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on January 10, 2012
There are a lot of phones with a lot of hype out right now. This phone lives up to all of that hype...

First off, the screen is absolutely amazing. For those who believe those amoled screens are the best out there, you are wrong. Hold this screen up to an amoled screen, and tell me amoled screens are better. And as for the size, I owned an iphone 3g before this one. I was skeptical at first about toting around a 4.3" phone. After owning the rezound, I will never go back to a small screen. The huge screen with the 720p res is absolutely incredible (not to mention higher ppi than the retina display on the new iphones.)

Can't write a review on the rezound without mentioning the beats audio integration. The beats equalizer thats built into the phone: it's nice a addition, but really is a gimmick. You could make the same effect with an eq app. The real gem is the ibeats headphones that it comes with (retail $100.) They produce great bass response, lively mids, and crisp highs. They arent as saturated with bass as other beats headphones are. The combo of audio and headphones are not tuned for just hip-hop music. I am a huge Beatles fan, and it is a treat to listen to them on these headphones.

The hardware inside is pretty impressive: dual core 1.5 Ghz snapdragon processor and 1 gig of ram. What is a little discerning is the slight amount of lag on the interface. Sense 3.5 is very clock heavy, and seems is to be slowing down the phone a tad, the 720p screen probably has something to do with this as well (sense 3.5 is sweet btw.) One thing that is very annoying is that when you switch music tracks, there is a slight skip in the audio. This should not be happening on a phone that emphasizes audio and has a huge dual core processor. The hardware and software is not as integrated as you would find on an iphone or probably galaxy nexus. Maybe when android 4 comes out for this phone, these lag issues will be fixed. I guess the lag is only really noticable if you look for it. Just don't look for it. Forget I ever said this.

The battery is the one thing people keep complaining about on this phone. These are the people that have no friends and all they do is play on their phone all day and stream video and music over the ridiculously fast LTE connection (25 Mbps in some places.) Use this phone like a normal, non-loser human being, and you will end the day on a "green" battery. Another thing people complain about is that it is too thick. Go to a verizon store and hold a razr in your hand, hold this phone in your hand, and tell me that the razr feels better. The razr is for losers who want a gimmick in the form of a cell phone.

I somehow managed to get this phone for one cent on Amazon. I would spend the $300 if I had to, and I am not rich by any means. This is a boss of a phone. Incredible screen, blazing fast, great headphones, and good battery life. HTC is marketing this phone towards teen hipsters, but I guarantee the biggest tech nerds will be more than happy with this superpowerful phone. Buy this ish.
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on December 10, 2011
I recently upgraded from the HTC Eris to the HTC Rezound and have been quite pleased so far.

I've been a fan of HTC after having dropped my Eris onto concrete or asphalt from chest height on multiple occasions (yes, I'm prone to dropping things). My Eris has some interesting scratches and gouges along the corners but this has never affected the performance; HTC phones are built well.

The best HTC tumble to date has got to be the most recent: an HTC Thunderbolt belonging to my wife that hopped down half a flight of uncarpeted stairs into 2" of water while on hold with my homeowner's insurance agent.
Mercifully, the rear door and battery sprung out during the tumble before landing in the drink, but after drying out on top the Keurig for a couple hours, the battery was placed back in and she started right up. My wife says this is why we can't have nice things but I think I just need a lanyard or something.

Granted, my experience with phones is rather limited but I'm a rather picky person (so I've been told). This phone has lived up to every demand I've made of it other than battery life.
From a full charge, my Rezound will last to about the end of a 10 hour workday with about 20% charge left. I typically check my email, fact-check BS from various co-workers on Google or play Words with Friends throughout the day, culminating in roughly 60-100 minutes.

I guess considering with the snappy 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, 720p 4.3" screen and 1GB RAM, this is not completely unreasonable. However, I have noticed I can extend run-time if I opt for WiFi when available. WiFi is actually easier on the battery than 3G (and especially 4G), so if your Rezound pesters you to run it when free access is abound, let it.

