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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 1, 2012
I've had this for about three months and I'm on the third phone. The first one went into a continuous reboot cycle where it just rebooted all the time. They sent me a replacement apparently because I had bought the "protection plan" (gee, what happened to the warranty?). The replacement was also bad (WiFi kept starting and stopping which made WiFi useless and also disabled the Mobile Hotspot). Finally got a third one and this one seems like it works better than either of the other two.

Battery life sucks completely. I paid $50 and got an "extended battery" which makes the phone much thicker and heavier. Still, the thing will drain itself in half a day easy. In fact, if I go to bed with the battery on 50%, I will wake up to a dead phone. I would imagine the "standard" battery goes dead not very long after you turn the phone on.

The display is good, the speed is good, the apps are good, and it seems like a pretty rugged phone when it hasn't fried itself. The video quality is actually surprisingly good; it's better than my camcorder.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2012
I did my research and narrowed down my choices to LG Spectrum, Motorola RAZR MAXX, and the HTC Rezound.

I am very happy with my choice, stated that if you're buying a phone for music that this isn't a good reason to buy the Rezound....however, the sound on this phone with the Beats headphones is phenomenal (and I'm a Bose loyalist). I use Pandora, the provided music player, Sirius/XM, Stitcher, and other audio apps and the sound is great on all of them.

Camera - Great 8MP camera and video, I have a good camera but hate carrying it. This phone allows me to take great pics of my kids on the go.

HTC Sense - I like it, not necessarily a reason to buy the phone but it has some nice features. Allows for quick use of Facebook and Twitter, upload of photos, review stocks, and view your schedule.

Battery - I play games and use my phone for everything all day, so instead of wasting time with the basic provided battery I bought the extended battery upfront (Verizon is offering it at 1/2 price through March). My phone lasts all day on one charge with heavy use (I do not have 4G where I am located and understand that this may use up more battery). At 11:30pm is when my battery is low (5% power). The big thing with the extended battery is that it adds to the size of the phone; one reason I considered the MAXX...but in the end I love the HD quality video and great audio too much to go with the MAXX just for size.

Phone calls - works great in my area and on the road, one thing I was concerned about was call quality because of other reviews but I've had no dropped calls in the month since I've bought the phone and they are very clear quality.

Case - I got the holster case when I bought the phone and the phone is big, but I love it and don't mind the size.

It's everything I wanted in a phone and more. I'm sure when I'm up for my "new every 2" there will be a great new phone with a thin, long lasting battery with all the features I want.

OVERALL - this is a great phone with a great camera, video, and audio, I love it and would recommend it, I would recommend going with the extended battery but that's just my preference.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Features: 5 Stars

Design: 5 Stars

Performance: 5 Stars

Overall: The HTC Rezound is music lover's dream Android device. It does many things well with very few issues. My detailed usage based review follows.

Background: I upgraded from my Droid X, and I am experienced with Android. I also consider myself to be advanced when it comes to using high tech devices - although I have never rooted an Android device.

Setup: I bought mine at a local store, and the rep did everything up to where I entered my Google account. If you are doing this yourself (and it is your first 4g phone), the new thing you will have to deal with is the SIM card. It didn't look complicated, but then nothing does when someone else is doing it. Even though they are the same size, I did *not* transfer over my micro-SD card from my Droid X. I advise you against doing this because of the extraneous data that apps place on your SD card. This can cause problems on your new device.

Call Quality: This probably sounds strange, but making calls is pretty far down the list of things that I do with my phone. I do find the sound to be better than average on my end, and I have no complaints from folks on the other end. This includes normal usage and with a Bluetooth headset.

CPU: One of the things that I noticed immediately with the Rezound was how much more responsive apps are compared to the Droid X. I have the "Dominoes" app from Amazon, and the computer turns are almost too fast (I know, a good problem to have, right?). Switching between screens and scrolling through contacts and music are as smooth as can be. This is to be expected going from a 1 GHz single core to a 1.5 GHz dual core processor. I don't play a lot of fast paced or action games, and I expect the performance to be more than sufficient for my needs.

