Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 710, Black 8GB (T-Mobile)
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on April 10, 2012
I love everything about this phone. It is snappier than my past Androids because it doesn't have layers of uneeded junk otherwise it would need a dual core processor. It is just cooler than my past Blackberries. I love the clean and simpel user interface. The live tiles are excellent too. If you turn on Battery Saver it will last all day. I signed up for a Zune pass too and the sound is great on the phone for playing music. I have access to unlimited music and podcasts with the Pass. There are enough apps for me too. The only negative is the speaker phone. It needs improvement. Also, people don't realize all of the voice command stuff it does.
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on June 24, 2012
So I`ve had my Windows 7 phone for about 3 months now. It's a Nokia Lumia 710 and I love it. It's put together very well. I spilled a whole cup of water on the poor thing. (No, not for the sake of this review but on accident) When I grabbed it up dried it off and opened it up, it only had one tiny drop of water next to the camera lens. No big deal....I mean about 10 oz of water here....spilled all over. So it's a very tightly put together, sleek, slim little phone.

I have been thinking of 3 things I dislike about this phone just so it seems fair. It was difficult but if there were things I disliked it would be

1) The keypad for texting is a little difficult for me. I'm always mistyping but it has auto-complete with the ability to add your own words so it's not that bad.
2) The camera is not all that fantastic but I have found apps that help. Fantasia is free and it's very useful. Also Sophie Cam is very close to Instagram and makes great shares.
3) The 8G max storage......suuuuucks. End of story.

So now for the great stuff. These are in no particular order.

1) The marketplace. TONS of free apps! SO many choices and VERY good selection. SO HAPPY with it. I wanted a IPOD for a long time but this phone is does exactly what it does and more.
2) You can stream music from numerous apps to get around the limited storage space problem.
3) The conversation texting is always a plus. Easy delete too, just hold and confirm....gone. Just realized today that I don't have the ability to send multiple recipients texts but I never do and there is an app for that if I needed to.
4) XBOX Angry Birds, Plants VS Zombies, ETC.....available!!
5) The ability to connect with all your social web stuffs. There are apps for Four Square too.
6) Live tiles are really cool. They update with The Weather Channel, Facebook, news apps and any other app that has the ability. Constant slide show of pics too ;~)
7) Easy glide touch feature. Absolutely no lagging. Pan, zoom, and lag.
8) The buttons on front are not hard to push. It's just a well put together phone.
9) Never a possibility of launching anything from your pocket. You have to slide screen up to do anything. LOVE IT! NO MORE "BUTT DIALING"!
10) Voice search and texting.
11) Zune is cool. I have heard frustrating things about it but for me it's easier than WMP or ITunes. You plug your phone into your comp and tell it what to transfer and it does. For the pictures it keeps them in Zune AND makes a folder on your comp for printing, sharing, or whatever. Once you install it on your comp, you will have the ability to rip music with it and transfer it to your phone if you wanted to. Me, I live MixTapes, a free app. Try it.
12) You can pin your favorite contact to your start screen. You can pic almost anything to your start screen!
13) MAPS. Free GPS basically.
14) Local Scout tells you all the restaurants, stores and gas stations, and entertainment going-ons that are near you.
15) The calendar is useful. It reminds you on your start screen for what you have programmed it for.
16) Battery holds well if your throw it on the charger every night.

I have no idea why everyone wants an Iphone......this phone is a great boredom buster, info finder, and knowledge booster. To me it seems to do everything an Iphone does. It is very useful and I have not regretted my decision once. I do not like the variance on my service T-mobile offers me but the phone is wonderful!!! If I ever lose it or wash it, I'm getting the same phone....maybe I'll try an 800 or 900 next time though ;~)
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Reviewing a Windows Phone is a tough thing to do - especially if you are already an iOS or Android user, but if you give it some time, you'll learn to appreciate some of the amazing innovation put into this device. Lets start with the basics; the hardware:

The Nokia Lumia 710 hardware

The Lumia 710 is the "low end" phone from the new Nokia lineup of Windows Phone devices. It marks their departure from Meego and Symbian S60 as their sole mobile OS options. The hardware is as can be expected from Nokia, top notch. Build quality is fantastic, battery life is amazing and the dark black screen is simply brilliant on a phone this cheap. With a sim-free price under $300, this is one of the most affordable options out there for a quality smartphone. The 710 comes with quad band GSM/EDGE and tri-band 3G with support for the T-Mobile AWS frequencies. The screen is around the same size as the iPhone, but feels small if you come from one of the larger Windows Phones (or an Android device like the Galaxy Nexus).

On the side are volume and power and on the front is a long button with three functions. I would have preferred capacitive buttons, but you can't get it all at this price.

