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on September 24, 2012
The battery is pointless...if you are away from a charger for more that 1 hour...dont get this phone. spend the extra $ on the razr maxx...which is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.
The phone is fantastic, other than the battery.... razr maxx solves that.
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on January 5, 2015
I got this as my first smartphone 2 years ago. I have 20 days left in my contract (not that I'm counting or anything...)

First impression: "Holy crap, I have internet and games and stuff!" It started out pretty well. The battery lasted about a day and a half, and it was plenty fast enough to get by with what I needed, which was a phone with email, music apps (tuner, metronome, recorder, etc), and mp3 capabilities. It did the job, and it had cost a penny with the contract renewal.

Last impression: "It's hardly even a phone anymore." Today, it was particularly freezy (email slows it, chrome stops the brick in its tracks). I got a call from my mom that was somewhat urgent during a 20 minute lunch break. The screen froze when the call came in, so I couldn't answer it. As I tried to call her back, the voicemail she left froze it up again. Then I finally was able to open my recent calls list 8 minutes into the break, and the call button was non responsive. It lit up and nothing happened. Several emails then popped up, and the screen stopped responding a third time. I finally reset the whole phone and was able to call her back after a long startup with about a minute left to talk.

This is after several factory resets. The phone has been in an otterbox non-stop since I bought it, hardly dropped in any significant way, and is visibly flawless. It's just too old, and the hardware was too weak to begin with. Don't go for the budget on this thing. The frustration and time loss is not worth the $100 you save.

WARNING: This phone will forever be stuck on ICS. It will not be getting kitkat or lollipop EVER. So if you ever hope to cache music on your SD card or make actual use of google now, this is not the phone for you.
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on February 14, 2013
I've had the phone since November, 2012. Lately its touch function (texting, unlocking the screen, etc.) has gotten very "touchy" in that it will enter two or three characters even though I've only tapped one.

Battery life is horrible, as others have said. On the other hand, the 4G hotspot is very helpful for us because we're in a rural area and can't get cable or DSL (but, the 4G LTE signal reaches out here and so we've been able to do away with our dedicated 3G data line with Verizon.)

I still have to occasionally turn the whole phone off--completely shut it down--because some functions cease working properly. This isn't a bad thing, and should be done relatively often, anyway. It's just an annoyance.

I wouldn't buy again, would not recommend to someone else, and I'm finished with Motorola. Their quality control doesn't seem to be what it once was. I'll switch to HTC or Samsung next time.
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on September 6, 2012
I love my razr!

I bought it over 6 months ago for 300$, and have enjoyed it ever since.

The Good
-The Screen: It is well above average. It is very nice to watch movies and videos on.(More about the downside of it in the bad section)
-Durability: This is by far the most important thing to me. Most people on my campus have iphones, but this blows them out of the water. I have dropped my phone, had it stepped on, and gotten it wet multiple times, yet it always comes right back on.
-Performance: It used to be the best in its class when I ordered it in November. I would say for the average user who watches a few youtube videos, and only streams occasionally, then it will be fine. I have watched Espn Mobile on livestream, and it usually does quite well.

The Bad
-The Screen: For all it's goodness, it does pixelate a bit.
-Buttons: They sometimes don't register, although it is second only to the iphone as far as controls go.

This is a sweet phone! The majority of people will consider it against an iphone, but for the price you really can't beat it nowadays. I paid 300$ for it, and do not regret it one bit! If you are a college student, the durability alone makes it worth the value.
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on December 26, 2012
this phone is horrible. I only used it for four days. I upgraded from my incredible 2 to try out the Razr. I returned the overpriced peice of crap faster then Ive ever returned anything. I got it only through Verizon (long story) for 'free' as in it would cost me $128 plus my bill and two year contract had I kept it. I purchased the holiday Cranberry Edition. My Inc2 was faster, has a way better camera, and better screen overall.

The Razr looks nice, the water proof nano coating is a plus, thiness isn't much thinner then my inc2. But it had a loud speaker.
The camera was absolutely horrible, probably the worst out of all 8 mp cameras on any other make. Plus I had the well known but never fixed screen issue. If you own one check for black spots (kinda like ink blots) on the screen with a black background, in a really dark room. During the day my screen looked like it should but at night I could even see those spots shadowing any videos I watched, or games I played. Google it to see what I mean.

But for a 'flagship' model these phones are crap. I never liked Motorola to begin with, this phone made me like them even less. I'll never purchase a Motorola ever again. I never had 4g the entire time I had it. For a dual core it was slow. And although it says 16gb only 10 is available thanks to bloatware. Most of the 1gb Ram is used by the phones features and OS. Games I could play on my inc2 effortlessly, and at full graphics, would lag or crash on the Razr even on low graphic settings.

