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on July 28, 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Worst phone I have ever owned in my life. It doesn't even deserve 1 star. From the first week I had it, it has frozen and crashed. I too complained to Verizon, and they sent me a rebuilt wreck of the same version, that started freezing immediately. I can't do anything on it, and I'm 10 mo away from an upgrade and Verizon could care less. At least T Mobile was willing to work with you to get a phone that functions. Every time someone calls, the phone locks up, crashes, and I have to call them back. I have to restart it about 5 times a day because it is SO SLOW, and only works in the first 30 seconds after it boots up. I cannot for the life of me understand how Motorola could have put a piece of crap like this on the market. They just guaranteed themselves a whole ton of people that will never touch a Motorola product again. Such an unrelenting piece of crap, expensive paperweight- it would probably find a way to crash doing that too. Learn from my mistakes and experience, get another phone.
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on September 20, 2012
This phone (and the non-Maxx) are both prone to the external speaker having a bad connection within months of purchase. Motorola will only ship you a refurb. Without an external speaker, phone cannot ring. Can't play music, alarms, reminders, etc. You can 'rub' the speaker and it will work for a short period of time. Do some searches online. I'd never have bought this phone if I knew about this issue and that only a refurb would be offered. Phone is less than 6 months old. GET ANOTHER PHONE, PREFERABLY NOT FROM MOTOROLA.
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on April 9, 2012
This phone is amazing. I've owned mine for over a month and I'm still amazed every time I turn the display on! It's lightning fast, the camera is so sharp and loaded with tons of neat features, and it can do everything the iPhone can, just better. Get this phone! Plus the battery life is ridiculously long-lasting. It's durable, the screen is huge (but not too huge), and I love the 4G access. Seriously, I don't understand why people keep choosing Apple when phones like this are available. No contest at all.
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on January 21, 2013
I have had many phones over the years! My first touch screen was the Blackberry storm and it was a pretty decent smartphone for way back then. I had an LG Optimus T a couple of years ago and it was my first android phone. I was amazed back then with what that little phone could do and what android did for phones. I had wanted an iPhone, but couldn't shell out the money to get one. Now, fast-forward a couple years later. I received my Maxx back before Christmas, I had the option to get an iphone, but I chose this instead. I am glad I did. I have an iPad and iPod touch and so I've become a little disenchanted with the iOS. I want to always be able to customize every part of my phone and with the iphone it just seems a little too from the box. It's just become really boring, in my opinion. Android is constantly updating their software and with each update seems to come new and slight changes in interface. Also, I like that unlike Apple, Google allows Android to make and sell apps so you have two seperate markets you can get your apps from. OK enough Android vs. Apple! This device makes me fall in love more and more each day. I don't know if I will ever want another device, apart from the Maxx HD.

BATTERY LIFE: This is probably one of the things that caught my eye when I was shopping around for a phone. I mean who has ever heard of a smartphone that has a talk time of 21 hours?? If you actually like to use your phone for a little of everything if you have any other smartphone, you might as well pack your charger and be prepared to charge after a few hours! I am a gamer. I love to play games, listen to music, browse the net to prove to people I am right and they are wrong. I use my phone for everything, so it's so nice to know that I can do all of these things and not have to worry about it dying at an inconvenient time. I usually put it on to charge every night, but there are times I forget and still have about 20-30% charge and with this phone that means probably about 7 hours talk time. So, you can't get better then with this phone.

SCREEN: I consider myself pretty knowledgeable with tech stuff, however still not real sure what AMOLED screen actually means. Maybe it's the smoothness of the screen, or how it seems to be scratch-proof, or drop-proof. Whatever it is, I love it. The screen is extremely smooth and I don't like screen protectors (they seem to collect dust) and I am not the most careful person in the world but it honestly seems to not get scratches and I have dropped it several times (hard and face down) and it never cracked. It did however crack when I lost my phone and didn't know in time, it was ran over and it sadly was cracked.

