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on September 15, 2012
I purchased one of these refurbished units to save a few bucks.
Upon opening and inspecting the unit, it looked brand new.
There was a notice that the clear plastic collection bin may be cloudy due to being used, but that was not the case with this one.
I charged it up and it works great.
Good suction when using for hardwood/tile floors or with the attachments.
It may not be great for carpeting, but we don't have any because we have dogs. Dogs + carpet = too much work.
Larger debris will get stuck in the beater bar, but this unit is meant for light cleaning and/or touchup.
The documentation says ~6 minutes on max or 13 minutes on regular setting.
I ran it on max for about 10 minutes before it needed to be recharged. If you need to vacuum for a long time, get a corded one.

Pros : Sturdy construction, easy to change accessories, easy to empty collection bin, easily removable beater bar for easy cleaning, comes with wall hanger for charging, good suction for a cordless, 6 month warranty on refurbed unit.
Cons : It didn't make me sammiches.
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on February 9, 2013
I resisted getting a vacuum from Dyson for many years. Just because someone claims they make a better vacuum on TV, do you believe them? To how many vacuum salesmen did I listen to form such an opinion? Too many.

After struggling with all sorts of battery-powered vacuums through the years, I wanted several things: a lithium ion battery pack, enough voltage to develop high suction, large dust collection chamber that is easy to dump, simple replaceable filters likely to be available after 10 or so years, and enough quality that I would still want to own it after 10 years.

These requirements really cut the number of choices down to a handful, and further, cut it down to one vacuum, the Dyson DC35. Unfortunately, picking the vacuum up in a store did not make me comfortable with the price of a new one, I questioned if all of my requirements were necessary. Would the Dyson last?

Then I discovered the reconditioned offering on Amazon. I could own the Dyson DC35 for a reasonable price and not feel so bad if it wasn't what it looked like. I haven't owned a vacuum that didn't disappoint me sooner rather than later.

The reconditioned Dyson has not disappointed me in the least.

First, the "reconditioned" vacuum looked brand new. It was beautifully packed and complete. It looked perfect. It worked great, but the battery ran out far too quickly, it seemed to me. As I read the very simple and wonderfully written instructions, I realized that the vacuum has two speeds, normal and max, and that my vacuum was permanently stuck in "max". The battery had lasted exactly as long as the instructions said it would on "max".

I determined that I could not easily fix the stuck button on the Max switch, so I called Dyson customer support. Here was my first disappointment. They weren't open at that moment. I had to wait 'til Monday morning. So, I called on Monday morning, expecting painful telephone waits and uninformed customer service personnel. Neither was true. A very informed agent answered immediately, understood my problem, and shipped out a replacement motor assembly under the 6 month warranty for reconditioned vacuums. Boom. Done. The motor assembly snaps off and snaps on. You can do it blind-folded.

I was also told by the customer service agent that I had the option of returning it and getting the product replaced by Amazon. I did not opt for this. I had all of the packing material, but the package is amazingly engineered and I thought that packing everything back up would take me an hour or two to figure it out. Besides, waiting for the replacement motor didn't seem too bad. After all, the DC35 worked.

The replacement motor came promptly. I snapped the old motor off, transferred the washable filter, and snapped the new motor on. Works great.

What is special about this vacuum?

It is comfortable and balanced in its full configuration. I had worried that the handle position would be uncomfortable. I was wrong. It feels like a natural extension of my arm, and my wife loves it, too.

On max, it vacuums throw rugs better than any other vacuum I have used. You will get stuff out of a rug every time you vacuum it. You can vacuum it on both sides with a shop vacuum and follow this with the Dyson DC35 and still get dirt.

On "normal", it vacuums well, and picks up random messes as well as any vacuum. It picks up dog hair, dust, sawdust, flour, etc. off solid floors and throw rugs with ease.

What it does not pick up well are leaves. Our dog will randomly bring in damp leaves, either tree or grass. Best to use the shop vacuum for these. You can snap the beater-bar head off, push the Max button, and get the leaf instantly with the Dyson, but it isn't really designed for it.