Data: Keeping with the "it's faster" theme let's talk about 4G. I'm not going to whip you with numbers, but the difference is striking over 3G on my Droid X. I had a number of pre-installed apps that needed updates in addition to adding some that I had on my Droid X. On smaller apps I thought the download failed because it was so fast. However closer inspection showed that they were there. One of my primary uses is to keep up with my Twitter feed. Using the Twitter for Android app I clicked through a few web links, and the page loads that were painful (take Fox Sports for example) loaded in a reasonable time - long enough to take a sip of coffee.

User Interface: This is my first HTC phone and therefore my first experience with the "Sense" overlay that they place on top of standard Android. I like the general look and feel of Sense much better than Motoblur. I had a friend who had the original HTC Hero on Sprint, and I always thought it had a good interface. On the Rezound it is highly customizable, and you have access the tweak it right from the home screen with the "Personalize" button. HTC's wallpaper selection is better than Motorola's in my opinion. The one thing I would change is the unlock swipe. I liked the left to right motion much better than the Sense bottom to top. Left to right is much easier to do one handed. Actually I don't think the bottom to top can be done one handed (at least by me). Flipping between screens is quite snappy courtesy of the generous CPU mentioned above. The HTC widgets for calendar and contacts are also great. Overall, give me HTC Sense 10 out of 10 times over Motoblur.

Music: You may have heard the phrase, "Those who know can't explain. Those who don't will never understand." I have experienced few things that fit this better than the combination of Beats Audio on the Rezound along with the supplied Beats Headphones. I used WMP to transfer music over from my laptop. It syncs like any other mp3 player. The playback is just amazing. It stands up to Alternative (Garbage "Push It"), Heavy Metal (Megadeth "Public Enemy Number One"), and Rap K'Naan ("ABCs"). I have been gradually stepping up the quality of device and headphones that I've been using over the last two years. With each step up I find that I am aware of more and more detail in the music. On "Public Enemy Number One" I heard the guitarist's fingers sliding down the fretboard. While the sound is bass heavy, I don't mind it. The detail across the spectrum is just something that you have to experience. If you are a music lover, this is your Android phone.

E-mail: If you were an early adopter of the Droid X, you most likely bought an additional e-mail client for syncing with Exchange. I don't know if Motorola ever fixed this on the X, but once I bought another client there was no reason to look back. I am happy to report that the default client on the Rezound syncs with my Exchange server at work with no issue. The UI is pretty good too. The one reason that I may switch to Moxier (what I used on the Droid X) is that with Moxier it is the only thing protected with the PIN rather than the entire device. This is not just a convenience issue. If you exceed your incorrect PIN entries using Moxier, it is the only thing wiped out. If you do that with the stock client, it wipes the entire device. I see this as a larger Android issue because all devices are like this (in my experience) regardless of manufacturer.

Battery Life: Perhaps you've heard that battery life on 4G devices is in a word awful. Like many other things your mileage will vary. If you are doing a lot of streaming media that also uses the display, count on needing to charge your device more than once a day. The 4G radio is a battery pig. Perhaps the next generation of devices will address this, but in the end you don't get something for nothing. As for my usage profile I don't make a ton of calls - maybe one or two brief calls a day. I do a moderate amount of e-mail, and I check my twitter feed throughout the day. I probably also listen to music off the SD card a minimum of 1-2 hours a day. A change will get me from 5:30 a.m. to the end of the work day, but I sometimes need a boost to get through the rest of the day. This is good enough for me as I have a charger in my car, at my desk, and next to my recliner. If you need sunup to sundown on a single charge, I would either suggest getting the extended battery or looking at the Droid Razr Maxx.

