Customer Reviews: Motorola DROID 4 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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on February 24, 2013
Most professional reviewers have rated this as the best physical keyboard phone on the market. In most respects it is great - great keyboard, very fast, 4G, nice screen, etc. - but it has defects. The email program has a big bug in its design which makes it hold onto all emails until you physically delete each one. With other smart phones, once the email is no longer on the server, it will delete automatically from the smart phone. I talked to Motorola, Verizon Wireless, and Verizon FIOS about this, and none could find any solution to it, altho they all insisted it should refresh from the server. Another problem is that built-in applications seem to be borrowed from non-physical keyboard phones and are awkward with the physical keyboard. The problem is that they are designed with some of the controls only working when in portrait mode. But you can really only use the physical keyboard in landscape mode, in which important controls vanish. That controls issue would be somewhat of an issue with any smart phone, but it becomes really serious in a keyboard phone which is designed for primarily landscape mode when using applications requiring input. Motorola's developers didn't sufficiently consider the user experience. Practically you have to go back and forth between portrait and landscape while using the physical keyboard, something that is very awkward and a customer-hostile design.

3/29/13 UPDATE: They have now upgraded the Droid 4 to Jellybean, and replaced the entire interface. In doing so, they have removed the ability to set the phone to vibrate only. I consider this an essential feature. It allows you to use other applications on the smart phone in a setting where a phone ringing is inappropriate (e.g., I used to set the phone to vibrate in church, and use the Bible application). I can't imagine what possessed them to remove this feature. (NOTE: I chatted with Motorola Technical Support and confirmed they removed the feature.) DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.
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on November 27, 2012
The Droid 4 is my first smartphone other than several blackberries. Glad I switched for so many reasons. I've had mine since June and am still being blown away by it. I selected the Droid 4 for several reasons. First, I couldn't wait to leave AT&T and go back to Verizon. But its really the features that drew me in. I still like a qwerty keyboard (and this one is the best), I wanted 4G. I also wanted mobile hotspot. Only one phone that I could find, offered it all. This phone is amazing.

Two small negatives - Others have said the same, and they're correct. 1st is that battery life is short. Especially when the phone is new to you because you'll be exploring it constantly. I bought a battery back-up (personally, I wouldn't buy les then 2000mah)The 2nd issue is the screen lock button on the top. It has a very weak spring and it will undoubtedly find itself just barely sticking above the phone's outer case. Mine has never stopped working. In fact, it some ways I'm probably less likely to hit it accidentally now.

That's it. Over all, best choice I've ever made with a mobile phone.
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on June 10, 2012
one of the BEST droids and a Keyboard.

This latest of the droids is FAST with 4 G banking and internet is FAST. More Apps than any other phone are available for this wonderful phone. Social networking are one click away. and ONE easy slide and you can access the nice keyboard. this droid had it all. ADD a blue tooth and you have excellent sound volume and quality. Touch Screen is very responsive. What I can add that most do not think about the CAMERA. I have taken some outstanding photos with this camera that is able to take FAST photos even better than a digital camera I paid big bucks for. I can also listen to Rhampsody with my blue tooth. (NO head phone cords to listen with.)

I was a die harded Blueberry lover but when they failed to keep up with the crowd I gave this phone a try and with in 2 days was totally in awe of the features and over all performance. the SCREEN size is the best feature. the ONLY negative thing is mediocre battery life so I keep a charger in my purse and car. I added a favorite cover to add some color and bling. I give this phone 5 out of 5 for blending the wonderful keyboard to the fast features of the droid.
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on March 13, 2014
This phone isn't even worth one star.

The Verizon Droid 4 is one of the very worst phones I've ever had the displeasure of owning or using.

Problem One: If your using an app or playing a game it overheats to the point where you can't touch it, it gets so hot literally within minutes of usage.

