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17 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on December 27, 2011
I waited for a long time with iphone 3gs and finally made a decision to upgrade to this phone. Very disappointed overall with this phone, I am already working on the returning it.

The good -
1) large screen
2) Responsive controls, and smooth graphics
3) Very comfortable to hold, I played games on this for 4-5 hours straight, did not feel any discomfort. I can't do this on my iphone, its slippery and not comfortable to hold in that position for long.
4) Email apps are easy to use
5) Very good download speeds over wifi
6) Liked pandora - sounded great with the headphones that came with the phone

The bad -
1) The phone gets really hot (reminds me of my dell laptop), and it so hot that at times I cannot put this close to my ear when making a call. Its not when I am playing games, or have charger attached, just when making a call - wifi is always on at home.
2) Bad signal - not sure if the phone is to blame but expected better from verizon.
3) Battery is really bad frankly speaking(others would say its hard to rate !! .. really ???) - its quick to discharge and verrrry slow to charge back up. You will spend the same time it takes to discharge (approx 6 hours) to charge it as well (I'm using the wall charger not trying to charge with a USB connection).
4) The screen is large, but the real estate is not used well. Just open craigslist on iphone and this phone - you'll know what I'm talking about. The display is grainy, I have to zoom in zoom out scroll etc to get the details I need, iphone is much better.
5) The camera is really bad ... and I'm not talking about the 5 MP vs 8 MP, I know 5 MP is more than enough. The picture quality is really bad, its noisy, white balance is off even with good lighting, pictures look like they are out of an album from the 70s. I did not even want to try the panaromic function.
6) If you have a samsung smart tv like me and want to buy this for the AllSHare capability, you'll be disappointed. This is a google phone apparently (not sure why its called a galaxy), so you don't have Allshare app and cannot stream audio/video to your smart tv.
7) Face recognition is a joke - really .. did not work for me in low light, bright light, when I hold the phone at different angles. I found myself trying 2-3 times before getting it to work, waste of time.

If you are like me thinking about making the big jump ... look for something else. This is a disappointing phone to say the least, trust me ... two years with this phone is going to be a bad marriage.

Other thoughts - Amazon wireless shopping experience has been great. Verizon customer support is excellent as well.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2012
I love the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android Phone! My son recommended this phone for me, I purchased it and I have never been sorry!!! I am not a really technically minded person and I didn't want a big learning curve and this phone didn't disappoint me for a minute.

Even though it has a larger foot print than my last phone (Motorola a855 Droid) it is easy to hold and manage from putting in your pocket, purse, etc. It doesn't feel chunky or heavy to handle or use. The larger screen is wonderful to use. Having the larger screen makes using apps and the internet very easy to use and read.

Today it upgraded to Jelly Bean and it is like using a brand new phone. I have been waiting for the upgrade and I am not disappointed in the least. I was worried there would be another learning curve but there wasn't. I wish Verizon would have released the upgrade sooner but it is well worth the wait! The changes in how the phone works is just like making it a brand new phone but all of your "stuff" is right where you put it!!! No work at all to upgrade!

Would I recommend this phone? Oh ya!!! If you are looking for a new phone this will not disappoint you in the least!

If you are looking for for accessories for your phone you will find a great selection to meet your every need. I was very surprised because I have had lots of problems with this issue with other phones. You can really make it fun to use with the accessories you can find out there!

The apps you can get are great! Just about anything and everything you would want is out there for you. Put a little time and effort into figuring out what you need to make this phone a "personal assistant" and you will upgrade it's worth to you greatly!

I hope you look long and hard at this phone if you are shopping for a new one!!! Everything Samsung says about this phone is true and you will like it if you work with it for a little while......

My son is in the Air Force, works with computers and non-Window programming and he is the one that recommended this phone to me. Him, his wife and lots of other people he works with have this phone, They all love it and recommended it. Since the Air Force employees him and this is what he does for a living I listen to him when he makes recommendations like this! Try it and you will like it!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2012
Let me start off by saying I have been an avid iPhone and iPod touch user for about 4 years. I tried android back in 2010 with the Samsung Fascinate (what a mistake!). I swore off of android and Samsung phones until some better technology came along, since 2.1 and 2.2 were pretty laggy.

