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on September 7, 2012
Both Verizon and Motorola have known about numerous bugs on this phone for months. The problems started happening with the ICS update in June.

The issues range from the inability to connect on either 4G or 3G networks to the phones becoming completely inoperable. Google "Motorola Droid Razr problems after ICS" for more info.

Verizon and Motorola were supposed to issue ICS bug fixes in August. Now they are saying the bug fixes will come sometime in September.

Motorola just released new versions of the Droid Razrs this week. They may or may not have the ICS bug fixes. It might be smart to wait for the fixes before purchasing any Motorola Razr.
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on May 3, 2012
excellent computer/phone. highly engineered. over engineered to beat their competitors. but they compromised when they used gorilla glass and didn't wait to do their homework. the gorilla glass DOESN'T WORK.

keep in mind that you will probably be using this device for about 2 years. are you ever going to drop the phone? bang. and the manufacturer and your server will deny you a replacement but will offer you a repair for the cost of another phone. forget the insurance too. not covered. i have dropped my other phones a hundred times. more than that. no problem. DO NOT DROP THIS PHONE, even when it is in the case (skinny phone in a fat case?). mine fell on my foot from 2 feet (shirt pocket when bending over. very slippery phone. that's nice), bounced onto the floor and shattered the glass. and i am not alone with this.

you will have this phone for 2 years.
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on July 2, 2012
I have been using the Droid Razr for a little under five months now. This is my first time using an Android based phone and to be honest I was a little confused when I first used it but in no time I was able to learn my way around the phone.

Adding apps is very simple and I love that you can create your own folders and keep every thing organized (which helps immensely when you have over 100 apps).

The phone is very lightweight. Again it took me a bit to get used to it and I felt like I was going to drop it every time I picked it up so if you are used to a slightly heavier phone I would recommend putting a case not only to protect your phone but to help with getting adjusted to how light weight it is.

I've read a lot of complaints on the battery life but I had no issues with it. The best way to save your battery is to put the phone in "Sleep Mode" when you are not using it. I traveled recently and kept my phone in sleep mode when I wasn't using it and managed to go three days without recharging.

The 4g is one of the best feature of this phone. I have never had the 4g go out or any issues on using any processes that involves internet. For this one feature I would gladly give up my old iPhone and switch to the Droid.

The camera is great for outdoors and so so for indoors but you don't buy a phone for it's camera capabilities, you buy it for it's usefulness and functioning features which I believe the Razr to have.
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on July 14, 2012
I bought the Motorola Droid RAZR as a replacement for my Droid X.

SCREEN: I prefer the larger screen (4.3") than the iPhone (3.5"). The RAZR screen may not have as much pixel density of the iPhone 4/4S, but it is still very bright and sharp.

CONNECTIVITY: The 4G LTE is really quick. Also, I use the wi-fi feature at home to decrease my data usage.

PROCESSOR: The dual core 1.2 GHz processor is very quick. This should be the minimum requirement for any Android phone.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Originally, Gingerbread OS was installed, but I was waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I finally got ICS OS upgrage a few days ago. Although ICS OS has a lot of nice features over Gingerbread OS, one of my biggest complaints is that my battery life decreased significantly, since I no longer have an option of using 3G. 4G LTE is the only option, which drains your battery faster, uses more of your data plan and heats up your phone to close to thermo-nuclear proportions.

BUILD: The RAZR is very comfortable and very light. It is build with the highest quality of material.

BATTERY: Awful. 3 hours of heavy use, 5 hours of moderate use and 12 hours of light use. Who uses a smart phone lightly???
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on March 22, 2012
Summary Review:

The phone is great
Durability is terrible - IMO the phone needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap, hardly the marketing Kevlar, Gorilla Glass, nanoparticles that Motorola advertise on their website.
Motorola Customer Service - Terrible


Really enjoyed my Razr for 3-4 weeks, then I decided to take it on a run. As with my previous smart phones I placed it in a pack pocket without any other items in that pocket (except some tissues). I ran a easy 2 miles and got back to find 2 cracks in the screen (Gorilla Glass) one at the top and bottom of the phone.

So I contact Motorola, and what a nightmare that turns out to be. Takes 4 or 5 calls and a couple of hours just to get them to send me a Fed-Ex label incorrectly addressed. Today I get an email from Motorola, telling me it's not covered under warranty and I have 2 options:

1) Repair it with a $159 fee
2) Return it as is

I then call Motorola, and voice my complaint, that I didn't do anything to the phone that I haven't done with other smart phones, without any issues. I hadn't dropped, hit, fell on the phone, it was in a pouch in my pack, and from a 2 mile run it had cracked the screen. I then asked to talk to a manager, which required me to wait 20+mins without a manager coming on the line. So I asked for a manager to call me back, which they did (60-90 mins later) and I repeat the whole story.