DURABILITY: AWESOME!! I mean even with a huge truck driving over my precious phone and being cracked, this sucker keeps on ticking! I was getting calls from my boyfriend and he couldn't hear me, so I thought perhaps it damaged the mic, under further inspection it was the newly place screen protector over the mic prohibiting sound. LOL Before it was run over I dropped this phone SEVERAL times and there were maybe one or two little nics on the side.

RELIABILITY: I live in pretty much an area that is white on ALL coverage maps, however I can miraculously get a signal on my Droid if I set it in the window. I thought it was Verizon's excellent coverage, but my son has a Samsung Stratosphere and it doesn't pick up at all. That alone deserves five stars! I haven't had any issues with my phone freezing up or not working correctly.

MOTOCAST: It comes with Motocast, Motorola's syncing station. For some reason I was having problems with my computer not wanting to find my device, thank Heaven's for Motocast! I was able to download the music from my PC straight to my phone. It also allows you to upload your pics to your PC. Truly a great feature!

SIZE: I love how big the screen is! It's crazy how a few years ago, the smaller the device the nicer. Now, it's back to being big! The size of this phone is perfect, in my opinion. It provides a nice, clear, crisp picture for viewing movies or pics. Despite it's big size, I can still slide it in my pocket (which is how it ended up run over, so be careful that your pockets are good and snug and not side slits).

CHARGER: The charger is cool because it has two USB ports, so you could actually charge two things at once. I, however, would recommend that you buy Amazon's charger for Kindle Fire Amazon Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging (not included with device, for use with the new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD models)I can fully charge my phone in like two hours.

VERIZON: I think that Verizon probably really does have the largest and fastest 4G coverage (everyone seems to say they do!), I don't quite like their pricing plans. I really think that we are being ripped off with these data prices! I mean it makes you wonder how Boost and other prepaid providers can offer unlimited everything and charge $45-$55 a month and still be able to make a profit! GREED, enough said. Although, I don't quite like my bill I am happy with the service.

I could really go on and on about my love for this device, but I will stop! This simply is an excellent product! I'm sure that the Maxx HD is a little better, since it's the MAXX updated.
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on July 18, 2014
I have had the Razr Maxx for over a year now, worst phone I have ever had. When I first got this phone it already did not run the best, the picture quality is not good at all, and it is really hard to text on (keys really small). This phone freezes and crashes not only when i'm trying to play games, but also when i am trying to use google chrome and when I text. It's just not my phone that is doing this my mothers does also. It will take 5 minutes to get on google if it works. The camera lags by like 5 seconds and text messages take forever to reach your phone. Call quality is also not that great. Very staticy. Battery life barely lasts 20 hours if that. Overall worst phone. Do not purchase especially with a 2 year plan. I can not wait to get a new phone.
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on September 6, 2012
I had been very happy with my Droid, so I decided to stay with an Android phone when I upgraded directly from my provider who charged me $30 for the honor. I was not happy with that and negotiated a one month credit on my data plan which was also downgraded from unlimited to 2GB per month. Reception and voice quality on the phone are excellent. It was easy to transfer my contacts with gmail. I created a music folder on the SD card and downloaded 4.5GB of tunes which the phone readily accepted. The phone comes with a lot of storage available. Half of the 16GB internal space and all of the 16GB SD card is available for apps, photos and music. One reason I stayed with Android is the ability to tether my laptop with PDAnet. When I don't have a free wifi connection, I have used PDAnet frequently and it works like a charm. Can't do that on an iPhone without hacking it. With the Razr Maxx, I have used Foxfi and it works like a charm. Battery life has been exceptional. On a recent trip to Vegas, I uploaded a photo to Facebook and read several emails during the day, then surfed the internet for a couple of hours at the airport. On my flight home, my iPod Nano battery was dead, so I used my phone for music on a four hour flight. After the flight, I checked and the battery was still at 60 percent. My phone has been on for 15 hours today with light use and the battery is at 80 percent. One thing that affects the battery is navigation. I used it in Vegas to find a location and it did wear the battery down. Hopefully, I have not experience problems with the screen that others have.
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on June 2, 2012
Started with the OG Droid; kept until I upgraded to a 4G LTE phone last summer. My choices at the time were the Thunderbolt, the Charge or the LG Revolution. I went with the Rev, for several reasons. However, it was not a popular phone and seemed like the support disappeared very quickly. 4G is unbelievable. However, with time the phone seemed to become slower and slower and multiple issues that started small became very, very annoying. I decided to go ahead and pay for a non-contract phone as I hated the Rev so much. I was going to wait until the summer phones came out, but the LG forced my hand when it decided to stop charging no matter which cord I used. So, went to Verizon and grabbed the Razr Maxx. I know it will be getting ICS soon and the longer battery life was very attractive. I ended up signing up for Verizon's landline service which enabled me to pay the $199. And by some miracle, I turned in the LG and got back half the price I'd paid originally. I probably should have bought a lottery ticket right after that, but I was too busy playing with my new phone.