The camera is merely "acceptable" at 5MP with auto focus, but the camera app is solid and quick.

There is no MicroSD card slot, so you need to settle for 8GB of storage. Also, be aware that this uses MicroSIM technology, so you'll need to buy a new sim or cut it with a sim card cutter.

Windows Phone OS

As the title says, this is the best OS you are not using yet. I am a massive Android fan, and I don't feel like it is better (for my needs), but when i showed it to my mother in law, she LOVED it, and this is the first time she's "loved" a mobile phone. Operation is simple - and there is just the right amount of options. Other options feel limited like the color choices or backgrounds. The phone lacks a lot of the customizations found on Android.

Out of the box, the phone comes with a lot of the apps you need - like Netflix and TMobile TV. Other apps come from the marketplace, which is very easy to navigate. There is probably a 50/50 mix of paid and free apps, but all apps let you trial for free.

One of the highlights of this device though is the free Nokia Drive app - a full function offline map navigation package. In many cases, it has actually replaced my Garmin on shorter rides. Offline maps means you don't need a data connection, and Nokia offers FREE access to their entire map database.

All in all, this is in my opinion the number three OS On the market - it'll beat Blackberry in any head to head. You owe it to yourself to try this out!
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on April 11, 2012
I was given the opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 710, the first Nokia-powered Windows Phone 7.5 that will be available in the United States on January 11th on the T-Mobile network, and have been using it for the past week. While the phone is being pitched as an entry-level smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 710 has a more mid-range feel to it and is definitely a step-up from your average first-time smartphone. Don't let the $50 with a new 2-year contract price fool you - this is one great phone and the bargain price makes the deal even sweeter.

Upon removing the Lumia 710 from it's packaging, what first struck me was how nice the phone felt in my hand. The size is nearly perfect - not too big, and not too small - and it feels nice and sturdy. True, it doesn't sport the classy aluminum casing that HTC has been wowing me with lately, but I gotta say that it seems much more capable of handling the accidental bumps and drops than Samsung designed mobile phones I've recently had my hands on (the plastic on those feels so cheap, and when I remove the back cover to replace a SIM card or something, I'm afraid I might break it if I pull too hard on the back cover). The Nokia Lumia 710 is solid, and it has already survived a couple accidental drops with nary a scratch or nick anywhere on its body.

The 3.7-inch ClearBlack LCD screen is more than sufficient. True, I love a 4-inch or larger screen best, but just as was the case with the HTC Radar, another Windows Phone 7.5 I recently reviewed, using a smaller sized screen on this device than I'm typically used to really wasn't a huge adjustment at all.

The also phone sports a 1.4Ghz Snapdragon processor with 512MB of RAM, and a pretty good 5-megapixel rear camera capable of 720p video capture. I've not experienced any lags in using the phone; the OS is snappy and reactive, and the photos I've taken have turned out relatively well.

To date, my experience with Windows Phone 7.5 devices has been limited to HTC devices - the HTC HD7 and the HTC Radar. Both of those had similar navigation buttons and feels, but were different sizes. The HTC HD7 was the high-end beast of a phone, while the HTC Radar is the more modest, mid-range model. As the Nokia Lumia 710 is a Windows Phone by a different manufacturer, there are some subtle differences that I noticed. Some of the features of the Nokia phone I liked a lot, including the navigation buttons along the bottom of the screen that let you operate your phone. I found that the navigation buttons on the HTC Windows phones were ultra sensitive, and I often accidentally hit them as they sat in my pocket, or even held in my hand. The nav buttons on the Nokia require you to actually push on them to evoke an action. I like that. One thing I did not like, however, was the camera button. While you can snap a picture by touching the screen, the Lumia 710 also has a dedicated camera button. I've found that I have to press a little harder than I'd like, and that it is awkwardly located, making for a few situations in which I didn't get to capture the photo I desired.

Another downside of the Lumia 710 is the lack of expandable SD storage, but this is an issue with all Windows Phones. Microsoft just simply doesn't allow you to swap out SD cards with their phones. You are stuck with the storage built-in, and in this case its 8GB of internal storage. If you're a music junkie, you know just how quickly you can fill up 8GBs.

Another feature of the Nokia Lumia 710 that I have really enjoyed is Nokia Drive, the company's GPS navigation feature. It's superior to the Maps program HTC Windows phone features, and has turn-by-turn navigation (unlike the Maps program navigation). It's come in handy in the past few days as I do not have a separate GPS device and rely solely on my phone for navigation assistance.

