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on November 19, 2016
Mainly, we need it for scanning. That function has never worked well. If not used for a day or so, the printer won't wake up. We have had to turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on. Lately, though, even that won't work, i.e., the software window says the scanner is not ready. (All other functions are.) It will scan from the printer to PC, so it says. But it only allows saving to "My Documents," the only choice on the printer menu. Tried that twice and cannot find it on the computer anywhere. Can't search for the file since the name the printer gave it is unknown. None of the "My Documents" folders have it there. A search on the c-drive for "my documents" found something that looks promising, but it won't open--no known software will open it. This printer is a boat anchor, IMHO. Run far, run fast from it.
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on June 19, 2013
I just like many others was unable to make it work wirelessly. Then the moment I disabled the firewall (Kaspersky) it started working. It turns out that the settings for the WiFi had to be set as "local network" instead of "public network". I am sure the same applies to many firewalls including built-in Windows firewall. So check your firewall first.

Regarding the printer - no complaints. WiFi range is very good. And it wakes up each time I send a job. I did not encounter any issue others mentioned in other reviews. Well, Mac might be different though. Windows - so far flawless.

When installing WiFi - use included quick WiFi setup guide rather than the full manual. Much easier to understand. When installing on the second computer the software recognizes that the printer was already configured and copies the settings to the computer. Thus guaranteeing that Printer's name is the same for each computer.

Excellent printer.
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on September 11, 2014
I bought this printer in March 2013. Already I need to replace it. Here are the problems.

1. You cannot see the screen on the front of the printer that shows statuses. I have to keep a flashlight next to my printer as this screen is not lit. Ridiculous.
2. When it is working the printing is good. Unfortunately since almost the day I got it it is temperamental. Every other time I print I have to shut it down because it says...again with my flashlight that the cover door is open which it isn't. YOu have to turn the machine off and then try to print again.
I give up...I guess I have to buy a new printer already.

Samsung stick to TV's...clearly you do not know what you are doing with printers....a piece of junk.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 16, 2014
(would have given 1-1.5 more stars if not for the toner issue-don't like companys that prevent you from buying aftermarket toner)
* great price $120
*paper tray is just an open space in front so it is very easy to add paper (without removing a tray) and to add manual paper-YOU JUST PUT THE PAPER/labels IN AND THAT'S IT--GREAT DESIGN--for home/small business.
*small profile and not to high
*quick wake up-quick response and ppm.
*paper tray is in front as well as output and the flatbed so you can use it on a shelve or tight space without any side clearance.
CONS: toner is a bloody fortune and they suppress your ability to buy after market replacements via a chip NOT NICE (would not have considered because of this except that a laser wireless 4 in 1 at $120 was unbeatable (with lots of nice features)
*help on the features is abysmal
*was easy to set up out of the box but then to change some of the settings was a nightmare
a. because you need a login name and password (could only find it by goggling for it) and searching the help for features that appear on the settings screen returned no results
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on February 28, 2014
Firstly I'm no newbie to technology, I do it for a living and have been doing it for a long time. I have setup office topology, servers, voip systems and have pretty much seen it all. Until I got to this printer.

For the record I got it Working and yes when it is working, it is still working. I got it networked and available on 3 cellphones, 3 tablets, 3 Win 7 and 1 WinXP (yes I said XP,no choice) workstation and that was the easy part.

To install it on XP I had to add a local printer, then use the IP don't bother trying to add as a network printer, this isn't a network printer service, so most importantly download the driver and add as a local via IP and you are good for XP. Once done, it worked a charm.

For Win 7 added printer as normal, but still downloaded the driver as the generic driver wasn't showing info for me, after all the issues I had, i wasn't going to chance it, I hit up samsung website and downloaded the correct driver from the get go.

Software wise, oh boy there are some flaw I would never have added in my code.

Issue 1: You CANNOT set this up without connecting a computer. Period! You can fiddle with the front panel, but you are totally wasting your time. Connect a USB computer and fire up the CD and you are on your way. You have been warned!!!

#2: Install Easy Printer Manager from their site, and you can manage the printer all right, but it has no drivers so you are wondering why you can't add the printer. Again, go get the driver pack which is also on the website. I say this because I had a netbook which has no CD, I downloaded the Easy Printer Manager and was surprised to find I still had no driver, but could manage the printer....LOL

#3: An undeclared admin user name and password, which is not on any part declared anywhere. Yes once you setup the printer using the USB, if you subsequently attempt to connect to it via the Sync thru webservice, it requests and admin username and password. Which BTW is not documented anywhere..I literally had to find it on some underground website..The worst part is, there is no obvious interface to then change this to a password of your own...The jokes just keep coming.

