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on February 21, 2012
I upgraded to the Razr Maxx from the HTC Droid Incredible and could not be happier. All the reasons why I am completely satisfied with this phone: Large, crystal clear display; very responsive; 4G is excellent; no dropped calls; loud and clear sound; many great pre-installed apps; swype feature on keyboard is amazing and makes texting easy and fast; numerous ringtone options, far more to choose from than previous phones; solid build; gorilla glass is wonderful; battery life is quite extensive, allowing me to charge my phone about every 4 days with normal use, and every 2 or 3 days with heavier use; connects quickly to wi-fi when in range; recent upgrade shows all settings in living color; syncs with my Xoom and PC quickly and easily; and numerous others as you will experience for yourself. All in all, I am a big fan of the Motorola Razr Maxx and would highly recommend this phone.
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on March 23, 2012
This is only my 3rd smartphone. Surprising to some because I'm kind of a techie, and love my electronics, but I usually avoid being a first adopter. I had a WinMo phone a few years ago (horrible), then went to Android 2 yrs ago with the LG Ally. It got a bad rap but I liked it, I was just ready for a little more memory, power, and screen. I got good battery life on it too with ATK so that was important for the next phone. I hadn't been impressed with some of the androids so was waiting for the right one, and an iPhone wasn't for me.

When I heard the Droid 4 was being released with 4g I had decided on it because of the physical QWERTY. Then came the Droid Razr Maxx. Wanted to get my hands on the two (literally, because I have narrow hands) but really hoped I'd like the Maxx based on the battery. The online leap day sale preempted me getting my hands on them, so I leaped and ordered the Maxx. So glad I did!

FFWD 2 days - major issues out of the box - kept freezing up even during activation. Then it tried to do a system update and wouldn't get a signal after that. Nothing helped, 2 hard resets, etc...I called the next day, they didn't make me go through hoops since I'd tried everything they would've had me do anyway. Had to wait 10 days before the 2nd one came - but it was worth it. Worked perfectly and the system update was already done (I suspect that was part of the wait).

Battery - Not much to say, it's great! It sets a new standard.

Size - Wound up not being an issue and glad I didn't pass up the leap day sale to hold the phone first. It was awkward at first coming from the Ally, and I normally don't like super thin phones because I like to feel like it's not going to fall out of my hands. I think this is where the extra battery size of the Maxx makes it probably more comfortable to hold than the regular Razr. I adjusted to the size and width surprisingly quickly.

Keyboard - I use the regular onscreen, not Swype, and can usually type just fine in portrait mode too. Someone with bigger hands/fingers shouldn't have a problem in landscape. May try Swype again but my try at it, wasn't for me. Also have auto correct turned off, but I do have suggestions on. I miss the auto-cap and some auto punctuation which I could previously get on the Ally without having the auto correct on, but I've learned to use the suggestions for that.

Bloatware - Yeh, every phone's got it, we hate it, but oh well. I update some of it just so it won't keep telling me I have updates. Like most everyone, wish we could uninstall. But there's a couple I like that I wouldn't have even looked for if they weren't already installed.

Screen - Beautiful, ok probably not a fair comparison coming from the Ally. I put an anti-glare screen protector on, which is coming off as soon as I get a new regular one. Once you see how nice the display is you don't want to muck it up with anti-glare.

Case - Doesn't come with one of course, but if anyone's wondering I got a holster case when I ordered the phone. It's the standard shell that fits on the phone (adds very little to the size and makes it comfortable to hold), then that slides face in to the holster. The holster portion is also thin and doesn't feel bulky. The phone is harder to slide in and out than the Ally case I had that was made the same way, but, that's a plus. My Ally popped out of the holster several times. The Maxx won't. The back of my Maxx now has an easel thanks to the case. It's a feature I love that I didn't know I'd want. Looking at the Otterbox cases but you only get the belt clip with the bulkier defender.

4g - I live in a 3g area and work from home most of the time. In fact my home internet is 3g (unlimited) as we don't have dsl or cable available. I got to test the 4g out a few days after getting the phone. Downloaded the speedtest app, ran tests at different locations around the city, and a couple were in the 20 down/10 up range. Awesome! I took advantage of the speed while I was there to download my music from amazon. I was able to keep my unlimited plan, which will be especially nice when 4g expands a few more miles to me.

Don't get me wrong, there are days when I want just a good old regular little flip phone. Quicky and easy dialing. No tapping a phone button to bring up phone options of dialer, contacts, etc. But the fact is, I rarely use mine for the phone. I have a little computer that happens to handle voice calls when I need to, and it handles them well.
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on April 12, 2012
I replaced an original Droid with the RAZR Maxx. I really like the phone and would recommend it. Even with the larger battery the phone is still super thin and I would not recomend the Droid RAZR as you won't notice the thickness but you will notice the battery life.

