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on February 7, 2012
I actually purchased this laptop after returning an Acer Aspire TimelineX which was defective. My previous laptop and desktop were both HP and both have been very dependable. After purchasing this one however I am positive that HP is my brand and I wont buy computer from any other company.

This laptop is great, but it has a few flaws just like any product. Let me break it down as pros and cons.


1. It is FAST. Way faster than I was expecting. It's noticeably faster than the Acer I returned, even though it has an i3 instead of an i5 processor. It doesn't lag or freeze on anything. For an every day computer it's perfect. However I know that it will be limited if you try to do any gaming on it. Just be aware before you buy it that the HD-3000 integrated graphics are good, but not good enough for the latest 3D games. It's not intended for that purpose.

2. Thank god I finally found a laptop with good BUILD QUALITY! It's been a habit recently to make computers out of the cheapest stuff possible. Go to any computer store and see flimsy toys lining the shelves, computers so cheap that you might be able to snap them in half. Most of the ones that claim to be made of aluminum will just have a thin aluminum top cover and everything else will be cheap. This computer is not like that. Its made of thick and sturdy plastic. There is very little flex and it feels solid. Nothing feels loose and everything lines up nicely. The hinges are also very strong. I figured it would be like this because previous DV4 laptops I have seen were also built well. You might wonder why it costs more than other laptops with the same specs. The extra money you spend goes into the quality and its worth every penny.

3. The keyboard feels great. I know everyone has different tastes for this, but for me it's perfect. Nice spacing, solid resistance and the key presses are pretty quiet. This is important since I'm a student and use it in class.

4. Excellent wireless adapter. Across the apartment from my router it picks up a full 5 bars of signal when all my other devices only get 2-3 bars.

5. Very respectable battery life. Realistically it gets about 6 hours on a single charge.

7. Beautiful design. Its very stylish. The whole computer is covered in this feint circular lattice. Much more elegant than it appears in the picture. It doesn't look like a gawdy chanel suitcase like I was fearing. In bright light at certain angles you can't even see the pattern, it just looks glossy black. The silver highlights also look good and the HP logo on the top is made of metal (doesnt glow) and is placed out of the way in the bottom corner. Its understated and looks great.


1. No scroll on the trackpad. I use a mouse most of the time, but I can see how this might frustrate some people.

2. The power plugs in the right side. Seems like a stupid thing to complain about, but it's pretty uncommon for a laptop and can be awkward sometimes. Also it's the on the same side as the disk drive, so the plug can sometimes get in the way.

3. No USB 3.0 ports on it. Most new laptops at this price have at least 1 of them.

4. Its heavy for a 14" laptop. I'm reluctantly calling this a con. I know the reason it's heavy is because its built sturdy. But if you're the sort of person who cares about the weight, take this into consideration.

5. It was overflowing with bloatware. But fortunately it was all easy to remove, nothing tricky.

6. Doesn't work with Widi unfortunately. I was hoping it would, but its not compatible with my Push2TV adapter for some reason.

The verdict:

Buy this laptop if you want something that feels like an adults computer. There are lots of i3 laptops under $550... but they don't compare to the Dv4!
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on April 12, 2012
I was given a Lenovo X200 Thinkopad by my school. Turned out to be refurbished so I went laptop hunting after it crashed and I could not update the hardware without a SVP (password for the bios).

Anyway, this is my third HP laptop. My wife has a HP G61 with W7 and she loves it. No issues what so ever. I have a G60t and love it also. But they are not portable for school being 7 pounds and big.

Like the previous reviewer. I agree with everything. Pros and Cons.

