Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone, White (Sprint)
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on January 25, 2012
Where can I start? This is interesting phone. Literally a mini speedy tablet. This is my first android device so this came off a bit complex just trying to navigate. The exterior is totally plastic and unlike the black galaxy epic tough s2 this one does not have a textured back so that was a little disappointing. The performance is the fastest I have ever seen on a phone so I'm really glad i got this instead of the HTC EVO 3d. Every one around me has an htc phone so i wanted something different.

4.5 Inch screen
extremely fast processor
great battery life
unique color
8 mp camera with flash
16 gb internal memory
fun apps
Lightwieght (in my mind I equate heavier phone with better quality)
many preloaded sprint apps
plastic casing
Overall I am loving this phone I would definitely suggest buying a case to put this in because if it slipped out my hand it would damage some. I am good with my equipment so that has never been an issue. Awesome phone. Good Job Samsung!

Overall this phone is super
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on February 14, 2012
From a distant sight, it looks just like an iPhone especially if you go with the white cover. The performance and function is amazing. I have had several phones, including iPhone 4, epic and HTC Pro etc. but this is a better device hands down. The screen is crisp, the colors are sharp and it is quick. Compare it to a tablet. I have iPad 2 as well, which I don't use that more expect for Netflix and some hardcore tablet Apps.

However, for some the screen size (4.6") might be too big as at times it is inconvenient scrolling through the screen with one hand. The screen span is too big for thumb to navigate and touch all corners. For this reason, I liked the Samsung epic at 4.2" screen size. It was perfect for one-hand navigation although slightly heavier due to extra keyboard.

Recommendation: Buy it, it is the greatest smartphone out there for another 30 days! ;) Technology is moving so fast, you never know what is coming out next! This is not an investment but an expense. But you already knew that :)
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on March 14, 2013
After messing with one a friend had, I just had to have this phone. This phone is very fast, very responsive, and just all around amazing. The seller I bought this phone through listed it having minor dings and scratches, and I was surprised to see the phone didn't come as stated like that, the phone was like brand new! With only 2 little itty bitty scratches at the bottom.

I would recommend this phone to anyone.
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on March 8, 2012
This phone is great. The speed of the phone is super fast even with many apps installed and it blows the new evo out of the water completely. The screen is absolutely beautiful I use Netflix on this phone and shows and movies look great, far better than any other phone I have had from Sprint.

Cons- this phone does freeze occasionally on Netflix if hours of shows are played repetitively, but so far no other problems.
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on March 20, 2012
I ordered this phone thru amazon wireless and the phone was delivered a day earlier than expected which was nice. I had not seen the phone other than online and was worried it might be too big. It is not. I really like the white, the weight, and it is super fast at loading everything. This is my 3rd smartphone and by far the best. I had an iphone, HTC Aria, and now this. Activating the phone was a bit time consuming. The first guy said he couldn't set up my account because there was already my ss# in the system. He transferred me to the fraud department. We figured out it was me from setting it up online thru fraud transferred me back to a woman who was credit check. Wrong person so she sent me to activation. I wanted to keep my old # so they had to call at&t to get approval. Ten minutes after approval I could turn my phone back on and things have been great since. Only took 5 people and an hour later my phone was activated. I'm giving 5 stars to the phone but sprint 4 only because even though I got tossed back and forth I was never on hold for more than 3 minutes so I knew they didn't forget about me. So far worth it.
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on July 21, 2013
This was far less expensive than even the cheapest, shabbiest iPhone 4 I could find, and it's bigger, yet lighter, and more powerful. I bought it as a Ting phone, and the overall bargain is pretty amazing. My 12 year old daughter could not be more thrilled, especially since her more wealthy friends have the iPhone 5. Side by side, this more than holds its own.
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on February 23, 2012
Nice phone, I like the hardware of coarse...only thing is, the exterior is lacking of a high quality phone. I went from an HTC HD7, which is a windows phone (7) platform, which is a single core phone...I thought it was of much better build quality personally. Other than that, it flies through apps with ease, nice internet browser as it has the typical droid browser. Overall I like this phone, but would have liked a much tougher/build quality to have been better with this phone. I would highly recommend a case for this phone, it's crying to be dropped and broken...
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on March 27, 2012
I actually ordered and bought this phone from a sprint store. I watched tons video comparison of this to the iphone 4s and saw it has a faster processor (this may be also due to wifi) for web browsing and movie watching.But since I never actually owned an iphone I can't tell you from personal experience which phone is better.

What I do know is that this phone is freaking awesome. I don't have any cons. The reception at my job sucks, but I still get good reception with this phone, and unlike my previous phone (Blackberry 8530) I surfed the web and even the app store. I was able to Open Netflix and much much more(which my tablet wouldn't even do).

