage: power user vs normal user. Quick note device tend to get hot (top half of phone) when streaming a video over wifi or 4G network. Not a really downfall of the device but it did give me a little scare from my initial encounter with this issue. Again the big screen and abundant pixel density offer a really nice web browsing experience text is clear and you get a decent amount of webpage displayed on the screen. Back to the battery under high usage battery goes really quick fastest was 4-5 hours from 100%, normal usage 7-8 hours and when mostly standby two day (so far tested, might be more than that) Having tested it out I opted to purchase the extended battery though the extra 350mAh is not a lot it does help in the long run, especially for me.(Battery life was maximized with battery optimizing + task killer app and static background - with live wallpaper different story)

Now for my negative - speaker is really not on par to most phones out there I tend to get a lot of miss calls. At its maximum and in my jeans I rely on the vibration notification more than the ringtone. Same issue when playing music I am not saying its bad but it could be better. Its loud in a quite room, audible at a family dinner, impossible to hear in any louder environment. I know this might not be the best way to describe the speakers loudness. Plug in some headphone and the difference is day and night when playing music due to the built in equalizer.

Camera phone is fast almost zero shutter lag, but with that comes blurry image made worse if in low lit setting, under normal phone taking session letting the camera auto focus and snapping picture the photos taken are amazing, outdoor with optimum sunlight practically no issue. Again the Camera does lack in pixel (MP) but make up for it in quality, blowing the picture more than 8X10 then you might have some pixellation issues. Like the panorama feature and the video taken are absolutely amazing. (keep in mind this is a camera phone don't expect DSLR quality) has a built in flash for low light/night. No extractable storage (micro SD) so rely on built in storage (16-32GB).

Final thoughts a really well rounded phone with its down but most ups! good luck with finding a nice case for it especially with the extended battery, invest in a screen protector. Also for power users look into an external battery charger (for the extra money you won't regret it)and no SIRI.
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on July 11, 2012
I really, REALLY wanted to like this phone. After 1 month of trouble with one way call audio ("can you hear me? can you hear me?"), dropped calls, and extremely flaky 4G signal (friends with other Verizon phones have none of these issues while standing next to me), I have to rate this as one star and warn people against picking this up for $.01 thinking it is a good deal. I have audio problems or dropped calls on nearly every call lasting more than 5 minutes, and it has caused me a fair amount of embarrassment with family and work associates. If the thing would simply work as a phone without these issues, it would be a 5 star rating, but as it stands now, it is only useful as a small tablet. I spent several hundred dollars on antennas and amplifiers thinking it was a signal problem (new to Verizon) before I found literally hundreds of threads with a substantial amount of people also with the same issue. So after 1 month wasting a ton of time and money, I give up. To be clear, I do not think this is an issue with Verizon as much as a problem with the phone, but I could be wrong about that.

It remains to be seen what I can do about this, but I do not recommend this phone at all, due to the serious call issues and data signal drops. Before anyone flames me, do a Google search for "galaxy nexus one way audio" or "galaxy nexus dropped calls", this is not an isolated issue and NO it is not fixed in Android 4.0.4 OTA. I will update this review if anything changes.
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on July 11, 2012
Have had two - they replaced the first.

Call quality is horrible.

Internet is sporadic.

47 dropped calls in one month...

Don't buy it. These are "known issues" according to Verizon.
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on January 6, 2012
I have had this for about 3 weeks now. At first I was excited, then disappointed and now happy.

Stage 1 - Excited: This is a cool looking phone. It is huge, the screen is great, it is fast. Really fast. Especially when compared to my DroidX. ICS is a big improvement.

Stage 2 - Disappointed: The battery dies quickly on LTE (get an app to toggle it). The screen can almost seem too big. Verizon's car dock SUCKS. You might need to buy a new car charger (I did) after realizing that your existing one can't keep up with the screen and LTE. The anti-glare screen protector that VZ pushed on me is garbage (remove it) and the extended battery is overkill.