Nokia Lumia 710 4G Windows Phone, White (T-Mobile)Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone (T-Mobile)HTC HD7 Windows Cellphone UnlockedMicrosoft has a really great product in Windows Phone 7. As a former Apple-turned-Android-addict, I was initially hesitant to make the switch to a Microsoft product, but once I finally took the leap of faith and dove right in, I didn't regret it. Now you'd have to pry my Windows Phone 7.5 from my cold, dead hands.

So who would I recommend this phone for? If you want a smartphone, but don't want to spend the big bucks to get a high-end model, this would be a perfect solution. You just can't get much better than $50 with a 2-year-agreement. If you're growing tired of the stale operating systems of Apple an Android, the amazing Metro Design of Windows Phone 7.5 will undoubtedly blow you away and make you wonder how you lived without it before.

As a T-Mobile subscriber, I personally am holding out for a higher-spec Windows Phone 7.5, something along the lines of the Nokia Lumia 710 that AT&T launched this week because of the larger screen size and more storage space. If neither of those is an issue for you, then you may find the Lumia 710 to be a suitable mobile phone solution.
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on March 11, 2012
Having lost my HD7 which I really liked, I wanted to keep a Windows Phone - which I really like - but for the least out-of-pocket money possible. The Lumia 710 was a choice by default, and... well I am glad I was not tempted by higher price models: it is very light for a smartphone, has a great screen with very good contrast, the processor gives it plenty of horsepower, Wi-Fi has good coveratge in my house, adn it has hard buttons which is rare to find on a WP, yet priceless when you have a toddler (who tend to sprend their hands on the capacitive buttons and all bets are off at that point). Overall, it feels better made and actually faster than my previous HD7. I am really glad I went for this phone and the price makes it even sweeter. Oh these things are phones aren't they? It is actually a great phone with great call clarity on-ear or on speakerphone.
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on March 10, 2012
Just got this phone from the t-mobile store, trading my Samsung Omnia 7. I chose this phone for the lighter weight, smaller size, and the 4G capabilities. As you'll see on other reviews the screen quality is the ONLY drawback to this phone, but only if you're coming from a phone with a super AMOLED screen, which most people aren't.

If you carry your phone everywhere like I do and you need something that won't slow you down, this phone is for you. Is it the highest end phone on the market? Of course not. Are you going to have a blast playing around with it while surfing the web at blazing speeds? You bet.

I'm a registered tech geek and I give my thumbs up to this mighty giant.
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on March 19, 2012
Ive had this phone for a couple of months now and I really like it! I know most ppl are used to Androids and Iphones, but this particular Windows phone is very easy use. Windows Marketplace is where you can find all your apps and because Windows is fairly new, obviously there aren't as many apps compared to the App Store & Android Market but there's plenty to choose from. Depending on how much you use the phone and what you use it for, the battery life can die down quickly & thats the only reason I rated 4 stars, but its like that for all phones nowadays. Other than that, its a really cool phone! The web browser is smooth and moves quickly, the camera nice and it has a flash. They also have an Instgram sister app called Instacam...i use it almost everyday!
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon February 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'd reviewed the phone once already, but decided after a little more time that the core conclusions could really be simmered down and simplified. So here you have: review 2.0!

If you are looking for an introductory smart phone, the basic options below the $199 range are Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry. Each of those is really good at something. This phone is Windows Phone 7, and I feel like it's marked feature is simplicity.

Someone who has never used a smart phone can use this with very little training and have a very functional device with a very high quality screen, fast processor and good camera and a very affordable price. If you're already paying for a feature phone with some limited internet capabilities, there is a good chance you could upgrade to this and still have the same monthly bill.

The phone itself is designed well, fits in the palm very nicely (better than iPhone I'd argue), and while a little thicker than some expensive alternatives, is quite light and feels good. The screen is very high quality, the buttons are limited and self explanatory, and the battery life is solid.

Setting up the phone was very easy-- simply sign in with an email address and start setting up your email, downloading apps, and configuring your photo sharing, social networks and the like. It is a 4G phone, which is an extra bonus for an entry level phone.

I also have the Nokia Lumia 800 which is a big brother to this phone. It's thinner, heavier, and made of metal. And it also costs double this phone and essentially has the same functionality.

If you're in the market for an entry level phone and you don't want blackberry or Android, this is a very nice phone that I think most people will be very satisfied with.
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on September 25, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Nokia Lumia 710 is a fully featured smartphone at a bargain basement price.