Fast forward to 2012 and I have a craving for a new phone. The iPhone 4 is nice, but it's very limited. I wanted an android device that wouldn't be bogged down by TouchWiz, Motoblur, and whatever LG thinks they're doing. Enter the Galaxy Nexus.

This phone is sleek, stylish, fast, and (on contract) affordable. Let me start with the pros list:

FAST! This thing can run many apps at a time and still fly back to them. There's a hiccup here and there, but that should be eradicated with the official Jellybean 4.1.1 update.

BEAUTIFUL SCREEN! The AMOLED on my Fascinate was nice, but Super AMOLED definitely takes the cake with colors popping. Plus, it's 720p so it's amazingly clear and crisp with text and pictures.

VERY EASY TO ROOT+HACK! This phone practically begs to be hacked and ROM'd. It's easy to unlock the bootloader, root, and install custom ROMs. I'm running Jellybean right now, VZW probably won't release an official OTA update until at least autumn (and that's being generous). If you know how (or are willing to learn how) to install ROMs, this phone will always be updated with the latest Android firmware, thanks to the dev community.

4G LTE: It's WICKED fast. My first test I got 20mbps download and 18mbps upload! It is 3x as fast as my home cable connection! This can be both a pro and con, however, because you'll burn through your limited data faster.

Very customizable: This comes straight from ICS or Jellybean. There are so many options from different apps, launchers, themes, ROMs, kernels, and everything in between. This is why android is the complete opposite of iOS. And it's amazing to set your phone apart from others, aside from having just a different wallpaper and apps.

Headphone quality: The stock headphones they give you are actually pretty great. Combine it with one of the equalizer apps akin to Beats Audio and this phone can pump out the bass! Way better than iPhone.

BATTERY. My iPhone 4 would last through at least an entire day under moderate use. Sometimes even into the next day. The GNEX unfortunately does not. I only have 4G rarely, not at home or work, so the LTE is not draining it. I'm constantly on Wifi at home, 3G at work, and I've seen my battery go from 100% at 3PM to 50% at 6pm. And that's with GPS, 4G, and Bluetooth off. I highly recommend an extended battery if you plan to be away from a charger for long. It's an amazingly powerful device, it's a shame that Samsung only put an 1850mAh battery in, and not something larger like the RAZR MAXX.

VOLUME: The GNEX is significantly quieter than previous phones I've had, including the iPhone 4. I have to search for specifically loud ringtones so that I can hear my alarm in the morning. It sucks that Samsung gypped out on audio volume.

SIGNAL STRENTGH: This has never been a strong point in the recent Samsung smartphones. I had a Samsung Alias 2 back in 2009 and that phone always got 3-4 bars, where my Fascinate and now GNEX get 1-3. My iPhone could even have 1 bar but still send and receive data. The GNEX loses 3G more often in the same spots (namely my job, terrible deadzone). The Wifi is weaker as well, my iPhone would get 2-3 bars while my GNEX gets 0-2 and drops occasionally. Hopefully an official update can fix the radios.

NO SD SLOT: This seems like it isn't that much of an issue, since the phone comes with 32GB of internal memory. However, some apps have an issue from this. DoubleTwist, one of the best iTunes replacement music apps, cannot sync over USB because the GNEX cannot be mounted. I know there is a reason why Google does this, but it's a damn shame.

Overall I would recommend this phone. I would also highly recommend buying an extended battery, a Seidio or QCell 3800mAh should get you through 1.5-2 days per charge. The 4G, if it's in your area, is ridiculously fast. And the phone is beautiful. If you have $20 to spare on the extended battery, I'd say go for this phone. It's pure android, and it's fast all around.