Outcome I end up paying to have it repaired.
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on April 24, 2012
This is my first smart phone and I am loving it. With a little bit of play, I have learned how to use the different features. I always thought "I don't need a smart phone". Now I will never have another phone that isn't. My husband got a regular phone the same day. He too thought he didn't need anything special on his phone. After all the different features I showed him on my phone and he played with mine a little bit, he took his back and traded it for a smart phone. The first day that I had it after letting it get a full charge the charge did only last 5 to 6 hours. The following day I received a call from Verizon Customer Service to see how my service was. The customer service rep gave me some pointers as a first time smart phone user. The one app that she told me about that has helped me the most is Green Power. This app does different things to your phone to reserve the charge. Such as turning off WiFi when not in use. I went from having to charge it after 6 hours of use to every other night. I am sure that there are probably other apps that do the same thing. I recommend that if you don't download Green Power that you atleast use another app that does the same thing. All and all I love the phone. If you haven't owned a smart phone before, I definetly suggest getting one. The Droid Razr 4G is a great phone to have.
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on August 19, 2014
The phone is larger than I like, making it uncomfortable to hold. My original Droid Incredible with extended battery fit a LOT better in my smaller hands. After an hours-long battle with Verizon (online and in two stores!!!) to get the phone activated with a WORKING sim card and 4G coverage, the phone appears to be working well.
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on June 24, 2012
I went to verizon 2.5 weeks ago when my blackberry storm died. It was under insurance but since it was the 2nd blackberry that died I wanted a different phone. I was informed insurance wouldn't put anything towards a new phone and since I was up for renewal I could just buy a new phone.

Anyways I knew nothing about android phones. I wasn't even told that droid and android are totally different things and there were a lot more phones I could have selected from in store. The salesman outright lied to me about battery life. He told me it was the latest phone and the battery would last all day even with using email and web. Well the battery lasts 2-3 hours with heavy use and 6 with light use. My screen keeps refusing to rotate and the only wat to fix it is to power it down completely and turn it back on. My keyboard keeps popping up a message saying it has to force stop. I brought my phone to the store with these concerns. I was informed that the battery life was "normal" and there is nothing wrong with the phone. However if I want a replacement they will ship me a refurbished phone. Excuse me I just bought this phone less than a month ago. My phone is new so I expect the replacement to be new. I talked to tech support and they were going to ship me a brand new one but would have to charge me $200 and would refund it when they received the old phone. Well I didn't have that so I was told to go to the store I bought it at and they should be able to trade. So to the store I go. The manager helped me as I had already been in and was told the issues I'm having are normal. So the manager calls tech support and tells me there is no record of the exchange the tech had started to process but never completed as I didn't have money. The manager outright told me it was my word against theirs. They have no proof so I'm wrong. They could sent me a "certified" preowned or refurbished phone. She also added that none of her employees would have made the claims the salesman made in front of my mother and I. She heard him too. He said. Battery life would be fairly comparable to my blackberry life. Well it isn't and I don't have an outlet following me around constantly. With this battery I could get stuck in a pretty bad situation and not have a phone to call out. So now I'm shopping around for a new carrier that won't screw me over. I told verizon to take my bill and shove it. I wasn't paying another cent until they decided to fix this issue. I've been a customer for 8yrs and this is how the repay me. They told me the person whose name is on my bill wohkd be responsible for the bill however they are filling for bankruptcy so verizon and stuff it. I'm getting a sIII as soon as it is available and trading this phone if for credit towards it. After the wayy I was treated, I will not use verizon anymore. They chased away a customer that has been with them a very long time.

If you want a phone that you can use for more than 3 hours, don't buy this phone. The battery is crap and cannot be removed. If you really want a droid get the maxx. Otherwise check out all the other option available.
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on March 27, 2013
This phone worked OK for about 6 months and I really enjoyed using it during that time. It's a speedy little microcomputer and an adequate phone. The app selection was adequate (I'm a business/consumer user and don't really play games).

Then the problems started.

After 6 months, if I made a change to sound settings, I ended up with random music files blasting at 2am as a 'notification'.

After the upgrade to ICS, my SIM card stopped working.

After 9 months, the earphone stopped working and I could no longer hear callers during a phone call.

After 12 months, bluetooth voice recognition stopped working.

After 15 months, the phone stopped charging.