Other features of the Dyson DC35 include the brush attachment and the narrow crack attachment. The narrow crack attachment works fine. The brush is ingenious. It is really two brush attachments in one. The long-bristle brush, great for all sorts of messes, will slide up out of the way, exposing a microfiber brush. This microfiber brush is remarkable for vacuuming odd dusty things like air-conditioner evaporator coils and fine furniture. I had never imagined it before, and it took me time to figure out what it was for, but it works great, getting that fine dust that seems to be glued to some surfaces.

The unit comes with a "charging station" that screws up to a wall (two screws). It holds the vacuum and the two attachments quite securely and conveniently. Its use is optional, as the charging cord separates from it, but it works so well, why wouldn't you use it? I have considered two reasons. 1) you might not be able to put screw holes in the wall of your apartment; 2) it requires about a foot of clearance in front of where you mount it so that the bottom of the vacuum can swing out from the wall when you put it away or get it out. This last can be a problem if you want to store something else in front of the Dyson DC35 on the closet floor, say a full-size Dyson vacuum. Placing the station higher on the wall may fix this problem. Remember to lift the vacuum slightly as you swing it out, or you will put unnecessary stress on the screws holding the station to the wall. It is best to put the screws into a stud.

The power cord extends a generous 6 feet from the top of the charging station. The plug is large, but it extends to the side of the power outlet and out, so it does not block the second half of a duplex receptacle.

If you are challenged by the battery life (about 15 minutes on normal speed for me), you can purchase a second battery from Dyson and a second power cord, so you can have two fully charged batteries. The power cord will plug directly into the battery without the use of the charging station.

The Dyson DC35 snaps together. There are convenient toggles to remove the suction head and suction tube. The battery snaps out of the motor assembly, the motor assembly snaps loose from the filter system. The dust collection chamber snaps open and snaps loose from the filter assembly. In very rapid succession you can have the Dyson separated into its major assemblies, with the only tool being your hands.

The replaceable filter is designed to be washed many times. It is rugged and very effective. It is easy to wash, but it holds a lot of water and takes some effort to dry. I can see these lasting the life of the unit. It is that well made. I find that to dry the filter requires pressing it between layers of paper towels about three times, then blow drying for 1 minute on each side, then letting it air dry for a day. Returning it damp to the unit is a fantastic recipe for growing mildew.

After some use, the clear plastic dust chamber will become cloudy with accumulated fine dust and abrasion. Completely removed from the unit, it can easily be rinsed to lessen this, but be sure to get it entirely dry before snapping it back on. It seals up tight and will not dry completely when assembled, helping mildew to grow.

The cyclone dust separator unit, which is the best part of the vacuum, will accumulate some dust after quite a lot of use. Much of this can be removed with a shop vacuum. However, there are a lot of chambers in the unit, and small places where the air becomes still and amazingly fine dust deposits will build in places unseen. DO NOT WASH THIS UNIT. You cannot get all of the dust, no matter how you wash it as an assembly, you cannot dry it, and it will grow mildew on the deposited dust, making your Dyson smell like a really filthy gym shoe.

If you are competent and careful, the cyclone separator unit can be fully disassembled on my model. First, the suction tube is removed (4 plastic snaps), then the plastic separator grill must be removed (3 plastic snaps), then there are screws to remove to separate the micro cyclones from the head (one of these screws is located in the filter chamber, almost hidden by dust). Disassembled, the unit is easily cleaned and dried. Assembly is petty easy, just reverse your steps. I do not recommend you do this unless you have a unit that smells like the most disgusting gym shoes imaginable or is somehow clogged; where you know that if you fail you are going to buy a brand new cyclone separator unit from Dyson spare parts. You can destroy the cyclone separator unit by disassembly. Plastic snaps can be broken, screws stripped, screws lost, and you could forget how to put it back together. I also wouldn't expect to successfully do this more than once or twice to a unit without special tools to open the plastic snaps. But if it works, and may save you replacing the cyclone separator.