Recommended apps:
Lightflow, it allows you to change the color and frequency of the notification LED. I have texts light up blue and low battery red, in addition to plenty of other options.
Nova Launcher: This launcher is only for android 4.0+ and it is way more fluid and customizable than the stock launcher. Also, it's free.
PGM Nexus: This app is awesome. It lets you swipe across the screen to unlock the phone, and swipe back across the bottom to lock it again. It's useful if you're like me and not a fan of the side-lock button on Samsung phones.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2012
I read all the reviews on Amazon, CNET, and other sites. I thought this was a great price for a great phone. I prefer Android to IOS and was excited about the features this phone offered. The operating system works as expected - with a few minor annoyances. Google music will turn-on at random times without my prompting. It hangs up your phone call when it does. The screen lock turns on when using navigation or in the middle of a phone call. These issues are minor when compared to all the great features of the android operating system.

However, the phone itself is terrible. I've been using it now for 1.5 weeks while travelling extensively across the Southeast. I rarely have a signal - even in a major city with good 4G coverage according to Verizon's website. I can't even count the number of dropped calls. Sometimes, I show a strong signal, but as soon as I dial, the signal strength drops and I get a "no service" message. When I do connect, there is typically a strong echo. Volume is exceedingly low even when turned up all the way.

Finally, battery life. I am averaging about 4.5 hours of battery - about 4 of which are on standby with the screen off. So, that means I get about 30 minutes of use before the battery is dead. I basically only use the phone if it is plugged into a charger. Again, this performance is after only 1.5 weeks of use. I fully charged the battery right out of the box.

Perhaps this really is a great phone, and I received a lemon. I don't know, but I do know this one is going back to Amazon. I would not recommend this phone unless I can see one that actually works as advertised.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 6, 2012
I got my Galaxy Nexus back in December during the initial launch. So after about 6 months with the phone, I feel I have a good understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

It has ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) right out of the box. No need to wait for an update to get it. It's also a pure Google experience. While some manufacturer skins have a few nice aspects to them, in the end, a vanilla ICS experience is the best you can have. ICS has been optimized for the Galaxy Nexus so that should tell you right off the bat it's going to have solid performance. You also do not have to deal with the deluge of bloatware that comes already installed on a Motorola handset for example. I counted a total of 2 on my Verizon Nexus and they were both related to my Verizon account.
ICS itself is a great strength. Easily the best iteration of the Android OS. The most polished and best functionality the OS has ever seen. From the ease of switching between apps, to the enhanced voice controls, ICS is as good as any competing OS. Another benefit for example, is being able to size widgets to your liking on the home screen.
The screen is top notch. There is much debate over which display technology people prefer, Pentile vs. IPS, but the screen on the Galaxy Nexus, which is the former, looks great and has amazing viewing angles. Colors look nice and things really pop off the screen. The screen size is also a benefit too. While the handset itself is a bit on the bigger size, it's worth it to have a nice screen to watch videos, or play a game.
The specs are another strength to the device. Dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM make the device sure to be able to handle the next version of Android, 5.0. Google has a habit of making sure the previous Nexus device is capable of handling the next version of the OS. Other handsets may not be compatible for future releases, but the Galaxy Nexus should be (I think it's a given) able to handle Android 5.0 when it's released in the Fall of 2012.
The Phone is also very thin which is nice. It also gives you the option to remove the battery. Should you need to replace it, add in the extended version, or swap out for an extra charged one on the road, it all can be done.

The camera is not the best when compared to other handsets. It's only 5 MPs, and does not have the best sensor. The sensor matters more than MPs, but sadly the Galaxy Nexus comes up short in both areas. That's not to say the camera is awful, it certainly is not and it certainly is capable of taking some good shots, it's just not as good as the iPhone 4/4S, the Samsung Galaxy S2, or the HTC One X. The camera does have a very fast shutter, so taking multiple shots is very easy and you do not have to wait for the camera to be able to shoot again. The software is also top notch, a product of the vanilla ICS experience. Panorama mode is also a cool option for shots. The flash does work very well too. Personally, if I want to take great photos, I will use my digital camera.
The phone can run a little hot at times. Many other handsets experience this. Sometimes I will notice it starting to heat up at random times. Nothing too big to worry about, things are just overheating. I usually taper off my use for a little while to let it settle down.
Call quality can be dicey at times. Very phones can provide consistently solid quality and the Galaxy Nexus is no different.
To some, especially those with small hands, the size of the phone might be a turnoff. It's no Droid Incredible, but it's also no Galaxy Note either.

