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on March 13, 2012
This is currently the best Verizon phone on the market. I will not list the specs again since you know them by now.
I will only list the problems you might have with the phone (just makes it easier and quicker)


1) Battery Life is very short. Due to the powerful CPU and the amazing HD screen the battery is not adequate enough to give you a prolonged multimedia experience unless you have it hooked up to power. There is a extended battery available that helps a lot with the battery issue but also makes the phone a lot thicker. I personally do not mind the added millimeters, the phone actually cradles better in your hand but many people will find it too thick (especially women with their dainty hands :)

2) The phone runs hot. Again, the processing power of the phone generates heat in the battery and the phone runs hot when you play certain games or watch a lot movies. There have been reports of some people getting over 140 degrees which is way to hot and they exchanged their phones and have not had the issues since. My phone doesn't get hotter than 120 max and only if I play graphic intensive games for too long. But dont forget iPhones get hot also so its a side effect of smartphones at this time.

3) Red buttons are pink on some peoples phones

4) Case creaks when you hold it a certain way.

5) Camera pictures look a little yellowish when taken indoors. (This phone has a awesome camera though)

6) Some people have reported a hissing sound in the headphones. I personally didn't have this issue at all.

Thats about it. IMHO the PROS outweigh the CONS. This is a great and you will have a lot fun with it.
If you want to getting even more speed and power out of it I recommend rooting it and removing all the crapware Verizon puts on these phones. Your performance will go through the roof after doing rooting it. The Rez has a great community on XDA with a lot of great Roms to install ([...])
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on March 11, 2012
Made the switch from a Blackberry Bold to the HTC Rezound a couple weeks back. I did a ton of research and it came down to iPhone 4S or the Rezound. My wife has the iPhone 4S, so I had a strong reference of comparison before I purchased and during my 14 day trial period. I opted for the Rezound for a number of reasons and I have not been disappointed!. This phone is one incredible powerhouse. The HD screen pops, and the 4.3 inch size is perfect IMHO...bigger (and much nicer) than the iPhone screen, but not so big that you can't use one hand to do most everything. Some reviews mention that it is a thick phone, but I have compared it to the super thin Razor and the Rezound just feels perfect in your hand. Other reviews have criticized HTC's Sense overlay, but I personally love is very practical, functional, and customizable. It really allows you to make the phone unique to you. The camera is unbelievable, and rivals my personal high-end camera in quality. The Beats headphones and the overall audio experience are fantastic. If you could give 4&1/2 stars, that would be my rating, as this phone isn't perfect. My only concerns are that I was able to port over most, but not all of my iTunes library (cannot if you don't have DRAM permission), and the battery drains pretty fast on this puppy if you are a power user. I was on a business trip last week, and was without the ability to recharge during the day for two days during the the end of both days, the battery was below 10% by 9 pm. Luckily there are several apps that help conserve battery life and HTC offers some settings that will help too. I also bought a cradle charger for work, so I don't expect many issues. But I hear that 4G phones all experience this kind of drain when you use the 4G network frequently. Overall, just a fantastic phone.
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on November 30, 2012
Went from a Droid 2 to the Rezound. Droid still functioned perfectly after two years of operation, but I was forced to "upgrade" equipment in order to keep my unlimited data plan with Verizon. I've had nothing but problems, not the least of which was a total lockup during a software update. Phone was replaced under warranty. Then, it needed to be replaced again due to slow/sluggish performance and daily crashes requiring a battery removal to power cycle. HTC/Verizon does not allow ad hoc wireless (so I can't operate my AR Drone), and hotspot connectivity costs extra to enable. Battery life isn't the greatest, especially connected to 4G. 4G is only marginally faster, but I don't know if that's HTC's or Verizon's fault. Power/comm cable connection is flimsy and not a standard mini USB. I have the docking station and use(ed) the phone for clock/alarm at night. Last night, while placing the phone into the dock, the phone connector broke. I could still connect the cable directly to the phone, but the docking station would not work. Menu structure makes finding features and functions difficult. I gave it one extra star for the screen clarity, but everything else is pretty crummy on this device.
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on December 29, 2014
This was a replacement of the same model of phone that had lost the touch function of the lower portion of the screen. Essentially renders the phone almost useless. As to the phone model, I have had good luck with it and liked it otherwise. Hence, replacing with the same phone and not getting screwed into another contract commitment with Verizon.

Pros: Phone was in excellent condition. Quick shipping, too. Physically, the phone was like new.

Cons: Battery was completely worthless, would not remain charged for 2 minutes, literally. Had to re-use my old one. The phone memory was not wiped clean from prior owner. Software needed updating. These reasons are why I only rated 4 stars instead of 5.
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on January 14, 2012
Switched to a Rezound from a Bionic. So far, I am mightily impressed. Even with the battery life, I'd recommend this phone to anybody.

