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on February 28, 2012
Bag is constructed very well and the security features work great. It is light and not a bother to carry around. It is smaller than the pictures look so make sure you do look at the dimensions (3.1 x 8.7 x 6.1 inches) if you have larger items. My wife and I fit in: Two Passports (RFID area), 2 cell phones, car keys, hotel keys (actual keys not cards), two packs of chewing gum, small MP3 player, small camera, bi-fold men's wallet (ID's CC's and Cash), a kindle touch, and a few other small odds and ends and that filled the bag and I do mean FILLED it. Overall a great secure bag easy to lug around sightseeing all day, but if you are looking to store your Ipad, Laptop, or a lot of things you will need to go for the next size up.
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on November 24, 2014
I was really torn between giving this bag 3 or 4 stars because, in truth, it is so well made, high quality product, a brand name, and well established as well.. however.. it fails to satisfy me in terms of usability. Of course, this is made to be theftproof and is built like bomb shelter. But, this is a bag and all restrains when designing it concerning usability should not be here.
when looked outside it is actually bigger than my old shoulder bag but it is much smaller inside, I had to repack my EDC items and loose about 25% of them because they don't fit in my new Pacsafe Metrosafe 100.
I would say that opening trough which you put stuff in should be somewhat hard to use because it could act as deterrent to potentional thief, but every time I am taking stuff from or putting it in, I seem to damage my staff on the bag because I have to pull and yank it out with force or bend by strongly pushing it in. If you carry small items, they will get down to your bag at the bottom and then imagine this - you need to get it when you are in restaurant or coffee shop - that means you have to take ALL you have in your bag - wallet, documents, notebook (i my case - real notebook made of paper), cell phones both of them, and set of keys and put it ALL on the TABLE in front of you because obviously you can't hold them in your hand or stuff it in your pockets, and then as you are looking for small item you are searching for, there is all you have, all your data, money, keys, flat out at the desk for any potential thief that would run, snatch and run away. What use is then slash proof bag? Looks like my argument is somewhat stupid - but I never had to do this with my old bag, and found myself in situation that I have to do it now. with my old bag, it was so easy to take something in and out and it was actually smaller in size looking outside. Also my old bag had slash proof strap with mesh wire as well, but this Metrosafe actually has steel wire but it acts as it has thin flat long stripe of steel inside that acts as a spring and gets in the way, takes huge amount of space ( as much as bag itself) knocks things from the table, it is very rigid and not much flexible, and generally doesn't get in the way only if it is on your sholder, moment you put it down, it just bothers you.
In desigh it is sleek and modern but it comes with price - you want to put it on a table and it doesn't stand. Doesn't have flat bottom that will help you set it on table and then search for stuff. So you have to have it laying on table and awkwardly dig trough it or hold it with one hand and mess with it with another. Trying to take anything out when it is around your waist or shoulder ends with you pulling and twisting and yanking out whatever you try to take, with much of your strength, in process damaging your belonging, or document or phone and let me tell you, when you do that, you stick out in the crowd for any potential snatcher...
There are some small issues that bothers me as well but I am running out of space to write them down.
In short, whoever designed it to be theftproof - as for materials and manufacter - job well done! As for all other - failed miserably.
Imagine you are buying your not first, but third or fourth car and you decide to go with car that doesn't break, has excellent coverage and warranty, rugged and strong... and you end up with car that doesn't break but is so uncomfortable, so unusable, so buggingly clumsy and you don't like to drive it and it costs a lot. This is what this bag is. And after reading what I wrote, I will actually give it two stars. Bag is ment to carry your stuff and give it to you when needed. It fails to do its primary purpose.
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on August 15, 2012
We spent 12 days in St. Maarten and I used this bag every single day.

For the plane ride it easily held both our passports, credit cards, money and various personal items (chapstick, eyedrops, etc.)
TSA didn't even blink an eye when it went through the x-ray either and I bet it must have looked bizarre since it has metal mesh through out.

I lengthened the strap to carry it across the body and it was comfortable at any strap length.
All the security features were great but the best was the RFID protection! IT protected our passports and credit cards from being secretly scanned.

During our time on the island I carried an iPhone, Cannon smart pix, Garmin GPS, credit cards, cash, chapstick, etc.... and I still had plenty of room in the main portion of the bag.

