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on September 13, 2012
I have owned Many smart phones, this is by far the best phone i have ever owned. Its android 4.0 which is ics, Dual Core, very snappy.The amoled screen is absolutley gorgeous. The most obvious thing when you use the phone is the battery, It is so outstanding, i use it for buisness and personal when not working, this phone will consistentley go over 24 hours with heavy use, here are two examples of the times.
unplugged for 26 hours showing over 4.5 hours talk time, 100 messages, and creating and faxing invoices and web browsing and the battery was at 20 percent, another example was 36 hours with 2.4 hours talk time and the battery was at 10 percent. theres never a moment were the battery drops quickly, it has excellent stamina and coupled with motorola's power management its nothing short of amazing. the battery life on my previous older iphone and my htc evo was so freaking pathetic after about four hours you better be plugging in.. and did i mention how beautiful the phone is, its very thin, very light but feels stout. I dont have a case on it and it has fallen out of my pocket twice, both times it hit the deck from about 5.5 feet high and survived. and with verizon in bakersfield ca we have 4g in most areas, the 4g speed is incredible, it shows download speeds that look to be twice as fast as my brighthouse cable. and also the cool ability to talk and browse at the same time is super cool. I just felt like i should share my opinion of this wonderful device..
one other very important item is going from att to sprint to verizon over about a 4 year period, the verizon service is stellar, very very reliable which is important when you have customers calling,half the time my sprint phone wouldnt even ring, and then to make it worse many times the voicemail that someone left me would not deliver to me for as long as 30 minutes, by then i would loose the job. now on verizon in 1 month of use I have only had 5 voicemails but it alerted me immeadiatley and it has only happened because i couldnt get my caller to stop talking to switch over quick enough..
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on August 14, 2012
I've just left a Galaxy Nexus and had a Droid X before that plus iPhones. The Razr Maxx is absolutely the best phone I've ever owned. There's a lot that's not stated in the specs. Of course it has an amazing battery but it's not just the battery. Motorola has tweaked the phone so that it uses less juice. I installed a 3800mah extended battery in the Nexus and it still didn't last half as long as the Razr Maxx so it's not just the battery size, it's the tweaks to the phone so that it consumes less power while performing better. Everyone knows about the battery but there are a couple of other big plusses.

The second big plus (in addition to the long lasting battery) is the reception. In the same spot, the Razr Maxx sounds clear whereas the Nexus either drops the call or is choppy. I've verified this in several places. The Razr Maxx's reception ability is miles beyond any other phone. It's worth it just to keep from sounding bad and dropping calls. BIG plus but it's under reported.

The third thing are the Smart Actions that are built-in. They replace an app called Timeriffic but they work better without jamming the phone. You can set your phone to turn on wifi at a preset location, turn off the ringer at preset times, etc. I have regular meetings and church so now my phone goes into vibrate mode at those times without me having to remember to set it. I usually wanted vanilla android but not any more. I like the Motorola skin and tweaks much better and I've had no jams whereas vanilla seemed less stable on the Nexus.

It's waterproof. There's a youtube video that shows the Maxx immersed in a bathtub for 20 seconds with NO damage. Now I don't worry about being caught in the rain while jogging. Scratch proof glass, tough phone, super reception, unreal battery endurance, great tweaks. etc.

PLUS it's got GSM capability built-in so when I travel out of the U.S. my phone works on the world GSM networks. My brother has a Maxx also and both of us have owned the high tech phones since the Treos. We've never been this giddy with a phone. Rarely are we over pleased but the Razr Maxx has gone way beyond our expectations and the hype. You won't regret this phone. Ever!

If I could give it over five stars I would make this a ten star review and rating.
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on September 20, 2012
Like many others, I too have had a mysterious break in my screen. It was fine, I put it in my pocket (not back jeans pocket, not tight pants) and ten minutes later I took it out and the screen was broken. Until Motorola addresses this problem, don't buy this phone or else be sure to get insurance that covers physical damage.
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on March 13, 2012
My Smart Phone experience started with a Blackberry that started well but ended up being a nightmare I'd rather forget. Fast forward to two years ago when I got the first Droid. I was MUCH happier with that. It took a licking and did everything I needed. I was fine to keep my old DROID without a contract.

Ever notice that they're nicer when you don't have one?

But when someone told me the RAZR was faster, I had to look into it. I passed on the RAZR because of the battery, but the RAZR MAXX is a real dream! I've had it for over a month now. It feels different. That Gorilla Glass is smooooth! The Kevlar is texturized. Even with my small hands, it's easy to handle, but it did take a little getting used to.

Yes, it's faster. You can read all the in depth reviews. This is just an emotional I'M SO GLAD I BOUGHT IT! It was well worth the $$.

Other than the speed, I like that I can set my system to go silent, turn off WiFi & almost totally power down when I'm in church. I don't have to be that dweeb whose phone goes off in the middle of the sermon. I can make it so that it doesn't ring in the middle of the night unless it's someone I've listed to ring. It's all in the settings & does it just like I tell it to. A nice little battery saver is that I can tell it when the phone's not moving & it's between the times of 11p & 7a, I want it to turn all the battery suckers off (GPS, auto-synch, BlueTooth) AND the ringers off for everyone not on the A List.

We don't have 4G here, but I'll be ready for it when it does. I only have to drive an hour to it at this point.

The only negative is that the camera isn't the best, but I've GOT a camera!