Pros: Display is simply put, amazing. May not be AMOLED, but wow, it's still impressive. Even in sunlight, it's crystal clear and sharp.

Speed: I'm new to Sense, but I noticed no lag time flipping through the various screens. Zips right along. With a 1.5 dual-core, it better. And it does.

Call quality: No problems here. Could hear callers with no problems. And I've had not one complain about my end.

Size, feel, and design: I've read reviews where people commented about the weight of the Rezound. Said it was too big. I disagree. It feels solid in the hand, but not weighty. And I love the design. The rubberized backing is a plus, imo. Love the red and black colors.

Camera: Amazing. No shutter lag. At all. The Bionic camera was awful, even after the update. My husband has an I-phone and I was jealous at how much better that camera was. I no longer have that envy. I have sooo upgraded! Takes great pictures. Nice and crisp.

4G: Gets amazing speeds. I occasionally drop into 3G at home, but Verizon just turned on 4G near my home, so I can't complain. At work, I stay in 4G all day. Download speeds are awesome.

Beats headphones: These things are great. Comfortable in the ear and they sound great. It really didn't factor in my decision when choosing this phone, but I'm glad they came with it after trying them out.


The power button: I find it to be too flush. I am finding myself having to actually use my fingernail to engage it.

Home button lighting: Due to the light sensor, they don't always come on. I wish HTC had an option to always have them lit and have them turn off after 30 seconds or so if not in use. Or something like that.

Battery: I guess I can't complain too much, as I get about 11-12 hours before the warning comes on, but I still wish they put a bigger battery in it. That is with decent usage (emailing, FB, Twitter, internet, downloading) Oh well, I'll probably either buy another regular battery or just get an extended one. I think you really should be able to get at least a full day on a battery.

Bloatware: Verizon's fault. I have no problem with them putting software on the phone, but I think it's ridiculous that you can't remove what you don't want. Thankfully, I hear the bootloader is unlocked to where you can make said changes. I just need to learn how to do it!
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on August 7, 2012
My Rezound was starting to act sluggish and drop data a few days before the update arrived to the point I was ready to take it in for replacement, but just then it went through a major update, the new 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating and ow it's like having a brand new phone. Smooth. Super Fast. I love this thing again and more! I've had my Rezound since January of 2012 and the only thing I didn't like about it before was being promised the update within a couple months but not having received it until now (August). I'm over that at this point and just glad to have the new ICS operating system.

The Beats headphones are a true bonus as well. I have a set of Sennheiser headphones that were $100, but these blow them away. I run with my phone and use it to keep track of my runs and as my music player as well. The 4G keeps my online music streaming flawlessly.

Also, the camera is the best I've ever used on a phone and I've used iPhone's and multiple other Androids. This camera can not be beat.

The voice recognition is darn near perfect as well. There are only a few times it's ever not gotten the transcription to the letter. Saves a lot of time and re-typing.

Overall it's a fantastic state of the art phone and I highly recommend it.
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on February 16, 2012
I did my research and narrowed down my choices to LG Spectrum, Motorola RAZR MAXX, and the HTC Rezound.

I am very happy with my choice, stated that if you're buying a phone for music that this isn't a good reason to buy the Rezound....however, the sound on this phone with the Beats headphones is phenomenal (and I'm a Bose loyalist). I use Pandora, the provided music player, Sirius/XM, Stitcher, and other audio apps and the sound is great on all of them.

Camera - Great 8MP camera and video, I have a good camera but hate carrying it. This phone allows me to take great pics of my kids on the go.

HTC Sense - I like it, not necessarily a reason to buy the phone but it has some nice features. Allows for quick use of Facebook and Twitter, upload of photos, review stocks, and view your schedule.

Battery - I play games and use my phone for everything all day, so instead of wasting time with the basic provided battery I bought the extended battery upfront (Verizon is offering it at 1/2 price through March). My phone lasts all day on one charge with heavy use (I do not have 4G where I am located and understand that this may use up more battery). At 11:30pm is when my battery is low (5% power). The big thing with the extended battery is that it adds to the size of the phone; one reason I considered the MAXX...but in the end I love the HD quality video and great audio too much to go with the MAXX just for size.

Phone calls - works great in my area and on the road, one thing I was concerned about was call quality because of other reviews but I've had no dropped calls in the month since I've bought the phone and they are very clear quality.

Case - I got the holster case when I bought the phone and the phone is big, but I love it and don't mind the size.

It's everything I wanted in a phone and more. I'm sure when I'm up for my "new every 2" there will be a great new phone with a thin, long lasting battery with all the features I want.