Problem Two: Poor battery life. I am lucky if this phones charge will last me an hour. I have to turn this thing off to get even a semi decent charge and it charges as slow as heck. If I have this phone on and my pocket or purse within an hour the battery is dead or dying because it's overheated without me even touching or using it. Or it doesn't charge at all, much like it's doing right now.

Problem Three: It's WIFI or internet signal unless I am in a 4G area is crap and I *DO* mean *CRAP*.

Problem Four: It will either charge too quickly or too slowly and then it's battery dies out too quickly as well.

Problem Five: It malfunctions, a lot. I can't tell you how many times the screen has blacked out or reset on it's own.

Problem Six: It comes with already preinstalled worthless apps taking up valuable memory space that can be used for other apps cannot be removed from the phone.

The only possible good thing that I actually like about this phone is it's keyboard and memory space, otherwise there's nothing else to like about this phone. At all. Whatsoever.

I have despised this phone ever since my old Samsung Enlighten broke and my boyfriend paid over a $100 dollars for this phone plus a additional two years onto our contract.

Do yourself a favor and do *NOT* buy this phone, because it's not worth the money you pay for it. In fact I wouldn't pay a nickel nighty eight for this worthless piece of crap phone and I'm not saying that because I have a passionate dislike/hated for the Motorola Droid type of phones either.

Every Motorola Droid phone I've ever owned I've eventually had problems with. This phone isn't worth the money or frustration it will eventually cause someone.
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on March 21, 2013
I would like to give one metric unit of mad props to the Droid 4 by Motorola. Since I got it in September, my butter fingers have flung it across hard floors on several occasions, and a few times, it has taken a bounce off of concrete stairs. Twice, it has been knocked into the tub by the kittens. The crowning glory for the Droid 4 is this: Two days ago, I dropped it into a full bowl of tom yum soup, and it stayed submerged until I was able to ensure nobody in the restaurant saw me do it. It still works perfectly. No buckets of rice were needed; just a damp towel and a toothpick to get the pepper flakes out of the speakers.
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on February 16, 2016
This is the best phone I have ever owned. Even though it is an old phone, if it is updated and maintained, it is still very capable. The best things about this phone are its great price (I got mine for under $50), and the slide out keyboard

The keyboard is obviously one of the selling points of this phone. It is the best keyboard on a phone I have used, and it integrates very well with the onscreen keyboard. The back light and large rubber keys are very nice. My used phone has a w key that has to be pressed harder than the rest, but other than that, it is amazing.

The screen on the Droid 4 is not as good of quality as its brother, the Droid RAZR, but it is still very crisp and clear. It also uses less power since it is lcd rather than OLED.

The rear camera on this phone is light years away from today's flagships. However, it is still capable of taking good pictures, and the flash works well. The front camera is not very high quality, but like the rear camera, it suffices.

This phone came with Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich when I got it. The stock software is very capable for the ordinary user. It was a little bloated for me though. Luckily, the Droid 4 has a relatively large and active developer community. There is a CyanogenMod version for this phone for everything from Ice Cream Sandwich to Marshmallow. When I first got the phone, I flashed CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop with Safestrap. I am currently running CyanogenMod 13 Marshmallow which adds many features to the Droid 4 and is also very clean and smooth. I would definitely suggest it.
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on February 28, 2012
I bought this phone the day it launched, and as someone who has used Android phones since the launch of the G1, I can say that I am very pleased.

If you are considering buying this phone, it is certainly because of the keyboard. Let me assure you, you will not be disappointed. It is the best keyboard I've used on any phone, and I have tried many. It's comfortable and spacious, and the keys are easy to identify and make a satisfying click when pressed. Complete with a dedicated number row (lacking on Blackberry phones and most Android devices), it's just fantastic.

The phone is built like a tank. I don't use a case or screen protector, and neither feels needed. While I have read reports of poor battery life, I can attest that with LTE (which is astonishingly fast), push email on two accounts, and lots of texting and emailing throughout the day, I have no problem at all making it through a full day with about 40% remaining.

