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on August 4, 2012
I don't think any phone is perfect, but this one is darn good.

I've had it now for about 3 months and I'd be hard pressed to give you a real complaint about it. First, that battery life... fantastic. It *was* better before Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) was installed, but supposedly a fix for this will be coming out sometime in August. Even with that minor glitch, the battery lasts a long time, and I've never gotten it below 15% in a whole day without deliberate effort (lots of voice calls, Angry Birds, GPS and Bluetooth.)

21 hours of talk time? Get real! But I do talk on it often enough and without worrying about it running out of power. Charge overnight and then take it with you in the morning.. still going strong at night.

Angry Birds and the wireless hotspot are the only things that really seems to put a strain on the power. I've even played hours of music at a time.

I do use JuiceDefender, which is fine, but I was getting great battery life even without it.

Camera takes solid pictures, though nothing replaces a true dedicated digital camera. But it'll do what's needed.

Touch screen is responsive 99.9% of the time, with the occasional hiccup. Everything runs fast and quickly with no lag.

Now Ice Cream Sandwich, the update DEFINITELY improves voice dictation and settings are laid out nicer. But with Motorola's skin on Gingerbread anyway you can't tell.

Yup, there's bloatware on this thing, but it doesn't appear to get in the way. Plenty of space for Apps, Photos, Video and Music with plenty left over.

I find the up/down volume keys a pain to use, and the SIM door occasionally pops open. Yeah, those are the major complaints, and honestly... they aren't really big complaints.

I've dropped the phone exactly once and with ZERO consequence.
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on October 29, 2015
I give the seller high marks, but the phone is inadequate for 2015. The phone frequently slows on basic mobile websites, and there are a number of apps, like Facebook, that bring it to a grinding halt. The phone was good for 2013, but the speed demands for today render it barely workable.

I purchased it to replace my RAZR M for minor battery life issues. (My reception at work is very bad and drains the phone regardless of whether it is being used). The RAZR M replaced my Droid Maxx - which was quite nice, but suffered a catastrophic drop. BTW, the RAZR M processor and phone performance is still pretty good.
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on February 27, 2012
The battery life is amazing the battery is amazing I had to say it twice. The screen is large and very bright. 4G speeds are great. The user interface is great and is easy to navigate. My only gripe is I wish Verizon and Motorola would allow you to delete the preloaded bloatware without rooting the device. Other than that this is THE BEST phone I have ever owned...
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on May 22, 2012
I've had this phone for about 4 months now (upgraded from a Blackberry Tour), and I must say, the functionality is incredible. Let's start off with some of the basic concerns:

Battery: Never had an issue with battery life. I'm a rather "light" to "medium" user, but I've participated in 3-hour phone calls for work and other high-demand applications with no problems. Standby life is extraordinary - unplugged it from the charger at 9 a.m. one Saturday but didn't use it at all. Went to bed at midnight, and the battery was at 87%. Has a built-in Task Manager app so you can see which applications are draining your battery. Also includes "Smart Actions" that monitors battery life and makes adjustments accordingly (e.g., by dimming the display screen).

Connectivity & call quality: I live in a rural area (3G coverage only), but have never been without service and never dropped a call (on my Blackberry and other devices, it would drop calls along roads that ventured into "dead zones" within the county). I haven't had that issue since upgrading. When I go to town, it automatically connects to 4G service, and when it detects a wifi signal (either from my own home network or public wifi), it also connects. Call volume and clarity, both ear and speaker, are excellent; I've never had issues with others not being able to understand me, even while outside on windy days.

GUI: Love the customizable 5 home screens - the apps I use most frequently are only a couple swipes away (no hunting through menus to find your music player or an email). You can have a home screen dedicated to music, one for social networking, one for pics & videos, and one for (of course) the telephone and contacts.

Touch screen: Upgrading from the QWERTY keyboard on the Blackberry, I was skeptical about the touch screen (big, beefy "guy" fingers). I honestly have had no issue with it. It is very responsive, and I have no issues selecting icons. Besides, for every app that requires text entry (email, web search, text, etc.), it has a voice command feature. Additionally, the screen is very bright and vivid, even at the lowest brightness setting. A word of warning -- DO NOT use a privacy screen with this phone!!! Privacy screens make the display very dim, especially while outside (and forget it if you're wearing sunglasses). The dim display will compell you to turn your display brightness to maximum to see through the privacy screen. This can cause screen burn-in, and you'll notice ghostly images of your home screen icons forever.