I've used iOS and Android on mobile handsets, but I personally prefer Windows Phone for my needs. The Lumia 710 matches up some pretty good hardware specs to go along with a Windows Phone experience that you'll find on any WP 7.5 handset. Other people have different needs, but the key points for me were MS Office, Xbox Live integration, and Zune functionality....all of which are on the Lumia 710. This Lumia (and all Windows Phone 7.5 and up models) sports true compatibility with MS Office as well as SkyDrive. I'm able to put together my lectures on Power Point on my computer, automatically upload to SkyDrive, and access the .ppt file at any time with my phone. This allows me to view and practice my lecture ahead of time on my small screen, but all of the functionality is there. Images are rendered correctly, and, this is key, animations all work as they're supposed to. Combine this with great Word and One Note sync'ing, and having a Windows Phone makes a lot of sense for me.

On to the hardware of this particular phone, though. The device is small by today's standards where Galaxy SIII's have giant 4.8" screens. But I find the 3.7" screen to work well with the 800 x 480 resolution, which provides a good pixel density at that size. The screen is a solid performer and has a good feel when typing on the on-screen keyboard. I prefer capacitive buttons on the bottom of my phone, but hitting the back arrow on the hardkey "button bar" does have a satisfying click to it. The device feels comfortable in your hand and it's extremely easy to reach all corners of the touchscreen with a thumb. The camera on the back is one of the best 5MP shooters I've seen on a phone, but again, it's only 5MP. This is obviously fine for most of your camera phone needs, but there are substantially better options out there for you on other phones if photography is your biggest concern. Unfortunately, with a budget phone comes the one omission--a front facing camera for video chat. Other than that, for the price, the hardware exceeds all expectations for me.

Since other people have outlined the Zune software and other aspects of this phone is great detail elsewhere, I'll just highlight a couple of the key advantages to owning this device. First, it's a T-mobile device with "4G" speeds. No, it's not LTE, but the T-mobile "4G" download speeds can hit 75% of Verizon LTE speeds. I've had great luck grabbing strong T-mobile signals and good download speeds in the areas I live and frequently travel. However, since it's on T-mobile, you can buy this phone outright for $299-$349 upfront without a contract and then get T-mobile's aggressively priced no-contract monthly plans that are a good $20-40 cheaper per month than the other Big 3 wireless networks. Do the math (include taxes!) and you'll probably find that you can save yourself a couple hundred dollars over the course of 24 months by going this route. Additionally, you can use the Nokia Internet Sharing feature to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot with the same plan.

The other key advantage to have this phone over other windows phones is the collection of Nokia centric apps. There are some apps that only work on Nokia's Windows Phone, such as ESPN's fantasy football app. However, the biggest advantage of this phone over ALL other phones, is the option to download the (free!) Nokia Drive app. This is ~2GB app that provides US maps for all the states and is arguably the best phone driving GPS app on the market. Google maps is good, but if your internet connection on the road is shady, it can take forever to re-route accurately. Additionally, only the latest Android versions of Google maps let you take a portion of the map offline. With Nokia Drive, it works perfectly offline and can re-route you much faster because it doesn't rely on an always-on internet connection. If you use your phone as a GPS a lot, I would argue that you would have to at least consider a Nokia Windows Phone. It's such a huge competition advantage, especially if you're driving on rural roads that don't have the best 3G or 4G signals.

Overall, I really like the Lumia 710. It's an outstanding budget smartphone for people who don't want to open their wallets, but still want to get a giant bucket of features. If you don't want to spend $199-300 for an on-contract ($599+ off contract) phone, I think you should at least consider what the Lumia 710 has to offer. Or if you want a valuable GPS phone, regardless of your budget, the Lumia could work for you too.
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VINE VOICEon April 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This phone surprised me. As a long time android owner and fan of androids, I really didn't expect to like the windows phone 7, but I did. A lot. While there aren't as many apps in the marketplace, this phones tight integration with facebook was a pleasant surprise - facebook chats show up in the same place as text messages, so there's no difference between sms and facebook chat, which is super convenient. Also, these phones are very responsive - no lag, they never bog down, and they never lock up. The camera quality is adequate, but seems to have a hard time focusing. Games play excellent with no slow down at all - angry birds, fruit ninja, etc. all play flawlessly for hours with no issues at all. Multitasking also works very smooth with no snags - you can just quickly pop out of one app into another, then pop back in with no hiccups - I like that too. Also, as a long time android user, I already had my calendar, mail and contacts set up with google, and surprisingly, these phones were able to sync with all that with no issues. The phone looks great - it doesn't look expensive, but it doesn't look cheap either. Another bonus, is the dedicate camera button that automatically launches the camera app when pushed - ve3ry convenient to pull it out, push the button and snap the picture. Overall, these phones are an excellent value, and since they are selling for much cheaper than most androids, then I's say this could be a legitimate option for those not wanting to shell out for high end androids, but who still want a zippy responsive smartphone with a decent screen size and resolution.
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