Customer Reviews: HTC Rezound, Black 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on December 6, 2011
This phone is a powerful and amazing phone with few shortcomings. It's blazingly fast running applications and rarely stutters, even with the massive amount of overhead caused by HTC's skin (Sense) and Verizon's bloatware.

It's display is brilliant. A true 720p display, comparable to what you'll find on many plasma TVs and small LCD TVs. It's very bright, viewable even in sunlight.

Unfortunately, it's greatest asset appears to be the cause of its downfall. The display absolutely obliterates the battery. When reading Google Reader or using lightweight applications, the phone becomes warm in my hand after a few minutes of casual reading from the display draining the battery so fast. In five hours of moderate use (reading RSS feeds, sending a text message per hour), half the battery was gone. The biggest offender? Over half of the battery drain was from the display.

Sound quality on phone calls has been inconsistent. At times, it is crystal clear. At other times (with decent signal) it sounds as though the speaker is blown. Audio through the included headphones is distorted and a buzz comes when plugging the phone into the audio input in my car before audio starts playing.

The battery life is poor enough I am considering returning the phone. I can deal with the audio issues, but the battery is bad enough I will need to carry a spare battery to feel safe.

The amazing performance and amazing display are almost enough to tip me in favor of keeping the phone. We'll see what the Galaxy Nexus looks like on VZW...
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on November 28, 2011
Phone Rocks. PERIOD. Manage your power usage and the phone's battery will last all day. The screen is amazing (compared to ALL other phones). The camera is awesome. Sense 3.5 is visually stunning. If your scared that "HTC SENSE SLOWS DOWN YOUR PHONE"... give me a break its a 1.5Ghz Dual Core Processor. The headphones that come with it rock and have an in-line mic for "headset" applications. Love this phone. I waited for the galaxy nexus (as you probably are reading this) and I was afraid I would be disappointed. This phone is great. Love the size (other say bulky, I say perfect). They do make an extended battery for this phone if you feel it is necessary. Do the research but this phone is awesome.

The Engadget review was great (if you ask me) and helped me make my decision.

SEE HERE - [...]
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on January 2, 2012
The phone is great, fast, the camera is awesome. It was a huge upgrade over my DInc that I love(d).

I noticed after the 2nd day with it that I wasn't connecting to 4G, only 3G. There were a couple other oddities too (weather wasn't updating, etc) - so I decided to reboot... and it continued to reboot itself for the next 20 minutes until I took out the battery and did some research online.

It seems that the phone's internal settings for which network to connect aren't quite correct and causes a clash with the 4G SIM card. From the many posts in multiple forums it appears to be a pretty common.

Here's the steps I took to correct my phone:

Take out battery
Remove SIM card
Boot phone
From the dialer press *#*#4636#*#* to get into the phones sub menu
From there select Phone Information
Set the network to CDMAEVDO/LTE - Auto

I found this information here:

Now my phone is humming along. I could not be happier with my rezound.
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on December 29, 2011
I switched to this phone from an iphone 4. Love this phone its easy to use has great features, sound, screen ect ... Could have a bit better of battery life but if it becomes an issue for you, you can always buy and extended batter for it. I don't find this phone bulky at all it fits in your had nicely and has a great camera for a cell phone. personally I would call the raza bulky because of its wideness even though its lighter(my hubby got that phone) but both are great phones. As for Verizon we switched to them from AT&T, we haven't really had any issues with Verizon service expect when they where having 4g lte issues. call quality has been great with this phone no issues with people hearing me or me hearing them.
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on August 3, 2012
I've now had the ReZound for 6 months, after having to abruptly turn in my Thunderbolt to Verizon (long story). The store I was in didn't have any Thunderbolts but the salesman assured me that I would love the ReZound and that the battery would far exceed the OEM extended battery on the T.B. That was just a flat-out lie. I immediately purchased an OEM extended battery for the RZ and still can't get through a workday with minimal use if the LTE or WiFi are turned on. Even without using the call functions -- text messaging alone drains the battery to nothing. To make matters worse, the phone is HUGE and HEAVY with the extended battery. I could cope with this if the extended battery actually got me through the day. BTW, the extended battery on the T.B. got me almost 2 days of use, so there is no excuse for the RZ chewing through a battery like it does. I have a battery saver app installed, the brightness set at about 50%, etc.