Operating system: I've read a few reviews about crashes & freezing, but this hasn't been a problem for me. I try to remember to shut the phone down weekly (you have to treat the phone like a computer & can't leave it on ALL the time!)... I've had a couple instances of the system locking up, but after a force reboot (hold power button & down volume button for 5 seconds), the system restarts just fine. Both internal data and SD data can be accessed easily via the My Files app on the phone or via Windows Explorer. I use the phone as an external hard drive for work... except the phone connects to my desktop quicker than my external hard drive... There is also a Motocast app so I can access any file (music, pic, video, Microsoft Office, etc.)that is on my PC via the phone (as long as the PC is on & has an internet connection). I can also print a document or email from the phone to my home printer (or work printer once set up).

Camera: Photos taken outside are incredible. Indoor photos not so much. My primary complaint with the camera is there is no way (that I've discovered) to change image resolution. That photo you took to put on FaceBook winds up being 2 megabytes. Indoor photos can be grainy and out of focus. I have not experimented with the front-facing camera yet...

Apps: Countless free apps available out there for the things not already on the phone. It's just a matter of finding the app that works best for you. For example, there are two music player apps preloaded on the phone, but I prefer the functionality of a third party music app. Several GPS apps (Goodbye, Garmin!), Social Localization, You Tube, Kindle & Google Books preinstalled, etc. etc. etc. And for every app that's already on the phone, there are two or three alternatives available from the Play store (you're not stuck using Verizon Navigator, Verizon Videos, Vcast ringtones, etc.).

Strength: Unit feels solid and robust; I've dropped it a couple of times, but there's not even a scratch on it. The battery compartment is sealed, so you don't have to worry about the phone flying one way and the battery going the other if you drop it. The display glass feels very firm and does not deflect - pushing on some touch screens, the screen tends to yield under finger pressure and you can see pixel discoloration where your finger is. The screen on the Razr does not do this and seems to say, "Your finger ain't got nothing on my screen." After 4 months, aside from my fingerprints, the phone still looks brand new.

In summary, this is a very powerful phone that exceeded my expectations and meets most of my needs (it can start my car, but it won't wash it for me...) I'm discovering more functionality and features every day, even after 4 months. The screen burn-in and camera quality are my only complaints, but they don't come close to eclipsing the other qualities of the device.
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on May 20, 2012
Battery life has been the Achilles Heel of smart phones.With my previous phones, I had to carry my charger wherever I went. With my Incredible, I even carried a spare battery AND an external backup battery- in addition to the charger. Having an extended battery often meant having an awkward bulky hump on the back as well as a severe weight penalty. But Motorola has gotten it right with this one. The phone is still very slim and only slightly heaver than the standard razr, yet has battery life that truly lasts all day. In the first few days with it, I turned everything on and left it that way all day- Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS- something I never would have done with previous phones. I enabled all of my apps to update as often as they see fit. I even chose an active wallpaper. I have spent many hours installing apps, pulling music down to the phone via Subsonic, Watching YouTube videos, configuring the home screens, reading a couple of chapters of a book on the Kindle app, streaming music via Bluetooth to my stereo- pretty much the better part of a Saturday using the heck out of the phone without ever plugging it in. The battery was only just above 50% by the time I went to bed. Most of the use I just outlined would have required me to have the Incredible plugged in the whole time.

Overall, I am very happy with the rest of the capabilities of this phone. It is fast and has quite a bit of internal storage, however I'm not sure I like how the storage is partitioned. The "sdcard" you see in the file system is actually a partition within the internal memory (about 8GB). The sdcard slot you can load shows up as sdcard-ext. Not many apps can map data to this, so that 32GB class 10 card I just bought won't do much for me except hold pictures and music. All of the application storage - and apps that you move to the "sdcard" will actually remain internal. That class 10 I just paid a premium for won't actually do much to boost phone performance, since I am stuck with whatever speed memory is built in. But when I look over the sdcard of my previous phone, the majority of my sdcard utilization was actually music and video, so maybe that 8gb storage limitation won't be that big of a deal.

