Customer Reviews: Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on November 14, 2012
If you're under 50 years old, you should not be reading this. This is a "non-techie" review of my first smart phone, designed to answer the questions that mature users might ask. First, I was not compelled to buy a smart phone because it had gadgets, bells and whistles and fancy plastic cases. Who cares? A phone is a phone, right? My old Razr flip phone got the job done, if all you need is to make phone calls. My wife and I are on a family share plan of 700 minutes per month, which is far more than we need. I don't think Verizon even offers this plan any more. But we were persuaded by friends that a smart phone can be a useful tool, and doesn't have to be loaded down with functions that are childish and worthless. Frankly, I've never understood why someone would pay a monthly fee to listen to music that can easily be acquired for "free," or pay a fee to send text messages like, "Hey, dude, how's it goin? Whazzup?" Oh well, just not my thing, although I see youngsters paying huge monthly fees for exactly that kind of inane thing. I'd visited the local Verizon store several times, read comments by Amazon users, and read reviews on cnet and other electronics magazines. I became convinced that the Motorola Razr Maxx Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 4G Android Phone, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)had a big leg up on the competition with its very powerful and durable battery (which can last for days without recharging) and with a relative ease of use by a non-techie. So I watched the prices for the Razr Maxx go up and down on the Verizonwireless site, as well as on Amazon. I seem to recall that it started at $199, but that was a laughable number for me, so I waited. One day, Amazon alerted me that the price had dropped to $99, so I bought it at that price. It's even lower -- by a little bit -- from Amazon right now (November 2012) which is probably because Motorola has since produced a Razr M and something else with "HD" in its name. Concerning the Razr M, be aware that the screen size is actually smaller than the Razr Maxx. I held them side by side, so that's a no-brainer. As concerns "HD" I can only imagine what that might mean, and I really don't care. I'm very happy with my Razr Maxx, and am still learning how to use all the horsepower it offers. I took a little one-hour workshop at a local Verizon store, and it was barely useful. I also ordered a little free booklet from Motorola, but it, too, does a mediocre job of instructing first-time smartphone users. I also looked at "Idiots' Guides" books through Amazon, but they're not current with the "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system that my Razr Maxx has. Gradually, I'm sure, I'll learn about all the tools that make this phone useful for someone like me. By the way, when you activate your phone through Verizon, you'll be charged a $30.00 activation fee. That has nothing to do with purchasing the phone from a 3rd party like Amazon. It's simply another gouge that the phone companies charge, simply because they can. By now, you may want to know how this mature user actually puts this smart phone to work. Here are some of the things I have managed to activate, and find them all quite useful: The alarm clock; the "app" for my local newspaper so I can read it while skydiving; the Trip Advisor app so I can check on restaurants, hotels, tourist sites while I'm on the road; the Weather app so I can check the weather forecast in different cities to which I may be traveling; the battery monitor and the data monitor which lets you know when you're approaching the monthly data limit of which I've never come close; the connections to my two email accounts back on my home computer; the Post-It sticky note on which I can remind myself to pick up the dry cleaning or stop at the grocery store or check on a certain flight number or arrival time at the airport; and of course the phone listings of folks I may want to call. All of these apps are easy to use, and I haven't yet erased or deleted anything critical. I have chosen not to use my "smart" phone to conduct business with my bank, as there are simply too many opportunities for hackers to siphon information. At least they won't get anything like that from my use of the Razr Maxx. I suspect the price will keep going down on Amazon, so it might be useful to set up an alert for them to let you know when it drops again. All in all, I think the Razr Maxx is worth the initial outlay ($99.00) as well as the $30.00 monthly data fee, and I recommend it for mature users.
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on April 9, 2012
Like many, I was primarily drawn to the Droid RAZR MAXX because of it's incredible claims of battery life. I have not been disappointed. I have been able to easily get more than a full day's use out of the battery, even with heavy use. Just now, I was playing streaming radio for an hour and a half while surfing the internet, checking email, and sending texts. The battery only went down 10%. All of this has been while being on 4G, which tends to eat up battery life faster than 3G. With light to moderate use, I can see the phone lasting two or perhaps three days on one charge.