- Battery, battery, battery - Can pretty much use it all day with GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and everything else turned on and not run out of battery.
- Comes with Swype delivered
- Screen is bright and clear
- Love the internal battery - one less door to deal with and allows the phone to be thinner than with a replaceable battery.
- Smart Actions are great - There are apps in Google Play that do the same thing but this app has a better and more intuitive interface.
- Comes with a messaging app that is better than stock Android as it allows a consolidated inbox (Gmail, corporate, other)
- External Storage Card - Comes with a 16GB card. Replaced that with a 32GB card and I have all my music on the phone (great for plane rides and no need to use bandwidth to play music).
- The home row of 4 buttons can be customized (mostly, see below) to have whatever apps you want appear on every page.
- 4G LTE is lightning fast.

- Crapware - this phone comes with so much useless junk apps that cannot be uninstalled that I cannot begin to count them. Luckily with 3GB of app storage it doesn't create memory issues.
- Its slippery - sides are glossy and rounded so it could easily slip out of my hand. Will be getting a rubberized case
- Its hard to use with 1 hand and I wear a men's large glove
- The bezel around the screen is wide. I would have preferred the phone to be slightly thicker and have a smaller bezel making the height/width less and easier to handle and hold.
- Dislike the Motorola OS overlay (MotoBlur or whatever its called).
- The Application app (used to access the apps) is locked into the home row. It cannot be removed.
- Finicky Wifi (see note below).
- No ICS (but should be coming ... hopefully without MotoBlur)
- Included charging cord is only 3' long and is 2 piece (plug with 2 USB ports and USB cord).

Additional Note: When I set up the phone to access my Wifi it initially had problems. I downloaded Wifi Analyzer (great app) from Google Play and found that every 2 seconds the signal would decrease to 0 and then come right back. To fix this I had to set my router to broadcast the SSID (before I had it hidden) and this fixed the issue.
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on May 21, 2012
I've never been truly happy with a smart phone until now.

I always find something wrong with every phone I've ever bought, like it's clear there's no phone that "has it all" because otherwise there would be no reason to upgrade, but THIS THING??? Ho lee cow!

First off, obviously the battery life is awesome, but combined with software optimization it's absurd. I'm going on 20 hours now with 30% battery left, and I have definitely been using it (playing games, streaming music, checking email.)

This is the first phone I've used that it actually feels like a miniature computer based on speed and capability. 4G is crazy. At my parent's house, I was seeing 21mbps download speed using a speed test app. At my house, where 4g isn't even supposed to cover, I'm still getting 2 bars in 4g and getting around 5mbps download speed. The dual core processor definitely shines also, with web browsing feeling the smoothest I've ever seen on a phone before. Flash based websites run smooth as silk thanks to the extra core. Background operations can run fine while the process in front of you has what it needs as well.

The screen is very sharp also, you won't find yourself having to zoom in to read small text on the browser thanks to the pixelation. It's big and can be very bright, but I have to say the colors are a bit "warm" (if you don't know what this means, go look it up.) Compared to my last phone, the Fascinate, the whites definitely have a slight tinge to it, but I think this is done on purpose to make the images easier on the eyes.

Call quality is great, very clear, about as good as you can get, and the speaker can get very loud as well. They even have equalizer settings for the built in speaker. That's how capable it is. Also, me and my girlfriend have been using Qik. I never really messed with video chat before, but with 4g, it works seamlessly.

All in all, I think this is a 4 year phone, meaning I don't see myself upgrading in 2 years. I sort of thought this about the fascinate, but that phone was lacking in many different areas. This phone, with the 1GB of ram, dual core processor, 4g capability, and large screen, it has everything I could possibly want.
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on September 28, 2012
First problem appeared within first month of using this the phone. I wasn't able to return it to the seller, because more then one month passed since I've bought it. Had to send the device to motorola. Although motorola states on the website that the device will be shipped within 5 business days they actually have sent it to me within 9 business days, and I actually had to call them.
When I received the device though, it still wasn't working. Had to send it back to motorola again. This time they fixed it, and it was finally working.
The phone was scratched, I could see where they used tools to disassemble the phone. I noticed that the device is making squeak noises when you press on it a little, it wasn't fixed/glued tight. I wen't to verizon to see if other devices of the same model have the same thing, but looks like this is what happening to the phone after motorola service.
Now I've been using the phone for 3 months, and it started to misread the sim card. I've noticed that it happens 3-4 times a week, it shows no network coverage, and no sim card exclamation sign. I have to re-boot it in order to make a call.
As much as I like the battery life of RAZR, in general I have a really bad feelings about my phone.
I really regret I didn't get Samsung back then.
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VINE VOICEon February 12, 2012
Just got one of these things to replace an AT&T phone (Captivate) where the contract was close to expiring.