To be honest, I'm tired of getting locked into phones for 2 years only to find that I need an extended battery and still can't use the phone to its full operating potential (I shouldn't HAVE to dim the screen or turn off LTE or disable ANYTHING in order to have the phone limp through 3/4 of a work day!). It is time for these companies to step up and provide a battery that can support the phone.

And my last comment, don't tell me to root the phone. I am not a tech geek and shouldn't have to do anything to the OS after bringing it home in order to get the phone to work like it should. That's bullsh**. The battery shouldn't drain this fast and it shouldn't overheat like this one does. Period.

I also frequently have trouble with the 4G service but that is probably a Verizon issue rather than a RZ issue.
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on December 9, 2011
FYI, I was up for an upgrade. I really wanted the Droid Razr, being that my last (and first) smart phone was the original Moto Droid - which i loved. However, found a great deal (one of few available to current customers!!!) on the HTC Rezound: 50 bucks at one of the big box warehouse websites.

The Bad:

1) Let's start with the inherent problems with the Rezound. First and foremost, for me, are the flush buttons on the phone itself; used to control volume and turn the phone on. The buttons are not raised hardly at all and therefore are relatively difficult to use, which is highly irritating.
2) Battery Life: I get about 6 hours out of this phone on one charge (I do use my phone for streaming of music at work), much less than I did with my Moto Droid.
3) Ringtone and notification volume seems rather low even with volume setting on max.
4) The Rezound gets really hot when playing certain games!

The Good / Acceptable:

1) Processing power: The Rezound is pretty zippy, with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor you would expect that, however it has struggled at times with `heavy' apps such as Weather Bug Elite or Google Earth. I do not know if this is because of my connection at the time or the processor itself. Compared with the Razr, I find that the Rezound is a tad slower. Using the phone's built in task manager app, it is possible to see how much of the Rezound's available 817 MB of RAM (out of 1 GB total Ram) is being used. Even with all `killable' programs stopped, the Rezound is using more than half (493 MB) of its available RAM. This is probably due to HTC's power hungry Sense skin or UI (user interface), which works on top of and in conjunction with the Android operating system.

2) Which gets me to HTC's Sense. I put this UI in the acceptable category. I am getting used to it, but overall find it gimmicky and way too flashy. Sure its pretty, but too often it gets in the way of what you're trying to do. Motorola's UI is much more efficient and to the point. HTC should realize that more than just teenage boys and girls will buy this phone, especially considering its one of the few Verizon phones that allow data usage and phone calls at the same time which can be very useful for business concerns.

3) Size and feel: I'm a big guy with big hands (can palm a basketball). I like the size and feel of the Rezound. It seems solid and substantial, although I'm sure some will think its kind of heavy. By comparison the Razr is too light and kind of oddly shaped. I think Motorola may have sacrificed a little too much to make the Razr so thin, although I find the design of the Razr to be very good if not striking for a cell phone. The Rezound is also designed well but with more of a form follows function approach (except for the ridiculous flush buttons) vs the eye-catching form factor of the Razr.

The Great:

1) These are the features that I think set the Rezound apart from many if not most other cell phones. First, the screen: It is beautiful and incredibly clear and realistic. The colors are not as vibrant, bright, or `pop' as much as with the Razr, but visuals are crisper and have far better resolution. Think plasma (Rezound) vs LED (Razr and other AMOLED devices); HD buffs will understand what I'm talking about. The Rezound uses the venerable, as in older, LCD technology screen (the 'eye' phone does as well) while the Razr and others use the newer AMOLED technology in their screens. As is the case with plasma vs LED, newer is not always better especially when accounting for realism!