Multimedia: Honestly I would not suggest any phone as a good device for watching videos given the ubiquity of tablets, netbooks, and laptops that boast larger screens that will make the experience more enjoyable and immersive. That being said I was curious how video would look on the Rezound given its 720p capabilities. I installed Netflix and fired up an episode of Mad Men which to me is a very visual show in addition to being a great drama. The colors that I enjoy so much while watching Draper and Co. on TV are faithfully reproduced on the Rezound. This is one of the few devices that actually has a higher pixel density that the iPhone 4s (no, that is not a typo). Playback is buttery smooth with 4g speeds. I can hardly imagine the video experience being much better on a phone, but it is still a 4.3" screen. As far as output goes the Rezound lacks a micro-HDMI port but rather relies on an MHL adaptor that connects to the micro-USB port. This accessory is sold separately. This matters little to me personally, but others may find it important.

Conclusion: This is easily my favorite phone that I have ever owned. Ask anyone who knows me, and you will find that music is a *big* deal to me. I now have no need to lug around a separate mp3 player. If you are like me then you should run (don't walk) to get your hands on one of these. You won't be disappointed.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2012
I had a Droid Incredible for 2 years and held out on buying a new phone. I waited for new options to come out as the Incredible was at the top of the line for awhile.

When I started looking at new phones it was between the Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and the Droid RAZR.

I settled on the Rezound for a few reasons, it was the first true HD display, it's processor was faster, I was already used to HTC sense, and the battery was replacable and so was the memory.

Overall I am happy with the phone, thought it does tend to glitch on me from time to time (randomly soft reboots, phone doesnt actually turn off). I really like HTC's Sense UI and just felt the RAZR with MotoBlur was clunky, and the GNEX was nice, but felt limited.

Speed of this phone is great so no complaints there, only real complaint I have is the thickness, but it is bareable.

Overall 4.5 stars and can't wait for HTC to push Ice Cream Sandwhich to the Rezound!
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on May 10, 2012
If it worked, I would have very nice things to say about this phone. Unfortunately, it is clear that this product was released before the User Interface was ready. Here is a list of the issues I dealt with (and I know from my on-line research others have faced as well).

Mail client does not sync with my gmail account. I can get new emails on the phone for example, but what I delete will not delete on my gmail. Suddenly I can get text messages, but none I write will go out. When a caller hangs up, my screen goes dark, but I can't get it to light back up--yet it is still on. I try turning it on and off, nothing. Sometimes it will come back on after a few minutes, sometimes I have to open the back and pull out the battery and restart. Data network cannot be accessed, or is stuck in 1g or 3g. I have to reboot to fix. I lose all service. Then I turn off to fix. Then the phone power cycles, turning off and on over and over endlessly. The first time the only way to fix this was to do a hard reset and I lost everything. The next time I insisted on a new phone, but since have had all the other problems listed above.

In addition, the phone makes having a 4g network a joke. I mean, no exaggeration, the battery is good for about 2 hours using 4g... so what is the point?! this is the first 4g phone I have had, so I don't know if other phones are better at handling it. The 4g was never very snappy either. In fact, I often had problems getting consistent data connections, even when I knew I was in a good coverage area. So whether that is the phone or Verizon I cannot say. I can say I could care less about 4g based on my experience.

You can read other critiques of the phone in general reviews. I noticed a lot of Verizon sales guys were buying this phone. The stats on it read great, but in practice, this was a disappointment. The headphones are great though. Either Verizon is going to now give me a new phone or I will cancel with Verizon and go to Sprint.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2013
I used to find it difficult to truly hate a product. That changed when I got my Rezound.

The display specs look great on paper, but this phone's battery usage is HORRIFICALLY ABYSMAL. I'm part of a family plan, and compared to a Razr, an iPhone 4S, and a Droid 3,...well...there is no comparison. The rest of my family cannot begin to understand what it's like to deal with battery problems. It's not just a faulty battery - I spent $40 on an extended HTC Rezound battery and it still under performs. Half the time I plug it in to an AC outlet to charge (and I've confirmed that the phone is in AC charging mode), I get a message that the phone is using more current than what it's getting from the charge. This is blatant malarkey. You're telling me that it is not reasonable to surf Facebook while a smart phone recharges? Wow, just wow. I've done the research online. Power problems run rampant on this model. It's not worth getting a replacement phone through Verizon because 1.) the cost of replacement and 2.) it'll be the same crappy phone.