The phone charged from 30% to 90% in just over 2.25 hours (full recharge time is said to be 2.5~3.5 hours). That's REALLY good given how massive this battery is...

The battery is big, but not much bulk is not added. And given how smartphones were a decade ago, yet for such tiny screens in return, I have no complaints on the form factor and the battery within at all.

Also, every time I bought a 3rd party battery, it died within 6 months. So the need to have a spare battery is eliminated by this device, and I don't need to trust the quality of third party replacements. So the need to worry that this battery cannot be replaced by me is a non-issue.

4.3" Super AMOLED screen is really nice. The Captivate's screen isn't as saturated, but was slightly better in presenting darker colors (or maybe the gamut was limited and it elevated darker hues, resulting in an inaccurate appearance). This is a VERY minor nitpick, as only one game (Osmos) has a dark background where minute detail is no longer as visible, but for every other game there are no issues that shroud darker elements, and every other game looks FAR BETTER under the RAZR MAXX, thanks to the color gamut and darker hues.

The 960x540 resolution on the RAZR takes a moment to get used to (most models have 800x480), but it makes life easier for browsing and, again, the 4.3" screen size makes typing easier. (the PPI to the RAZR is 256, whereas the Captivate's was 216 - neither is as densely packed as a certain phone from a fruit vendor (300DPI), but I've no complaints on screen quality.)

FAST. This phone is FAST. No doubt other phones might be faster (e.g. those with the Exynos processor), but this one is no slouch. Every game and app I've worked on feel more responsive, especially Osmos (which I didn't expect to run better, but it did).

FEEL/SIZE: With case protector (Otterbox) on both devices, the RAZR MAXX is almost as thick as the Captivate, but taller. And just slightly wider. It weighs more, but the feel of the MAXX feels more solid and well-built.

Actually, I do have a gripe:

It has 16GB internal flash RAM and also includes a 16GB MicroSD card. It would have been ideal if a second MicroSD slot existed, which would really bring out the full potential of this phone.

Definitely 5 stars - there's nothing that's really detractable, not even the nitpicks. The fastest data connectivity sweetens the pot (YMMV, I chose Verizon), and reports on how it's impossible to drain this thing down in one day with moderate/heavy use are truly impressive.
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on March 2, 2012
First, the battery life really is amazing on this phone. I wanted to see how long it would last if I used my phone lightly, which I do most of the time. I didn't need to charge my phone for 46h... Almost two full days before the battery reached 5%! I sent some texts as usual, made quite a few calls, downloaded some music and a lot of apps, streamed a few videos, and did a lot of web browsing. Pretty impressive! Although I have to mention that the first two days I used the phone, the battery was decent, but it definitely wasn't great. It lasted a full workday before I had to charge it, but so did my previous phone. I thought something was wrong after reading other people's reviews about the battery life, but it really lives up to my expectations now. So give it a few days if you're having the same problem.

The phone is very large (I'm a girl and I have small hands), so at first I was hesitant. It took some time getting used to it, but the size doesn't bother me anymore. The phone feels sturdy.
For now, I don't mind that it doesn't have ice cream sandwich because my previous phone was an original motorola droid and after two years, this is already a huge step up for me. It would be nice to upgrade the OS by the end of the year though...
I thought the user interface was ugly. The icons were too large and blah for my taste and they actually made the phone look kind of dated. But I downloaded another launcher that allows more customizing and I can use different icons. It looks way better now. I'd suggest doing that to make the phone look sleeker, but that's just my personal taste.
I like the screen. I read in some reviews that it was dull, but it really isn't. I mean, sure the resolution is not as high as others currently available in the market, but dull?? No way. I can actually see really well in the sunlight as well.

The camera is okay. I like that there is almost no shutter lag, but if the lighting is not right, the pictures are just decent, not amazing. But who cares, that's not what I need my phone to do. Also, I wish I could delete some of the pre-installed apps. They take up a huge amount of space and I know I will never use a lot of them.

On the 4G network, the phone is FAST! I live in San Diego, CA, and we have a pretty strong network here. At home, my download speeds on 4G are higher than on my wireless network (22-24Mbps vs. 12Mbps). I literally download and install apps in seconds, that's amazing.

