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on September 23, 2012
Before owning the Motorolla Razr Maxx ive owned the blackberry Storm, The Htc Incredible, and the HTC Thunderbolt, I would call my self a bit of a tech geek and am always seeking the newest technology. I bought the Razr Maxx because of the reported battery life and the advertised durability with the kevlar backing and the gorilla glass screen. The battery is as advertised as it will handle almost a full day of heavy use on a single charge, However the durability is not as advertised. After owning the Motorolla for just over 1 month with no problems i had the phone in my front pocket while i drove to work, when i parked at work i pulled the phone out of my pocket and saw that the screen had many small spider web type cracks from the top of the phone all the way down the left side to the bottom of the screen. The Motorolla was in a OEM shell case and was not under any kind of stress in my pocket. I contacted Verizon who told me to contact Motorolla which i did. Motorolla had me send the phone in which they had it for over a week and when i finally got it back i opened it up to find it had not been touched and included a paper saying not repaired becuase damage was due to customer neglect. Now if you are still thinking about buying this phone i suggest you google Razr Maxx screen problems and read the pages of people who had the same experience i had with this gorilla glass screen and know that Motorolla will not help or even acknowledge that there is a problem even with the mounting number of customer complaints for their product. Also know that replacement screen is over 200$ not including instalation. So if you still need to buy this phone i highly suggest buying the extra insurance and maybe wrapping it in bubble wrap when ever it is moved..
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on July 24, 2012
First let me state that I have owned this phone for 4 months. I was hesitant to own another Motorola phone as my first droid (with slide out keyboard) crashed way too often. I have not had that problem with this phone. It is very stable.

Second, I updated the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich (the latest operating system) and I really like the look and how it operates. I have not had any problems with battery life. I can get a full day - literally 8 hours with the phone and screen on without any problems. Under heavy use you can still go at least a day and a half between charges.

I have never had an issue with the glass. Not sure what others are saying. The phone after 4 months in my pocket with keys and change doesn't have a scratch on it. Love the gorilla glass.

Does the phone get warm when the screen is on and it is doing heavy processing - yes. But its a lot less heat than my laptop and I have had no issues with over heating. And its been 100 degrees F outside half the summer.

The only issue I may bring up is that the phone takes a long time to charge. But that makes sense, because it holds that charge for longer than anything on the market. I love the phone, love the features, and would buy it again.

