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on January 19, 2012
This is the dream phone for any android fans! If you look for the latest pure Google experience, look no further than Galaxy Nexus. It's got no bloats (save for two useful VZW apps) and ugly UI skins like other android phones. Just beware that battery life won't be so good until it goes through couple of full recharge cycles. After that it seems to last about 10 hours average for moderate usage in 4G. Also if you are not in good 4G agrea, it's better to keep it in 3G/CDMA mode with WiFi on. This setting easily makes Nexus last full day. Regarding the signal issues that you hear on the net, just be aware that Nexus is reporting LTE signal strength in 4G mode unlike other 4G phones reporting 3G/CDMA strength. So don't worry too much about low signal bar as long as it doesn't drop signal entirely. Another tip is checking on the "data roaming" will make 3G/4G hand-off more stable, but just be sure to uncheck it before getting outside US border. Overall I'm very happy with Nexus. It will only get better with timely updates from Google.
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on April 27, 2012
The phone dropped LTE and voice signals randomly throughout the day - usually 20 times or more. In all three phones using only 3G worked fine. Using LTE resulted in dropped data and voice.

To their credit Amazon sent me a replacement unit. However, the second unit and then third unit had the same problem. At this point we went to Verizon tech support.

Verizon tech support identified the issue as a Network/phone compatiblity issue that they are working with Samsung to fix. They also said that issue was localized to the Los Angeles area. So, based on that, I feel much better about the phone itself and have increased my rating to 4 stars.

I'm very pleased with the support I recevied from Amazon. I'd buy a phone from them again and recommend them to friends. Verizon's tech support response has been satisfactory. I'm a little dissapointed that Verizon had not worked out these network/phone integration issues prior to the phone's launch.
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on December 27, 2011
Hi All -

I'm not gonna give some goofy anecdotal story like some Yelp reviewer that people seem to be into. I'm reviewing the phone. Period.

Quite simply, this is the best phone I've ever used. Including iPhones. Caveat here, I'm an avid android fan and am pretty against the way apple products are marketed and used - but that being said there is no argument that someone can rightfully make against how well made their products are, simple to use, and extremely polished for a large group of people. I just dont like the closed eco-system or the armies of people that buy them just because they are apple.

Moving on. The phone itself is gorgeous. I'm coming from the original verizon droid, the Eris, and then the original Incredible. Loved those little guys. But this phone makes those look like toys. The speed is fantastic in terms of operating functions. Everything is so smooth in terms of screen transitions and apps opening and operating. Couldn't believe the noticeable difference from previous phones and android versions.

Ice Cream Sandwich is phenomenal. Repeat, phenomenal. It's taken many of the handy features from custom launchers that were out there, and made it stock. ICS on this phone is also untouched by Samsung or Verizon. You're getting the real Android, and it's polished and gorgeous. Widgets are easier than ever to access. The launcher bar is awesome (no need to install third party apps to get that any more), and the recent programs view is handy too. Oh, and the redesigned notifications environment is smooth and efficient.

Pros -
-Amazing screen. Size, resolution, brightness, clarity. Just beautiful. Reinforced glass is nice too, really no need to put a screen protector on it and dull the clarity.
-Processor speed. Between dual core and the optimized ICS, this baby is smooth and fast. Coming from previous android versions, this was a real eye opener and i love it.
-Verizon 4G. Say what you want about verizon as a company, their 4G is ridiculous. It's like browsing on a normal computer.
-Stock experience. No Sense or Touchwiz or Motoblur mucking up the experience. Just Android.
-Newly redesigned software. The new Android 4.0 is so much more polished. Just a great experience.

Cons -
-Battery life. It's not terrible, and to be honest isnt a whole lot worse than my Incredible was. But that being said, it's still not great. Chalk that up to 4G, a huge screen, and beastly processor. It's a trade off you have to expect unfortunately. Not a deal breaker, just something to be aware of. I haven't had any real issues, but it is noticeable and I want to make an honest review. No product is perfect.
-Volume/Vibrate. I've read some issues with volume, but I havent had any big issues. I could use a stronger vibrate function. It's hard to feel when in a coat pocket.
-4G? This is not really the phones issue. More the state of the market. 4G isnt in all cities yet, and if you travel outside the big cities, you might not have coverage. Something to consider.

All in all, not much to dislike here. I think you'd be nitpicking in the grand scheme of things. It's the best phone I've ever used, and in my OPINION, the best phone available today. But, use you're own judgement and research and make a choice that's best for you. I definitely recommend this phone however.

Good luck.
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on February 1, 2012
I am new to Verizon Wireless, and to smartphones.

I had originally purchased a Motorola Droid RAZR in November 2011, along with the double-your-data offer -- 22GB -- with mobile hotspot capability.

The Droid RAZR phone has known problems accessing "https" websites, or secure websites, that require a user name and password (i.e. email accounts, online banking, etc.).