Things I love: battery life; it's so fast; I'm back to Motorola, which is what I started with and am very familiar with; beautiful screen; it's actually smaller (thinner and lighter) than the LG Rev; boots way faster and powers on and off very quickly; have yet to find an app that it has trouble with (even some that wouldn't run correctly on LG Rev, even though they both have Gingerbread 2.3.6); I got to keep my unrestricted data plan; call clarity is actually better then the LG; camera is very fast

Small cons: power button on side; LG had nice attached coverings for the power port, the usb port, etc if you weren't using them; even though thinner, it can be more awkward to hold-I do not have a cover on it, so this would probably fix that issue.

Overall, I'm very happy. I've not used a phone with ICS, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. There are very few things I don't like about the phone. It's only been a week, so I may come up with more pros/cons with further use, but I do know it is such a relief to be rid of the Rev and a real pleasure to use a phone that is fast and does what I want it to do. I'm excited about my phone again, which is a nice feeling!
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on June 18, 2012
Would have rated this a 5 up until a week ago. . . but now I'm one of many to find out the glass (and customer service) stinks. . .check out these stories from other users [...]

Had the phone about a month. Definitely have dropped it but nothing worse than any of the other phones I've had for over ten years. Look at the phone in bed before turning in (notice that as sometimes happens, it's hot). Put it on the bedside table and wake up to a crack on the screen. VZ and Motorola not helpful.
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on May 15, 2012
I choose this phone, along with a Razr for my wife, after much research. The lack of ICS and NFC gave me pause, but with ICS coming and NFC still not ready in the US, I was happy choosing this. Tough and durable, this should easily last me 2 years. The Kevlar back has a nice feel and the whole phone feels solid and ready for years of normal use.

The Razr Maxx is an almost perfect smartphone. It replaced my HD2 so I was used to the size. The 4.3" AMOLED screen is beautiful and covered with Gorilla Glass. The dual core 1.2ghz processor is unstoppable. Expandable storage to 32gb. I wish the battery was removable so as to allow for easier re-boots if Android hangs, but I'll trade the fantastic battery life for having a sealed battery.

The battery life is as good as the reviews say. I think the Razr Maxx's 3300 mAh battery is stronger than some tablet batteries. I leave the LTE on, as well as Wi-Fi and usually Bluetooth. All day. I have one of several Live Wallpapers running too. All day. I've gotten the battery down to 20% by day's end once or twice, but that was after heavy use. Not needing to charge during the day and still using the phone to its fullest capacity is really nice.

The 8mb camera is useful and mostly eliminates the need for a dedicated camera. HD video capture is pretty good and more than adequate for normal life events.

My Razr Maxx, along with Google Maps, makes for a great GPS in my car. If I purchase the Razr Maxx vehicle dock, I would have greater functionality. I have an older GPS device that I put on a shelf next to my old digital camera.

