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on May 23, 2012
Great phone! I was looking for a new phone and I didn't want to be another iPhone/Droid fanboi. I think they are cool but I do not want to be tied down by Apple. Also you cannot swing a Kat by the tail without hitting someone with a Droid either-BORING! So off I go looking for some better(?) at least different and I found both!

While lots of folks have slammed this phone and while it does have some faults I do not seem them as condemning as most may think.

The biggest issue is the battery. The screen is very bright in the stock settings so one will need to lower the brightness settings. Install a battery tender such as Juice Defender it will save your battery! I know it sucks to have to recommend but an extended use battery will keep you from losing power if you are a heavy user. Verizon sells one with a case. If you cannot stop losing your battery due to heavy use I suggest getting one. Turning off Wi-Fi and lowering screen brightness will help extend the battery as well. LG also recommends the use of branded USB cords and chargers as many off brands do not pass current at the advertised level.

The other big problem is built in and is LG's fault. LG for some reason has limited the charging voltage to 450mV. What they may have been trying to do is to stem the flood of complaints due to the phone getting overheated during charging. Instead they have people complaining due to charging issues. The Ice Cream Sandwich OS may have eliminated this. Rooting the phone will certainly give one an extended amp ceiling while charging (800mV-650mV), plus speeding the phone up greatly by way of freezing or deleting bloatware. Although a ROM is not available for ICS yet it is rumored to be released soon.

I love the size of the screen. It is fantastically vibrant and wonderful to view. Can you say FAST? The 4G LTE is blazing and my coverage is unending. Moving from another Yellow brand where coverage was hit-or-miss at best and slow d/l speeds, the 4g LTE moves like lightening. Apps are great, and using a launcher speeds things up a bit too.

I directly compared to the Droid Razr Maxx in the store & the screen difference is instantly noticeable with the Spectrum winning. The Spectrum also has a removable battery. Accessory wise the Droid has the upper hand with everyone producing something for it. The Spectrum is limited on cases and holsters sadly.

With everyone carrying a iPhone or Droid I am very happy being a standout with my LG Spectrum. It is very new so things can only get better, and currently they are pretty great!
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on February 8, 2012
This phone is comparable to the HTC Rezound in almost every way. The Rezound does have a better camera (the Spectrum's camera is also quite good, but the Rezound's is better) and a lot more internal storage (16gigs on the Rezound vs 4 on the Spectrum), but the IPS display on the Spectrum does look better (it is brighter than the Rezound, and looks better from extreme angles). The Rezound does give you expensive earbuds for free as well though.

The only real downside is that, well, it's LG. They dont have the best reputation for quality or support in the smartphone world. But if you dont care about that, then this is an awesome phone. It has an ugly LG UI, but installing a free custom launcher (I use GoLauncher) takes care of that easily enough. The price is also pretty good for what you're getting.

This really is a great phone, it just inst the "best" phone.
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on January 31, 2012
I like the phone and it provides what I need. However LG still has a way to go when it comes to building a better user interface. The HD graphics are totally AWESOME! Hands down there is no other phone on the market that comes close to displying content. It's bigger and better than the iphone-Display-wise
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on November 14, 2014
This is basically the same as the Samsung Galaxy S-II that also came out about the same time, around the first of the year in 2012. It has a similar dual core processor, same size screen, same memory and same features. However the S-II was $249 last time I checked at Walmart but you can buy one of these for $60 which is a great deal. I have been using the Galaxy S-II since 2012 on T-Mobile but their coverage is limited to larger cites so I got this model for Verizon since they have better coverage in small towns and out in the boonies. The service is much more expensive on Verizon though, $45/mo. verses $30/mo. on T-Mobile. After updating Android for 2.3.5 or whatever it was in the beginning to 4 it works quite well. I've installed all the same apps that I use on the S-II and everything seems to work about the same. This model has more Version bloatware than I'd like but a lot of it can be turned off and disabled. In fact you need to disable everything you can and keep the number of apps you install to a minimum to keep it from getting bogged down. I turned off Notifications for every app and disabled Auto Update too in order to keep it from trying to update dozens of apps every time I turn it on. If you use iHeartRadio you will need to disable Push Notifications in the settings in that and any other apps that do it too such as Kindle and Facebook. I also recommend installing an app manager program such as Advanced Task Manager by INFOLIFE that can be set to kill all the unwanted apps that keep starting up all the time in order to free up memory.
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on March 17, 2014
I upgraded to the LG VS-920 4G Spectrum from Verizon on a 2-for-1 sale two years ago. What a LONG two years it was, too.

The First lesson I learned is that I will never buy LG again (EVER) and will strictly avoid Verizon contracts as well.

The second lesson I learned is the 2-year contracts are for the birds.

Let's talk about the pros of this phone. This won't take long.

Big beautiful display? Check.
Durability from scratches and from drops? Check.
Call quality? Check.

Now let's talk about the cons. Get comfortable this might take a while.

Slow and laggy phone.
Sluggish - sometimes freezes (daily occurrence).
Gets very hot and randomly restarts.
Horrible battery life - under normal usage requires multiple charges daily - uses 25% battery life just to reboot.
Picture quality is below average.
Video quality is below average.
Switching between screens is nightmarishly slow.
Speaker quality is below average - videos are hard to hear - volume not adequate.
Bloatware is abundant.
Boot time is ridiculously slow.
Charge time is about average.
Seeing the screen is next to impossible in the sunlight.

Overall this is a clunky, infuriatingly slow and glitchy smartphone. Factory reset helped things a little bit - but right off the shelf it was clear that I (and my wife) were going to hate this choice.

I have read some moderately good reviews of this phone of PC Mag and Amazon. Don't you believe them. So many times over the past couple of years I just wanted to throw this thing on to the concrete pavement just as hard as I could, then stomp on it for a good solid 10-minutes just to get my frustrations out. Yes, it is that bad.