My only suggestion to anyone planning to use this phone for extended periods away from an outlet is to purchase a portable charger, such as those from New Trent.
My pocketable New Trent IMP99D cahrger (9,900 Mah) allows me to completely charge my Rezound 4 times before needing a recharge. Or for those who travel, this means at least 7 hours of NetFlix or HBO-go streaming video on 4G.

Though not the lightest or thinnest phone out there running 4G, the Rezound impresses me something fierce!
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on January 26, 2012
I have been playing with this phone for over 2 weeks and I have to say that I like. It has its flaws, which I'll point in a bit, but has all the things I like it. And specially with the price drop Amazon is offering, this phone is a great choice for those wanting to do common things on a smartphone like surfing the web, reading news and running occasional games.
Here are the good things I found:
- Screen size: I had to adjust to the size of the phone, because my previous one had a 3" screen. After a few days, I see the benefit and comfort of browsing the web on a 4.3" screen. A little big to put on the pants' pocket, but I'm getting used to it. Perhaps a 4" would be better...
- Processing power: Apps run fluidly and websites open quite fast. It's quite responsive to touch, with the main screen and web pages moving well, although it still does not have the responsiveness seen on an Iphone!
- Battery: Yes, battery, the stock battery. Just checking now, and after 11Hrs on battery, it still has 68% left. No, I don't surf all the time, but I do check websites, read news and make the regular calls and send emails/txts. I turn on Bluetooth occasionally and always enable 4G. I don't turn on GPS, I disable roaming, put the screen light to medium, disable a lot of running services I don't use and things like that to optimize battery life.
- Screen resolution: With that amount of pixels, you can get a lot of content in one full screen!
- Sound: It's good. I haven't done too much music listening though. About the Dr. Dre Beats headphones? I don't care.
- Camera: It's good and somewhat responsive. Not quite zero lag. Good resolution and ok quality.

And here are things I wasn't too satisfied about:
- Booting time: Damn it takes a long time to boot (~5 mins, yes that's too long for a phone)! Although I haven't seen a need to reboot it too often.
- Auto reboot: Today it rebooted on me for the first time. Not sure what happened (thermal runaway, software glitch...?)
- Android: Not really this phone's fault, but since I can't do anything with it without the OS, I'm writing my stint on it. Gingerbread is still not a very stable platform and lacks better memory management. I have to constantly force apps to close from the Task Manager. It's not a true multitasking OS. Some apps lose their state when I open another app and switch back to the them. Again, it's not HTC's fault but I can't wait to install ICS.

Overall, the plus'es beat the minus'es and I like this phone. With a price drop from $299 to $79 on Amazon, that's an amazing choice for a smartphone.
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on March 18, 2013
I've had the HTC Rezound for 1 year now. It's a good "device" but a poor phone.

The call quality when receiving a call is terrible because the speaker "buzzes" when people speak fast or loudly on the other end. This is the 2nd Rezound I've had and the first one had the same issue. The phone's microphone is very sensitive and picks up background noises and magnifies them and makes it difficult for the people I call to hear me as well. If you make a lot of phone calls I can not recommend this phone.

Phone has "Beats Audio". I didn't notice a significant difference in audio quality over my iphone 3GS.

This was one of the few phones I found that had zoom plus "wrap around text" built into the web browser. Much easier to read text than on other phones where you can only see part of a page and have to scroll back and forth. The phone is a very good size and easy to hold, display is very good as well.
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on April 16, 2012
After a painstaking process of reviewing numerous online sources before purchasing my first smartphone I decided upon the Motorola Bionic and the HTC Rezound, both being offered for $49.99 at the time. I decided to get the Bionic, and the gorilla glass is great (although not much of a selling point if adding a screen protector anyways). However, the ear piece speaker did not work well. After multiple calls to Verizon and a trip to the store, I returned it (I purchased it as a CPO from Verizon Online).
I then decided to get the Rezound. In almost every way the Rezound is a better phone. It is fast, battery is ok, it is a little heavy, the shape of the phone fits my hand better than Motorola and the the camera is far superior. Beats Audio is fantastic! (Although the included headphones are not the best to run with).
Most of all I was immediately taken aback by the difference in customer service between Verizon and Amazon. Amazon is hands down far superior in the level of service they provide. The 2 reps I talked were both polite and courteous, and actually answered my questions. I doubt I will every buy a phone from Verizon again. When all other things are equally, customer service is what separates two companies. Great job Amazon.
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on June 15, 2012
My wife and I recently upgraded. My wife originally upgraded to the iPhone through Verizon and hated it. Yes I know, everyone loves Apple products, but I am one of Apple's biggest critics. They make beautiful devices but aren't functional unless you have iEverything. Long story short, my wife returned her iPhone 4S within 24 hours.