p.s. The turn by turn voice navigation is awesome - I am never lost in a new city. You wont hear that from an Iphone user.
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on October 22, 2012
Bought this phone as an upgrade for my wife,after years of service from a great Blackberry Tour 9630,problem free.Read MANY reviews on MANY phones and decided to go forward with this particular model,mainly due to battery life and screen size.
Phone arrived in a timely fashion,after charging only took a few minutes to get it up and running,4G is quick,as is WiFi,3G is constant and reasonably quick. Plenty of memory on this aswell.Unsure how good gorilla glass and kevlar are and how long they will last,only time will tell as one reviewer stated phone dropped on carpet and broke,so will see.
Initially the transition from a RIM phone to the Android market there was some head scratching but my wife figured it out pretty quick,she found the app for ringtones PDQ,along with others,not sure what,but I know she has loaded it up!!
Nice screen size,great cameras front and back and seems reliable,its used alot for voice,text,email and Internet and the battery seems to keep pace(I know this as there have been no complaints from my good lady)...........there is also a good deal of accesories for this phone,including a plug for the headphone jack so you can attach charms(my wife likes them) if thats your thing.Also a few good leather cases/holsters that will accomodate this large phone in its PROTECTOR CASE, that was a big thing for my wife.Cant really give any technical data on this phone as I a 'challenged'with these.Sorry if this review doesnt give you much help,all I can say is it seems to be a good phone,is big,has a good sized screen and at this time,performs as expected.
***Update*** still working great,found an app from download this to your phone and you can customise your ringtones,text tones etc,from a few second noise to full songs,wallpapers etc,nearly all of 100's of 1000's for free.Works well with this phone and numerous other android phones.
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on August 20, 2012
I bought a Droid Razr Maxx in April and it has worked for the past 4 months but not as well as advertised. Occasionally the battery level will drop 20-40% instantaneously for no apparent reason. After a lot of trouble shooting I decided that this was probably a hardware and not a software problem and sent it to Motorola for repair. They promised to have my phone back to me after 5 days, on day 6 they finally contacted me and tell me that my phone's warranty is void because my phone had been exposed to water. On my honor, I never dropped my phone in the water or spilled water on this phone. After some research I found that the liquid damage indicator is just inside the phone next to the power button. So if you have sweaty hands don't touch the power button you may void your warranty! even wrote "We recommend not sweating while holding this phone, as that indicator is mighty close to the edge!" [...]. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE, Motorola has designed its warranty to void.
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on July 3, 2012
Since picking up this phone, I have almost completely loved the phone. Almost everything has been great. That was until I discovered a burnt pixel. I started out by calling Verizon for support. To clarify one thing, I have had the phone for about 30 days. Every smart phone I have owned, I have babied. No scratches, no dents, I even clean them every day. I could have sold the phone online as though it were new and no one would have thought twice about it. After being asked if I dropped or dunked the phone in water several times, they finally agreed to send me a REFURBED device. After going through 13 replacement Droid 1 phones (because everyone was shipped with a defect like a broken keyboard, phone didn't start, screen didn't respond to touch, etc) I had decided that I wasn't getting any more cast-offs. After all, when you buy a new car and there is a problem, do they set you up with a refurb car? No! They fix that very car while providing you a loaner vehicle or when that isn't possible get you a replacement car. Smart phones are often time more than $400.00. This phone still lists for $649.99. Why would I let a defect land me in a used device? That's crazy!! After letting them know that I wouldn't accept any used devices, Verizon recommended that I call Motorola; which I did. Rinse and repeat the whole did you drop it or expose it to water questions and they decided I should upgrade the phone. I did. They wanted me to clear all the settings, I did. I downloaded an app to fix this stuck pixel called pixel fixer. Didn't work. Now Motorola wants me to pay to ship them the phone so they can fix their defect. Great customer service! I think I just purchased my last Motorola product...

Additional Information from the Warranty PDF on the Motorola Site: If a covered defect or damage arises and a valid warranty claim is received within the applicable Warranty Period, Motorola, at its sole option, unless otherwise required by applicable law, will either (1) repair, at no charge, the defect or damage using new, used or reconditioned/refurbished functionally equivalent replacement parts; or (2) exchange the Product with a replacement Product that is new or which has been reconditioned/refurbished or otherwise remanufactured from new or used parts and is functionally equivalent to the original Product; or (3) refund the purchase price of any Products covered by the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty.

I'm not sure what they mean by no charge.
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16 of 20 people found the following review helpful
The Razr Maxx is a great phone on the fastest 4G LTE network. The phone is basically the same phone as the Droid Razr but with a massively extended battery. That's important as the battery cannot be changed out to an extended batter on the Droid Razr and this phone gets the extended battery punch but still in the same slim form factor. This is the slimmest Smartphone still.

Droid Razr and Razr Maxx have:
+The fastest 4G LTE network. I'll routinely get 15-20 MBPS download and sometimes even better upload. This means almost no lag, super fast downloads and instant page loads on browsers. In case you aren't in a 4G LTE area, you still get the EVDO 3G network and the 1xRTT CDMA digital calling networks.
+Verizon's voice network (still the best.)
+Verizon's #1 customer service (just won J.D. Power's for second straight year.)
+The new battery can get you more than a full day of full usage without constant charging, unlike almost every other 4G Smartphone and many other 3G Smartphones.
+If you are looking for slim this is the slimmest Smartphone out.
+Water-Resistent insides and coating. You may be able to walk through light rain without worrying. (I won't do that, but you probably could with this one.)
+Gorilla Glass screen is way tougher than standard glass.
+32 GB memory is more than enough for a ton of app downloads and music on your device. 16 GB is on a micro-SD and you could swap that out to 32.
+Dual Core 1.2 GHz processors really make a difference on running multiple apps at the same time. I can run half a dozen memory eating processes at any time and swap back and forth. I also run as many as 6 or more tabs on my browser with no slow down (either FireFox or Dolphin HD.)
+Motorola's UI is clean and easy to customize. It isn't as slick as HTC's Sense UI, but it also isn't clunky like LG's UI. It gives some extras that are helpful (widgets for social networking, for instance,) without getting in the way.