2) The camera on the Rezound is fantastic! No, shutter lag - meaning instant pics with great customization settings and excellent resolution. Again, at first glance pictures might seem duller than with the Razr or `eye'-phone, but the execution is more realistic and the images are captured better. The dual LED is also great, providing excellent lighting. I do a lot of photo processing and the Rezound provides great raw material!

3) Sound is great from the Rezound! Besides the aforementioned ringtone and notification volume. The built in music player with beats audio is great and provides excellent sound quality. Another great feature of this phone is when you lay the phone down and play music or videos thru the external speaker the sound is amplified! Kind of like a mega-phone effect, which works great when multiple people want to hear the audio.

So overall I would give the HTC Rezound 3.9 stars. I am fairly impressed thus far.
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on January 4, 2012
Pro : I love this phone. I had a samsung continuum which I wanted to throw at the wall every day. Even though I've only had this phone for 3 days, I haven't had any problems with it. The battery life is what I expected it to be. I do use a lot of apps, but it's held up through out the day so far. Its bigger than my samsung, but still small enough to fit into my back pocket . This phone is lightning fast compared to the continuum.

Cons: I hate that it doesn't have the option to have everything on vibrate like ringtone and notifications. It'll only vibrate for ringtone, and put everything else on silent. I also tend to take a lot of pictures and I found this phone has no side button for camera so its kinda hard and awkward to take pictures trying to just touch the screen button. Other than those 2 problems, I love it and so glad I spent the money
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on January 30, 2012
First of all, I sell phones for a living and have had the chance to use all the newest phones including the Razr and Nexus. There is no perfect phone out there. There are things I would improve about every model on the market.

That being said, this is a great phone, the best I've ever owned! And I have no regrets about choosing it over its competition. Honestly, this phone doesn't really stand out in any category. Though it has a faster processor than its competition, it's not quite as snappy as the Razr or Nexus. Though it has a 720p screen it doesn't look as vibrant as the Razr or Nexus. The Beats by Dre software is a joke, though the headphones are decent enough.

But, here's the catch! The HTC may not stand out in any one catagory but when you add it all together it makes for a better phone. I have never had a dropped call. I have not had a single connection issue, battery problem, software glitch, or hardware issue since I got the phone in November! I have not had a single customer return their Rezound because of a problem. The Nexus, Razr, and Bionic, on the other hand, come back on a daily basis for a variety of weird and annoying problems. This HTC is solid all around and still a top tier performer. I would recommend it to anyone.

Beautiful screen
HTC Sense is sooo much better than Motoblur and Touchwiz!!!
Fast, great for multi tasking
takes great photos and video
comfortable in your hand, or pocket
4G, I regularly pull speeds over 20mbs on 4g network.
Good battery life, software manages wireless signals so you dont have to.
Free headphones

Beats by dre software sucks
Heavier and slightly bulkier than Razr and Nexus
Bluetooth signal is only solid from about 1-15 feet.
No dedicated HDMI out.
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on August 11, 2012
I really wanted to stick with the Rezound, but I'm moving away from it after a combination of poor service from HTC and some chronic problems with the hardware itself. I've had four examples of this model, starting with a new one just a month after they came out. Three rebuilt examples later, and I've really lost faith in the model, not just the specific piece of hardware.

There are software design and component problems that make this a weak, unreliable model.

I had hoped the change from the "Gingerbread" operating system to "Ice Cream Sandwich" would have fixed issues that include jamming up, high battery consumption, loss of orientation, loss of signal coordination between 3G and 4G, and mysterious, sporadic slowdowns in getting from one function to another, random among functions.

But ICS did not help.

One reason I wanted to keep the Rezound, and gave HTC four tries, was a very good camera app that permits a wide range of user inputs with settings that are remembered between sessions. WONDERFUL.