I switched over from an iPhone 3GS because I was not very inspired by the iPhone 4S and did not want to wait for the iPhone 5 to be released. I have always been a loyal mac user (I currently have a MacBook Air, an iPad, and an iPod) and was worried about using a non-Apple product, but the switch was a lot easier than I expected. It was very easy to sync my address book and calendar through google. Almost any app that is available for the iPhone is now available for Android phones. I love the ability to customize my phone and widgets are about the coolest idea. The only real issue I have had with switching OS has been an Apple issue. There is some problem with getting Apple to recognize that you are no longer using an iPhone and to unregister your number with their imessaging system. It took me two days after switching before I was able to get texts from iPhone users. I have heard that it can take up to 30 days. For anyone having problems, I would call up Apple's customer care and tell them what is going on. That is what worked for me. The one thing I really miss about iOS is copy and pasting is not as easy and seamless on Android. Many apps don't support copy & paste and the arrow selectors don't drag as well as I would like. I still haven't gotten the hang of copy & pasting on the Droid RAZR MAXX, but hopefully this is just something that requires a learning curve. Other than these minor glitches, for any other mac users, I highly recommend the Android system!

I thought the size of the Droid RAZR MAXX would be an issue for me since I am a petite woman, but I actually prefer the large screen. It makes my phone a lot more useable for both games and practical things like reviewing documents and doing research on the internet. I actually enjoy reading books on my phone now. Before, because of the iPhone's smaller screen and horrible battery life, I would have to also pack my iPod and iPad because my phone would not be able to last through a long flight. I no longer have to do this.

This is the best, most practical phone I have owned. I highly recommend it.
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on October 3, 2012
I have had my Droid Razr Maxx for just over a month and I'm so glad I have it. I just returned from 24 days in Italy and the trip would have been a complete disaster if not for this device. Since this phone is not SIM locked, I was able to buy an Italian SIM card when I arrived in Italy, so I didn't have to pay Verizon's roaming charges.

One can read about the features and capabilities of the phone itself, so I won't go into detail on that. But the battery life... WOW! I ran apps and used various features of phone all day long, every day: GPS with directions and mapping service, internet browser, camera, Quick Word, Map My Ride (I was biking through Italy), email, music player, and movies. After a day of biking, with the Map My Ride app running for about 12 hours, using internet and email, taking pictures, listening to music, and watching a 2 hour movie I had stored on the phone, I only used 50% of the battery. A couple of co-workers convinced me that this was the main reason to buy this phone over any other - the battery life - and they were so right.

Things I found out about foreign travel with a smartphone:
To get the SIM card, I had to go to the cellular provider's store and have my passport with me (I had left my passport with the hotel's front desk, so I had to go back and get it)
It took about 2 hours after buying the SIM for it to be active
I bought time as I needed it, but the places to buy more time are often closed in the evening (like after 8pm)
Using 3G cost about 4 Euros a day, not including data usage
Wi-Fi isn't always free and/or not always available in Italy
You can only stream Netflix in the 50 US states (sometimes you just want a little bit of home to comfort you after a rough day of travel)
Calling the US cost about 60 cents per minute
If I ran out of time on the card, I could still receive calls from home (free for me, not free for the caller)

I had considered taking my Wi-Fi tablet with me to Italy, and buying a cheap Italian phone to use there, but EVERY day I was in Italy, I was so glad I had this phone. Wi-Fi in Italy is not very reliable WHEN it's available, and the tablet would have added bulk to my already encumbered travel, plus the tablet battery only lasts 5 hours at best. Buying and using the foreign SIM was quick and easy, and re-inserting the VZW SIM and getting back onto the home network upon returning home was seamless.
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on April 13, 2012
I never write reviews. Most products that I buy meet my expectations or are underwhelming, so I have little motivation to crank out a review.

I'm a heavy corporate user, and, as a personal user, I use a lot of apps, games, maps, navigation, web, email, chat, Windows Media integration, text, and, of course, the phone. I am NOT a heavy social media user, e.g. facebook and tweeter.

The RAZR MAXX was a must buy for me simply because of the battery life. I had an HTC Incredible which I loved, but it seems absurd to have to charge a phone twice per day of moderate use. I decided to forgo Ice Cream Sandwich which is still not out for the RAZR.

The battery life exceed my initial expectations. At first, I missed my HTC Sense interface, and especially the Scenes feature. By comparison to Sense, Moto widgets are not as sleek and they take up more real estate to provide a comparable amount of information. Sometimes the widgets (like Tasks) do not refresh properly. This is a RAZR bug, I am sure.