-Kevlar back is more for looks than useful in my opinion. Unless you're James Bond and plan on carrying 30 of these under your shirt...
-The weight of the phone makes it feel cheap to me. It is super light and the material isn't solid feeling like the Droid Bionic or even an iPhone.
-No Ice Cream Sandwich (yet).

Some people may balk at the $300 price tag, but the phone is smarter than most people's home PCs and you'll carry it with you almost every day, every where you go. Why wouldn't you think $300 is a good value for a device like that?

Overall, this is a great Droid 4G LTE phone. The battery and processors make this phone the fastest and longest lasting of the Droid devices.
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on September 6, 2012
Well here I am again taking the time to make a review which I rarely do unless something really impresses me and I feel it is worth my time reviewing.

This phone is absolutely fantastic.

I switched from the Galaxy Nexus that was nothing but a headache to me and have never looked back. Let me compare the Nexus to the Razr Maxx and show the things I love about this phone:
Battery Life - No comparison:
The Maxx --> has been going strong all day and haven't had the need to plug it in. Nexus --> change the battery out 2 - 3 times a day minimum with the optional battery + charger I purchased officially from Verizon.

Call Quality - No comparison:
Maxx --> INSTANTLY noticed the clarity and loudness. Nexus --> Soft, garbled, useless.

External Speaker - No comparison:
Maxx --> Loud, clear, just as good as the iPhone. Nexus --> VERY soft, cheap sounding, useless as a ringer

Vibration & Notification Light - Better:
Maxx --> Green light that isn't blinding but catches your attention. Vibration is stronger/louder so you actually feel/hear it. Nexus --> white light that has too much lag between blinks, harder to see especially in the sunlight and vibrator is useless.

Screen - Nexus wins:
Maxx --> Decent resolution but spoiled from the resolution of the Nexus. 4.3" screen in the same form factor of the nexus makes me sad, but I can easily live. Nexus --> High resolution, good colors, big 4.65" display.

LTE/3G Radio - No comparsion:
Maxx --> IT WORKS! Strong signal, doesn't disconnect. Nexus --> Good luck, have fun because you will bang your head against a wall. Never saw LTE, flickers between 3G and no signal at all, call drops, data drops. Terrible.

Fit and Finish - No comparison:
You spend this kind of money and want a quality product right? Maxx --> feels solid, expensive, looks good. Nexus: Cheap plastic with a flimsy back.

Ice Cream Sandwich - No comparison:
Maxx --> Zips around and I mean REALLY ZIPS. I feel like I am running Jelly Bean and I am not. Super smooth, keyboard is 10x more responsive, extremely small lag to the point that I am nitpicking. Nexus --> Lag when typing, slows down and locks up like it is thinking too much if you type too fast, OS seems laggy and unresponsive.

Buttons - Advantage Maxx:
Maxx --> More recessed and harder to push which means you can actually HOLD your device without pressing the volume rocker every half a second. Nexus --> Too easy to press which gives you even less places to hold your phone.

Heat - No comparison:
Maxx --> Can ever so slightly appear warm, but nothing noticeable...just nitpicking. Nexus --> extreme overheating issues. Plug it in, watch a video clip, or answer a phone call and prepare to burn. Definite overheating issues and you have to put the phone down to let it cool off.

Camera - Slight edge Maxx:
Kind of like asking who is smarter: Dumb or Dumber. Maxx --> 8MP and produces "ok" pictures but I had the Droid X back in the day before my phone was bricked with their POS OS update and it had the same "ok" camera built-in. I only say it is better because in life things are relative and comparing it to the world's worst camera phone by today's standards in the is therefore "better." Nexus --> Garbage fisher price camera. Pixelated nonsense.

