Customer Reviews: Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse (Blue)
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on July 9, 2010
I have been seeking a fully-featured wireless mouse for the past two weeks and have finally found my optimum choice in the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510. The attributes I sought out included the following:

1) Full-size and ergonomic shape. I have fairly large hands, so most notebook mice cannot provide a sufficiently comfortable experience for long periods of usage time.

2) High battery endurance. I prefer a wireless mouse that minimizes battery replacement to improve overall convenience and reduce my dead battery collection.

3) Laser technology. A setting of at least 1200 dpi is necessary to track subtle movements, which are particularly important for graphical applications (i.e. solid modeling and photo editing software). Laser technology also allows for usage on most surfaces.

4) Inconspicuous wireless transmitter. I find great appeal in a low profile wireless transmitter, as it saves the user from having to remove the device from a notebook during travel.

While many other competing products from Logitech offer appealing features such as "hyper scrolling" and any-surface tracking a la "Darkfield", they each carry their own weaknesses as well. For example, I considered various notebook-class mice, including the Anywhere MX and the Marathon M705, yet as a person with fairly large hands, I determined that they were simply not large enough to use comfortably.

Notebook Mice:

With respect to the Anywhere MX, while its touted "Darkfield" technology and "hyper scrolling" are admittedly persuasive, does not appear to yield the battery endurance that I desire. The form factor is certainly far too small to permit the ergonomics my hands require.

In consideration of the Marathon M705, while it certainly has the battery endurance I desire, as well as "hyper scrolling", it still remains too small, and the price tag currently does not justify its purchase. The Anywhere MX (at the time of research) could be had for nearly the same price after rebate, and if I were to choose a less-than-comfortable mouse, I would be more inclined to compromise some battery life for features.

Full-Sized Mice:

Moving on to full-sized mice, I spent some time researching the Performance MX. The Performance MX touts a host of features, including a low-profile wireless transmitter, but I am not fully convinced that they justify the price. Furthermore, this device utilizes a cradle for charging, and I would prefer high endurance, which typically entails the exclusive use of AA or AAA batteries.

While researching this category, I came across the M510, which although it carries less features than the aforementioned products, represents the best compromise to the attributes I desire in a mouse. Notably, this mouse has a great form factor, and while not as large as the Performance MX, fits comfortably and ergonomically even for my larger hands. Admittedly, I would prefer that the mouse were a bit longer to fill out my palm, but in the manner I handle the mouse, comes very close to an ideal fit. Logitech claims battery endurance up to 2 years, which far exceeds my expectations, and reduces my reliance on spare batteries. The device uses laser technology, which actually does not perform optimally on my aluminum desk, but tracks perfectly on my microfiber mouse pad with high accuracy. I honestly did not expect the mouse to function well on my desk, so this is more of an observation than a concern. The device also includes the low-profile wireless transmitter, which overall adds to the convenience of the product, and lends itself to a more travel-worthy full-sized mouse. As an additional note, the forward and back buttons work perfectly, and are quite easy to access. Extra buttons that are actually usable certainly add greater value to this product.


While this mouse certainly has less features than some of the competition, it can be had for a reasonable price, which from Amazon lies in the range of $30 to $40. The form factor is excellent, the battery life is sufficient, the accuracy is great, and the wireless transmitter is convenient. For those seeking a full-sized and ergonomic mouse that still affords some portability, the Logitech M510 is a great option, and should represent a serious candidate for any mouse-purchasing decisions.
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on February 20, 2011
I have a couple logitech mice and I remain happy with their quality and features. I have to say this is by far the most comfortable mouse that I have ever used. I also have a Logitech M505 and while I was happy with the comfort of M505 mouse, I have to say that M510 is more comfortable because of the bigger full size and better rubber contoured design. If you are looking for more a portable mouse and want smaller size, go with the M505. If you want a larger full size mouse that is more comfortable, go with the M510. As for the appearance of the M510, it is very nice and sleek. Very stylish and doesn't look cheap at all. As for the performance, the cursor control is perfect and precise. Not jittery and not too fast at all. And if you ever did want to adjust cursor speed or adjust buttons, you can by simply downloading a program on their website. I had no need for it though as the mouse worked perfectly for me as is. It also has side scrolling. One feature that I also like is the back and forward button on the side. It is in the right spot and doesn't interfere with my thumb. It also has the unifying receiver which you can connect multiple devices. Some people complained that usb receiver doesn't work with other brands but I think that is common sense and shouldn't expect that. And the setup was easy as I just plugged it and it worked. As for working on various surfaces, it works on many different surfaces. This isn't the more expensive Anywhere Mouse that works on glass or "solid gloss surfaces" but M510 works on the other surfaces like wood grain surface, pants, shirt, couch, mouse pad, etc. People shouldn't complain about its work surface ability because it doesn't have dark field laser and that costs an extra $30. People should realize that THIS MOUSE WAS NEVER MARKETED TO WORK ON GLASS, "MIRROR LIKE" GLOSS SURFACES OR "ANYWHERE". Battery life? It has a great 2 year battery life which is more than my M505 mouse. If it last anywhere close to that, I will be very happy.