So despite minor complaints, I absolutely love this phone, and I'm really glad I chose it!
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I haven't written many reviews on here, and by that I mean "any". However, I felt compelled to write a review after my first four days using the Razr Maxx. I was so fed up with my Droid X2's sluggish performance and panic-mode reboots, I was willing to pay FULL price for a new phone. Verizon made me an offer I couldn't refuse on the Razr Maxx, but that's another story. Here are the things I wanted to comment on:

BATTERY LIFE: As has been discussed ad nauseum, the battery life is insane. I am a HEAVY user--navigation, phone calls, texting, and constant facebooking--so battery life is important to me. So important, in fact, I regularly buy an extra large battery for each phone I purchase. When I read the Razr Maxx's battery could not be accessed, I worried a bit. It made me feel better that it was 3300mAh, much larger than the 2800mAh I had on the Droid X2 which already suited me just fine. Let me just add my accolades to the long list of happy customers regarding battery life. After all my usage in the day, I still had 50% juice remaining at 2am.

DESIGN: I was a little disappointed with the functional design of the case. The power button is on the same side as the volume button, which makes for a frustrating experience when you accidentally trigger your Control menu popup instead of turn the volume up/down. Curiously, the charging port is on the top. It makes the phone "top heavy" when you're trying to text or place it in your car dock. The edges are rather smooth (plastic/aluminum), so you're VERY likely to drop it if not using a cover. They did place a small rubber strip in the center of the edge, but it's not enough to provide a firm grip, especially considering the thinness of the Razr. This was the only reason for my 4 rating. I now have an OtterBox case, so I breathe more easily when using the phone. The power button is flimsy and cheap. Unless you're dead center, you'll struggle with pressing it. The volume rocker is less flimsy, but I attribute that to the fact it's meant to be rocked side to side.

PROCESSING: Wow...the dual core processor makes the interface FLY, at least compared to my sluggish Droid X2! Opening and switching apps is a breeze, and it makes using this phone a real pleasure.

SMART ACTIONS: What a great addition to the interface. In a nutshell, Smart Actions makes your phone, You can tell it to do things like turn the volume down while you're sleeping, or turn on your bluetooth when you leave the home (GPS based). I would be more excited about this if I didn't already own Tasker and have been doing this sort of thing for over a year. My only complaint about Smart Actions is that it doesn't *seem* to allow for negation of triggers. For example "If NOT plugged in, do x, y, and z". If this is offered, I haven't found it yet. I'm sure there are work arounds using multiple actions, but Tasker allows for negation so that's sort of my basis for comparison.

ACCELEROMETER: Strange thing I've noticed lately is that the accelerometer doesn't always rotate the screen properly. It doesn't happen often, and it's not a big deal, but it's something I'll keep my eye on.

Overall, I LOVE this phone! I will update my review if I find something later that needs to be addressed, but so far it's been great!
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on June 9, 2012
First off....I love this phone so far......well actually more like an on paper love because I've only had the thing for 2 days. The look & feel is awesome, the functionality is great....pretty much anything & everything you could want in a cell phone.

So with that said...onto the GLITCH! After only 2 days I've come to realize that the headphone jack doesn't work! And what makes it worse is after searching for info on it thinking maybe I did something where I shut it off, I found out this issue is very common. I tried all the simple fixes people recommended & nothin.

So I'm headin back to Verizon to swap out the phone. I'm just hoping it's that simple. SO LET THIS BE WARNING TO EVERYONE...CHECK THE HEADPHONE JACK BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE!!
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on October 22, 2012
Bought this phone as an upgrade for my wife,after years of service from a great Blackberry Tour 9630,problem free.Read MANY reviews on MANY phones and decided to go forward with this particular model,mainly due to battery life and screen size.
Phone arrived in a timely fashion,after charging only took a few minutes to get it up and running,4G is quick,as is WiFi,3G is constant and reasonably quick. Plenty of memory on this aswell.Unsure how good gorilla glass and kevlar are and how long they will last,only time will tell as one reviewer stated phone dropped on carpet and broke,so will see.
Initially the transition from a RIM phone to the Android market there was some head scratching but my wife figured it out pretty quick,she found the app for ringtones PDQ,along with others,not sure what,but I know she has loaded it up!!
Nice screen size,great cameras front and back and seems reliable,its used alot for voice,text,email and Internet and the battery seems to keep pace(I know this as there have been no complaints from my good lady)...........there is also a good deal of accesories for this phone,including a plug for the headphone jack so you can attach charms(my wife likes them) if thats your thing.Also a few good leather cases/holsters that will accomodate this large phone in its PROTECTOR CASE, that was a big thing for my wife.Cant really give any technical data on this phone as I a 'challenged'with these.Sorry if this review doesnt give you much help,all I can say is it seems to be a good phone,is big,has a good sized screen and at this time,performs as expected.
***Update*** still working great,found an app from download this to your phone and you can customise your ringtones,text tones etc,from a few second noise to full songs,wallpapers etc,nearly all of 100's of 1000's for free.Works well with this phone and numerous other android phones.
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