OVERALL - this is a great phone with a great camera, video, and audio, I love it and would recommend it, I would recommend going with the extended battery but that's just my preference.
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on December 30, 2011
I got this phone after doing a lot of research about the best one to get: the Rezound, the Galaxy Nexus, or the Razr? After having the Rezound for a while, I'm very happy with my choice. It's not an absolutely perfect phone- if I could give it 4.5 stars, I would- but I'd recommend the Rezound over its Android competitors in a heartbeat.

Here are its advantages:

+ The best screen. This phone simply has a much better screen than the Nexus or the Razr. It's much sharper and better looking. Go to the Verizon store, and load up a webpage with small text, zoomed out (the one I use for this test is the New York Times non-mobile homepage). The Rezound is just much sharper. The Razr is downright ugly, and the Nexus is pretty good, but not as good as the Rezound. I'd say this phone has a better screen than any other phone I've seen- it's just like the iPhone's, except much bigger. And that's exactly what I wanted.

+ HTC Sense. I really like all the features and customizations this has. I played a bit with the Nexus, and didn't like its look and feel nearly as much.

+ Very fast. No noticeable lag when I do anything. I just love how fast this phone is.

+ Good battery life. It's a 4g smartphone, so it's not going to last days and days. But I can get through a day of light use on the standard battery, and that's all I expect. I also like that the extended battery is so much bigger. I can almost get through two days on that. The Nexus's extended battery is much smaller, so it fits in the normal phone back and doesn't require a special backplate, but it doesn't actually extend battery life by much. The Razr doesn't even let you switch batteries.

+ The shape and feel. I love how this phone feels in my hand. It's just the right weight, shape, size, and texture. I know it's thicker than the Nexus and Razr, but I think they're too thin, especially the Razr. I don't even mind the thickness when the extended battery is on. The phone also feels very solid and well-built.

+ Call quality. I haven't compared this to the other two phones. But the call quality is great, and better than my last smartphone. I'm very happy with it.

+ The camera is great.

+ The headphones and Beats sound great. But I didn't buy this phone for the music, and haven't used the music features much. I really think HTC should have focused its promotions on its screen, which is better than any other phone that's been released.

+ The 4G signal is always very fast, and the GPS is always very accurate and locks on instantly. I tested the 4G, and compared the speed to wifi on my cable modem. The 4G is about as fast as my cable internet.

+ No bugs so far. I know this is a lack of a negative, but it's worth mentioning. No crashes, weird occurrences, or other problems.

Now for the negatives:

- The buttons are kind of hard to press. HTC should have made them stick out more. I've gotten used to it, but I still wish they stuck out more.

- It's not going to get the same operating system updates that the Nexus will. I know it will get an Android 4.0 update sometime next year, but I doubt it will get later updates. I personally prefer Android 2.3 + HTC Sense to the Nexus's pure Android 4.0. But I'd really like to see what Sense + Android 4.0, and 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 will look like. I hope HTC exceeds my expectations and releases regular and rapid updates.

- The case situation. Since the extended battery requires a much larger backplate, it can't fit in a regular Otterbox case. I wish I could use the same case for the phone regardless of which battery is in, but I can't. I haven't bought any cases yet because I'm not sure what to do. If you know for sure that you want to buy a case, it might make more sense for you to just buy a second regular battery. I also wish HTC had found a way to make the extended battery in a different, more irregular shape, so that the extended battery's backplate could stick out a lot less.

- The phone has a lot of Verizon bloatware. I knew before I bought the phone that it would come with a lot of Verizon software pre-installed that I wouldn't be able to remove. What I didn't know is that some of that software would run automatically, all the time, and that if I tried to quit the programs with Advanced Task Manager, the programs would just start up again. This means that some of my phone's memory and performance is being wasted and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I know I said the phone has no lag, but I'd still like to have every bit of power I can, and not have any wasted on software like Slacker Radio that I can't remove. (I also know some people root their Android phones to remove this stuff. I'd rather not have to do so.)

- I know I said I didn't buy this phone for the music. But when I do use my phone to listen to music, it's usually through Pandora. The Beats Audio optimizations only work when you're listening through the phone's Music app, which only plays music you store on the phone. So if you're listening to music through Pandora, or Google Music, or the un-removable Slacker Radio app, you can't use Beats. Since HTC chose to promote the Beats feature as the phone's number 1 advantage (which I think was a mistake), they should have taken the effort to get this feature right.

Overall, I'd very highly recommend this phone to anyone who's considering a Verizon smartphone. It's not perfect, but I love it.
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on December 7, 2011
I'll be short and to the point: I purchased a Rezound when it became more than clear that Verizon was not going to release the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime in late November. I cancelled my At&t line and opened a Verizon account so I could get the Rezound for $0.01 during the Penny Saver sale. Great decision.