PROS: wireless, VERY comfortable, great looking mouse, very precise, unifying receiver, works on various surfaces, great connection to receiver, long battery life, great price, 3 YEAR WARRANTY
CONS: None so far

I give this mouse a 9.5 out of 10.
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on July 4, 2010
I bought this mouse at bestbuy as it was not available on amazon yet. My previous experience with a wireless mouse was not good. I bought it from HP and it came with a charger cradle to recharge the batteries and a disk to download the software. It started to freeze up often, so I replaced it with the original corded mouse.

While researching current wireless mice, i was confused as to why none came with a charger cradle. Apparently, the new technology allows a wireless mouse to use a standard set of batteries that last up to two years! This is great. I was looking for a full size mouse as I use this on my desktop and don't need it to be portable for a laptop. The feel is perfect. Contoured sides with rubber grips, the wheel is smooth and the buttons on the side are high enough not to get in the way when you are holding the mouse. These buttons can be programmed to do custom functions. I don't have volume controls on my new keyboard, so I programmed them to control volume up/down. I set maximize screen by pushing the scroll wheel. The USB receiver is small (I guess they call it nano receiver) so if you want to use it with a laptop and leave it plugged in all the time it is very inconspicuous.

There is an on/off switch, but it also goes into sleep mode to conserve the batteries. It works right out of the box, but there is software you can download off the Logitech website if you want to customize the button functions, etc.

The mouse has worked great and I couldn't be happier with it!
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on August 31, 2014
I've owned three of these mice of late, and both have run into similar problems.

I will preface this review by stating that while they work, both mice functioned well. I like the size and shape, the extra buttons are useful for my editing work, and the mouse is precise and responsive. Most important to me, it's comfortable. But with both mice, they would stop registering input or create input of their own. My last one acted like it was haunted, but it was out of warranty and I figured it was easier to just replace it. This one is only a couple months old (a replacement through Amazon for another purchased one), and will no longer accept a left-click input (and will actually randomly toss in its own). It's not the receiver: right now, I am using the keyboard I picked up with the original mouse and an older mouse through the Logitech unifying receiver. That's right, I've got a four year old mouse that outlasted this model three times.

Logitech makes great products, ordinarily, but I cannot recommend a model that has malfunctioned on me three times--especially since it's failed in roughly the same way all three times. I've contacted Logitech support, but I'm buying a different mouse in the meanwhile, because the loss of functionality is too much of an inconvenience to keep suffering. I don't give this product a bad review lightly. I wanted to like it so much I dealt with two bad versions.
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on October 5, 2013
I bought this mouse hoping that it would be a reasonable replacement for my perfect but about to wear out, no-number Logitech mouse, which perfectly fits and supports my not very large hand, tracks fast, smoothly, and accurately (note: tracks perfectly on my white desktop and anywhere else), has super-long battery life, and a wonderful feel.

The M510 seemed the nearest to the old mouse out there, but it's nowhere near it in comfort or performance. For starters, the product description dimensions are wildly off. The size and weight in the product description are:

2.2 x 4.8 x 9 inches ; 6.6 ounces

The actual dimensions of this mouse are:

LENGTH: about 4 3/8" (4.375")
(IMO, any description in which any dimension approaches 9 inches must be measuring the package, not the mouse!)

WIDTH: about 2 1/2" (2.5")at the widest point, nearest the heel of the hand (not very near, my hand overhangs by an inch and a bit)

WIDTH AT NARROWEST POINT: no more than 1 3/4" (1.75"): this the important area that accomodates the thumb and 4th finger.

HEIGHT: about 1 3/8" (1.375") at the highest point (supports the base of the fingers, with my hand, or rather, doesn't--)

WEIGHT: 2.5 oz.
(I can't imagine where product descriptions for this mouse got their weights! Everything from 6 ounces to a pound and a half, more than the mouse in its package and mailing box weighed.)

This mouse is not as small as the hand-cramp special that came with my MK320 keyboard (which I can't measure because the person I gave it to threw it away in disgust), but it's just enough smaller than my older model to be uncomfortable. For one thing, my little finger drags on the mouse pad and has a permanent dirt mark and callus after a day, and my hand is in tension all the time trying to clear the mouse pad.