Another reason is the swappable battery. I have the factory extended case and high-capacity battery. I've learned how to conserve power consumption through various settings, such as by going to 3G/CDMA only when I don't need 4G speeds, turning off wi-fi, and not using bluetooth. At times, without rhyme nor reason, I get many times the usual battery life, under identical operating conditions as far as I can tell.

The screen is great. The resolution and brightness among the best. The glass seems to be ruggedized, like "Gorilla" glass by Corning, but I was very disappointed to find out too late that the cover over the forward facing camera lens is PLASTIC. One of them scratched, another one showed scuff marks from ordinary use. I have a sleeve and belt clip but it was not adequate protection.

I've tentatively gone over to the Motorola Razr Maxx. The video resolution is better, with bitrates in the 15,000 range rather than the 9,000 seen at best on the HTC. I don't like the Motorola's camera interface. Won't remember settings, and no touch-to-focus on video. Blunt, crude adjustment for exposure rather than the refined Rezound UI.

The Maxx's battery life is equal to the extended battery of the Rezound. I happen to like the bulk of the Rezound with extended housing, and I don't like the grip I get on the Maxx. Too thin for my hands.

The Rezound has never been promoted/marketed by Verizon to the extent of other smartphones the company offers. I think the reason for that might be the company's own lack of faith in the HTC from reliability problems I and others have reported.

Too bad. I really like the HTC when it works. I cannot have a phone that randomly craps out, at times needing a factory reset with a loss of all downloaded apps, all email accounts, all settings, and any video/images that may mistakenly have gone to the phone instead of the microSD card.

That reminds me to say I like the Maxx's covered door to remove the microSD without having to pull off a cover in the HTC. Has anyone here had their microSD fly out of the phone when you slide it out??? Uh-HA ! Me too. Keep your thumb on it as it comes out of the slot.

And I should note that the extended factory cover, which contains all the antennas, does NOT have a very firm grip on the mainframe. The outer sleeve I have is probably the only thing holding the back cover in place reliably during occasional bumps and rough handling. I've refrained from using my spare extended battery and/or removing my microSD card because I don't want to wear out the marginal tangs that sit in the mainframe groove.

The micro-USB cable is an HTC variation on micro-USB seen throughout the smartphone world. It has additional flanges that provide mechanical strength, and I hope other makers adopt the design. Contradicting another review on here, CONVENTIONAL micro-USB chargers and feed cables WILL fit and the ReZound recognizes them when connected to a freestanding control computer. Using a laptop or desktop, and having the Rezound in "disc drive" mode is how I work-around the problem of an inconvenient microSD card.

But because of the overall reliability issue, and the short time between failures, I have to conclude Too Bad, HTC, I gave you the best chance I could afford.
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on April 17, 2012
Came from Droid X

