Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 710, White 8GB (T-Mobile)
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on January 25, 2012
Windows Phone is really fun to use and with Nokia it has quality hardware and software. The phone feels very solid on the hand, the buttons are nice to have and useful whenever you want to use the Voice Commands without staring at the device, it's somewhat thick but not that big.

This phone might not have the best specs but it doesn't require it, Windows Phone can run smoothly even on a 1Ghz CPU.

It comes with Nokia Drive, only available on Nokia Windows Phones, this app will let you download maps on the phone requiring less data and navigation in offline mode (like a stand alone GPS).

I unlocked it to work with AT&T and surprisingly it does have 3G!

I highly recommend it to anyone, it lacks a front facing camera but I don't even use that feature.
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VINE VOICEon March 5, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Overall Impression: I have used this phone for a little over 1 year, and still think that it is a nice, easy to use phone. It is going strong with daily phone/internet use. I can tell that the battery does not last as long as when it was new, but that is typical for all cell phones, including smartphones. My phone pictures sync with Skydrive without having to do anything extra. I added Nokia Music when it became available - there is a lot that is free.

Durability: About 2 months ago, I accidentally dropped the phone into my kitchen sink & the phone was immersed for a few seconds. I quickly took the back off & took the sim card out & used my blow dryer on it (& Q Tips). I let it sit overnight & the next morning my phone came to life (!). I has not shown any signs of distress from the dunking. My spouse dropped his black Nokia Lumia 710 into a puddle of water yesterday & he put his phone into a bag of rice. After a few hours, his phone worked too.

What I wish for the phone: Decent WiFi calling. There is Tango, but it will not go on to support Windows 8. Viber is support to all calling in the near future (they say). Users still have to be subscribers (free app), so it isn't as open as I'd like. My preference would be to be able to call any phone - cell or landline - without the end user needing to be a Viper subscriber.

Also, for the person who emailed me a months ago - there is now a free Nokia Collections application (Counters) that will track your monthly usage (calls, messaging & data use).

*** I have been a Windows Phone user since December 2010 (Dell Venue Pro). I am more of a smartphone business user in that I have multiple email addresses pinned to my Start Page & I use the Microsoft Office suite products on my phone. ***

The Lumia 710 is a very nice Smartphone that has most of the bells & whistles of much higher priced Smartphones. It is easy to set up and use right out of the box. With Nokia's addition of its free navigation app, Nokia Drive, the Lumia 710 is definitely a phone to seriously consider.

Nokia & the media are touting the Lumia 710 as an entry smartphone because it has a 5mg camera & 8GB of memory. It also is all plastic and fairly plain (the black phone is all black & the white phone has a white face with a black back). However, if you purchase this phone between 1/11/12 - 3/31/12, with proper paperwork, Nokia will send you a free color back in white, cyan, fuchsia or yellow - a sure way to perk it up.

Otherwise, the Lumia 710 has all of the bells & whistles of the much more expensive smartphones.

Windows Phones do not have static front pages; they have large, easy to read, customizable Start Page Tiles (you can choose your Tile color & choose which Tile you want to Pin (place) on your Start Page). The Start page Tiles link to anything you want: your (labeled) email addresses (can have multiples), applications, web pages, contacts - anything you want just by touching the Tile.

Common Start Page Tiles:
1) T-Mobile Phone (your call history);
2) People (phone book that also links to your Facebook Contacts)
3) Calendar (future appointments show up on your Calendar Start Page Tile as reminders - like Outlook reminders)
4) Messaging (entire conversation history is visible)
5) Email(s) (create a separate Tile for each email address & you'll see how many unread emails in your in-box on your Start Page)
6) Pictures (photos taken with the phone, albums in your Facebook, & loaded pictures from your computer)
7) Nokia Drive (free turn by turn voice navigation)
8) Camera
9) Xbox Live (downloaded game apps)
10) Calculator
11) Internet search engine (IE or Google or Your Choice) - can use Voice Command for searching
12) Me (direct link to your Facebook Page)

With a swipe from right to left, you can see all of your programs & applications in alphabetical order, so you can pin & de-pin to your Start Page whenever you want.

People knock Windows Phones because (at this time) they only have 65,000 applications available to users. However, A LOT of the applications are FREE. To download any application, go to Marketplace (use the Marketplace Tile). The Marketplace apps are divided into the following categories:
a) Nokia Collection
b) Entertainment
c) Music + Video
d) Tools + Productivity
e) Lifestyle
f) Kids + Family
g) News + Weather
h) Travel + Navigation
i) Health + Fitness
j) Photo
K) Games
L) Social
M) Sports
N) Personal Finance
O) Business
P) Books + Reference
Q) Education
R) Government + Politics

Click on a category & that category is further divided by:
a) Top
b) Free
c) New

At the end of February, Microsoft announced that they have a SKYPE beta version available now & that a full version will be released in April.