Screen is amazing. Viewing angles are mediocre but color accuracy, brightness, pixel density, and refresh rate are all better than I had hoped.

Faster than I expected - this is in part due to the fact that I was coming from a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate that was stuck with an install of pre-release Gingerbread, but everything I throw at the phone runs perfectly well and very smoothly. 720p Youtube videos are amazing to watch at a full 30fps and such clarity. Games run like butter (although the market still restricts you from purchasing games that it would clearly be able to run.

Call quality is very good for me in Nassau County, Long Island, NY.

LTE signal is strong and consistently fast for me. 65-80 ms ping (to NY, NY server) and between 20-22 Mbps down. Max upload was 6 Mbps or so.

Sense 3.5 is better than I expected. I love vanilla 2.3's launcher, but the Sense UI has come a long way and, aside from the Verizon and HTC related bloatware, is quite fast and unobtrusive for now.

I didn't get the phone for the iBeats headphones or the Beats audio enhancement but the headset (while somewhat meek and flimsy feeling) produces very good sound. A bit heavy on the bass as expected, but the highs and mids are not too shabby. Can it compare to my Etymotic hf2's? No, but it's a nice inclusion.


Battery life - I cannot provide data to support this claim, but I can say that if you use your phone more than a moderate amount during the day with LTE on you may not make it through an 8-9 hour day. That being said I have had my phone on without charging during a good amount of use and on through the night (while at home on WiFi - set to turn off after 15 mins w/o use) get to 18 hours before dying. That includes texting (50-75 messages), internet browsing, a couple of youtube videos, brief game playing and 30 mins to 1 hour of voice. Draw your own conclusions about battery and if you are coming from an older LTE device you'll probably be pleased with the Rezound's battery performance anyhow.

Heat - the phone gets warm during: gaming (worse during 3D, but anything that keeps the screen on for a while whilst displaying a moving image will make it warm), videos, extensive web browsing on LTE, calls made while on LTE.

Development/Openness - Currently S-Off (bootloader locked) and only temporary root. Not unlocking, customs ROMS, root requiring apps (unless you never reboot) until HTC and Verizon allow us to unlock it on

Bloat - This is mainly Verizon's fault and every phone you get from them will be plagued by this. There are apps installed that one cannot get rid of, processes it forces the phone to run, etc. This makes for 500 Megs of mem usage even AFTER killing all processes. Note - this is not usually an issue and rarely will interfere with your use of the device.

Randoms issues/complaints/things of note:

- I have had two random occasions when the phone turned off in the middle of the night and did not reset itself (missed my alarm). This is pure, stupid speculation, but the windows happened to be open both nights and the temperature happened to fall dramatically during the course of the evening.
- Light bleeds around the bezel and under the LEDs near the backlight for the screen.
- Generally holds onto an LTE signal very well, but it may transition to CDMA while on the train or in the car (at least for portions of the trip, but this is probably just due to Verizon LTE dead zones in Queens, NY.-
- Doesn't have ICS (although it will be getting it). When is it being updated is the question. I posted on the HTC USA Facebook page and they did respond to my statement regarding this:

- Some apps designed for devices in the 800x400 or 960x540 resolution range either 1) look interpolated and unclear/pixelated or 2) stay in their native resolution and do not fill up the screen. This is more of a complaint about Android fragmentation and those developing for it without taking advantage of multiple DPI support.
- Some apps designed for phones do not format well to the resolution/Some apps designed for tablet resolution don't work or format well either. Example of this: AMC's app for Phones and Tablets.


I love this phone. It's speed, reliability, looks, feel, etc. all make up for the few qualms I have about it. If you are considering getting the phone (especially if there's a special deal for it less than $200 US) then rest assured that you'll be happy. When this gets ICS I am confident that even with whatever version/variant of Sense UI that is built into it that the phone will be even faster, smoother and more impressive.
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on November 19, 2012
I've had this phone for about a couple of months now; I was excited because this was my first smartphone. At first, I did notice little bugs here or there but it was nothing major. It wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. Maybe that should have been the red flag that sent me packing: the screen freezing and the unlock patterns acting wonky. I just assumed things would get better and the problem would eventually resolve itself.

Then today, everything went wrong. I can't receive/send texts or make calls. I actually liked this phone, but I wish I would have known about all of the problems the HTC brand has. The Rezound isn't the only phone in this franchise that has had the same problems I've been faced with; I've been browsing the internet to find a fix for it and its pretty much all of the subsidiaries under this brand that have the same, exact problem only in different levels. Needless to say, this is a brand I won't becoming back to.This was my first smartphone and it has surely left a bad taste in my mouth. I will probably get a Droid next, if I get another smartphone that is.
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