All of my friends have different phones and none are as bad as this one, and most are far superior.

What will I get next? Not sure. The only thing I know for certain is that I'm taking this thing to the shooting range this weekend. Just me and my trusty Elite Operator 2 and this phone set up at 100 meters. Then I will mount it (hole and all) on the wall of my den for all the other phones to learn from the example.


UPDATE: This phone is now on my mantle. Hole and all. I got an Apple 5s as a replacement which (so far) is behaving itself mainly because of the example I made. It's not perfect by any measure, but it is superior to what I have endured these past two years. I will never forget ... LG engineers have no idea what they are doing when it comes to smart phones.
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on June 29, 2012
Pros: "pretty", 5 screens for app shortcuts, 8mpx camera
Cons: abysmal battery life, no auto-correct, constant service alerts, low volume

The insurance company sent this as a replacement when my LG Vortex stopped working. I'd rather have another (3G) Vortex. The (4G) Spectrum is no upgrade!

My first one (not even 60 days old) overheated and powered down as I was using it (despite 48% battery power.) No one can get it to work again. I got the replacement today; I'm wondering how long it will last.

The battery life is the worst of any phone I've owned. You MIGHT get 8 hours if you use it sparingly. (Task killers don't help.) I had to charge the first one twice per day (I can't imagine what I've spent on electricity.)

It does NOT auto-correct. It will make suggestions but if you don't choose an option your word stays as-is. It also doesn't include some contractions (like "I'd"), acronyms (ASAP) or other commonly-used words. The Spectrum has the worst internal dictionary I've ever seen.

At top volume it's difficult to hear anyone who contacts me, and I get regular complaints that I cannot be heard or that I'm "going in and out." Thanks to the Spectrum I hate using my PHONE for PHONE CALLS.

Don't bother trying to customize your ring tone.

The screen won't stay lit when you need the dial pad to navigate automated systems. Similarly, the screen does not light up when you receive notifications.

Service is intermittent and the resulting service alerts are irritating. A robotic female voice continuously announces "Loss of service" followed by "Verizon Wireless" to let you know service has returned.

I'm due for an "upgrade" in September. You can bet I'll be exchanging this phone as soon as I possibly can.
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on September 30, 2012
I got this phone to replace my samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g (which I love) but the sprint service was so horrible, I had to do something about that so I switched to verizon.
Enter the Lg Spectrum 4g. This phone takes some getting used to if you are used to the samsung platform, but so far I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. Pictures and video are great, Phone quality is great (in fact, too loud sometimes. You have to turn the volume down for most of the calls) and the 4g lte speeds are amazing. It does get hot if you are playing a game for a long period of time or using an app for a while. And the apps scroll up and down as opposed to the galaxy's that are left to right. But if you simply long press the apps and games you use most, you can add them to the home screens. Then you have left to right scrolling. I am a bit tech savvy so I am able to adjust certain things to preserve battery life. I bought a second battery and dock from verizon for 19.99 so i dont really have to worry about battery life anyway.
All in all, I love this phone and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive, fast and sleek phone. Does everything all the expensive phones do without any lag or disappointment. Oh and by the way, I-phones suck!!!
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on January 22, 2015
My other LG Spec. V920 just died. Verizon wanted something like $540 for a new phone, whereupon I went hunting for a replacement for my LG. This refurbished phone works perfectly. A slightly larger phone would be nice but I was thrilled to get this phone three years ago and it's still a great phone. Just had to switch the two chips from the old phone to the new and away we went.

Caution: my old phone had the battery out of it for a day or more so my removing the chips without dismounting them did no damage. I did see a warning on the web "somewhere" to be sure to dismount the chip(s) to avoid damage to them. Taking out the battery appears to have removed power to the phone and allowed any charges still in the capacitor(s) (???) to dissipate. Guessing here. Better safe than sorry, of course.

Note that there's a battery for this phone that's double the size of the one that comes with the LG. Well worth the $10 to acquire. From Newegg, part # BL- B5KN.

That is all.
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on April 24, 2015
Phone arrived in less then week which was the only highlight. Came w no sim which was needed for 4G LTE service or wont work. Waited 6 days for one. Upon getting activated w my straight talk service up and going ran into some unpleasant issues off back. Idk but phone was going n slow motion. SLOW!!!! Even w wifi or showing 4G lte slow. Loaded apps slow most time would say app not responding and fail. Nice phone n good condition even to been used or refurbished but was something def wrong w the inner. Froze up many times slow on the simplest of commands battery would drain super fast at times even charge hella slow. Like it had mind of its own. Had to take battery out many times as it froze to no response even took out couple times because it would shut down and not come bacl on. Using it maybe 30 min or so phone would get Super Hot like burning to the touch. Came w many preloaded apps that i had no use for. just a bad phone overall but looking for another to replace because think it was a phone i could of def enjoyed. Sorry Mango but this LG Spectrum was just a total fail for even 40 bucks. Do say you pay for what you get so spend wisely or spend more for new lol. Gone.....
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on August 3, 2012
My problems:
1. Battery life is terrible. You will have to buy extra batteries to get through the day.
2. Battery almost won't charge when the phone is on. Takes HOURS.
3. Battery gets up to 130 degrees if charging while phone is on.
4. No warning light for notifications. If you miss the sound, you have to keep turning the phone on to see if you missed anything.
5. Screen is impossible to read in sunlight.
6. After 5 days the phone would not turn on. Had to get a replacement.
7. Loaded with useless apps which cannot be deleted and continually update. DRIVES ME NUTS!
8. Quality of speaker/reception is terrible. I have yet to get a good quality phone call. Really bad.
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