Free Nokia Only Apps (find in Nokia Collection): Creative Studio photo app - apply a series of filters & effects before you shoot your photo; Nokia Play To (Beta): show photos & videos that are stored on your phone to your TV & music stored on your phone to your home stereo system (via WiFi). Nokia has also indicated that by 2ndQ they will have a feature that will let you interact with the Weather Channel app (lifestyle alerts).

Hold down the start button & you can tell your phone what you want it to do (ie, "call xxx" & the phone will call the number in your people list, "text xxx" & the phone will go to messaging & tell you to say your message, "what is the weather today" will get you a local weather forecast). The only thing that you cannot do by voice command is to put an appointment into your calendar.

BLUETOOTH: I have paired this phone with a [[ASIN:B005YZZJDY Jabra JOURNEY Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone - Retail Packaging - Black]. It syncs quickly & is very easy to use.

Skydrive is Microsoft's cloud service. You can store, access, and share files, photos, and Microsoft Office documents for free online (up to 25GB for free). You cannot put your music on Skydrive, but you can pin your Amazon Cloud page to your Start Page & that would give you one-touch access to your Amazon Cloud music.

Zune is Microsoft's online store that offers music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music videos, movie trailers and mobile applications. However, you can put your own music onto your phone & you do not need to use Zune marketplace. As an alternate music source, you can also link the phone to your Amazon Cloud music (see above).

The camera is 5mg & takes decent pictures in indoor light. All pictures taken with your phone are stored in Camera Roll. Once you take your picture, you swipe down to see the picture & then you can choose to Share (Skydrive, Email, Facebook, Text), use as Wallpaper, Delete, Add to Favorites or Auto-Fix.

Curved Back, size & weight make the phone easy to carry and easy to slip into your pocket.
Call quality: Very good both as speaker, up to your ear & via a headset.
Screen Size: The 3.7 screen size is good, but I am spoiled by the DVP's larger screen size.
Font Size: Windows uses nice, large type font for most of the applications - email, calendar, and calculator. The Messaging font is smaller, but the recipient names are large.
Screen: The Lumia's ClearBlack Display is a little easier to read than an AMOLED screen in direct sunlight, but in indoor situations, the AMOLED screen provided a richer, brighter screen. It is very hard to see an AMOLED screen in direct sunlight.
Phone's Toggle Bar: The toggle bar is user friendly and works better than touch buttons because you don't accidentally "touch" & exit out of what you were doing.

All in all, the Lumia 710 is a great phone. It is 4G (HSPA+) and a little faster than my 3G DVP. In a single speed test, it was also slightly faster loading Weather Channel than a co-worker's iphone 4GS.

Play with this phone and you will find that there is a lot to love about it.

EXCELLENT NOKIA CUSTOMER SERVICE: I had to call Nokia Customer Service & found the CS agent to be friendly & knowledgeable. She called back when she said that she would, and, when I needed to call back a week later, but lost the direct number, the Nokia CS that answered the phone was able to connect me with the person that I had dealt with earlier.
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on January 29, 2012
I had been an Android user for the past 3+ years, but decided to give the new Windows phones a try after hearing good things about the Nokias. This phone is an absolute winner! It is a solid device and adjusting to the different interface didn't take long at all. Some complain about the lack of apps, but all of the apps I need are here, plus true native MS Office apps that are not available on other platforms. All of the apps I've had have been solid and no crashes which was never the case with the Android devices.
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on January 23, 2012
WINDOWS phones are better than ANDROIDS!!!! I heard old ones weren't that great, but these new ones will blow you away. The Lumia 710 is smooth and quick like you wouldn't believe. Great phone. I would recommend this phone over any other. Just simply amazing, and perfect.
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Reviewing a Windows Phone is a tough thing to do - especially if you are already an iOS or Android user, but if you give it some time, you'll learn to appreciate some of the amazing innovation put into this device. Lets start with the basics; the hardware:

The Nokia Lumia 710 hardware

The Lumia 710 is the "low end" phone from the new Nokia lineup of Windows Phone devices. It marks their departure from Meego and Symbian S60 as their sole mobile OS options. The hardware is as can be expected from Nokia, top notch. Build quality is fantastic, battery life is amazing and the dark black screen is simply brilliant on a phone this cheap. With a sim-free price under $300, this is one of the most affordable options out there for a quality smartphone. The 710 comes with quad band GSM/EDGE and tri-band 3G with support for the T-Mobile AWS frequencies. The screen is around the same size as the iPhone, but feels small if you come from one of the larger Windows Phones (or an Android device like the Galaxy Nexus).

On the side are volume and power and on the front is a long button with three functions. I would have preferred capacitive buttons, but you can't get it all at this price.