Like any vacuum, it will not get the finest dust on a hard floor. An electrostatic dust broom, like the Swiffer, will still get stuff a vacuum won't touch.

Although the Dyson DC35 is an amazing vacuum, and it is easy to think it will do anything, it wont. Just almost everything you have ever done with a household vacuum, and more.
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on December 6, 2012
Love this vacuum. Makes vacuuming super easy. I have mine mounted in my laundry room and pull it out whenever it's needed. The ability to use it off the fly without have to deal with cords is the best feature. Allows you to get going quickly.

I was nervous about battery life at first but I've found that it works long enough. I use the Max Power feature as well which supposedly cuts into the battery life. I've found that I can get a good 10 minute vacuum job in while Max Power is on. My house is small so I don't really need to spend too much time with the vac. If you had a larger house, I would suggest having a large plug in vac and using this one for spot cleanups.

The suction power is impressive. I thought for a handheld it would be weak but Dyson rocks it. This thing sucks like a Thai hooker.

If you're thinking about getting this, GET IT. You will like it.
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2013
I suppose it's luck as to what you get with a factory reconditioned model. While I got a great price as a daily deal, my unit definitely shows signs of major use or abuse. It seems to work fine, but has many scratches and the Dyson emblem is partially worn off. The dust bin is very cloudy and there was some residual dust. This was disappointing compared to those who said their units looked like new. So far it's functioning fine and works so much better than any other small vacuum I've used. It made quick work of vacuuming the cars and picks up dirt and debris with one pass. It is a little cumbersome to hold the trigger constantly, but I haven't experienced extraordinary fatigue during the small jobs I've used it for. So far, no problems with battery life. Hopefully the wear & tear is just cosmetic and the vacuum continues to function past the 6-month warranty period.
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on November 28, 2012
I have an office and workout room in a 400 square foot outbuilding. Some of it is carpeted but most is smooth flooring. This baby is PERFECT for this space. The sweeper/beater bar attachment goes from carpet to wood floor easily with no reset. The suction is reasonable and can be boosted temporarily. I can reach cobwebs overhead and get into the tightest corners below. I can remove the long tube and then dust my desk and other closeup items. It hangs easily back into place in a small space.

BUT BEWARE! This baby only runs for about 15 minutes on average speed per charge and only about 6 minutes on super suck speed. So you are not going to vacuum your HOUSE with it, especially if you have a lot of carpeting! Small apartment dwellers and outbuilding dwellers like me? PERFECT! If you need a solution for just your laundry room or whatever, OK. Exceedingly excellent small machine for SMALL jobs. Have a home to clean? Get a real BIG Dyson.
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on May 11, 2015
I am not an easy to please individual when it comes to cleanliness - OCD might be a term used around me a little :-) We have tried enough handhelds for me to have given up hope. Then we ordered our first full-sized Dyson and fell in love, and so decided to give the Dyson handheld a try.

The first thing you will notice is the weight, or the lack of it. My 80 year-old grandmother, who can barely walk on her own by the way, loved helping me out by vacuuming everyday, despite my requesting her not to tire herself with all the vacuuming. I'm not even kidding, she would find reasons to vacuum. In fact, we moved to India for a year and when she visited us there, she asked if she could vacuum!! That's how light this is.

Then its the power of cleaning - it CLEANS. Maybe not like a full-sized vacuum would, but it cleans better than handheld we've had. And the charge easily lasts for about 15-20mins of continuous cleaning. The "Max Power" button is a great feature for tougher jobs.

Did I mention the ease of use? The attachments included more than do the job of every kind one might need. Living in an apt in NYC, with construction all around, meant vacuuming every few days to keep the fine dust away, and this guy was the perfect tool for that job.