The tradeoff to the wonderful keyboard is that the phone is rather bulky. It is, however, svelte for a slider-keyboard phone. Another tradeoff is the screen. It will display sharp, crisp images at rest, but any motion on the screen is extremely blurry, and it lacks the vivid colors of the iPhone or Galaxy Nexus. Still, it's perfectly fine. For reading emails and texts, and the occasional website, it's great. If you're someone who watches a lot of video on your phone, you should probably look elsewhere. Likewise, if you're searching for a great phone camera, you won't find it here. The 8 megapixel camera on the phone is fine for the occasional snapshot, and I've gotten some very nice images out of it, but it pales in comparison to even the iPhone 4. My EVO Shift had a better camera.

Long story short, this is *not* a multimedia phone. It is a communication device, and function is absolutely placed above form. If you have to have the best keyboard phone on the market, look no further. If you *don't* want a keyboard, you're better off with something like the ReZound or iPhone.
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on February 29, 2012
I was an OG droid owner who preferred/needed a physical keyboard. Well two years later and I still prefer/need a physical keyboard. A lot of reviews I read stated the D4 has the best qwerty keyboard ever for a smartphone and quite simply it does. The keyboard is sick. Everything else is bigger, better and badder coming from the OG droid phone. I've had the phone up and running for 10 days, battery life is fine, it's really fast and the lone complaint....the headphone jack location is no bueno when plugged in and using the keyboard. No biggie, just have use that new age touchscreen keyboard when it's plugged in for music. So if your looking for an upgrade or a new phone after owning the OG droid for two years now, this is the easy choice!
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on December 29, 2012
This was my first smart phone (and therefore my first droid) and overall I am very pleased with it. I chose this phone in particular due to its physical keyboard. I have never been very good at typing on a touch screen and didn't want to make the transition so I looked exclusively at phones with real keyboards. On that front this phone is excellent; I am very pleased with the size and layout of the keyboard, the back-light is also nice. I have no complaints about the call quality or dropped calls. The camera is good enough (if not better than needed) for my purposes. The 4G is very fast and Verizon's coverage is good and only getting better. I get service in most places except the countryside. The internet browser is fast and easy to use. The layout of the apps is fine but I find that I like apple's layout/organizational style to be slightly superior, but keep in mind this is a matter of taste. The build quality is excellent. I have dropped this thing many times on a variety of surfaces (before I had a case mind you) and only got a few small scratches. At this point I decided to invest in a case and now I would drop this thing off a building without fear. In terms of size this phone is a little bulky (especially with a case) but that is to be expected with a physical keyboard. The screen is large and crisp and not unpleasant for light reading and web browsing.
My experience has been positive for the most part with a few exception, the biggest being battery life. As a moderate user I find myself needing to charge it at least once a day. Navigation/maps tends to destroy battery life so if you plan on using this as a GPS replacement I highly recommend a car charge. Even using a battery saving app I find the battery life to be seriously lacking. Towards the end of the day I have to limit the apps I use to prevent total battery death. This is annoying and defeats the purpose of having all those neat apps. I find the GPS to be pretty mediocre as well. It doesn't always know your accurate location and is not great in the city with lots of closely packed streets.
All in all I would highly recommend this phone. I'll give a brief summary below.
-physical keyboard has a good layout and is easy to use
-lots of apps
-very sturdy phone
-large screen
-4G is very fast
-poor battery life
-GPS is mediocre
-bulky (but not annoyingly so)
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on July 25, 2012
I know that there must be people out there who use their phones primarily for watching movies and that are away from electricity for long periods of time. If that is you then don't get this phone. The screen is ok: clear but there are many better ones out there. The battery life is fine if you can charge it at your desk and in your car and at night. All my phones have been like that.

The phone sound quality during calls is Great. Best I've ever experienced on a cell phone.

The browsing experience is very fast: much like the speed of a computer.

Texting and writing emails and typing in passwords, etc on this phone is a JOY. The Keyboard is wonderful.
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