There are some great free apps. (games, business etc.) The voice command and voice talk programs are pre-installed and work like a charm. One will locate any business you tell it to, while the other does text and calling. Here's a good pros list:


Great free apps
Voice text
Voice command
phone has a dual core processor
1080p video
8.0 MP camera w/ flash (very clear pictures)
has video chat capability
3G and 4G network
Good battery life (app. 6-8 hrs.)
flash player (for watching online movies)
App. store allows for more downloads (music, games, apps)
Phone is set up like a mini tablet



The phone is worth every penny. I text, game and use my applications consistently enough to know this phone is perfect (so far) and it looks and feels nice in my hands (very thin and light).
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on May 10, 2014
When I received this phone from the seller I first noticed the charging cord fit loosely into the micro charging port and the port had small scratches around it. I figured it was nothing major and to be expected of a used and then refurbished phone. I soon found out this minor damage was an indicator of the serious damage within the phone and that whomever refurbished the phone also destroyed the inner components. After a month of owning the phone (past the return period of the seller), the phone began to show an error while charging that said "voltage too high, charging paused." This was a more serious problem, but it was past the return period of the phone so I hoped it was just an issue with the type of phone and it would still continue to function. At about 3 or 4 months of owning the phone the serious problems began to surface. First the phone began to charge less and less and would die quicker and quicker. Then the screen image started randomly "jumping up and down", as very old TV's do. Next it started to randomly call people even when left on the table with nothing touching it. Then it began to type random letters when the screen was not touched and I tried to text. Finally, at about 5 months, the phone stopped charging all together and no longer functions at all. I kept the phone in a case with a screen protector the entire time I owned it and it was very gently used. I dropped it once from a low height off the ground onto a soft carpet. There are no scuff marks, no scratches, and no physical damage to the phone at all that was not already there when I purchased it (the previously mentioned marks near the charging port). The water damage indicator is not colored inside the phone and it has never been in contact with water when in my possession. There is no reason the phone should be in such poor working order that I am responsible for. This item was also listed as being in great condition and great working order, which is entirely false. It seems almost as if the seller purchases cheap phones and refurbishes them poorly then sells them knowing they will not break within the return period, but will do so shortly after purchase.

I do understand that mistakes happen however and so I tried to contact the seller to get at least an explanation and maybe an apology or a discount on another phone. Instead the seller completely ignored anything I sent and closed the return/claim I made. So not only was the phone broken, but the seller did not even respond to my issues with their sale. I also looked into reviews of the seller and saw there were other people with serious issues with the items purchased. Some reviews were even positive and then changed later to reflect that the phone/item was no longer working. With that in mind, I cannot help but think I am not the only one who had a terrible transaction with this seller. I would even go as far as to hypothesize that the reason there are not more bad reviews for this seller is that people had no issues with their product initially and by the time it broke it was past the return period and they were to disgruntled to take the time to change their review or did not know how to.

I feel as if this seller is a scam and you, the buyer, should avoid purchases from this seller. Unless you are okay wasting your money on a phone that breaks in less than half a year and then your concerned are ignored by the seller.
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on October 25, 2012
I purchased this device on Amazon seven weeks ago. Switched carriers and sought a cutting edge device at a modest price. The Galaxy S III looked and performed magnificently but the price gave me pause. Based on previous reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch was a definite contender. It was $10. I was already aware WiMax was being abandoned by Sprint. Sprint's 3G is slower (AVG:600 kbps using OOKLA's speedtest app) than the other carriers. However in the DC Metro region the 3G speeds were somewhat tolerable & voice was above average. Gorgeous AMOLED screen, great processor (no lag), great 8MP camera and TERRIBLE battery life. Guess three out of four "aint" bad. My device did develop problems after the 3rd week of ownership. Device would randomly display "Menu settings" without me touching the phone. Called Amazon and sent device back, new one arrived in 2 days. No problems thus far. However buyer 'BEWARE' I have read about this issue on the Sprint website review page. I am content (FOR NOW) with my purchase. There are definitely superior devices for Sprint such as the HTC EVO 4G LTE and SGS3 however a device with a 4.5" AMOLED screen, 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, 8MP camera w/ Android 4.0.4 ICS is still very relevant. I protect it with the Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710) & US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S II (SCH-R760) **ONLY FOR SPRINT & US CELLULAR MODELS** [Retail Packaging] and store music, photos etc. on the Samsung MB-MPAGA 16 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card. And using the APEX Launcher PRO improves user experience IMHO.

UPDATE: 1/7/2013

During months Nov. - Dec. the "Menu & Search" window issue returned. What has been frustrating is when the issue appears during gameplay. I wish to return the device. Now I believe I should have gone with the SGS3, which I likely will however on another carrier. Advice to anyone on the fence re: purchase of the SGS2 versus an EVO LTE 4G, SGSIII or iPhone, go with any of the latter.
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