Overall this is a great handset. The vanilla/pure Google experience cannot be overstated enough. It is a great experience compared to the intrusive skins other manufacturers put onto their handsets. The strengths far out weigh the weaknesses. Between that, the top notch screen and the 32GB of internal storage, this device is tough to beat.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
I received my first Nexus at the beginning of January. Verizon's coverage maps showed my house was in the "Verizon 4G LTE Extended" (light red) area and my office was in the "Verizon 4G LTE" (dark red) area. Yet I could never reliably receive a 4G signal. I found some spots where the signal was slighly better and occasionally (mostly at night or at other low traffic times) I could get 2 bars of 4G. But the moment I went to use the connection (either with the phone or with Mobile Hotspot), the connection would switch from 4G to 3G and with no bars. My connection speed would be about 100kbps.

I figured I would give it a few weeks and let Google or Samsung release a software update. After all, this was their flagship phone.

February went by, then March, then April. Now it is May and I am still using the same 4.0.2 software and having the same problems. I called Verizon and they agreed to send me a warranty replacement. The certified like-new one that they sent had a mid-April build date on the label behind the battery. Yet the reception problem was identical.

There is a 4.0.4 rom floating around on the web, so I decided to give it a try. Unlocking, rooting and flashing was very easy. The phoned switched between 3G and 4G much quicker. But there was no difference in reception. And my average connection speed at home was still around 100 kbps.

So I called Verizon again and made them give me a different phone, this time an HTC Rezound. Now I actually get 4G at home and at the office. My connection speed at home is around 3 mbps and at the office is around 10 mbps. Night and day difference. I should have stayed with HTC.

Buyer beware.
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on April 10, 2012
Today is August 12, 2012 and need to downgrade this phone.
I am on my 4th factory refurbished phone and still is buggy.
Phone audio is terrible. Voicemail breaks with access not allowed or not setup.
I'm going back to Apple as soon as the iPhone 5 is released next month.
Since this phone is now illegal to sale in retail stores now is a good time to unload it.
Any takers on a good used phone?

Although VZ does not support Google Wallet, downloading a boot leg copy showcases NFC technology at PayPass.
Ignore the "Update Wallet" prompt because it will later break Google Wallet.
NFC chip cannot read through a thick protective case.
Fast 4g LTE speeds 8 to 20 MBPS.

ICF OS buggy at times impacting the camera and other apps.
"Unfortunately, xyz app has stopped." is a typical error response.
Spotty 4g LTE coverage.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2012
I purchased the phone about 3 months ago.

I had many doubts before getting this phone due to the widely noted battery woes. However, much to my pleasant surprise, the battery has not been an issue for me. I am not a power user. I use an app or two, check email, txt, and use gps. So as a light user, I feel I should be able to have a phone that can at least last the day. With so many people complaining about the battery, I was afraid that this phone will not even last that long. However, it has. And I didn't even get the bigger battery as many people have.

Verizon LTE has been impressive. Now you can actually use the web on your phone.

Ice Cream Sandwich is slick enough, but it is buggy. Some apps don't work, some apps crash, sometimes phone crashes and reboots, but its okay. The Nexus series is the phone to have if you want to get the latest version of Android from Google, as other manufacturers often just don't bother making their older phones compatible with new Android versions.

GPS requires more time to acquire a signal lock than my Nexus One. Bluetooth handshake seems to be more reliable than my Nexus One so I'm happy about that.