Smart Actions is a useful tool. This is a simple set of instructions that can be used like a macro. You set up trigger events and which will then execute the actions you've pre-determined for a given event. For example, when my Maxx logs onto my home Wi-Fi Smart Actions automatically shuts down cellular data, adjusts the screen brightness upward and extends the screen blackout timer. It changes my settings back when it logs off my home Wi-Fi, automatically.

The 4G LTE speeds are amazing. I've tested it in various locations and the D/L speeds range from 6MBs to 12MBs. My cable modem is usually 3MBs. Upload is fast too. I ran the speed test in my local T-Mobile store and the clerks were amazed and jealous that T-Mobile doesn't offer any smartphones as powerful or as fast. Then I explained MotoCast to them. They understood why I left T-Mobile after 9.5 years.

MotoCast is Motorola's s/w that enables a connection between my Razr Maxx and my computer...all the time and from anywhere. I've got 10 years of data in Outlook but I didn't have to abandon Outlook to use my Razr Maxx, unlike Windows Phone 7 forces home users to do. I plugged the cable in and MotoCast copied my contacts from Outlook onto my phone in about a minute. MotoCast syncs contacts regularly and Google calendar syncs with Outlook. Even though syncing my Razr Maxx is a little bit more involved than with my HD2, I've got amazing features that Windows Phone 7 and iPhone users won't soon have, if ever.

MotoCast is nothing like a cloud drive because MotoCast does not force me to choose a few GB of media or data to upload onto a 3rd party "Cloud-drive". I have well over 5gb of songs and way more than that in videos. I have full "cloud" access to everything on my computer, without depending on 3rd party servers or shuffling files between a cloud drive and my computer. Real life example: My wife and I were out driving and she wanted to listen to a particular artist. I simply used MotoCast to access my home computer and played the desired album in our car. Without worrying if I had it on my phone or a 3rd party cloud-drive. MotoCast will also upload new pictures and captured video to my home computer. My only concern with MotoCast is that Google will somehow mess it up when they finish buying Motorola Mobility.

The ecosystem of devices available to me was a big factor too. I've got the HD Dock and this allows my phone to act as an alarm clock while charging. I can play all the music I own, output HDMI video to my HDTV using the mini-HDMI port. My phone can use the HDMI connection to my TV to become a small netbook-type computer using Webtop. My Razr Maxx acts like a touchpad mouse to control a cursor on the TV screen. Firefox and other apps are available. I can buy a laptop-type of dock that comes with its own screen and ports. The combination of Webtop and the laptop-type dock provides me with a usable netbook if needed.

Awesome smartphone, strong h/w, ICS soon, MotoCast, Webtop, Smart Actions and very useful accessories make this expensive smartphone a great value.
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on July 29, 2012
I have had this phone for sometime and I feel confident to say that this phone is very good at most tasks. The reason I considered this one before anything else was the huge battery that comes with the maxx. NO PHONE IS PERFECT. In my case a powerful battery is very important because with a weak battery not even the most advanced phone is gonna work for a long period of time compared to an average phone. I do not have to think too much about charging it everyday or to close programs, turn off wifi,gps,bluetooth, etc. I no longer have to deal with task killers,battery savers or anything all the time.GPS is awesome, it takes 1 or 2 seconds to lock in, I previously had a motorola droid X and was happy with the performance overall but the maxx excels it. The camera is not the best but is not the worst either, all I had to do was get a camera app from google play and now the pictures look better. I have upgraded to ICS and my phone has no bugs, screen is very good it looks nice, I am sure some other phones may have a better screen but the difference is small that some of you would not notice anyway.If I wanted to have a nicer screen I would have gone with a galaxy samsung but then I would not have the stellar battery, accurate and fast GPS, good reception and solid construction of this device because I do not feel is gonna break easily. I am very happy with the maxx that already upgraded another line with a second maxx (family plan 3 lines)
If beautiful screen and incredible camera for taking pictures is a must for you then galaxy samsung could be your choice. I hope you choose the one phone that is perfect for your needs in the same way that razr maxx is perfect for me.
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