To me, it's like my old favorite DROID on STEROIDS! Better! Faster! OH YES!
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on May 7, 2012
The Droid Razr Maxx is the best phone I have ever had on all levels except one, and that one is enough for it to lose four stars. The screen is incredibly fragile. Incredibly. As in, it will break from a short drop, possible even onto a soft surface. Some users have even had it break under touch, as in, while being used as intended, as in, not even being dropped. Despite an internet full of screen complaints, both Motorola and Verizon will deny that they have heard of the problem and will blame you for abusing your phone. If you were smart enough to get insurance and it breaks within the first few days, as has happened to many, Asurion may try to avoid replacing your phone and accuse you of fraud. For fun, google "Droid Razr Cracked Screen" and read the hundreds of stories of phones cracking under normal use. For bonus entertainment, go to EBay and browse all the phones with cracked screens being sold for parts. Gorilla glass is great for being pushed on, but is very, very weak on its edges.

So, if you're rough on your phones, are clumsy, like to keep your phone in your pocket, or otherwise expect the durability of your older Droid phone, you have two choices. One, don't buy this phone. Two, buy it, but insure it IMMEDIATELY (don't wait even a single day), and treat it like a Faberge' Egg until your protective case arrives. Even then, still treat it like that egg. Because lots of peoples' screens have broken from short falls while inside a case. Yes, it is that fragile.

If you are extra-careful with your phones, and have always skated through your two years with your phone still looking like-new, you are ABSOLUTELY NOT IMMUNE from these problems. Buy the insurance. Seriously. My husband treats his phone positively reverently, and here we are, two months later, looking at expensive repair or even more expensive replacement.

In a just world, these phones would be repaired or replaced by the companies that put their names on it. In THIS world, expect to shell out a lot of money to replace your best new phone ever. Because the injustice of paying $99 to replace a phone that only lasted a week is better that what many of us are facing. Insurance: get it. Yes, even you. And best of luck. Because you'll need it.

If you were looking for the good, look at other reviews. Yes, it absolutely is fast, bright, amazing battery, decent camera, all that stuff they said. But it's useless when you're looking at shelling out another $250 for a new digitizer and screen.
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on September 28, 2012
The first time i broke it, it was in my pocket when i was out hiking/climbing boulders... I laid down with the phone in my pocket and the scream was shaterd. Ok my fault, so i payed the insurance and got a replacement. But the second one was not my fault. I charged out overnight (it got hot) i put it in my pocket with nothing else in there because was scared of scratching it, anyways, without any trauma to the phone i get to class to discover a crack all the way across it. But now i don't have insurance.
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on October 27, 2012
I received my new Droid Razr Maxx last week. So far everything is perfect. My only criticism is the Motorola Apps, they should be optional and not part of the system apps. Of course i do not appreciate the Verizon apps either.

The coolest thing is the automatic feature that turns WiFi on when i am at a known WiFi area such as my home. The video is excellent. Had small problem with the sound and had to reboot phone. No problem since.

Still trying to get used to not plugging in the phone each time im not using it. I previously had a Droid X and it had to be charged every couple hours if i watched a video or used Iheart radio.

Highly recommend this phone, especially for fellow truck drivers that their phone is their main way of getting communication from home and data services
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on June 8, 2012
I absolutely love this phone. I originally had the droid Razr and the battery would die within hours. Verizon wouldn't even admit there was a problem. But this phone easily lasts much more than the "twice" as long that they advertise. I can actually use this phone and not worry about it going dead throughout the day. You do want to disable 4g in places where you don't get a good signal and turn off wifi if you're not using it. Smart actions make this easy. The Android OS is great and I can't wait for the ICS upgrade later this month. I rated the original droid razr 1 star but this definitely earns a 5, mostly because the battery makes this phone usable! Thank goodness sanity prevailed. Well done Motorola.
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on September 3, 2012
As a former road warrior, I have a good idea of what a phone will take. My latest, a Blackberry 8830, has been physically abused over thousands of miles of travel across three continents. It's been jostled, dropped, trapped between items, dumped into dirty water, and generally beaten up. It has some nicks, but not the first chip in the glass. I finally bought the Droid Razr Maxx because I had worn out buttons on the Blackberry and the charging port was losing connectivity.

My new Razr Maxx suffered a drop of 24 inches, and got a crack on the edge of the screen. It was not a slam or a drop with an arc -- it was a simple drop to the floor. Verdict: Motorola does not make them nearly as well as Blackberry used to.
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on July 2, 2014
When I first got the Droid Razr Maxx it worked really well and I absolutely loved it. However, it began to get slower and slower, and then at one point it automatically installed updates which I later found out were not compatible with the version of the phone I had. I had only had the phone a bit over a year and I feel it is way too soon for Motorola to be releasing updates that aren't compatible with it.

Now the phone barely works. It crashes and freezes constantly. Sometimes I have trouble even using its most basic capacity as a phone to either make or receive calls or text messages. I complained to Verizon, and they sent me a replacement of the same version of the phone, insisting this one would work because all of the updates were installed in the factory. I did work for a few days, and then began crashing and freezing just the same as the old one. Additionally, the headphone jack broke just a few weeks later after only a couple of uses. Someone at the Verizon store basically told me that he thought the that the Droid Razr Maxx was a complete piece of crap, but there was still nothing he could do to help me with the problems I was having with it.

However much cheaper you find it than other phones, it's not worth the price.
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