After a week of use, I feel in love. The battery is insane. Two days of moderate use on one charge; no problem. Native Activesync Exchange task integration (Yes, native; no more hokey 3rd party solutions). RAZR supports multiple Activesync Exchange accounts. And then there are Smart Actions. I suspect that this is more of a power user feature, so many will not even discover the feature's power. You can customize different rules so your phone performs actions automatically based on defined conditions. For example, without intervention, my phone knows when I am in a work meeting with others (based on time of day, physical location, work calendar, and attendee list), and it will silence the ringer, send an auto-reply text to the caller stating I'm busy, UNLESS a VIP calls (e.g. boss or wife) at which point the phone rings at max volume. My phone knows when I am settled into bed for the night and turns off BT, wifi, and silences itself. This thing can be configured to know when your jogging or driving or on a date. Every so often, someone invents something that is so practical, so simple, and so useful that I am blown away. For me, Dropbox and Smart Actions deserve top props.

-I mentioned that sometimes my widgets do not refresh. This is a minor annoyance.
-The access panel to the SD card is a piece of junk. Other people have written about in other reviews, so I won't elaborate. Its a minor thing, its just a disappointing design issue.

Make sure you remove the plastic off the Kevlar on the back plate after you get the phone. There is no explicit indication that the plastic can be removed, but it is supposed to be. This will make your phone look and feel even nicer.
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on September 25, 2012
With ICS, this phone is unbelieveble. It is fast, and I've had it for almost half a year already, and yes, it lags occasionally, but it doesn't kill you badly. The battery is phenomenal! On average it would last me from 8AM to 10 PM at night with just 20% left, unless I'm playing games. I will say though, long continous gaming makes it really hot, literally. One time my battery burned through 145 degrees Fahrenheit, so gaming wise, don't play for more than 3 hour. If you plan on using it on a long car ride, I recommend watching movies. Overall, this is an incredible phone.

HOWEVER, I would wait for the Droid Razr Maxx HD if I were you;)

Update: Ok, so recently I dropped it pretty badly, and I actually thought the screen broke. But... The screen is PERFECTLY ok! However, there is one thing I broke: The microphone. It no longer works now. The same day I drop the phone, hours later my brother called me and I answered, but he kept on saying "Hello?" to which I kept replying with "Hi!!". I thought maybe he was just joking with me, but later when I called someone else the same thing kept happening. I tested Google Voice, and it didn't record anything I was saying! So I figured, as I dropped my phone at about 18 ft, the screen maybe fine, but the internal parts are not. But honestly, I can tell you this: When they say Gorilla Glass is tough, they are NOT KIDDING. It truly is tough! But know this too: If you drop your phone, do realize that it can still break in the inside, but not in the out. Moral of the story: You still got to try not to drop this phone.

Thank fully, I got insurance, and I will be getting a replacement soon:D
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on June 24, 2012
Got this 5 months ago to replace my HTC Incredible which was dying. Was drawn primarily because of the advertised battery life.

PROS: Slim design, clear crisp screen. Outstanding battery life. Others have whined about the battery not living up to the hype, but here's my story.

With WiFi and Bluetooth default to ON, and 2 email accounts, I get 48 hours on a charge. However, use of the GPS will definitely drain it, so I truly think applications such as Google Maps and NAV are the major source of discharge. Have played a lot of games on it, and use it for all my calls, but battery life is good.

Call quality (after all, it is still a phone, right?)is good. Bluetooth works seamlessly with my car. 4G LTE has been faultless, and switches to 3G in areas as needed. Very seamless.

CONS: Wish the power button was designed better. Unable to figure out how to give different email accounts a different notification sound (one sound fits all I guess); WiFi not as sensitive as my laptop, and drops signal when at home depending on where I am in the house. The "smart apps" is a nice concept but have not worked reliably for me so I am not using them. The speakerphone is not as loud as my old HTC or a Blackberry, and gets a bit distorted when turned up all the way. Will be getting ICS upgrade sometime soon, so we'll see what bugs were related to the Android OS rather than the phone.