Hope that helps. Honestly you can't go wrong with this phone. Wait for the Razr Maxx HD to come out so you can watch the price of this phone drop or decide to get that beautiful new updated Razr with the Nexus quality display! Least you will have two fantastic options to choose from. Either way you can't lose and yesterday Motorola announced ALL MOTOROLA DEVICES will get Jelly Bean if they are capable of running it and FOR SURE Razr Maxx can run it. NOW how long will it take before Big Red Verizon decides to release it is the bigger question. You know Razr Maxx HD will see the update first!

E-mail: if you have any further questions but I believe I covered all of it -scratches head thinking about it-. Honestly from what I have seen...I am never going back to Samsung for the rest of my life. Between the Samsung Fascinate which I could tell you tons of horror stories about and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, they lost me as a customer for life. Droid X treated me SO WELL before the update essentially bricked my phone with the bugs, but this phone is flawless. Motorola is just the best and THE GO TO company for Android. Highly convinced of that now. Alternatives: Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 coming out this fall, Apple iPhone 5 coming out in a month.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 8, 2012
I've had this phone for 6 weeks. The phone has a nice feel to it and the performance is excellent, with the exception of the over-hyped camera which takes 'okay' pictures about 1 out of 5 tries.

To be honest I was very happy with this phone up until yesterday. I have been very gentle with this phone as I typically always am. But yesterday the phone fell from my desk onto soft carpet, landing relatively flat. The gorilla glass shattered. I immediately went to a Verizon store and they said they couldnt do anything but I should take up a claim with the insurance. Honestly, this should not have shattered the way it did from a very low fall on a soft surface. I started reading around the internet and it seems this is an extremely common problem with this phones screen. Dont believe the BS hype about the gorilla glass on these phones because it is by far this phones weakest link.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2014
I generally choose my words very carefully and try not to use phrases like 'worst' and 'best' unless I've actually thought about this compared to other products. That said, I have to honestly say that this was the worst phone I've ever owned. The battery life was as good or better than advertised, but the user experience left me frustrated and angry.

The problems started a couple months after I got the phone. It would just freeze for no reason. The screen wouldn't register and I couldn't even turn the phone off because when you hold the power button it asks if you want to power down but you have to use the screen to confirm. I couldn't access the battery so I can't just yank the battery to kill the power. I'd frequently wait for several minutes until the phone would become responsive again. (I later learned a way to hard reboot the phone that made this easier)

I actually took it back to the Verizon store because I thought maybe it was a faulty device. He gave me a replacement but within a week, it was behaving the same.

I thought maybe it was an app I was running, but nothing on my phone should have caused this. When it wasn't locking up, the lag time from the time I'd touch the screen to do something until it was done was ridiculous. I had installed Chrome as my default browser and I wasn't able to use the Internet at all because it would load 10% of the page and then stall. FOR EVERY PAGE!!! I switched back to the factory browser and that helped but it was never as good as it should have been.

Every action, whether going to the phone, the camera, opening a game or other app, creating a text... Every single interaction caused a significant (3-4 second lag) before the phone would respond in any way.

If this were the free phone that I got with my new plan, I wouldn't complain, but this phone was billed as one of the best new phones at the time. Every review I had between this and the Galaxy S3 had these phones rated the same, but I can tell you that when my wife got an S3 and I could compare it, the two weren't even close in performance.

I'll give credit where it's due. The battery life was wonderful. But this phone has turned me off of Motorola products. Do yourself a favor. Get an S3 or S4.
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18 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2012
Worked for 4 months. I have a warranty and an insurance. Verizon W. has sent me two replacement phones but none of them was technically OK. One had a very poor battery. Lasted only couple hours. Second did not have a signal. Third I cannot get so far so I am without a working phone for two weeks already. I belive it is a faulty model. Motorola offered a repair. I would have to send the phone to them for 2 weeks and then maybe they repair it. But in the meantime they would not provide a loaners phone. I am sorry I spent $400 for this phone. Now I cannot get the money back nor another working device. It is also a time for me to really see the quality of Verizon Wireless customer service after being their customer with 4 phone lines for 7 years and paying over $3000 a year for their plans. Motorola Customer Service lady actually laughed at me when I requested a replacement or loaner's phone.
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