The UI is horrible, music player copies Apple all the way with the layout. Not as customizable as other phones. If your looking for a similar phone don't get this model, plus there are way better phones that beat the Razr all day, everyday. Dont give in to the gimmicks.

Plus I'm leaving Verizon. I'm tired of getting 'future proof' phones that never get updated, its because of them not the manufacturer.

I'm going to Sprint. Got the galaxy s3 for a penny $53.63 all told. Not only do I pay $30 less but I get more. So what if sprint doesn't have 4g LTE service yet. Verizon doesn't even have it in my area. I'm patient. Been paying Verizon to much for a long time waiting for them to make it worthit. They didn't and I don't plan on staying.

All in all the Razr is 'ok' but even my inc2 would beat it if it was updated to the latest OS. It's all hype, that's all the Razr is nothing more. You ever realize why Motorola is only putting out Razrs now? Because they are crap, and all their other phones flopped, that's why..... An the reason most go Apple is because in order for carriers to sell them Apple can and does have full control over updates and bloatware.

Verizon is good, but they are getting to expensive. And no matter what phone you choose, is rendered obsolete in a yr or less. Thanks to them holding back updates trying to force you into buying their newer phones. It's up to the manufacture also, but Verizon has ultimate say. I would stay if not for them lying, false advertisement, and if my phone was updated to ics. (The European version incredible S has Jelly bean) so my inc 2 is capable. I shouldn't be bullied into buying another phone and extending my contract, or rooting and voiding my warranty to get what I pay for and should get.

You would think at the least the phones would last long enough or most of your contract. The retail prices are a laugh. Because if these phones were really worth that much why would you need to upgrade every two years? At $600 $700 you'd think they'd last a minimum, and be updated at least for 4yrs. But maybe its just me?

But honestly, the Razr is horrible, its hype, why they still sell them is beyond me. Let alone make more models. That's why they have the whole buy one get one in store, cuz they suck. If all you ever had is Motorola, and you never tried any other brand, then you would never know what your missing.

If I could I'd buy the HTC Rezound. It's a penny at the moment. O_o I've never seen it that cheap. Plus Dre Beat that's a steal.
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on June 28, 2012
Since this was my first step into the smart phone market, I did quite a bit of research on the net. My priorities were that the phone have a decent display and fast connection speeds. The RAZR has definitely fulfilled those requirements.
I was a bit concerned about the large size, but I am getting used to it. You'll know when this thing is in your pocket. There have been complaints about battery life, but since this is my first, I don't have anything to compare it to. If I don't spend too much time surfing, the battery will easily last for the day. The display is a very big battery eater.
Overall, I am way more than satisfied. The fact that I got it from Amazon in May for $.01 and free shipping was a bonus. The delivery and activation were quick and smooth. Connectivity is great and the speed from the Verizon network is very fast.
Now if I can just get ICS rolled out to me. Maybe it'll come today...
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on August 11, 2012
My name is Eric I drive a tanker truck for a living and was on top of my trailer standing and droped my phone about 15 feet onto the blacktop glass down and did not crack and only had a little scratch on the edge so i think its very durable
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on May 13, 2013
Have had the Droid Razr 4g almost a month now and have had no issues. I read reviews about horrible battery life and honestly if you don't run apps all day the battery life is pretty good. I have had no problems and am glad that I decided on the Razr despite some of the reviews. I have a bodyglove case on it and have dropped it twice, minor drops but still drops nonetheless. No problems :) I love this phone!

UPDATE: OK, I have had this phone for approx. 20 months now and Motorola and Verizon issued an update some time back that just ruined it. I loved this phone, it did all that I wanted until that update. Now I have missed calls that never ring through and show no notification. I never know they called if they don't leave a voice mail. Unfortunately I need this phone to work. I have missed calls from family members repeatedly and the schools my kids attend. This is crazy. I am getting text messages 12 hours after they were sent and the phone is randomly rebooting itself. The ringtone is randomly changing so anytime I hear a phone ringing I have to assume it's mine. I have factory reset it 3 times in the past 2 months. I am currently waiting on Verizon tech support to return my call...but I have little hope that they can help. I just gonna end up factory resetting it repeatedly until my upgrade :(
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on January 20, 2013
This phone worked great and w/o warning, one morning after 6 mo. of gentle use, the screen was black. The phone wouldn't respond to a soft or hard reset. As I have with other phones I've owned I took the back off to check the battery. I was never told not to do that with the RAZR. Do NOT take the back off! I was told by the Verizon employees there's nothing they can do since I took off the back.

My boyfriend has also had trouble with his RAZR locking up numerous times after only owning the phone for a few months.

Do NOT waste your $. You will be without a phone in a few months and you will NOT be able to get a replacement!

Also, the battery life is pathetic.
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on August 2, 2013
I first got this phone about 18 months ago. Now, looking back, I HATE it.