Finally, a Dyson, is a Dyson. We have used this handheld, abused this handheld and yet, it continues to serve us with all its faith and commitment. What more can a satisfied customer say! :-)
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on January 30, 2015
bought in 2012. Figured refurbished Dyson factory checked, would be good, like another review Dyson is on par w a luxury car co.. You assume they have pride in their name and buying their refurbished cars would be a no brainer. 1st one was broken in shipping so got a replacement, thanks to amazon prime, easy .. no problem.. The replacement looked brand new as did the first ..worked awesome, don't remember how long was the time to charge but it was pretty fast like 45 min to an hours ..Like most refurbished, was packed in a generic non Dyson box and the unpacking (I remember to this day ) was a chore.. . My Use was very light, mainly small crumbs or little messes ... Used about 3 times a week at best for 1-2 min at a time and a full charge would last me like 10 days .. May have used it like max 3 times to vacuum a couple of carpeted rooms. and it suctioned comparable to a regular (no brand full machine) but not like you feel like the carpet is being really pulled in.
Loved the freedom from cords, the light weight, the versatility and compact sleek design.. made me enjoy vacuuming.. I had invested in a big Dyson from a shopping network that I never cared to open for more than a year cause thought this was more convenient .. and fun to use .. This was my first poor experience in buying refurbished and I bought several refurbished electronics from Sharper Image that never disappointed me. Now I would think twice before buying refurbished again.. Now not sure if this refurbished was truly checked by Dyson.. I don't think there is thorough testing or what have you .. Way past the warranty now (6months) ..had use of it for 2 and 1/2 yr and now, I am on the hunt for a replacement with this one's same perks.. Shark has a similar one now, but I see cords..
In retrospect, I should have picked a brand new one.. but well.. 2 and a 1/2 years ago.
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on December 31, 2013
This Dyson Cordless Vac is very nice and convenient to use. I mostly use it for small jobs and especially to vacuum off the tops of tables. I would not use this vac for "whole house" cleaning however. It really tires my hand in a short time. I like the wall mount station which keeps the battery charged and gets the unit out of the way. Unit has good cleaning power and I like the ease of emptying the dirt container with the push of a button. I have a Panasonic canister vac that requires me to take the dirt container outside to clean. Dumping the Dyson dirt straight into the indoor trashcan is much easier. I recommend this product for small clean-ups.
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on April 26, 2013
I am glad I bought a reconditioned DC35 for $199 instead of over $300 for a new one. This is a nice unit. It's probably the best handheld vacuum choice out there. BUT...the suction is too weak. It cannot suck up a pile of sand from my son's shoes off our wood floors. It cannot suck up a popcorn kernel off a tile kitchen floor. The long nozzle is great so you don't have to bend over, but the vacuum does not have enough power to suck anything heavier than a feather up the length of the long nozzle. The only tool where it has acceptable suction is the crevice tool where suction is concentrated into a small area. With the brush attachment, forget it, you have to rub back an forth over what you are trying to vacuum up about 10 times and it just spreads it around, sucking up only 50% of it from a flat surface (not even carpet).

Overall it's a nice unit for very light duty use. Just don't have high hopes for it to be powerful. I still have to resort to pulling out the big Dyson or using a dustpan on many more things than I think I should have to with a $300 Dustbuster.
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on August 18, 2013
We really like this vacuum because it is maneuverable under furniture and can get into tight spots. The suction is really good and it is easy to empty the accumulated dust and dirt. I also like that it doesn't have a bag that needs to be replaced. We have a lot of pet hair, and sometimes that gets wound around the brushes on the vacuum head, but it's not a big problem. The biggest thing I like is that my husband will now vacuum! It's so easy to use that he will take the time to vacuum up stray hair balls that are hiding in corners. The only real reason I don't give it a 5 star rating is that you have no warning when the battery is getting low. It simply stops working and you have to go charge it. It takes 3 hours to charge for about 30 minutes of usage. If it were available, I would give it a 4 1/2 star rating.

UPDATE: I've reduced the rating to 3: In the past year, we have started having problems with it cutting on and off randomly--especially with the floor attachment on. Cleaning it no longer helps this issue. Now, it runs but it doesn't suck up the hair any longer, so I think it is petering out. I'm not sure we would buy this again simply because it didn't last as long as I would have liked. I think for a cordless, it's still a good vacuum, but I'm disappointed in it's longevity. It lasted about 4 years.
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