Verizon then switched me to the Galaxy Nexus phone, as it does not have any software adaptations by the manufacturer -- but is pure Google.

Two problems that were remedied:

(1) websites would start to partially load, or not load at all and would time out; solution was to go to "settings" then "apps" then "CLEAR DATA" on the "settings" app.

(2) phone would not charge properly when using USB cable or wall adapter that are aftermarket; solution was to use ONLY the OEM USB cord and power adapter for the phone.

Other than these two items, the phone has worked exceptionally well. Likewise, Verizon's 4G LTE is superlatively fast and the best network for internet data use.

I stream investment data in real-time, to my laptop from my phone as a "mobile hotspot," and having the fastest connectivity and internet on-the-go was a necessity. Verizon has not let me down.

The Galaxy Nexus phone is the best phone on the market, period.
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on June 6, 2013
I am new to the world of smart phones but I just got this one 2 weeks ago. Verizon charged me $350.00 for what I think is garbage. As previous reviews have stated, this thing gets HOT and has a short battery life. I have had nothing but trouble with the battery and charging system, so I took it back for an exchange. The first phone would stop charging intermittently and then it would not take a charge at all so I took it back and had to FIGHT with the Verizon rep to get it exchanged. I have had my new replacement phone charging for the last 10 hours - with the phone turned off, and it has only a 50% charge. As soon as I turned the phone on the charge dropped from 50% to 33% within 20 minutes even though the charger was still plugged in. I can not operate with an unreliable piece of JUNK like this - it is going back to the store and I am demanding my money back. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Update: I took phone number two back to the Verizon store and was quickly given a new phone, no questions asked, much better customer service than last night. We will see how phone number three works out... I suspect that the phones I have had so far have a newer and defective component than the previous reviewers' phones, it's the only explanation I can come up with. Hopefully Samsung and Verizon can work this out and provide an upgrade that is functional and reliable.

Update #2: Phone number 3 is holding up well. It charges quickly and holds a charge much better than #1 and #2 did. I still think that $350.00 is way out of line for this device plus Verizon bills me but good every month, their accountants must be from the firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe! Life was so much simpler before cell phones!
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on January 26, 2012
I bought the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with high hopes after reading all of the stellar reviews about its inky black screen, amazing Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and mature and refined version of android in ICS. I had the phone for my full 30 days, kept giving it another chance over and over again, and finally decided to return it and get a Blackberry Bold (gasp!).

The good:
* Android ICS os
* Very fast
* Integration with Google products
* Panoramic photos (actually made a lot of use of this!)

The bad:
* Battery life was abysmal
* LOTS of glitches and bugs! When dialing in an automated phone system, the numbers would register with the system differently than what I was inputting - tried several times with same outcome and ultimately found on an android forum that this was a problem for others as well
* Speaker phone was terrible
* Glare made the phone impossible to read when outdoors
* Size of phone is awkward for small hands (like mine!)
* Gyroscope is terrible! When you turn the phone you often have to shake it to get it to register than you've turned it to landscape and sometimes it doesn't work at all

I decided to wait for the next ICS phone to come out, instead of compromising so much on this one. I switched back to the Blackberry, which at least has very good reception, perfect email/messaging capability and decent battery. I'd rather have a phone that does the basic things well, than a phone that tries to do a lot and fails slightly in just as much.
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on April 18, 2012
As a replacement for my Iphone 4S, I briefly had this phone for 2 weeks. There were hordes of problems and I had to switch to Lumia 900 (see my review for it). While the Android is not a bad OS (but not superior in comparison to other OS either), the issue is with this phone's hardware capability. This phone suffers from two deal killers: (1) data connectivity issue and (2) battery problem.

Every time you do the internet, this phone "searches for" 3G, 4G and wifi constantly, for a few seconds. It is maddening. It is as if the 4G ends up being slower than 3G because it first has to search among 3G, 4G and wifi. Often times I had to disable wifi; but then it searched between 3G and 4G. Absolutely unusable. I thought I had a lemon but almost all Samsung phones had the same issue! (My friends' phones had exactly the same issues.) I made a big fuss about the issue and was finally able to get my money back, but the experience cost me so much headache and time. Samsung should really acknowledge the issue publicly and offer free fix (although I doubt if they are even aware or capable of solving this) if not a cash remedy. Shame on them.

Second problem was battery. This phone consumes battery like no other phones -- it depletes one in about 5 hours with very light activities. I had to buy 2 extra batteries and 1 extra recharge station (one in home, one at work) which is totally wasted money since I returned my phone. Unacceptable.

I switched to Lumia 900 and could not be happier. It is super-fast, crisp, with absolutely no data-search or data-drop issues. Battery difference is phenomenal. If you are making a transition like me from Iphone to something else, I suggest that you go for Lumia 900 directly rather than learning through a rather expensive experience as I did.
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on December 29, 2011
There are tons of good smart phones on the market. Droid Razr, iPhone 4s to name a few...