The camera is merely "acceptable" at 5MP with auto focus, but the camera app is solid and quick.

There is no MicroSD card slot, so you need to settle for 8GB of storage. Also, be aware that this uses MicroSIM technology, so you'll need to buy a new sim or cut it with a sim card cutter.

Windows Phone OS

As the title says, this is the best OS you are not using yet. I am a massive Android fan, and I don't feel like it is better (for my needs), but when i showed it to my mother in law, she LOVED it, and this is the first time she's "loved" a mobile phone. Operation is simple - and there is just the right amount of options. Other options feel limited like the color choices or backgrounds. The phone lacks a lot of the customizations found on Android.

Out of the box, the phone comes with a lot of the apps you need - like Netflix and TMobile TV. Other apps come from the marketplace, which is very easy to navigate. There is probably a 50/50 mix of paid and free apps, but all apps let you trial for free.

One of the highlights of this device though is the free Nokia Drive app - a full function offline map navigation package. In many cases, it has actually replaced my Garmin on shorter rides. Offline maps means you don't need a data connection, and Nokia offers FREE access to their entire map database.

All in all, this is in my opinion the number three OS On the market - it'll beat Blackberry in any head to head. You owe it to yourself to try this out!
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on February 8, 2012
I just got the Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile a few weeks ago, it's a very solid device, I love the compact design and the modern windows phone 7 OS, it has a 1.4Ghz CPU, which provides fast response, the WP7 OS provides real-time updates from different channels, keep me connected to the world at all time, in short, I love both the hardware and software.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I received the Lumia 710 with the bottom of the screen having a thin veil on it like a video adapter malfunction, but is was semi-transparent. Since it is a new phone I sent it in for a replacement. The provided me with a new perfect phone. More about that in a minute. First I want to talk about performance and features.

Ease of Use: The Goliath in the industry is the Google Android having over 500,000 apps. Steve Balmer from Microsoft says that you need a degree in computer science in order to figure out how to use it. My brother who has been using mobile phones for ages recently acquired a Google Android for the first time and I must admit he came out of his room after days of trying to figure it all out and was befuddled. He finally has it figured out but some features he just gave up on. The new Windows 7.5 Mango operating system is a dream to use. It has been engineered for simplicity. Every procedure I have experienced was intuitive and easy to use.

Speed: A great article was published on CNN Money stating that 4G is a myth, stating that like the Unicorn it hasn't been spotted anywhere in the wild just yet, and won't be any time in the near future. The International Telecommunications Union, the global wireless standards-setting organization, determined that 4G is defined as a network capable of download speeds of 100 megabits per second (mbps). None of the new networks the carriers are rolling out meet that new standard. The actual speeds the carriers say they'll achieve are just a tenth of "real" 4G. Technically T-Mobile has upgraded and improved their old network which it 3G to run faster than the others. So T-Mobiles 4G network, which is technically 3G, will have speeds that are equal to - and possibly faster - than Verizon's 4G LTE network at launch. In another CNN article they are quoted as saying, "Anyone who advertises 4G is really placing false advertising. There is no 4G today. There won't be 4G for five years."

What is important is how a network performs. In the PC World 4G Wireless Speed Tests: Which is really the fastest? (I quote)T-Mobile smart phones are the fastest. Verizon may have the fastest network for laptops, but in our test T-Mobile has the speediest results for smart phones. The 13 city average download speed of almost 2.3mbps; that's about 52 percent faster than the second fastest which was Sprint which had an average of 1.5mbps. T-Mobile was followed by Sprint, and then AT&T and then Verizon. All of this however was published in March 2011. In PC Worlds 4G Phone shootout they found Verizon's Thunderbolt the fastest by far. However they tested it in only 4 cities instead of 13 so that may skew the results although the numbers are impressive. Verizon's download speeds averaged 18.3 megabits per second and T-Mobile came in second at 3.38 mbps. AT&T and Sprint were either inconsistent in their connections and/or produced slower speeds than the top two.

Okay onto the service experience. Since my phone had a minor screen shading defect I had sent it back into Nokia for a replacement telling them that I only wanted either new parts, or a new phone. Normally they have an excellent service policy that prevents you for going without a phone. They send you a refurbished phone right away while you keep the one you have. Once you receive your replacement phone you can send the defective one back within 30 days without incurring another purchase.

My brother's Palm Pre with Sprint had recurring problems and every six months he was swapping out his phone for a replacement. The advantage of the Lumia 710 is that it is a newly introduced phone, so in the unlikely event you have a problem with it, even if you accept a refurbished one in replacement, the phone has only been out a few months as of the publishing of this review, so you are going to get an almost new phone with a defective part replaced.

