Customer Reviews: Kyocera Duracore, Black (Sprint)
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on August 24, 2012
I only gave this product one star because zero wasn't an option. Similar to the other review, we couldn't wait for our company to phase out the old motorola nextels because quite frankly, they had taken a beating and recently we were having trouble getting a signal around the Detroit area where we work because of some "cell tower changeovers". As truck drivers, we rely heavily on the push to talk feature to communicate with one another, and the new kyocera phones were received readily. We began our day at 5:30 AM, and by around 8 AM all drivers were frustrated and angry with the reception and the "coffee can" sound quality of these new devices. The sound quality was extremely poor and the signal rarely came through without being choppy or outright static filled. If our company's intent was to eliminate communication among the drivers, then mission accomplished. I no longer can bear to talk on it more than what is absolutely necessary! In fairness to kyocera, I'm not sure if Sprint just needs to get their act together on the cell towers or Kyocera just made a lousy phone. All I can say, is I would enter any kind of agreement cautiously, or on a trial basis.
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on October 5, 2013
It's exactly what was needed. Bigger screen and numbers and loud enough ringtones. Good for a person who does not see all that good. Easy enough to program when I got the hang of it. Good buy
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on February 11, 2014
Its a solid little phone. Battery life is excellent, button feel is good, screen is easy to read.

I am a little disappointed in two ways, in comparison to the Sanyo Taho I had before this phone. Firstly, this phone (or at least the one I received) is not fully waterproof. After using it in the rain, I had some condensation form behind the screen, which took about a week to disappear. Secondly, this phone doesn't feel quite as durable, specifically the flipping hinge. It doesn't feel as solid as Id like. It would also be nice if it had a camera.
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on February 17, 2014
I had to purchase this phone when my LG F3 died after six months and LG refused to replace it. I mostly use a samsung tablet so did not need to spend $600 on a sprint compatible smart phone. So I got this phone call clarity is great, it was super easy to active on my sprint account and works great. battery life seems excellent but lets face it all I can really do is talk on it. Texting and web stuff is impossible with my large fingers and the small keys.

If you need a second phone just to call on and want something that will stand up to abuse this would be a good canidate. The few features it has work simply and as I stated up Battery life and call clarity are good.
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on July 24, 2012
The most poorly designed consumer product of any kind that I have ever seen. The buttons on the exterior of the phone have such a light touch that they can be actuated by brushing the phone lightly or sitting down with the
phone in the belt holder. The belt holder has a unique protusion that gouges into your side when you set down. When you go to answer a call it is near impossible to get the phone out of the holder and flip it open without
actuation of one of the exterior buttons and either cutting off the call or switching modes. It seems to be something new everyday. You are either out of service area, in direct connet mode, in voice recognition mode etc. without any knowledge of how you got there. The Sprint service is also a joke. I am not alone in my oponion of this TOTALLY WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK. Mine is a company phone and hundreds of them were handed out to the employees of my company and everyone is complaining.
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on October 5, 2012
Oct. 5, 2012: This phone is useless. Calls often go directly to voice mail and reception is poor. Sometimes I have 5 bars, other times one the same room!!! Even though this phone has extremely negative reviews everywhere, Sprint is still selling the phone. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4s or the Samsung Galaxy 3 but friends have told me that, although the phones are great, Sprint's network is so limited that the phones cannot function to their potential. I'm afraid that with Verizon's expanding network, Sprint may just opt out altogether.
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on December 16, 2012
Sprint sent me these for free I was a Nextel customer for 14 yrs. I would only take them with no contract they agreed. I couldn't keep my same plans of course it ended up being more. Free incoming 400 was history no longer avail how convenient for them. I am in Miami and they started turning off the Nextel towers here as they say they will do by mid 2013 it would completely off. . My Motorola Nextel's were awesome radio worked every time. I would of kept them forever except I was getting no service even inside the Sprint store. Shutting off towers in Miami. The new Sprint phones I received the radio doesn't work. 99 out of 100 it may go through. I called customer service they said that's the way it works we know about the problem and are working on it. Error 300 error 3000 error error error bla bla bla and it's not your phone. The only reason I stayed with Sprint was cause of the radio. I have read before also on reviews and the worse thing is the PTT Push to talk button is THE WORST! It's so so light to the touch it engages it constantly just by holding the phone. Kyrocera is no MOTOROLA they know how to make a two way radio. All my other Motorola Nextel you had to mash the button somewhat. This one you just brush it and your on the radio mode doesn't matter it doesn't work anyway did I say the radio doesn't work yet? The only good thing about the phone is how loud the speaker is other then that nothing. The radio is useless did did I say they already? Basically SUCKS! As for the phone I don't really have and complaints. For a phone it's ok as for a radio its crap. ATT is supposed to have some type of radio also. I have never seen one. Of course it all cost more. As for the Sprint phone service in Miami is works well. When I speak to my wife who is on ATT I get that digital fade on her end. Florida is a very hi tech state when it come to phone service with many choices and decent coverage. My Sprint phone is costing me $50 per mo unlimited phone and text no data. I am thinking of going with Simple Talk/ Net10 for $45 per mo with $2.50 discount per mo if you go with auto pay. That makes it $42.50 per mo. That's unlimited phone, text, data/web. No contracts and I am going to pick a phone that works on Verizon for like half the cost. I think they limit your speed on data but that's fine with me I just have to buy a phone no contract it cost more up front. The phones are limited not much if a selection on android smart phones to chose from. Your safer buying one from them direct for the area your in.
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on March 29, 2014
We wanted a simple phone without all the smartphone decorations, and what we got was what we asked for. Thanks
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on April 27, 2015
My husband loves this phone. It has been through everything with him. Including being dumped from the back of a wood truck and landing at the bottom of the pile under all the firewood. Calling it, it still rang and he was able to dig it out apparently unscathed.
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on August 25, 2013
okay seriously how does sprint even offer a direct connect phone and advertise how great it is, and have no phones that work in our are. We area in Minneapolis MN, have been using direct connect for at least 10 years. No problems until Sprint took over Nextel. Now it does not even work and we get no help from our sales rep. I am trying to figure out how to get out of this contract without a lawsuit. I am so furious, not only does the two way not work, but I am dropping calls all the time and so are my employees. So costing us customers. Time to raise some He double tooth picks.
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