This phone is different. Before I start, I have used the iPhone and have used Android ever since the Nexus One.

First off, the pros:

Screen: The screen is THE BEST screen I have ever seen on a device besides an HDTV. As I type this review, you will not find another phone with this perfect of a screen. Samsung always makes pretty good displays, but this 720x1280 Super AMOLED HD screen is off the charts. iPhone 4s has a pretty amazing screen, and this one is tons better. Colors are pure, black and whites are solid, and everything is so vividly portrayed on this 4.65 inch display. Next...

Ice Cream Sandwich: This OS is AWESOME. So much better than Gingerbread, it's not even funny. This is comparable to the leap that Android took with 2.1 and the Nexus One. The Nexus S (predecessor) wasn't very much of a leap at all, so I had a feeling this Nexus phone would jump pretty far ahead, and it did. If you don't know, the Nexus phones always come with a debut OS before any other Android device, and is usually pure Android, which is my favorite kind of Android. The animations are so rich and creamy, I feel really elegant with this device. The ways that ICS makes everything so easy tops Gingerbread in every way. Face Unlock, contrary to what others might say, is actually pretty useful, and if you can't unlock it with your own face, you have a back-up way of unlocking e.g. pattern, code... Next...

Camera: This kind of goes with the OS but others might integrate their own camera in their User Interface. The STOCK ICS camera has improved SO MUCH. The cameras are shot instantly; no more waiting a couple seconds to shoot another pic. They added Panorama view, which actually works A LOT better than I expected. The different settings and tweaks you have to make the picture better are awesome. Touch to focus, red-eye remover, they all work damn good. Next...

Multi-tasking: This also goes with the new OS, but it is so good that it will have its own category in my review. There are new soft buttons on the bottom, no hardware buttons to be seen. I have been waiting for this to happen. Contrary to popular pre-beliefs, the software buttons are RESPONSIVE, CONVENIENT, and BEAUTIFUL.

They will pick up the slightest touch. Also, when going into landscape mode, many of the applications will allow the buttons to disappear giving the screen MORE SPACE. This is awesome on many levels. When touching them, they will animate very elegantly, with that ICS blue-ish color coming and going.

There are many great points to this phone that I do not have time to mention. They outweigh the cons (very few) tremendously.

Cons: The volume is not as high as some other phones. It is not TOO low, but it is not a volume intensified phone. This will differ depending on your uses. For me, it is bearable.

That's it!!!!

ONE MORE THING: For those who complain about battery life. Here is a link to my blog that will explain how to CONDITION YOUR BATTERY:[...] People complain about battery; however, this phone uses 4G LTE, has a gorgeous HD screen with as many pixels as an HDTV, and has a dual core 1.2 GHz processor. What do you expect? Besides, my blog will show you how to increase your battery life significantly within a couple weeks. So, I don't consider the poor battery life a con at all. My battery went from 10 hours to 14 hours within a week and a half. I am confident that I will be able to get 20 hours after conditioning, and maybe even 4 more hours once Google starts updating the phone. After all, it is a Google phone and will ALWAYS get the updates first.

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on December 24, 2011
I am upgrading from an EVO 4G which was both heavier and had a worse battery life (and smaller screen) but at the time was the best smartphone out there for a while. Like most on this forum, got the phone very quickly 3 or so days after the Verizon application was approved but I took the time to read all the negative reviews out there to see what the challenges with this phone would be. Here is some comments on the perceived negatives of this phone:

Battery Life:
I was so worried about these comments and knowing my EVO's problems I went ahead and ordered the extended battery (2100 mAH from Samsung sold by Verizon for half price at $25) including the back cover to begin with which is about 15% more juice than the battery that comes with the phone. The battery life is much better than my evo and lasts me about 12 or so hours of moderate use as I download and configure my apps, configure my bluetooth, set up wifi etc.(could last the whole day for most people). But then again I have chargers everywhere at work, in the car etc. for my Evo (which also fits this phone) in case it didn't last one day.
I think people are confused when they compare this to a non smart phone or a 3g phone. Of course a Mercedes consumes more Fuel than a Honda Civic but that is worth it for someone who wants more from his car than getting from A to B. Now I bought an iPhone for my mom thinking it is better for simple use but she is not happy either and tried switching but her 14 days had passed (on sprint to Galaxy S2). I tried customizing to improve her iphone but definitely found the iPhone majorly lacking.

One person said their non smart phone lasted a whole week on a charge. Well, a bike doesn't even need gasoline. But it's not a car.

One tip: Prime your batteries. There is contradictory comments on this but I routinely do it and have no regrets. By that I mean cycle the battery all the way to near zero for the first few charges and then completely full to improve long term battery life.