I also frequently encounter an annoying bug that happens during phone conversations. The phone will lock during the call, I hit the top button to unlock it, swipe it to unlock, and then the screen goes black again. Wash, rinse, repeat, you can't do anything on the phone including end the call until you take the battery out. The screen also goes black often while navigating phone system menus. It's better just to use a different phone if you have to make a call like that.

This phone disappoints in all areas because as great as the display might look, or as cool as the case might look, or as good as the Beatz may sound, power usage issues trump all. This one experience is so bad that I am now resolved to never buy an HTC phone again.

BUY SOMETHING ELSE. Seriously. I'm a techie, and have been professionally for a decade. Enough to know that this phone is not worth your money, even at a discounted price. I paid $70 for mine, not counting the $40 for the extended battery, and I feel like anything over $20 total would have been unfair based on the phone's performance. And don't think for a second that you might enjoy this phone with a standard battery. Add $40 to the purchase price, because that's what you'll be paying for eventually.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2012
I love technology! And I was really looking forward to recieving this phone which is why I am taking a second to compose a review. I did a lot of research and saw only good/glowing reviews of this phone so I was looking forward to a long and happy romance with it.
It was quickly shipped by Amazon at a great price-149.00. Unfortunately, out of the box the 4G sim card was defective so it wouldn't activate. I took it in to Verizon corporate store (after a few phone calls to Amazon and conferenced in with Verizon tech support-both very helpful)and that allowed the phone to begin working. Even the best relationships can start off with a few bumps right?
After using it about 45 min it became noticably hot to the touch. And not because I was feeling so passionately about the camera(which I loved). Of course this was after I left the store (30 miles from my home). I also had issues with it dropping from 3G to 1G service when my husband's "dumb phone" had a steady 4 bars. This continued at home with the phone on the dresser not moving-what?? Never had service issues with my previous Droid and Droid 2 at home or around town. After digging around on Rezound formats I discovered the overheating and service drop outs are being reported by others.
With just the wireless running I could see it's lovely, crips, screen in action but it blanked out to a white screen a few times and lost wireless signal too.
This is also a known problem.
Coincidentally I also have my mother's phone (also ordered from Amazon)having the same issues with 3G to 1G or just no G service.
Amazon folks were very helpful but it's time to part company with both phones. The bloom is off the rose. I am now skeptical of the build quality and felt others might want to be on the look out for problems. After 14 days you no longer get a new phone, so dont dismiss problems. Just my thoughts as I reflect on what might have been....
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2012
There are a lot of phones with a lot of hype out right now. This phone lives up to all of that hype...

First off, the screen is absolutely amazing. For those who believe those amoled screens are the best out there, you are wrong. Hold this screen up to an amoled screen, and tell me amoled screens are better. And as for the size, I owned an iphone 3g before this one. I was skeptical at first about toting around a 4.3" phone. After owning the rezound, I will never go back to a small screen. The huge screen with the 720p res is absolutely incredible (not to mention higher ppi than the retina display on the new iphones.)

Can't write a review on the rezound without mentioning the beats audio integration. The beats equalizer thats built into the phone: it's nice a addition, but really is a gimmick. You could make the same effect with an eq app. The real gem is the ibeats headphones that it comes with (retail $100.) They produce great bass response, lively mids, and crisp highs. They arent as saturated with bass as other beats headphones are. The combo of audio and headphones are not tuned for just hip-hop music. I am a huge Beatles fan, and it is a treat to listen to them on these headphones.