My only other complaint might be the fact that it is still so thin as to make it slightly uncomfortable to hold. But the good news is that when in a case, it is just about right. I went with the Seidio Active case (Seidio BD2-HK3MTRMK-BK ACTIVE Combo with Metal Kickstand for Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX - Retail Packaging - Black) with the holster. The last Seidio case I had was the first case I've had to outlast the phone. The Active case on the Razr makes the phone very comfortable to hold, adds lots of protection, and has a fold out kickstand on the back. An added bonus is that instead of having a cutout for the power and volume buttons, Sedio built it into the rubber of the inner case- so you actually have an easier to locate rubber button over the actual button, which works very well.

Until more phones have batteries on par with the MAXX, I can't see having chosen any other phone - even if some others boast more pixel count (I'm dubious about the necessity of HD resolutions on such a small screen- especially if all that resolution requires more processing power and more battery usage). Sure you can get extended batteries for other phones, but this one beats most others on thickness and weight in stock form. It is well worth the price premium in my opinion.

Now, if we could just speed up the LTE roll out in my area...
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on April 6, 2012
Due to service quality & customer servce issues I was having with Sprint, I sold my Motorola Photon 4G and moved to Verizon Wireless. So far so Good!

Motorola Razr Maxx
I was tired of poor to mediocre battery life that has become the norm for most Android phones, so I deciced to pay a little extra and get the Razr Maxx. As a business user who travels often, I have come to appreciate the "Extra Juice" they put into this device!

+ Build quality is rock solid - This is probably due in part that, like Apple, Motorola chose to lock the battery in the deivce. Weight and size feel great
+++ Gorilla Glass and Kevlar back are a nice combination!
+ Battery Life (Yes it's for real, and it is awsome!. This device holds its own and even surpasses the Iphone in batery life (both standby and talk time)
+ Much improved screen (Super AMOLED + has crystal clear text and solid blacks, overall great contrast level)
+ Learning to apprecaite the simple things (i.e. how screen goes dark when you put next to your ear and turns back on when you move it away)
+ OS is smooth and fast. I have never been a big fan of Motoblur, but it is zippy and works well. Menus are easy to navigate and customize.
+ Sound quality, both talking and speaker itself is very good. There was a noticable improvement from my Photon 4G from Sprint
+ Upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwitch (This will be happening very soon) Great that Google owns Motorola's wireless division, should make for quick OS updates
+ Signal Strength is very good both for voice and data
+ Speakerphone is excellent

While this phone has a lot of fetures that make it highly recommended, there are some things I think it can improve

- Appearence is fairly generic Android, not that necessarily is a bad thing
- Screen quality while great, is not in the same league as the Galaxy Nexus, both in resolution and color saturation. I would have liked a true HD display
- Not a big fan of the tray door that holds the Sim & Memory card. I had to reinstall the 16GB memory card when I recieved the phone because it did not find it at first
- Motoblur (or whatever they call it now) still is behind the curve compared to HTC Sense(In My Opinion)
- Camera is very good, but colors seem slightly muted.