Sound Quality:
Sound is excellent so far. I went into the settings/sounds in the beginning and raised the sound (default is medium for both phone and media/speakerphone). You can also do this with the sound button on the side of the phone while in the particular application. People who don't know how to increase the sound of an electronic device should not really write reviews online. I mean if your TV was on mute and you don't know how to unmute it, that doesn't mean the speaker is defective.
One thing about media playback: It is amazing because it utilizes the whole beautiful screen. I just wish they had a kickstand like the Evo to showcase this.
Also, reception has been amazing. Maybe it is because I have switched from sprint but I have not had a single occasion in ANY of the usual dead spots or anywhere else so far where I got no signal or dropped a call.

Browser speed:
Amazing and much faster than my evo. And the 4G rocks. I have clocked this on speedtest at about 15Mbs consistently indoors in various locations in DC area.

Obviously all your contacts are synchronized instantaneously with your gmail so no lengthy conversion for you android users.

There is no SD card which is bad. But 32GB of inherent memory means almost unlimited apps at this point without having to worry about moving apps to SD etc. AWESOME.

Voice Commands:
For those used to previous Android, this is not news as the voice commands have been present for a long time. But again, you can use voice commands for texting, emailing, setting alarms, navigations, google searches, etc. etc. This is somewhat improved from previous versions of android.

Languague Support:
One of the main issues with previous smartphone versions of Android for non latin language customers like Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. was the incorrect font display. As a merged smartphone/tablet version, Android 4.0 on the Galaxy Nexus finally completely and correctly (right to left joined letters) supports Persian.

I don't use manuals and I don't go to these classes but for those interested: Google has been uploading instructional videos to their Galaxy Nexus channel on youtube to help new users who may not be computer geeks. Also, Verizon has some classes (at least in my area) for both Android and iPhone which are free.

Will update my review as I gain more experience but so far an awesome phone and am glad I bought from Amazon.

Update 1/5/2012: I have been going crazy with the speedtests and the speeds have been amazing. I have clocked between 12-21 MBS in DC suburbs including indoor. There is truth to the battery heating issue especially after running speedtests or HD videos on youtube. Screen is amazing. Showing off the speed and screen has made my iPhone friends jealous.
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on December 28, 2011
This phone is amazing, I've had my fair share of phone. I went from the Palm pre plus to the droid eris, to the droid incredible, to the htc rezound, to this. Let's just get into it.

Design: Very thin and sleek, very nice. The only complaint I have is the phone is very slippery. This does not remain an issue for me as I got a case right away, but, if you like your phone naked it's buttery, just like it's OS!

OS: I've always liked the look of AOSP android, but many didn't. It kind of felt like linux, unless you put some stuff on top of it, it was just kind of, meh. ICS really polished that up. This now feels like a phone with a skin on it, with many features.

Performance (OS performance) Wonderful. 1.2ghz of dual core and 1 gig of ram is a good combination. I struggle trying to find any lag, and everything is very buttery and nice. Scrolling and pinch to zoom is buttery as ever. OS performance is like the design (buttery) except in a good way!

Speaker and earpiece: Speaker is not as loud as many would prefer, but a simple app from the market fixes that. The speaker sounds nice! Earpiece: It's hard for an earpiece to be not good, it's plenty loud and sounds crisp and clear, not much else to say.

Screen: Amazing, 4.65 inches of Samoled HD goodness, best screen on the market, and very nice. Colors are crisp, clear and bright. Pentile is unnoticable, not near unnoticable, unnoticable.

Signal and data: Many complain about pour 3G signal performance, my area (at least my house) has horrible signal and I got normal signal compared with my other phones. Data-4G LTE, I get 40 down and 13 up on average, 'nuff said.

Battery: Not the best, but the best of any LTE phone. However, I'm a major modder so I have a ton of custom kernels and rom's, I get a good 14 or 15 hours of heavy usage. If you guys want some advice on stuff to do find the Galaxy nexus forum at, I am many other people are very willing to help, and will help.

Camera: Front facing camera is as good as any other, it serves it's purpose for skype calls, I've done it. Rear camera is not too good, but it's decent, and good enough for a phone. (I'm a photographer and have spent 8,000 dollars on lenses and have 3 DSLR's for the record ;) ) The zero shutter lag for me almost makes up for it, it's a very nice feature.

Vs. Rezound. This is opinion here, but I personally switched to the Nexus after 3 rezounds. Many Rezounds have issues, more than 50 percent I would say. I went through 3, and later found out all the others that store had had issues. My local store has sold 18 rezounds, and returned 48, because of returns due to issues. I'm happy I made the switch, besides camera, I'd say everything is better. Screen, performance, everything all around. HTC sends out phones like they put on the market a phone their kid drew at school. The nexus has quality, and much work went into it, to make it nothing but perfect.
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