The hardware inside is pretty impressive: dual core 1.5 Ghz snapdragon processor and 1 gig of ram. What is a little discerning is the slight amount of lag on the interface. Sense 3.5 is very clock heavy, and seems is to be slowing down the phone a tad, the 720p screen probably has something to do with this as well (sense 3.5 is sweet btw.) One thing that is very annoying is that when you switch music tracks, there is a slight skip in the audio. This should not be happening on a phone that emphasizes audio and has a huge dual core processor. The hardware and software is not as integrated as you would find on an iphone or probably galaxy nexus. Maybe when android 4 comes out for this phone, these lag issues will be fixed. I guess the lag is only really noticable if you look for it. Just don't look for it. Forget I ever said this.

The battery is the one thing people keep complaining about on this phone. These are the people that have no friends and all they do is play on their phone all day and stream video and music over the ridiculously fast LTE connection (25 Mbps in some places.) Use this phone like a normal, non-loser human being, and you will end the day on a "green" battery. Another thing people complain about is that it is too thick. Go to a verizon store and hold a razr in your hand, hold this phone in your hand, and tell me that the razr feels better. The razr is for losers who want a gimmick in the form of a cell phone.

I somehow managed to get this phone for one cent on Amazon. I would spend the $300 if I had to, and I am not rich by any means. This is a boss of a phone. Incredible screen, blazing fast, great headphones, and good battery life. HTC is marketing this phone towards teen hipsters, but I guarantee the biggest tech nerds will be more than happy with this superpowerful phone. Buy this ish.
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25 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2011
After a week of using the Rezound and trying, trying, trying to like it, I have given up. I am returning my Rezound and replacing it with the Galaxy Nexus. The Rezound is a good phone, but compared to the Galaxy Nexus and and the Droid RAZR, it's in last place. Now, I'm an Android newbie -- I'm switching from the iPhone / iOS world, so some of my challenges involved the transition to a new mobile OS. But being somewhat technically proficient, I hope that I will be able to relay some important details to help others who may be debating whether to get the Rezound or not.

*** The Good: ***

- Sound while playing music via stock music player:

This elicited a WOW response, and much of the credit goes to the stock Monster / Beats by Dr Dre earbuds. When I played the same song on my iPhone 3GS using my BOSE buds versus the Beats buds, the Beats were somewhat better. But when I played the same song on my Rezound using my BOSE buds versus the Beats buds, the Beats were downright INCREDIBLE. Some people downplay this, by saying it's only marginally better, or by saying that you can achieve similar quality using a good equalizer app. Maybe. All I can say is, using the stock music player (and that's an important caveat), the sound was good. (But, heads up, look for remarks on the Sound when I get to "The Bad").

- Camera:

The camera is great. This is the one feature I will miss when I switch to the Galaxy Nexus, I suspect.

- The Specs:

No phone on the market has better specs, in terms of processor, memory, resolution, etc. The screen itself has some remarks in "The Bad", but the specs make this phone an impressive toy.

*** The Bad: ***

Let's just jump into this part. There are enough fanboy reviews out there who believe the phone does no wrong. I personally found it more helpful to find the reviews that focused on what would potentially bother me.

- Sound (and the earbuds), period:

See, on the Rezound, no one should be complaining about the sound. But I am. And so are many, many others if you browse the web long enough. This may be the fault of the stock Monster / Beats by Dr Dre earbuds, but there is definitely a problem with static with the sound. I've noticed it in small amounts while listening to music and watching videos, and you definitely notice it while using the phone (and yes, some of it is Verizon's sub-par call quality compared to AT&T [in the Chicago market], but I believe this is also a problem with the phone or the buds as well.) Even worse, several times I encountered a rather shocking problem: I literally was shocked. While listening to music, I would feel small electric shocks from time to time in my ears. (Yes, this means they're defective in some way. It's part of the reason I'm returning the phone.) Finally, the placement of the microphone / playback controls on the buds is annoying. Instead of being somewhat near your head, it hangs near the middle of your chest. This makes you intuitively raise the wire to your face when someone can't hear you - which is often. Overall, I had way too many complaints about the sound and specifically about the earbuds, and on the Rezound, this is a dealbreaker.