We plan on going to Paris next year and this great little purse will be going with me!
It's even perfect for everyday use, if you so choose. I'm thinking about buying more Pacsafe purses in a variety of sizes and colors. *grin*

I got mine in basic black, so it matched everything. :)

Great little purse for easy travel experiences.
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on February 20, 2013
I should have taken a triple look at the dimensions and the mention by someone that it would make a good small camera bag. This was way tinier than I expected. I will take it with me to Europe for when I just need to go on short excursions with my passport, credit cards, some money, sunglasses and spare pair of reading glasses.

But that's all it would hold.

The security aspects and comfort of the strap are really good.

For trips needing an umbrella, guide book, water bottle and room for purchases, I also bought the Pacsafe Citysafe 200 GII. That is slightly too big - I'm only short and feel like a packhorse (one day I'll get it right)!.
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on January 22, 2013
UPDATE 6/6/14 - I just returned from ANOTHER trip using this bag, and am revising my rating to 5 stars --- this bag is wonderful when I go anywhere with a daypack. I put it on first, cross-body, then put on the daypack. It holds all the things I need easy access to --- passport, boarding passes, wallet, phone --- and the daypack keeps the water bottle, camera, iPod and umbrella. When I get to airport Security Check or anywhere they count the purse as a carry-on item, I just slip the purse in the daypack :-) And after 18 months, it still looks like new.


It's small and light, just too small for what I needed. Its walls are thick and pockets padded, so the space inside the bag is smaller than the outside dimensions would suggest. A flip-phone, coin purse, credit cards, small wallet and keys fill the bag to the brim.

The material feel durable. The design is clean and simple. The buckles easy to operate. The sling-to-hip-bag conversion works. It seems to be better-made than the bigger, more pocket-ful Travelon Anti-Theft bag I ordered to better meet my daily needs.

And I'm keeping it for times when I need a small, convertible bag.
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on May 27, 2013
This bag is nice, it is well constructed and looks good.

My first impression when I picked it up was that it was a lot heavier than a different bag of the same size, I was worried that the weight would bother me as I carried the bag daily for a couple of weeks across Europe, but the weight didn't turn out to be an issue at all.

I was hoping to wear the bag across my body and at my hip, but found the strap too short for that for me -- it looked like a purse when worn across my body (as a guy, that wasn't the look I was going for). I ended up wearing it at my hip using the strap for a belt.

Wearing it at my hip presented a couple of problems, first the hooks and swivels are very nice, but it seems like after a bit of walking and twisting around they end up adjusting themselves . . . when they pop back into the position they want to be in it feels like someone is tugging at your bag. Many times over the course of the trip I'd have my camera at eye level taking a picture and the bag would 'pop' making me look down in a panic to see if someone was running off with my stuff. I ended up wearing the bag looser around my hip, which made it 'pop' less frequently, but it would still pop occasionally.

The bigger issue I had was that every time I was trying to put the camera (Nikon P7700) in the bag I felt like I had to wrestle the camera into the bag. It would often get caught on the flap by the zipper. The top of the bag unzips in a way that the zipper is closer to the middle of the bag at the top, but closer to the front of the bag where the zipper starts. . . So the part that unzips angles from thicker to thinner, and the camera was always getting stuck on the thick part of the opening. After getting the camera past the opening it would always get caught on the 'RFID' pocket inside the bag. Since the RFID pocket is thick it would always stick out into the middle of the bag when it was opened -- even when there was nothing in the RFID area. This could be easily remedied with a way to keep the RFID area closed -- zipper, velcro, button, anything. If I travel with this bag again I may tape the RFID area closed to avoid this issue. The hook in the front of the bag also occasionally got in the way.

I had no issues going through x-ray scanners. I was a little worried the steel mesh might get me some extra attention, but I had no issues.

Overall it's a nice bag, it would have been better if the strap were longer so I could have worn it at my hip, I think that may have remedied some of the issues I was having. There are a ton of pockets in this thing, perhaps too many for a bag this size.

The size of the bag was perfect for me though, and it is very well made. I really liked the clasp to lock the zipper closed, although I wish there were 2 clasps because there are 2 zippers and getting both zippers into one clasp is a pain when it is on your hip.

