Customer Reviews: HTC Rezound, Black 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on December 10, 2011
This is the BEST phone I have ever had, i truly mean it - VERY smooth processing, very fast start up, great surfing, great call clarity - BUT, the battery that came with it, onyl last about 8 hours with pretty heavy use. So, I went ahead and got the extended battery, it makes a huge difference, I get about 14 to 17 hours now with the same amount of usage.. One thing, this battery and cover DOES make the phone bigger, BUT, for me at least, that is what makes me give this a A+ rating, it is MUCH mroe comfortbale now to talk, to type, and mainly, to play games - With normal battery, phone was a bit too thin, and I accidentally hit buttons I didnt want to when typing or gaming, again, If you are thinking of this or the hyped out Razr, do yourself a favor and GET THIS PHONE, hands down, the best, I mean BEST phone you can buy!

Pros - Everything except battery - Do yourself a favor and get the bigger battery, it last double the time and has a better feel all the way around.

Cons - The battery that comes with the phone - hard to type and to game, as well, it onyl lasted 8 to 10 hours on a good day!

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on March 27, 2012
I have been a smartphone user for 3 years now starting with the original Droid 1 phone. I got used to being able to modify my phone with fantastic code from developers all around the world. I "upgraded" to a Droid 2 Global phone and found the manufacturer of that phone decided to lock MY phone so I could not update the phone like I was used to with the original Droid 1.

Enter HTC!! While looking around for my next smartphone I read the reviews of the HTC Rezound and I was VERY impressed, AND I can update my phone with custom ROMs (I know most won't want to do this, but if you do like tinkering with your phone and NOT having to wait for the manufacturer to do the updating, then this is another reason this is a very good phone.)

The stock phone is fantastic, fabulous, and FAST! The HD screen is amazing, the sound is superb, and the camera quality is crystal clear. Throw in Beats audio and earbuds and how can anyone go wrong with this phone? YOU CAN'T!!!

So, you say, "But, I've never heard of this phone." Yup, Verizon didn't push this phone, didn't advertise much at all which makes this phone now one of the fastest, loaded with goodies, and inexpensive phones out today. YEAH! I got this phone about 3 months ago and have never regretted this decision, AND my phone is STILL fresh and a BEAST OF A PHONE.

And if you like putting on custom ROMs there is a very strong group of developers out with the latest, greatest android system (Ice Cream Sandwich), and lots of tweaks. Oh, and HTC still supports this phone very well and will be coming out with Ice Cream Sandwich for this phone soon unlike the manufacturer of my last two smartphones which were no longer supported almost the day I bought them.

Thank you HTC for the Rezound!!!
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on November 26, 2014
Was pretty awesome for its time, but.....
GPS was awful. It was very slow to find my spot and often kicked out in the middle of a drive. Was still able to use location based apps, but it also took forever for those to find their spot.
Battery life was a joke, even with extended battery.
Verizon preloaded a bunch of junkware on it and when I upgraded my phone, I learned that it is very difficult to root (now have a bricked phone with HTC logo on it). Apps were very incredibly slow to load and after downloading a few (about 10) to my phone, the phone application itself became very laggish.... It would literally have a 10-20 second pause between hitting dial on the contact and actually dialing the number, if I hit it twice in confusion of whether or not i hit it, it would still wait the time and then dial twice while putting one on hold in the background. Didn't reset to defaults which i should have done, but did delete my apps and run cleanup utilities to no avail. Definitely a great phone to have, but keep it to the basic factory installed stuff and use it as just a phone.
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on November 28, 2011
All around it's the best phone out there right now.

My dad has a T-mo Samsung Galaxy S2 and putting them next to each other, the Rezound's screen is MUCH better. I have my screen set to 25% brightness all the time and it's plenty no matter where I am. The Rezound also feels much better in the hand. It might be thicker and heavier, but it feels better. Don't go by specs, go by real world feel. Try it out at your local shop.

Battery life can be an issue until you drain it and fully charge it about 3-5 times. I got 30 hours of it last charge cycle with about 10 phone calls of 5-10 minutes each, about 30 minutes of music, about 30 minutes of web surfing, a few downloads from the app store, and about 100 texts. Maybe some other stuff. This is light use. With heavy use, you're charging within 12 hours.

The Galaxy Nexus is what I was waiting for, but I'm glad I got this one. The GN sounds less tempting each day. No SD card, no USB mode etc. It will have better battery supposedly though.

Also, if you're coming from another network. You might be surprised to see 2 bars as your signal strength most of the time. I had T-mobile and always had full bars in Miami. I just downloaded some signal strength apps (opensignal, network signal info, and mobile signal widget) and they actually both have almost identical dbm values (my t-mo phone is still active for another week). So Verizon is just more conservative with their signal bar estimate.
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on February 22, 2012
I got the phone yesterday and I am fairly impressed so far. Within a few minutes of unboxing I had it hooked to the computer for the root process. I am unimpressed with the current root process. It took about an hour and a half and was semi labor intensive. For those of you who root your phones do not attempt to flash an ICS ROM yet if this is going to be your daily phone. They are not ready to be stable daily ROMs yet.