My wife then purchased the Motorola RAZR Maxx through Amazon Wireless. I, on the other hand, upgraded to the Droid Bionic. The original phones we were issued had large scratches on the display. Amazon promptly sent out replacement phones. After playing with the devices for a few days, we both were having tons of problems. We phoned tech support and after hard resets and trouble-shooting the errors persisted. The RAZR Maxx would drop internet connectivity constantly. The Bionic would freeze all the time. The most annoying thing for both devices was unlocking the phone. The Bionic was worse, but both phones would sometimes take 5-30 seconds to unlock. Opening apps was also troublesome as clicking the app link would again cause the phone to pause for a while.

We both then switched to the HTC Rezound after reading all the positive reviews and both love our phones. The display is beautiful and the phone is lightning fast. We've had zero issues so far.

One last note is the camera. The camera on the Rezound is amazing. It has a very fast shutter speed and takes high quality pictures even when the subject is moving. The camera on the Motorola devices was horrible. Even stationary objects would often come out blurry.

1. Beautiful display with vibrant colors
2. Lightning fast speed
3. Very fast downloads (you would think the device wouldn't affect download speeds but strangely it does, at least between Motorola and HTC. Motorola took forever to download apps and files.)
4. Phone has some nice features.
5. Very fun phone overall.
6. Amazing camera

1. Battery life. But you have to consider that all 4G LTE phones have terrible battery life. The Rezound isn't all that bad though. I use my phone heavily and the battery lasts almost all day.
2. MINOR flaw that is easily fixed - there is no shortcut for the camcorder. Not sure why HTC didn't include one but a quick download from the Play store fixes the problem.
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on January 19, 2013
This is my first smart phone, and I think I made a great decision getting the Rezound. I've had it for almost two months, and I have yet to have any major problems with it. The battery life is actually really great, which is the main thing I was worried about. I use my phone fairly actively through the day and a full charge usually lasts me an entire day, and the most I've gotten out of one charge is around 36 hours. I do occasionally have issues with dropping wifi/3g connection, but it doesn't seem to be much of a problem. All I have to do is go to the settings menu and reconnect. The one thing I'm not happy with is the Beats headphones that came with this phone. They were amazing at first, but died after about 6 weeks. Considering the retail value of said headphones is pushing $100, I expected way more out of them. Since I basically got them for free, though, I'm not that upset. The sound quality on the phone is great, the camera could be a little better, but it's not terrible. I would definitely recommend this phone.
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on December 2, 2011
I bought this phone as an upgrade to my Droid X (over the Razr). The deciding factors for me were the size, screen and camera of the device . I actually prefer the slightly thicker (we are talking 0.5 an inch) and narrower device. The screens were not noticeably different but I found text to be more crisp on the Rezound. The cameras were both much snappier than my old X, but HTC has better embedded camera tools. I have camera 360 on my X and was assuming I would use it on the new phone but the HTC software is great. Also I was a bit concerned about the non-removable battery on the Razr -- one of my biggest gripes with Apple devices. I will say I miss some of the functions available on the Motorola and am still having to work my way around the new phone after a week of use (ex. no embedded battery indicator and strange voice dial).

The battery life is less on this device than the Droid X but not enough to matter to me. I charge overnight and usually during the day I will sync with my computer or plug into the car charger for about an hour -- I have never gotten below a 40% charge. Loving the 4G speeds and the ability to use the device easily with one hand.