Overall, I feel that Motorola has delivered a near perfect phone for both the business and personal user. I personally apprecaite the battery life which I definitly feel is worth the extra investment over the standard Razr.
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on April 23, 2012
When my iPhone 3GS came to the end of its contract, I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus because it had 4G and a big screen, which my iPhone did not. However, I couldn't get reliable 4G service on the Samsung, even though my wife has consistently good Verizon 4G service on her HTC Thunderbolt. And if I left 4G on, not that the Nexus really worked in that mode, the battery would drain in less than 10 hours. Mind you, this is with the phone not in use as I don't bring it to work. It just dies from sitting there doing nothing. I got amazon to send me a second Nexus. Either it was better or I got better at power management because I could make it last all day, mostly by leaving 4G off. But since my criteria for getting a new phone included 4G, the Nexus wasn't really up to snuff. Amazon again took the phone back and this time I got the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. I couldn't be happier.
I can leave 4G on all the time and the battery appears to take about two days to drain, maybe more. What's more, 4G works like a charm. Speedtest confirms over 20 Mbps download speed. (I did get 30 Mbps once on the Nexus.) The display is also nicer. It's crisper, I think because the blacks are darker than they were on the Nexus.
Now I do miss Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) on the Samsung. That's one nice OS. But it will be coming to the RAZR and I'm hopeful it will work well on that phone. But even if I never get the OS upgrade on the RAZR, I'll be satisfied.
The RAZR feels better in my hand, the display is nicer, the 4G is reliable, and the battery lasts a long time. It doesn't have the new OS, but that's a minor detail compared with the problems I had on the Nexus.
I highly recommend the RAZR Maxx.
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on October 25, 2012
I am in the military and I work in a high desert area. This means high winds, high dust, high heat, or high cold temperatures. All the bad things that start with "high". It blows...literally and figuratively. So, I decided to buy the Motorola Razr Maxx since motorola has done a pretty good job with cell phones since my old StarTac. Dating myself with that one right? I got the phone and it is a bit large, but in a good way. Solid construction, feels well-made; screen is big enough to do things on it and not feel too cramped. The Skype video quality with front facing camera is so crystal clear, people think I am on my home computer. This is also a shout-out to the actual 4G LTE speed of Verizon, as opposed to TMobile, who has been slacking a lot in every category. (I currently have T-Mobile still as well) But net works aside. The feature that really impresses me and makes me love this phone - the BATTERY! This thing is packing a battery that rivals some 10" tablet batteries, and it shows. I am one of those people who likes to drain the battery to empty then charge to full, battery "memory" and all that. It is nearly impossible for me after a full day of using the phone on 4G, watching a couple episodes of Dexter or Mad Men, texting way more than any person should have to, googling things (yes that is a verb now), streaming some video on youtube, and keeping GPS, Bluetooth, Sync and everything else running from 6am until 7pm. As I speak, the battery is now at 70% strength...still. Amazing. Honestly it is worth the cost of not having a super amoled screen or whatever Samsung Galaxy III has. Samsung Glaxy III battery dies in like 6-8 hours of use, and not heavy use either (plus Samsung is notoriously bad at releasing timely updates to software for their phones, i.e. Samsung Galaxy I, II, and S). So props to Motorola on the 3300 mAh battery. Honestly I thank you and so does my family because now I can stay in contact with them during my 20 hour days without wondering if my battery is going to die or trying to find a wall socket in the Mojave desert, which there don't seem to be any. Lots of wild donkeys though.....sort of odd, but true. Right on. Thats all I have to say. Phone kicks arse man. Good on you Motorola, good on you.
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on January 9, 2014
I crashed my Harley at 110 mph and for a 100 yards slide on the face of the phone,ground off the case clipped on my pocket,so right on the Glass,saved a lot of skin,unbelievable the phone rang can you believe after that
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on April 13, 2012
I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the Razr Maxx. Wow, am I happy with it so far. The display is fine, the battery life is incredible. The Droid operating system is pretty easy to use. I'm sure the new iPhone 4S is an improvement over the iPhone 4, but I didn't want to take a chance when I could upgrade my phone on Verizon this time around. The phone is still thin relative to other SMART phones, even with the thicker battery.

The 4G is lightning fast, when it's available. The reception is always reliable on Motorola products I have had. The unit feels substantial and not flimsy. I've only had it for a few days, but I am very pleased with my purchase so far.

Update: I still love my Razr Maxx, and I will always order my phone through I actually have gone through 3 Razr Maxx's in the last month. The first Razr Maxx quit on me after a week, literally turned off and quit. I called Amazonwireless and they quickly got me a new phone literally the next day. (Next day delivery) The second new phone ran a little HOT (106 degrees), so I called Verizon to see if that was normal. They said NO and they would send me a "like new" refurbished Razr Maxx. I said no thank you, so I called Amazonwireless and they said "no problem", we will send you a brand new phone "next day" again. My third phone is working fine, for the last two weeks and I am still very pleased with the phone. It last more than a day and a half of heavy usage and still enough battery power to last the rest of the day.
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