4: WIRELESS DOESN'T WORK. Yes I heard someone suggest you shut off your firewall to get it to work, Talk about putting the dog down..FYI..Firewalls are VERY, VERY important..Any thing that requires a firewall turned off to work, is in my book, absolute garbage. A well written app should UDP its own port, or they should at least tell me what port it needs opened if needed. Given that I was replacing an aging wireless HP All-in-One inkjet which didn't need firewall turned off, I ignored the advise to turn off firewall.

I finally got the Wireless to work once, while I did the setup. Once it went to sleep it was anyone's guess where the wireless went. All I know is it never came back. All attempts to echo the address would result in dropped packets and 10% reliability. Who wants to print with that.
I really needed the wireless option and I came up with the next best resolution. I used an old TEW-713RE wireless extender I had lying around and it essentially has a LAN port on it but also boosts your wifi, which once it pairs with the Wi-FI provides a LAN port for the printer. So essentially I used it as a Wi-Fi - LAN dongle. It works a treat now...LOL.
Once I used this, I stopped tearing my hair out and moved forward with the setup of the workstation devices. Even then I had to use the Clear Network Menu settings and then just plug this into the TEW-713RE. I then proceeded to pin a STATIC IP and release it but it stuck. I think the Router will just decided to pin it that IP. Once I Checked the network and could see the printer all the time, it was now available for adding. Thank goodness.

5: Fax has no shut off. I kid you not. It has fax alright, but there is actually no FAX ENABLE/DISABLE option. I am still flabbergasted. The only option was to use the manager and switch rings to maximum I forget whether it was 7 or 9 rings. Either that or you switch to the trusted plug and unplug the phone line of good old days. You know the days before some clever guy figured out that you could have a pass thru phone port on a fax machine which you could disable, oh right Samsung missed that one.

6: Sleep wake up is annoying. I have it set to 30second sleep timeout which is the default, I hate the fact that everytime you wake it up, it literally rumbles into action and spends 10-15seconds warming up and getting ready. What I found irritating was that this happened even when you touched the menu button. Jeez. I haven't decided, so why are you warming up. I understand this speeds up the print time, but the repeated warming up can't be good. Do the math, if I'm trying to photocopy, it needs at least 7secs to scan the page, can't you decide to warm up when I actually have a print job??

7: Toner is not cheap. I'm hoping the reviews about the chipped toner being a rip not being true but I'll see.

It prints very well and quickly which is good. I have yet to test the Scan and Fax functions, but the software did have some nice scan to pc functionality and alert functionality which I liked until I realized it only had 2 options essentially saying "Paper JAM" and "BUY MORE TONER"....LOL

Samsung Android Print App is great and really made up for a lot of the issues I encountered.
It allows me to not just Print but I can now FAX and get this SCAN from any android device. That was one big plus.
I almost gave it 2 starts until I realized that I would be rating the app not this printer.

For me it's a great cheap Multi-Function Unit, but if you read the reviews you'll see that wireless is a pain, I overcame that using another piece of tech I had lying around. Recommend only for those who don't need wireless or for anyone who needs wireless, they actually know what Traceroute means or have a friend who does.

But seriously it has some flaws.

Wireless will not work the way you are used to.

UPDATE 03/05/2014 FAX from PC won't work
So I finally had to send a FAX with this. Previously on the HP, I would simply print to the FAX and it would prompt me; I would enter destination and send. All done.
Well same thing applies for this printer. It installed a Fax printer and curiously I also see a fax server. I clicked to print to fax, everything was going according to plan, then BAMM!! I got an I/O error followed by some software update error. I have docked it another STAR for this, primarily because it gave no remedy. I already got the latest software from the website so the message is confusing. I tried all I could to get it to fax from PC and finally gave up and printed my document and then Faxed it, I'm getting more and more disappointed with this printer.
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on August 17, 2013
Wonderful all in one and I like that you can fax and receive from the computer and not have to print every fax that comes. That is why I bought it. Print quality is great and it is not big and bulky like some all in ones out there. This one does not take up a lot of space. It is black and white but that is all I like to use. A Great small office machine.
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on April 15, 2014
I have had this printer for the last 4 months. We had issues since the beginning. The paper get jammed very frequently. The printer did not connect well to my home wireless network - which for us, owning 4 computers in the household, was really important. The support was awful. The first support person guided me through, and made it work for a day. The second time I got someone who was probably on his first shift. He had to go every couple of minutes for consultation. I sat with him for 2 hours (!) until it was determined that I need to send it for repair. Although under warranty - the company does not provide a box, only a shipping label. Go find a box this size and sturdy enough. But then, even the shipping label never arrived. I sent an email asking for that, got an answer I should look into my junk folder. Well, I looked. It was not there. Replied to that email - and got mail delivery mistake . I gave up, and I am going to buy from a different company.
It might have been my bad luck, getting a printer that does not work. However, getting his kind of support - well, I am not going to buy ever from this company.
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on March 10, 2014
Great wireless printer to replace my Aging Canon machine. Not sure why folks are having so much trouble setting this up over the network. Was as simple as going into the menu and selecting network setup - WPS, then going to my wireless router and hitting the WPS button. 5 seconds later it was connected.