I would definitely recommend this.
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on March 29, 2013
It actually came out of the box and the phone function itself didn't work, it wasn't until it got a software update that it actually worked. Right now it's unbearably slow. It takes it 60+ seconds to load up IM+ after it has been dumped out of RAM. I usually press and app and just walk away and come back when it's loaded. I've tried formating the thing 4 times, tried different Android builds, flushing the flash, and even kernel hacks. Nothing will make this thing any faster. Also the battery is terrible, even with the extended battery. Using it all day, it will end up dead before the night, and that's with the extended battery that makes it thicker than any smart phone on the market now. Bleh, I ranted about it so long on Facebook I'm all ranted out now, the thing just sucks.
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on April 28, 2012
I got this phone when the Verizon Wireless website price was just $50! I have no idea why they dropped it so low since it was already sold out all over the place, but since then it is now up to $200, and it is well worth it in my opinion. I did a crazy amount of research into it before I decided to buy, notwithstanding the amazing price tag. It still seems too good to be true, but it has even exceeded my expectations, mostly because I was prepared for the negativities that people pointed out in their reviews. I'm a bit of a tech nerd, having built my own computer and repaired lots of electronics that most people wouldn't even consider repairing, so I kind of know my way around electronics better than most. For me, it is perfect, but I can see how it may be difficult for those that aren't so accustomed to how the latest technology works. Anyway, the screen looks amazing, it's insanely fast, and if you know how to manage your power options (turn off 4G, lower screen brightness, kill apps that aren't being used), which HTC makes it very easy with all of the widgets available, the battery life really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It easily will last the whole day with light use. If you're heavily using it, you're probably sitting around somewhere that you can just plug it in anyway. Plus an extended battery is only like 40 bucks, and it almost doubles the life, so if it's that big of a deal to you, just get the extended battery. I really love the feel and look of the phone, and it fits perfectly in my hand and pocket. The Beats Audio headphones sound amazing! I was really blown away, so now I never use my iPod or iPad for music anymore, just my phone because the quality is so much better.

The main complaints I saw were lousy buttons, the lcd is difficult to see in the sunlight, the size, and the battery life. I've already talked about the size and battery-life, both have been fine for me. With the LCD being difficult to see in the sun, you just have to adjust the brightness, which is really easy with the brightness widget, just a couple touches, and then everything is very clear and bright. It has not been an issue for me at all. As far as the buttons go, they're very slim to the phone, so they may take some getting used to at first when you're trying to wake up the phone or adjust the volume, but they work fine for me and I really don't think they take anything away from the phone at all.
The only thing that's bugged me a very minimal amount on this phone is the phone ear speaker. Every once in a while is sounds odd, almost like a blown speaker would, but I can still hear the other person just fine, it just has a weird digital type sound to it. Difficult to explain but it's something I noticed. I actually generally just use my Beats headphones when I call people since they have a built-in mic (which is awesome), so it's generally not even an issue.

To wrap this up, I'd just like to compare the hardware of this phone with the Nexus, which is the big seller right now(my brother has one). The Rezound is generally much less expensive, but beats out the Nexus hardware in a few areas, which really surprised me when I first noticed it. It's worth pointing out though that the Nexus has Ice Cream Sandwich and the Rezound should be getting it soon, but it doesn't have it yet. Darn you Verizon.

Rezound: Dual core 1.5 ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB memory out of the box (16 internal, 16 memory stick that comes with it), 4.3" 720p LCD display (not AMOLED sadly), 8 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera

Nexus: Dual core 1.2 ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB memory, 4.65" 720p AMOLED display, 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera

So you can see that the Rezound actually has a better processor and better cameras, as well as coming with Beats Audio headphones. I'm not saying it's better than the Nexus since the Nexus has a better display, ICS, better battery life, and slimmer, lighter design, but I am saying you get quite the bang for your buck for the Rezound, especially when it was only $50. Love this phone! I'm so glad I got mine when I did.

I wanted to add also that I've used an iPod Touch and an iPad for a long time now, so I have decent experience with the Apple app market compared to the Android app market and I must say that I strongly prefer the Android market, since I don't like to pay for my apps. If you don't mind paying for most of your apps, go with Apple, but since I like free things much more, I really prefer the Android app market.
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