The M510 also doesn't track as smoothly, as accurately, or as quickly as old no-number, with the "unifying" receiver in the same port (closest available), and compared to it has a flimsy, creaky feel. And alas! the "unifying" receiver doesn't seem to be able to talk to the old mouse.

The receiver does talk to my Logitech HD Webcam C525 (bought 2/13) and the 320K keyboard, bought 3/12, so there is at least some backward compatibility. The keyboard seems as fast with the new receiver as with the old; both are 2.4 gigaherz. And thank heaven someone at Logitech finally figured out the futility of trying to make every new item incompatible with every other, receiverwise!

Note: the Logitech software was nothing but trouble with the last 3 mice, so I didn't try it with the M510.

Note 2: the "no-number" mouse looks most like the MX620; I can't find a picture of an exact twin anywhere!

(FYI, the dimensions of the no-number Logitech mouse are L 4 5/8", W 2 1/2 at widest point, 2 1/8 at thumb point., The height is about the same, 1 3/8", but the contour is different and the old mouse keeps my hand relaxed and my fingers off the tracking surface!)
review image review image
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on April 28, 2012
I used Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks (Dark Silver), which worked great. But I have big hands, so I wanted a full-size mouse.

This mouse is much more comfortable for my hands, but what I don't like is that is not as precise as my previous mouse (being this laser, which is supposedly to be better than optical). For example, it's very hard to make the cursor mouse goes steady in one direction (with the Logitech V220 I could do it without problems). I made an example in PAINT ( You can see how the accuracy is very bad in the Logitech M510 compared to the Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks (Dark Silver) on the same surface (light brown desk).

Maybe with a mousepad it becomes precise, but I haven't tried it yet because I don't have one.
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on January 7, 2015
This mouse is AMAZING. I had some anger control issue, especially while playing shooting games. One day I threw this mouse on the hard wood floor and teared it up and threw it to the floor again and again till everything fell apart. Then I put the part scattered on the floor one by one back in the shell and it still worked, just like new! I have to say this is really a solid product, very reliable and highly resistant to heavy abuse. 5 out of 5.
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on February 25, 2014
I hate this mouse so much that I was inspired to write a review to warn others from buying it. It has a 4.5 with over 2,000 reviews so I doubt this will do much to change the overall rating, but I hope some potential buyers get to read this. First of all, the pros of this device are the extra buttons on the side, the full size, and the comfortable shape. However, these pros don't mean anything when the mouse tracks so poorly. This mouse is so inconsistent with its tracking that it's distracting and it reminds me every time I start using it. This mouse can only perform decently well on a smooth matte surface, but clearly states in the product description "enjoy precise laser tracking..... on almost any surface" I've read elsewhere that it actually uses IR so this seems to be false advertising. I was not expecting this thing to work on a glass table or a blanket, but it can't even handle tracking on a typical wooden table.

The reason I am giving this mouse a 1 is because of the software. Installing the setpoint software seemed to make the mouse perform worse so I removed it. Then a few days later, I get a popup notification from logitech at startup asking me to rate its products. I checked everywhere to see if I had any logitech software left on my computer, and checked startup and service options. There was no trace or option to disable this popup. It is extremely frustrating and unacceptable that a company install basically spyware on your computer. Any skeptics can just google logitech ereg.exe, this type of app is difficult to remove and some have complained that the popup still shows even after they've rated the product. I've tried manually removing the offending program and hopefully it won't return. Logitech, don't force your customers to rate your products with computer pop-ups that you can't opt out of, and maybe you won't end up with reviews like this.

I recommend looking at the gigabyte m770, I originally had the bluetooth version and was really impressed by responsiveness and tracking ability on my laptop. It was slow to respond with my Dell Venue 8 Pro, which is why I decided to go for a wireless usb mouse. At the time I didn't notice that gigabyte makes a usb version of the same mouse, so I wish I'd gone for that. The Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 is also an extremely solid performing mouse, but lacks extra back/forward buttons which I'm so used to.
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on June 30, 2014
I've had two of these in the past 2 years and both have failed in under 12 months. The left button starts to become ultra sensitive and ends up double-clicking at the slightest touch. It is definitely not a software issue, something with the hardware is acting up. I will say that the battery life is phenomenal though, 12 months with time to spare on a single set of AA batteries. If only the buttons could keep up.
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on March 4, 2011
Most of the mouse I've held were waaay too small. This one fits nicely. If anyone is having trouble with slow mouse acceleration, or if the mouse cursor acts funny, there is a simple way to fix it. Turn your mouse over and blast a few shot of regular compressed air in the hole where the laser light hides. Basically the problem is because of particles and dust getting trapped in there. Problem solved.
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