I was able to carry my camera, 2 extra batteries, 2 filters and cleaning cloths in the bag with plenty of room to spare -- although I wouldn't have put anything additional in the bag for fear that it would have made getting the camera in and out even more difficult -- even with plenty of room in the bag it took 2 hands to get the camera into the bag past the opening and pockets that were constantly catching the lens cover.
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on March 26, 2015
I really wanted to like it. It looks nice, and is very well made, and appears to be a good size. The problem I have with it is that it is just too difficult to get things in and out. The opening is not very large, which is probably good as a theft deterrent, but not good at all for easy access to things in the bag. I also had a problem with the front pocket -- it is nice and large, however it's very deep and again very hard to get into. I kept having to take everything out of the front pocket because you can't really open it up and see what's in there.. the only way to see what's in there is to take it all out.

The other minor detail is that the way the zippers clip onto the safety clip, the front pocket has to be clipped on first and then can't be unclipped unless the second zipper is also unclipped. I wanted the front pocket to be for things I need to get at often, but if I have to unclip the other zipper to get at the front one, then I might as well just use the large pocket for those things.

The strap is nice, and very easy to adjust. The locking clips are made well, of all metal. To wear the bag around you're waist, you're meant to clip each side of the strap to each other, and then I assume they intend for you to slide it back so that the clips are hidden by the bag. It is a little difficult to slide the end of the strap through this slot, but that also means that it stays put once you slide the clips inside there. So that's nice. However I don't think this bag is ideal for wearing around my waist.. if I wear it on my side, it gets in the way of walking.. my leg kept hitting into it whenever I put that leg forward. It was very comfortable if I slid it around to the back, but that's not ideal for me in most situations. It could be that taller people or people with longer legs won't have this problem.. I'm 5'5" and my inseam length is around 29" (I think). If you plan on wearing this around your waist, you might want to keep this in mind.

I would have been able to deal with the other issues, but I just had way too much trouble getting things in and out of this bag, so I'm returning it. I'm probably going to use the Stashsafe 100 waist pack instead on my upcoming trip. It doesn't look as nice, but it's fairly low profile, comfortable to wear, and can be locked closed with a lock and key (so wearing it behind me poses no additional risk of being pickpocketed).
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on October 29, 2013
I used this bag once for a trip to Alaska. The bag was well made, well designed, sturdy and of the right size proportional to my body. The bag's color was cool steel. I wore it cross-body and it was both comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. I was able to fit in my wallet, 2 cell phones, one passport, several credit cards, two big bunches of keys, a couple packages of hand sanitizing wet towels and a few other things with room to spare. I used this bag at least 10 hours a day during the 8-day trip. After 8 days of use, the bag still looked new in general but one thing was apparent. The steel mesh pattern beneath the front and back panels of the bag had started to show up on the fabric with little holes( to the tune of over a dozen ) punctured by the knots formed where the steel wires crossed and joined. Not happy to see that after just one trip. I contacted PacSafe regarding the issue and they were happy to exchange the bag to a different model. Great customer service!
Well, I still like the Metrosafe 100 Gii hip and shoulder bag and believe the imperfection I expereinced with the bag was due to a rare defect in the bag manufacturing. Therefore, I have bought a midnight blue color bag for a second trial. Hopefully, the darker color would make it harder to see the wire pattern underneath the fabric should it be deja vu again.
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on November 9, 2014
I am on my third Pacsafe Metrosafe 100 bag. I use it everyday to carry my phone, wallet, notebook and pen, flashlight, etc. I wore out my first two bags - the strap swivels were the weak point wearing out. It looks like the latest design is an improvement. The only downside is that the fabric is somewhat stiff. I did a lot of looking around and feel this is the best bag available that can handle the small number of items a man typically carries and doesn't look feminine.
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on May 17, 2013
I can't say enough about this bag. It's incredible. Just the right size for passport, travel papers, phone, money, pills, etc etc etc. The lining is ligher color so it's harder for things to get lost, even though the bag isn't deep enough for that to be an issue. Not only do I carry it when I travel, but every day when I'm here in the states. You don't have to take the bag off your neck to get things out, which is a huge security plus. Just ordered my third bag. Wore out two others. I'm very hard on them, specifically the connection point between the strap and bag. I rest my left elbow and forearm on the bag, almost like it was a sling. That causes the ring and hook to wear through. I noticed on this recent bag that PacSafe has reinforced that connection point with a plastic insert. Good for them!
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