A little heavier than other 14 inch laptops but well built.
A little pricier but it will last a LONG time. Like my other HPs.
I miss the scroll option for the mouse.
I love the size of the keys.
Awesome laptop.
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on April 25, 2012
Ive reviewed and compared laptops for a month, before i made this purchase. hp is 1 of the most solid mfgs. out there and if you check the specs. on this unit and try to match it with anything else, you will find you cannot.Best Deal Overall! And I am happy to report the customer service I received with hp when I called in for help to set it up was simple and superior. And as usual Amazon gave me speedy delivery with no exceptions on my unit.
As in other reviews i agree and love the high speed and quality of this unit. I would highly reccomend it to anyone.
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on May 12, 2012
I've had this for about a week and I like it. I'm not a gamer and this isn't the best computer for intense graphics work but for my purposes it's fine. Large HD, 6 GB RAM, 3 USB ports, DVD read/write, fairly fast (if you only allow important updates and don't let Microsoft load all their garbage), very nice display, loud and clear sound, full size keys with a good feel and layout. Very solid construction, no flex or badly-fitting parts. Reasonable battery life. Any cons? Lots with Windows 7 but that's not HP's doing and can be fixed. Some bloatware, easily removed. Minor grump; touchpad will turn off if you hit it twice in the wrong place as a default (why?), which can be disabled.

I was going to spend a lot more for a laptop with a very fast hybrid HD/SSD until a tech-savvy friend pointed out that solid-state (flash) drives are OK for multiple reads but may fail after a few thousand writes; HDs are good for tens of millions. I'll stay with the proven HD tech until SSDs are as reliable.

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on April 28, 2012
i received my laptop just yesterday and i had to write a review. first, the packaging was great and the delivery time was very fast, thank you AMAZON. I just had to write a review because before purchasing this laptop I read the reviews on it and among the CONS that some people thought it had was that it didnt have a scroll feature. However, i just discovered that IT DOES HAVE A SCROLLING FEATURE!. The only thing you have to do is use two fingers at the same time instead of one finger and scroll down!same thing if you want to scroll from left to right, just use two fingers at the same time to scroll. Very happy with purchase, I JUST LOVED IT!
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on April 27, 2012
I just wanted to correct one thing the other reviews made a mistake on. The touch pad does have a scroll function, you just have to use two fingers instead of one at the same time. The computer even has a little tutorial to explain how this works and a few other neat little tricks this touchpad can do. Love the computer, excellent for playing Minecraft.
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on April 22, 2012

I was searching the laptops almost for couple of week and I got the model HP-DV4-4270-14"laptop.. thro amazon ..
Its just awesome i loved it and the performance no worries.. we can enjoy 100%. Still now i havnt found any problem in this model. There was no problem in getting order from amazon also..
14inch is cute and display is great and audio also good..I can say my son operating without guidance.. so its so user friendly.. :)
If still this order going on.. i would recommend this to my friends to buy the same
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on July 5, 2012
My wife selected this computer. I ordered it on a Saturday had it Monday night.

1st thing out of the box the battery would not take a charge. After many hours trying every trick found on internet forums, even HP's own help forum, I gave up dejected and angry that the new computer I just dropped a ton of cash on does not even work.

1st night computer useless.

2nd day I call HP support and spend 1 hour 00 min and 37 seconds to conclude that yes my computer is not charging so they overnight a new battery.

It takes 2 days for the battery to arrive.

Day 3 computer useless.

Day 4 New battery will not charge, HP tells me that there are several more steps before they will accept the computer back. Tech support guy says he is confident the motherboard is not working properly but they can not skip steps and just take the computer back, I hang up. Several internet searches confirm this is most likely the problem.

Day 4.5 I call Amazon, I tell them my story, the Computer is on the way back to Amazon and I have been issued a refund, and I am buying another computer.

If this sequence of events happened to you, would you be happy?

Thank you Amazon for stepping up and making this right.
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on April 28, 2012
Today received the laptop. Very impressive looks and well built. First time liked non-apple laptop.
After checking everything, was going to burn recovery CD and it was not recognizing.
Tried to install Anti-virus s/w from CD I have bought. No luck. Optical drive seem to be defective.

Its going back. Replacement time too long though I like Amazon service better than many online stores. Probably out of stock.

Update: 4/28/2012
Got an email from Amazon that it will be delivered in a week. Thanks AMAZON

1 star up for this.

Got the replacement laptop quickly shipped and using it.
I am really happy with the laptop. Keyboard is quite and responsive.
The click buttons are little hard compared to the 1st laptop I got.
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on August 22, 2012
I bought this for my 7th grade son for his birthday - he was thrilled. It's got all the bells and whistles he was looking for and yet it was inexpeisive enough that I won't worry about him taking it to school. We have a couple of other HP computers and have always been satisfied with their products.
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