Battery Life:
I lose about 10% an hour of normal use. This means it should last about ten hours. I definitely recommend getting extra batteries and an external battery charger available on amazon for about 25$ for two batteries and charger.

Screen: is responsive, bright, and clear.

4G is ridiculously fast. It is currently running faster than my Verizon Fios Wifi!!

Will update review once I have had it longer.
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on December 9, 2011
I was a little worried at first because i loved my IPHONE on AT&T. I wanted a phone that had 4g speed and after reading all the good reviews i said to myself let me gives this a try. I am glad i did listen to the reviews. This phone and with the Verizon service is unbelievable. First off the Rezound is a sexy phone with everything you can imagine on it. I loved the fact that it came with the beats head phones. The screen is beautiful and very vibrant. The beats app is nothing special. My only cons are the android app store. i feel like the apple app store is far superior then the android app store. Other problem no itunes for obvious reasons. other than that i am sticking with this phone. It is an amazing quick phone.
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on October 25, 2013
I've actually stated on very many occasions that I LOVE this phone. I've it for nearly a year now and my only issue is the battery life and sometimes, during heavy use, it does get hot, I do admit that the phone numbers for incoming calls are desperately small, so figuring out who's calling can be quite difficult. But the caller ID picture is quite large, so I've input recognizable pictures for those people in my phone book which helps me see who it is while in the car. If the person isn't a contact, and the call comes while I'm driving, the call can usually wait until I'm stationary or out of the car to return the call. I love that I have been able to fully customize virtually every feature of this, making my life with this phone, particularly when I'm in the car, incredibly helpful. Unlike most smartphones on the market you don't answer or open the phone by swiping a horizontal tab across the bottom of the screen, which always seems to be hard to reach, again, especially in the car, you flip a ring in that's nearly 1/4" above the screen base with your thumb either to the right or to the left and answer the call that way. It's very easy and you can do it with one hand.

I will be leaving Verizon soon and really lament the idea that I'll be leaving this phone, as well. I only hope that the features of my next phone are competitive with this one.

Lastly, it is the coolest looking phone out there. It's got a nice, large face, but the back has an interesting molded design which helps a great deal for holding the phone securely. In 10 months I think that the Rezound has only slipped out of my hands, well, never.
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on September 5, 2012
I told my wife not to get it. We went through four incredibles last go around. They were not even factory refurbs, all four were brand new. She wanted it and the salesman told us there would be no problems with this one. It worked okay for about a month and a half. Still on 2.3 but then it started freezing, battery life went down, camera would stay stuck on, browsers of all kinds would just shut down. We went to the store and they recommended a factory reset and the upgrade to 4.0. So after all the fun of reinstalling all of the apps we had, minus the "bad ones" that work fine on my Razr Maxx, and then upgrading to 4.0 we are left with a device that is more buggy than before, uses battery life quicker thanks to the removal of the cdma only option. Called Verizon and they say we have to run it in safe mode for a few days to make sure it isn't an app problem. So much headache. Do yourself a favor and steer away HTC. You will be glad you did.
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on February 12, 2014
Stay away from this junk phone. Save yourself the trouble. I purchased this phone about 4 months ago and at first it seemed alright. Everything was good the display looked great and i liked the setup of the phone and everything. After about 2 weeks after i purchased the phone it started having issues with charging and the verizon employee i spoke with recommended purchasing a new charger. So i did. This had no effect on the issue it was still having problems charging but it seemed to only do this about once every week at first.Then later into the 2nd month of owning the phone the issues became more persistant. So than i was forced to purchase a new battery. This seemed to fix the issue. Only to find out 2 weeks later the issues started to happen yet again with the brand new battery. Now after going through 2 new batterys and 3 new chargers and spending more money on the batterys and chargers than i did on the phone itself, the phone will not charge at all. If i charge it while its on it says it is charging but than states "The phone is using more power than the charger is providing" and slowly dies. If i power the phone off than it says its charging but than after 14 hours of charging after turning the phone back on it will not turn on. After removing the battery and sim card for 45 minutes and trying to get the phone to work i finally managed to get it to turn on and its only at 14 percent battery and dying. I only get to make one phone call a day while charging this piece of crap and have to limit it to 10 minutes, than the phone has to stay off for the rest of the day. When i get a new phone im taking this thing outside and hitting a homerun with my baseball bat. That is the most excitement this piece of crap phone will ever provide for me. Also after reading forums it seems like everyone else is having the same issues constantly. Thanks for ripping us off HTC with your worst phone ever constructed, I will never purchase your products ever again.
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on April 7, 2012
HTC's slogan of "quietly brilliant" really applies to this phone. The Razr and Nexus have been all over in advertising yet I barely knew this phone exists.

This phone is extrodinarily reliable. Every things runs at top speed with no troubles. The screen is better than the Retina display of the iPhone and a gorgeous 4.3in. This phone is thicker than most of the competition but it does not feel bulky. It is light and the weight is distributed well. The earbuds and beats software work well.

As with almost every Android phone the battery leaves somethong to be desired. I largely solved this problem by getting an external battery charger with two batteries on Amazon for just $23.

This is a solid phone I can fully recommend.
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