- Screen:

The screen resolution is good, sure, but the screen itself is just plain dim. I've read this has to do with the screen being LCD as opposed to the RAZR's and the Nexus's AmoLED screen. Whatever. Part of the reason I chose the Rezound over the RAZR back in November was because the RAZR got trashed in the reviews for its screen resolution and people raved about the Rezound's resolution. Well, my friend got a RAZR, and I promise you, the RAZR looks better. I'm hoping the Nexus looks better too, and from what I can tell from the in-store demo's, I think it will.

- Battery:

The absolute worst battery experience I've ever had. I enjoy watching videos downloaded from my Tivo on my way to and from work each day. On my iPhone, this was no problem. I charged every night, but I expected to do so. The Rezound would lose 30% of its battery within an hour. By 2 pm, my battery would be dead. Yes, I learned to employ little widgets and toggles that would allow me to manage the power more effectively, and there were a couple of days the battery almost lasted until the end of the work day. But it was a lot of work. I don't want to super-manage what my phone does, I want it to do everything it can whenever it has the need to do it, and I want to be able to go home at the end of the day with enough of a charge to make at least one phone call, even if I forget to charge the phone during the day. (I'm aware the Nexus may be no better in the battery department. We'll see. In any case, the extended battery for the Rezound is laughably big. That is not the case for the Nexus's extended battery. So again, the Rezound loses on this one.)

- HTC Sense 3.0:

Despite HTC putting an admirable effort into making a unique interface, I had a lot of frustrations with it. This is not the Rezound's fault, and Android know-it-all's would perhaps mock me for pointing this out. But the "All Apps / Phone / Personalize" buttons on the bottom are obnoxious. The People / Contacts organization is ridiculous (a failing of both HTC and Android as a whole, from what I understand.) The inability to resize widgets is annoying. Overall, I liked the RAZR's custom interface better, and I like the Nexus's ICS interface the best. It will be interesting to see how HTC changes things when the Rezound gets the ICS upgrade.

- Syncing:

Coming from the iTunes world, this is downright maddening. I am astounded that Google hasn't built an iTunes clone for Android. The hodge-podge of syncing apps and software; I've tried them all this week - including HTC's custom sync software. They all pretty much sucked. I finally found that the best solution was to drag and drop files manually from Windows to the Android phone. (Now, the Nexus won't mount as a USB drive due to the fact that it's got a single, unexpandable amount of storage on it (boo, Samsung & Google! I would have liked the option.) It will be interesting to see whether Syncing is any better with the Nexus.)

- The Specs:

Finally, back to one of the aspects from "The Good". Yes, the specs are good, but they're meaningless to real-world users. In fact, the Rezound is noticeably slower than both the RAZR and the Nexus, from what I have personally seen. Some may claim I'm imagining it, some may throw performance reports out there to disprove me, some may say I clearly received a defective phone. I don't care. What I saw was, the Rezound - while being a good phone - wasn't anywhere near as impressive as the RAZR wound up being, and it doesn't seem to be as well made as the Galaxy Nexus.

Buy it if you want. But make sure you understand the return policy.


And speaking of which, one final note: So far, Amazon Wireless has proven to employ the absolute best customer service representatives with which I have ever dealt. No one else even comes close. I have had to put together a very complex order and exchange scenario with my situation, and the Amazon Wireless reps have been simply amazing. Kudos to them and to Amazon. And Amazon Corporate -- you're doing this right, with the Wireless department. Please always remember, while we will buy your products for their prices, we're going to tell everyone we know to buy from you because of your representatives. Keep these people employed, and keep up the good work!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on August 20, 2013
Since purchaseing this phone in April of 2013, I have had to send it back 2x. Both times, the port where you plug in the charger either wore out or just was not working anymore. The phone when you do charge it, does not hold a charge for very long, and recently only holds a charge for abot 2 hours.
I won't get another rezound. Too much trouble.
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