Stage 3 - Happy: Once I figure out solutions for all of the annoyances I am really happy with it. I can easily get a day with the normal battery and email use / web browsing. The MHL adapter is awesome. It replicates your screen on a TV (just make sure that you have power to it). I am sure that (fill in the blank) might be better in some one off aspect, but I am still happy with this purchase. The phone and ICS are (IMO) about as good as it gets right now. Until iOS gets widgets, it isn't better.
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on September 21, 2012
I am now on my second one in 2 months. The first one froze up and could not unlock. This came with the fun of losing all my vacation pictures since there is no removable memory card. Before that, it would drop my side of the call often. This is a known issue that both Samsung and Verizon like to point fingers at each other while the customer loses out.

So after my phone froze up, Verizon switched it out with a refurb. I even mentioned it to Verizon that a refurb will be worse than the current phone since it was already known to have issues. Well now I lose a connection to the towers about once an hour. This is fun when in the middle of a call.

In short, there are hundreds of reviews out there and complaints about how terrible this phone is, despite its nice features. STAY AWAY from this phone. It will give you nothing but troubles. I am at a loss for how frustrated I am that no one will admit to the problems with it even though there are tons of us out there with these bad phones.
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on February 15, 2013
VZW also known as big red or Verizon Wireless should never be allowed to carry another Nexus phone again. The phone I have is now 4 major Android updates behind. The phone is buggy and only gets buggier with time. Nexus is supposed to mean something, it is supposed to mean updates both minor and major as soon as they are available instead VZW just sits on them blaming everyone but themselves. There is little to no hardware support for this phone their techs cannot or will not help on the phone. VZW screwed the users who hoped for the PURE Google Experience, which never happened.
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on June 20, 2012
This phone has a lot of really good features. The screen is brilliant, the phone itself is sleek, and Ice Cream Sandwich is a definite improvement. However, it fails in the most basic ways. Signal strength is unpredictable. I've been a Verizon customer for almost ten years, and I've never had a phone drop service so often as this one does. The data connection is even less reliable. Often times, it's impossible to check anything quickly on this phone because it takes so long to establish a 3G or 4G connection. Sound quality is mediocre at best. Battery life is abysmal, even when 4G is turned off - I realize that's to be expected from a smartphone, but this phone takes it to a new level. According to Verizon, the signal issues were supposed to be addressed with the last software update, but that did nothing. Knowing what I know now, I would never recommend this phone to anyone.
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on October 30, 2012
Very slick phone, the Jelly Bean update made everything even smoother and Google Now was very neat.

Unfortunately, the battery doesn't cut it. I found myself REQUIRED to charge it at my desk at work, leaving 4G LTE/wifi/GPS off, not syncing anything and leaving the screen at the minimum setting (or, blank-in-sunlight, as I like to call it). I even tried custom ROMs/kernels.

Needless to say, the battery makes this otherwise wonderful phone a dumb phone. You just can't use it that much and have to disable a lot of the features.
I ended up selling it after 6 months for something with a smaller screen and greater battery life. I regret purchasing this over the Razr MAX, which at the time didn't have an ICS update yet.
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on July 21, 2012
Switched from HTC EVO for Sprint. First thing I noticed is that sound is not as clear as it was with the Evo on Sprint. My friends couldn't tell the difference that I have a new provider and phone. I've tried it, with and without Bluetooth ear peace, but there was no diference. Is it the phone, or the Verizon, I don't know. Internet is insane fast. Twice as faster then my home cable. I drive semi truck and I need a good internet connection, because after every delivered load, I need to go online and find another one. Sprint drooped the ball couple times and that is the why I switched to Verizon. I hope their better coverage is for real.
Phone is very fast, don't freeze at all. Its light, the screen is very good, the battery is average. The 1 penny price is what make's it, THE BEST DEAL.
I'll give him 4 stars, because of the sound quality. If that is a Verizon issue, then the phone deserve 5 stars.
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