AmazonWireless is awesome. Amazon's $99 is great compared to Verizon's $299 for this phone! Simple UI and great customer service by phone.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2011
I wanted to give this phone 4.75 stars but, I couldn't find a way to mark that so I just said it instead.
First off the phone is great. (Best I've used) ICS is beautiful and fulfilling. This is by far the best Android software to date. It is extremely fast and responsive with multitasking to be a breeze. The internet browser is easy to use and very fast. When 4G LTE is available I usually see around 10 Mb/s download speeds and 8 Mb/s upload speeds. That makes for a very quick transfer of data and seamless surfing. No more buffering just pure HD bliss (when 4G LTE is available).
The screen on the phone is very nice and feels very nice when sliding my thumb around. The huge display makes typing a breeze in landscape. In call quality is some of the best i've heard on a cell phone. People say they cannot tell i'm on a cell phone even when i'm walking outside. I enjoy playing with some of the video recording features.
Now the bad--- For a phone that has so much and does exactly what it is supposed to do I need to highlight the neg. of this phone.
1) I am very unimpressed with the camera. I think the colors of what I see and what the camera sees are not exactly true. But then I remember this is a Phone made for social media and cruising the net so I am not upset by this but rather enjoy that a camera is not the focus of my device.
2) The only way I can get my phone to last all day is to keep turning the data connection on and off when needed. If left on all day the battery will only last until about 7 or 8 at night. The 4G drains battery very quickly. This has forced me to buy the extended battery and the extra battery with the charging dock so I can always keep 2 batteries with me in case I need to make a change.

Now with that said. I feel this is the best device on the market and if you are on Verizon you should look hard at this device before deciding to buy something else. It is thin sexy and beautiful. It does exactly what it was designed for and makes me happy I waited the 5 months for it to come out.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 3, 2015
(If you are considering this phone, please read my Cons below)
I got this phone a couple months after it came out, through Amazon Wireless in 2012. I've been through three of these now (1st: cracked screen, 2nd: water damage, 3rd: electrostatic discharge) I will hopefully be upgrading to the Motorola Moto X (2014) soon. I'd like to get the Nexus 6, but Verizon doesn't carry it until later this month, its a little pricey, and i don't know if the size is something I need right now since I have a large and small tablet already.

AMOLED screen, great for power.
Unlockable bootloader.
- I think there's one Verizon app which is uninstallable. no custom skins, one of the purest Google Android experience you can get on Verizon.
- I plug my phone into power probably 10-20 times each day and have never had issues with the power port.
- The LED on the front bottom to alert you of a notification was insanely annoying at first, it did a slow blink of white for anything in the notification bar, which meant it was constantly blinking. I bought LightFlow from the Google Play Store ($1.99 I think) and was able to heavily customize the color, blink rate, and for what notifications I wanted a light for.

Know what LTE/4G means for this phone- this is my biggest complaint. the mobile data was great when the phone came out. my area had amazing coverage, and virtually no one i knew had 4G, let alone LTE on Verizon's network, so my speed tests were nearly that of my FiOS internet. However, after time, especially after the iPhone got 4G, I have noticed a tremendous decrease in the availability and quality of that service for this phone. I did a little research into this and found that the Galaxy Nexus is equipped with a radio that uses the LTE 750 MHz band. This was great at the time, but Verizon's networks and towers have prioritized the more recent LTE 850, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2500, and 2600 MHz frequencies. Motorola's Nexus 6, for instance, works on all of these. All that to say that when this phone was released, LTE 750 was great, but has unfortunately been sent to the back burner to support all of the new devices out there. Essentially they break the current range of LTE into categories. This Nexus runs on Cat 3, most phones now run on Cat 4.

- You're stuck at Android KitKat 4.4.4 (i think, maybe an earlier version). I think there are some custom builds that can get you up to Lollipop, but not tested or supported by Google.

- the battery was designed and integrated at that terrible time when phones got really power hungry with larger, higher resolution screens, and CPUs with multiple cores, but batteries hadn't caught up yet. I'm on my 4th battery, one being an extended battery. if you plan on having this for a while, plan on replacing the battery after 6-9 months, or getting a spare to take with you when you'll be away from a charger for a while.
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