Would buy again? Absolutely.
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on April 6, 2012
Pros: -Quick phone that does not lag often
-Has Swype that makes texting quick and easy
-Large 4.3in screen enhances entertainment and gaming
-Feels solid in my hand not like other smart phones that feel cheap
-Large battery makes for excellent battery life compared to other smart phones

Cons: -4.3in screen looks nice but is not high def
-Phone is a little on the large side with a large surrounding frame
-Camera is behind the competition

I got this phone has a upgrade to my HTC droid incredible that I have had for two years. My biggest problem with that phone was battery life. The razr does not have that problem thanks to the large battery. The other differences is the large screen and larger size. The size of the phone was not as big of a problem as I thought it would be. The phone fits nicely into my packet but may be a problem if you wear tighter jeans\etc. The large screen is ideal for watching videos and playing games, even games like angry birds are vastly more entertaining on the larger screen.

The UI is set up good. When you turn the phone on you will have a choice to go to the "main page" or go straight to camera. The main menu of the phone will load up quickly and smooth but if you decide to go camera from the start menu or from the main menu you will have a lag.

The main setup of the phone is similar to that of many droid phones. If you have owned a droid before you will have little difficulty finding your way around.

The camera is the major weak point of this phone. The camera defaults in a 6mp wide screen setting. You will notice immediately the low quality of the default setting. Your pictures will be blurry if even the slightest movement of the object you are trying to snap a picture of. After you notice the low 6mp default setting and you up it to the max 8mp setting you will notice it no longer fills the picture to the whole screen. The picture on this setting are clearer but still have blurring. At night or in low lighting the pictures are just down right unacceptable. My HTC incredible that is 2 years old took better pictures then this phone.

While snapping pictures may disappointing you, filming on the other hand is impressive. You will still encounter the same problems you had with taking pictures but the video is smooth and compared to the competition among the best. The phone does default into 720p and if you do decide to bump it to the max setting of 1080p you will have frame rate issues.

The only real complaint besides the camera is the lack of ICS which is just vague promises and rumors that come and go as to when ICS will come.

The large battery is really what makes this phone stand apart from the competition. The screen is good enough, the phone is quick, and Swype is quick and easy to learn. If you can get over the fact that the camera will disappoint then the droid razr maxx is the phone to get.
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on June 25, 2012
Worked for 4 months. I have a warranty and an insurance. Verizon W. has sent me two replacement phones but none of them was technically OK. One had a very poor battery. Lasted only couple hours. Second did not have a signal. Third I cannot get so far so I am without a working phone for two weeks already. I belive it is a faulty model. Motorola offered a repair. I would have to send the phone to them for 2 weeks and then maybe they repair it. But in the meantime they would not provide a loaners phone. I am sorry I spent $400 for this phone. Now I cannot get the money back nor another working device. It is also a time for me to really see the quality of Verizon Wireless customer service after being their customer with 4 phone lines for 7 years and paying over $3000 a year for their plans. Motorola Customer Service lady actually laughed at me when I requested a replacement or loaner's phone.
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on June 11, 2012
Great phone! I dont have to worry about battery any longer. I am a heavy user but I can use all day long. Great screen and great design. Good camera for phone and even better video camera for phone. Excellent call quality (no dropping call so far) and brazing internet browsing speed using 4G LTE (even fast using 3G network). My only complaint is it has no screen shot function. But Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade will bring the function. I believe it is the best verizon smart phone at this time. Highly recommend.
I also recommend to get the following Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.
I see whatever I see on the phone screen on my HDTV using the great cable. Hard to believe it is less than 3 bucks.
Both units were delivered less than 2 business days. I love Amazon.
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on May 22, 2014
For the first year this phone worked very well. After a year it started to slow down. This problem has gotten progressively worse. I've had it almost two years and now it is terrible. Sometimes the phone rings and by the time the phone responds to me trying to answer the call I've missed the call. Trying to use an app takes forever. I believe it has little to do with the carrier and a lot to do with the phone. I will never own another Motorola product because of this experience. The one thing that is good is the battery life is still strong. That was one of the primary reasons I chose this phone, and that remains good.

Battery life
Screen Size

It degenerated fast in terms of usefulness

I gave this phone two stars because the battery life has continued to be solid. And I got about one year of good use out of it. But the frustration I have had with this phone in this past year far overshadows anything good that the phone provided in the first year. I'm simply waiting out the contract to replace this piece of junk.
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