If you are dealing with a phone that has been out for a couple of years, and you get a replacement, you could be receiving a phone that is a couple of years old. So the Lumia 710 being that it is a newly introduced model has that advantage in the event you need a repair. It took me longer to get a replacement because I was insisting on a new phone, or new parts, and no refurbished parts, but the phone support both before and after was courteous. Buying your phone from Amazon has its advantages in that if you get something that is 100% you can return it within their return window and get another one.

Now onto a quick synopsis of the features. Even though it has way less apps than the Android, all of the ones that I need are here. The fact that it has a removable battery is great because when the battery wears out you can replace just the battery and keep using the phone. The keyboard is excellent, and also it performs well with pinch to zoom. It is the only phone you can run Microsoft Office Apps on, at least the most useful ones. The fact that Nokia drive is free with free downloaded maps makes this a winner in my book.

With 8GB of built in storage you can place a ton of MP3's in there and for use in the car it is great. (However it does not have SDHC card expandability options) Coordinating your music playback with the other features, like for example the headphone jack out goes into your auxiliary input in your cars stereo system, and you have the capability of using your phone as a phone, a GPS, and a music listening system.

So what is the advantage of using all three through the phone? Namely this, they have scientifically idealized all scenarios for example if you are listening to music and your turn is coming up they alert you. When the phone rings and you are on a call it knows when to prevent the background disturbance and when not to. In plain words you avoid the problem of having to turn your music down so you can hear the GPS etc. It is all coordinated. The fact that Nokia drive is a free service with downloaded maps means that you are not using up airtime while you are traveling down the highway. Also since for example my Garmin GPS requires expensive periodic map updates makes this Nokia Lumia 710 all the more attractive because you get all of that for free.

All in all I highly recommend the 710 I am fascinated by all of the things it can do especially since you can do most of them through voice commands. Definitely 5 stars for service, function, and it looks great too.
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on March 28, 2012
Upgraded my wife from Android to the elegant and blazing fast Windows Phone OS, and targeted the Nokia Lumia 710 early on. The form factor is fantastic, especially for a woman with small hands. A 3.7" screen is nice blend between compactness and real estate.

Outside of this, hardware wise, the phone brings pretty solid specs to the table. 1.4ghz cpu, 5MP camera, clear black LCD technology, etc. This isn't a "super-phone", but for the price Nokia doesn't skimp too much. My only minor complaint is an 8MP camera with a slightly better aperature would have been nice, however I am not sure on how much incremental cost that would have added to the phone.

Software wise, WinPhone7 is really starting to deliver. The OS is extremely fast, elegant, and differentiated. The core elements of simplifying every day tasks are done really well. The People Hub, for instance, houses all of your contacts, your FaceBook account, your Twitter account, LinkedIn, etc. Thus, no need to ever visit these apps much - its all integrated.

Nokia has also added some really nice touches with exclusive apps like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, CNN, ESPN, etc.

Highly recommend this device for anyone looking for a mid-range WinPhone7 device. Now, truly hoping TMO gets a Nokia 900 series at some point this year.
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on May 15, 2012
I have had every operating system except for the out there Meego from Nokia. The Windows Phone just works, but more about this model in particular:

Great size, at 3.7" screen, its not one of those big clunkers that weighs down your pocket or hand. The ClearBlack display really does provide a nice background, and makes reading books or documents really easy on the eyes. The Sensitivity on the accelerometer is very precise, it changes the orientation correctly without any jiggling or shaking, and I haven't had any annoying moments where it changes the orientation and I need to wrestle to get it back the way I want.

Battery life is solid, it lasts the whole day with data and calls being made fairly regularly. If I shut off the data, I could get 2 days and some more on it. for a phone this size, I am satisfied with that much battery. Nokia never did disappoint in battery life.

Minor complaints/things to be aware of: Can't turn off 3G/4G to save battery. There is a battery saver mode that does several things to increase battery, but there is no picking and choosing if you know what you want to do.

The microphone wont hear you if the phone isn't angled exactly towards your mouth. I have a small beard, and this might be the source of the problem, but I didn't have this issue on my BB Torch or Moto Droid.

I would definitely recommend this to someone that needs something without any flashy games and just wants to be connected without worrying that the phone is gonna crash on you.
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on April 14, 2012
My first run into the smartphone market was a cliq. It was by no means a powerhouse, however I expected it atleast to do simple things such as, not dial/text people randomly, hold a charge more than 4 hours, have a function keyboard/screen. Few months later I sold the cliq due to the phone being a complete failure, quality wise and software wire. With the release of the Nokia 710 I decided it time to venture back out in the smart phone market. After a few months of this phone I have decided the The Nokia 710 is everything I was hoping it would be. Fast, fluid, and an ever building app market with enough content to get you by. Thanks Nokia!!!
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