I'll go over the pros and cons, but first, my phone usage. I don't regularly check and send emails, nor take tons of calls. and I don't heavily game on my phone. I do however rely on wifi/data a ton, and various media apps, and occasionally game. I also listen to a lot of music, it's sort of my background thing wherever I go. So just to give you an idea of how I use my phone.

The pros?
It's beautiful. Sleek design, amazingly thin. System updates are relatively efficient, I got it at ICS 4.0, now I'm running 4.1.2 jellybean, and I love the UI.
I've been using the phone unrooted for 17 months, and for those of you unwilling to void your warranty, even unrooted, there are a plethora of customization apps, and like any android system, this phone is compatible with everything, and rarely sees exceptions and errors.
Another plus - it's super durable. I don't mean you should try throwing it out of a speeding car, but this thing can take hits. I've dropped it while standing, from around my chest height (and i'm pretty tall) onto concrete at least 10 times so far. Not a single crack. The frame has a bunch of nicks and scratches, but no performance issues. The waterproof coating is also great. I actually clean my screen with a wet wipe sometimes.

The cons...
When I first got it, I used a texting app. Obviously, wifi isn't global, so I put my data on. While actively texting at about 40% screen brightness and running nothing but some background apps/services, I got about... 3 hours. Keep in mind this is a completely new droid razr, straight from the factory. While texting and browsing facebook, I'd get 2 hours. Even if I just left my phone locked in my pocket, I'd get 6-7 hours. Not to mention it heated up. Not too much, but enough for you to realize it's uncomfortable to hold.
I also noticed that if I played certain games that I'm assuming had horrible gpu management, utilized a lot of webgl or 3d, my phone would give out within 2-3 hours of gameplay. AND, it'd heat up uncomfortably.
In the 18 months I've used my phone, the battery has degraded severely. So if you're looking for a long term phone, run away.
I'll also point out that the speed of the phone wasn't perfect. there was some occasional lag/freezes that I overlooked.

Around 6-8 months in, so there's some wear.
If i'm taking a flight or something, I have to bring my charger. with nothing running, no data/wifi, ONLY music, in the background, my phone doesn't even last 7-8 hours. Considering i'm only playing some music, that's pretty bad.
I also notice that if I use my 4g actively for even 3-5 minutes, my phone starts heating up pretty bad. if I play some graphics intense game (like fps or 3d) for longer than 30 minutes, my phone will heat VERY bad. This heat issue just keeps getting worse. By the time i've hit 12 months, if I play any remotely cpu/gpu consuming game for 10-20 minutes, my phone will overheat. Play it for 1 hour, my phone will heat to the point where it HURTS to hold.

Around the 12 month mark, my battery has also degraded to the point where active 4g browsing lasts 2 hours, and background 4g lasts 4-5 hours.

At 17 months, my phone would slow down when opening simple apps, or settings, or something.
I'm not a hardware expert, so all I can say is that everything is slowing down, and running things that the processor can't handle ends up overheating the phone.
Also, overheating has gotten unbearable. My phone is often at times SCALDING hot, when I browse on 4g or play games. I can't play games for longer than an hour without keeping it charged.
Active 4g use lasts but 1-1.5 hours.

At this point, I rooted my phone, hoping that some root apps could kill some annoying tasks that were probably guzzling my battery. So I did it, and put some battery management apps.
My phone is now approximately in the battery state it was around 10 months, with tons of backround services killed by task managers I installed.

Today, I was out from 11pm-5pm. I had my 4g on for approximately 30-40 minutes in total, and listened to music for about 3 of those hours.
I went from 100% to 15%.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I got unlucky with a horrible battery or something, but I'm supremely dissapointed in this phones overall specs and long term use.

If you want this phone, you should make sure you're looking for a 1 year phone that doesn't last, and isn't meant to stay unconnected to an outlet for long. In my opinion, it'd take a pretty rare case to make the pros outweigh the cons for anyone.

It IS a beautiful phone though, and I feel it's pros are worth mentioning that if you want this phone, get the Razr MAXX instead. it has nearly 200% the battery capacity, and it's like 0.1 inches thicker. It's basically just the razr with the battery a little fatter. Trust me, that extra thickness is worth it.
I also HIGHLY recommend rooting your Razr, whatever model it may be. Task killers that kill off some really useless system apps nobody uses have bumped my battery life up by about 40-50%, and it's definitely worth it.

I'm also currently considering replacing my Razr battery with a Razr MAXX battery, and hopefully, that's not just a new battery, but one that'll last.
edit: I recently bought a qq-tech razr extended battery case. You can buy it on amazon or ebay, and it bumps your battery up by about 125%. It works alright. It's a little fattening but it's definitely made my razr worth keeping until my next upgrade date.
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