The software makes it easy to sync the printer and it also scans wirelessly as well! Excellent.

I scanned about 20 documents and printed 100 pages so far and it runs quick and fast. I was also able to find toner on here for less then 30 bucks because the starter cartridge goes quick.

Some tips -

A - Go into the sleep settings and adjust to make sure it doesn't go into the full sleep mode - will sometimes not wake when wirelessly printing without manually waking it up.
B - Sync the printer using the screen menu FIRST before installing the software if using WPS. Was flawless that way.
C - Don't forget to lift the lid and pull the orange tab out of the cartridge otherwise it wont work when you install.
D - Install the samsung software on other machines in the house instead of just networking it - it works much better that way and you can wirelessly scan jobs from remote.

Pros -

Wireless Easy setup
Wireless Scanning feature!
FAST printer, much faster than my expensive canon.
Copy feature works great!
Fax feature not too bad.
Toner not too expensive if you find another brand here on amazon.

Cons -

Paper tray doesn't hold much paper.
Fax is so-so, but who uses that anymore?
Goes through toner quick if you don't adjust the density.
Sleep mode - Needs to be adjusted or the network won't wake it.

Overall excellent printer for the price!
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on November 26, 2014
Bought primarily because of the wireless features, I have been somewhat frustrated by the difficulty of getting the printer to install the wireless features. Later I found part of the problem was my network. Nevertheless, it required on line chats with Samsung to get everything to work properly. Finally, everything works. I print from my IPhone, my Samsung tablet or the two desktops. I had to redo the wireless setup later because of changes to my network, but that went very quickly and painlessly.

I have had this printer now for about six months, and both my wife and I have used by now the great majority of its features.

My largest complaint is with the software. I often use my printer to scan documents and photographs, especially old family pictures.

First, the software is not simple for even long-term users. Changing options is awkward at best. Last night, I needed to copy more than twenty pages to pdf files and gave up, then used my old HP where changing options from the defaults was relatively simple. Perhaps this is a case of software writers (I hesitate to call them engineers) having forgotten that the end users come to their products with a variety of skill sets.

Second, the scanning resolution of this printer is much less than my old HP; no doubt the better the resolution, the higher the purchase price. But with several years between purchases, I had expected scanning quality to increase somewhat instead of declining.

As for the print quality, I have no problems. I printed a few photos, originally black and white, and the quality is reasonable. The speed is fine and the paper supply holds a goodly amount. But when it runs out during a print job, loading paper isn't enough: one has to open the cartridge door and close it to resume. While anyone can plan ahead and fill the paper, I expect the printer to register that paper has been inserted.

Making a decision to purchase a printer isn't easy, and each problem teaches us what aspects to pay attention to next time. If scanning isn't a primary concern, this printer will do well.
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on January 4, 2013
I have recently begun working from home and my employer set me up with a Lexmark laser printer. I often spend time at our vacation home and wanted to be able to do any printing/copying/faxing that might be necessary at that location. I did quite a bit of research on feedback on small laser printers on Amazon, CNET.com, and Consumer Reports. From my research I discovered that this printer was the right size for my needs and the feedback/reviews supported that decision. I purchased it at a great price from Amazon and received it very quickly afterward.

The printer was significantly easier to install and set up to work with my laptop than the Lexmark. The printer itself is very compact and fits on a side table near where I work (the kitchen table) and also stores nicely in a hutch nearby when not in use. I have found its operations to be very simple and intuitive and the results very nice. You just cannot beat a laser printer for important documents. This Samsung actually does a much better job of scanning/copying than my Lexmark in my home office and wish my employer would have purchased me one of these for home since it interfaces easier, prints nicer, and doesn't take up as much space as the Lexmark (which from the invoice I saw was nearly a $400 machine).

The only thing I wish were different is that I had paid better attention to the product description to see that it does not do duplex printing by itself. If you are printing out double sided documents, you must wait for the top sheet to print and then re-insert the sheet to get the second page. It's a bit of a pain, but it was my fault for not looking into better - and I have not had that much need for double-sided printing when working from our second home.
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