Since it was out of warranty, Verizon would not replace the phone. Instead, I was offered $15 for a trade in. I didn't take it and now have a very expensive paperweight.

I was a loyal Motorola customer for over 10 years, but I'll never buy another Motorola device again.


Processor speed
4G broadband speed
Good display quality
Good responsiveness of touchscreen

Operating system (Motorola skin) unreliable and buggy
Faulty hardware
Using phone as mobile hotspot requires daily reboot (and there is no means of automatically rebooting on a schedule)
No way to turn off camera-click sound while taking a screenshot or rebooting
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on August 10, 2012
This is my first smartphone, so while I understand there may be a period of adjustment here, I spent a good 30 hours online looking up answers every time I had a problem and getting no help from Verizon customer/tech service with problems. I was very close to sending this back, but didn't. This is an edited/updated review after having the phone almost two months.

The first thing I noticed was that the phone would turn off or go into sleep mode sometimes when I changed position, especially if I was using the Netflix app. The first time I charged it, it would kick into sleep mode as soon as I laid it on a flat surface while charging. After upgrading to ICS it happens much less frequently but still happens. UPDATE: The power off/sleep mode problem resolved after upgrading the Netflix app twice. The first upgrade didn't help, but when the second upgrade arrived a day later, that one did. I believe there must have been a bug fix in that upgrade.

An app will still randomly turn on when I set the phone down on a surface or turn it to a different angle, but the addition of a pretty solid case on the phone seems to have helped. I can't tell you why, and maybe it's a coincidence, but only about once or twice a week does a random app come on when I put the phone down on a table. That used to happen constantly.

When I got the phone it still had Gingerbread. I found I used two things the most: The "ignore"/"answer" buttons when a call came in, and the Twitter contacts. Updated to Ice Cream Sandwich the second day and both those things were gone, and the new ignore/answer buttons are wonky, not working half the time.

Also gone was my ability to get texts in a timely manner -- suddenly my texts took 10-30 minutes to go through and 30-45 minutes for me to receive someone's text. You can't have a real time conversation like that, and that is what I use my phone for. Further, every time I went to Twitter from the home screen, it would disconnect me, and the sleep settings and ringtones I chose (from the default tones that came with the phone) never stayed once I went to ICS. UPDATE: The text issue has mostly resolved, after several very frustrating calls to Verizon. Despite saying that there was nothing they could do, I noticed that a dozen missing texts showed up while I was on hold with the third customer service rep. Since then, everything has been fine with only the very occasional dropped text.

The battery life was never good. I was charging it daily even though it sat idle most of the time, and if I used it for anything more than 2-3 minutes it got almost too hot to hold. UPDATE: The case I mentioned above makes the heat issue much more tolerable. However, the battery life on this really stinks. We used the phone for calls, texts, Twitter, photos, music and looking up info while on vacation a month ago and it was constantly running out of battery life. It would get low and I'd charge it for 1-2 hours from an outlet in the hotel room before heading out to the next place we were going and it would only charge up about 20-30%, which of course didn't last long. Very frustrating.

I found the user interface pretty poor and not intuitive. Maybe for those who had Gingerbread for ages, it made sense. For someone just starting out, it was very strange. Moving and deleting apps on my home screen took two hands and the luck of the Irish. To answer a call, you went through two screens, one when you hit the phone symbol on the screen, then a second screen with 3 small buttons that weren't labeled.

The backup list downloaded all my Gmail addresses and mixed them in with my phone numbers, and it was a huge mess. Plus it kept a random six people from my Twitter contacts after upgrading to ICS -- the rest of the Twitter contacts disappeared and the ability to sync Twitter friends into my address book was taken away, so I couldn't add the rest of my Twitter contacts.

The camera isn't very good. Focusing takes forever and half the time doesn't work. You do NOT want to use this for a situation where you'll want spur of the moment photos. Turning the flash off and on, zoom, and other features are very easy to use, but the photo quality isn't great. I have a six-year-old digital camera which works 10 times better than this phone, and you'd think with all the power packed into this thing it would have a good camera. Sadly, it doesn't.

Sound quality on calls is as good as my last phone, so I'm pleased. Sound quality for music is also good, but using Winamp for Android on the phone for an hour took the charge from 90% to 20%.

What I liked about the phone: The graphics were delightful. It played films well (when it wasn't shutting off randomly) and Twitter (when I could connect) and Gmail worked great. The keypad was nice and I liked the suggestions. So as a computer, it was very nice. As a phone you could text on, though, it wasn't even close to what I needed. I wish it had worked, I can't tell you how disappointed I am.
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