Price- $49.99 from my cell phone service provider during a recent sale. I couldn't believe my eyes how cheap it was. The cheapest here on Amazon was something like 129.99 a while ago. I had my eye on this phone from the get go. I was just waiting for the right price point to drop. I'm glad I waited for this phone instead of pulling the trigger on the Bionic. I bought this brand new as well. The Droid X I bought last year was $100 and it was certified pre owned.
Size- big 4.3 inch screen. Thick and heavy. Fits nice in the hand and fits in my jeans packet easily. It also fits in my Droid X cradle and car dock as well. Build quality seems good. The back panel is not easy to take off, but it's not difficult, either. I'm worried though that if I take off enough times, it'll wear down and become looser.
Call Quality- loud and clear. Sometimes have to move phone away from my ear it is so loud. I haven't had many phone calls. I also haven't had any dropped phone calls. Verizon is an excellent service in my area.
Data- I'm living in a 3G area but I do go to 4G areas frequently and the phone is blazing. Another kudos to Verizon's network. I think it's faster than my home's wifi connection. Couple this with a dual core processor and it's a joy to use to stream music, surf the web and download and upload files. The only hiccup I noticed was when I was at the beach, it asked if I wanted roaming data because Canada is right across from Lake Erie where I live. It said something about roaming on your trip (to another country?) I had to turn data off at that point.
GPS- locks on faster than my Droid X. I use my phone as a dedicated GPS in the car so it was important that this works flawlessly. And it does. It also appears to be more accurate. Very rarely did the Droid X lock on precisely where I was. Additionally, on the Droid X, it took a while for the GPS to turn on. On the Rezound, it's instantaneous. Initializing the navigation app on the DroidX was hit or miss. I just turned it on in my living room and the Rezound found my location precisely. The Droid X had to be outside, away from the house before it locked on. Sometimes it had to wait till I was driving away from my house.
Hardware and capacitive Buttons- No dedicated camera button which isn't a big deal, but was a nice feature on the Droid X. The power button is nearly flush with the body frame. It can be difficult to find without looking. Putting a case on the Rezound makes it a little easier to find. The volume buttons are ridiculously difficult to press down. And the case I bought for it actually makes it harder. So I decided to download an app that gives me onscreen controls to volume. This is not ideal because the screen has to be woke up and on to use the app. The 4 capacitive buttons on the bottom work well. They are very touch sensitive. Although I enjoyed using the tactile feedback of the Droid X's hard buttons, these capacitive buttons are a joy to use. The fact that you cant use the buttons until the phone is woken up from sleep may be a good thing to prevent accidental button presses.
Camera- I rarely use the video recorder but I took a video is a low light situation for about 5 minutes and it came out nicely. Sound was excellent. Some blurring as I panned back and forth. I used the 1080 HD setting. It didn't use up much battery, which I found surprising. The camera is faster than the Droid X in terms of initializing and shutter speed. It has some great settings. I especially like the Action Burst, which takes five pictures in succession to allow you to choose the best picture among the five. I'm not a camera buff so I'm not going to comment anymore. I haven't used the front camera yet, except to just try it out. It'll only work in a well lighted area because of no flash.
Music- Meh. My music is in the cloud, which uses Google's Music app, not the phone's music app. So I can't comment if the Beats make a difference. The headphones look nice. Not sure if they are worth a hundo. The external speaker is loud. Louder than the Droid X's speaker.
HTC Sense 3.5- Coming from Moto Blur, it was a minimally skinned phone on the Droid X compared to the Rezound. The only widget I liked on Blur was the contacts widget. HTC Sense is real nice. I hated using a lock screen on the Droid X but this lockscreen is actually useful! It has short cuts for phone, camera, and messages and then I put navigation on it. Really cool. I use the power settings widget, the Friend Stream Widget, which combines my twitter feed and Facebook feed, the People Widget, which loads a specific group of contacts and their latest activity from Facebook, twitter, whatever. There's a great text messaging widget that presents your latest texts in a card setup. You can flick through the cards vertically to see your latest conversations. Scrolling is smooth through home screens but not very fast. Returning to the home screen from an app doesn't hang the phone up at all, apps and widgets populate fast.
Display- Crisp and clear. Colors pop. Not easy to see in sunlight. Much better looking than the Droid Bionic. It does attract fingerprints like crazy. No Gorilla Glass means less peace of mind, but I'm not sure if it makes a difference. I'm sure all smart phones now have some sort of reinforced glass.
Battery- Not sure. I have switched among the power settings but haven't used each one consistently to determine which is best. At times the phone will last a day, other times, it'll only last the morning; it all depends on what I'm doing. The biggest drain seems to be streaming music online through tune in radio, Pandora or MLB At Bat 12. I bought a second battery on Amazon for $10 and a battery charger here for a few dollars. Don't need a cable for it, the second battery sticks right into the charger and the charger plugs into a wall outlet. So I always have another battery at hand. Fits in your pocket too. Battery seems to last longer if I stay on 3G rather than 4G.
Overall, it's a beautiful phone that does nearly everything I want it to do. It was a steal for the price I paid for it. I would recommend an extra battery.
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