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on December 3, 2012
I purchased this TV during the black Friday lightning rounds. I was among the many that didn't realize the limitations of the TV before buying. Because Amazon has both the 24 and 32 inch models on the same page it is easy to misread what you are actually getting. Amazon should separate the reviews and customer pictures for each model so that people don't anticipate something that they aren't actually getting. I should have done more research and read the specs from Panasonic's website as well...

That being said, it was a $159 set and I really like almost everything about it.

24inch is 1080P
Game mode makes picture much better (Picture is sharp and bright)
Quite thin
Low power consumption

Only 1 HDMI input (thought that there were more because of the 32 in reviews)
Picture quality and viewing angles could be slightly better (But then again, this is a sub $200 TV)
NOT LED (Again the way that both the 32in (LED) and the 24in (LCD) are combined in the same page one would assume that both are LED, but unfortunately this is not the case.)

So my advice to anyone considering this TV, buy it as long as you are OK with 1 HDMI and are looking for a 1080P panel. LED is missing, but LCD is fine. Good luck finding something comparable for the price, it's not easy to do.
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on September 2, 2012
So after a few weeks of research i decided to purchase this set for mostly gaming etc. I play mostly fighting games (PS3 at 720p)which are very sensitive to input lag and so far i am very pleased. Once i have the vga cables i ordered i will be able to get a proper lag test complete.

All in all for a $350 dollar set it is a good buy. Colors look nice once adjusted and decent black lvls. The one down side so far is the audio which many have posted about in their reviews. Its not terrible ...but i would grade it a C at best. The 32' version has 3 hdmi, optical out, and a usb reader which will play mp3, mp4 etc.

For the price and what you get...no complaints so far. If i can, i will upload with input lag test later down the line.

Update: as promised i wanted to update some of the input lag info I did some test via VGA cables and was able to get roughly sub 16-30ms lag which is acceptable for almost an game including shooters and fighting games which suffer the most from this problem. I will attempt to ad the screen shot from my test as well in the photo section
review image
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on December 18, 2012
The picture is outstanding. Viera has the same number of pixels across and up and down as the larger flatscreens. But due to the smaller size the resolution is far sharper for the eyes.

The sound is not very good. But frankly, all these flatscreens have crummy sound even if they are four times the size of this Viera. You will have to have self powered speakers that connect with RCA plugs if you want to tweak the sound of this Viera.

It is easy to tote around. It weighs like, I guess about 16 pounds if that.

It can take a USB flash drive or SDHC card in a USB adapter and do your photographs. The video seems to be somewhat of anomaly. It can not do AVI files which I find absurd. The video must be for home pictures. The music playback at this point in time is a mystery.

Got this for an associate. This TV has an outstanding picture. If you want to watch TV and little else this is a real bargain.

Fast delivery with Prime. Good Xmas present.
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on December 2, 2012
I bought this TV during the black Friday lightning deals week to replace a 22" LG that I used both as PC monitor and TV

Nice glossy bezel
Great TV image quality in HD and even SD channels look good
Speakers are good, you just need to modify factory settings, as they are set to 50% volume

One HDMI input only
Not full HD resolution using a VGA cable (highest resolution is 1366 by 768)
Hard to get the screen to show 1920 by 1080 correctly when connecting the PC via HDMI: first desktop was cropped, then it had black bars on top, bottom and sides.
Proper display was achieved by updating video card drivers and then using scaling option
(My previous monitor did not need any additional configuration to display its maximum resolution correctly)

Additional comments:
The pictures shown in description are misleading, they belong to a 32" TV, which does have 3 HDMI inputs
This is not a LED TV, it is LCD

Best thing to do is downloading its owner's manual before you buy it
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on September 5, 2014
I bought a similar version of this television (Panasonic VIERA TC-L32X5 32-Inch 720p 60Hz IPS LED-LCD TV) two years ago. I don't believe the 1080p version was available at the time or I would have purchased it. Prior to purchasing this television though, I actually had a Panasonic 42" 1080p plasma television inside my entertainment armoire but it was such a tight fit that I could barely open and close the armoire door. This is why I decided to go slightly smaller. I remember researching for a television between 35" and 38" that would fit inside my entertainment armoire and Panasonic didn't have anything I wanted in that size range so I settled for a 720p in this size. I wanted a Panasonic because I like my 42" television and only wanted a smaller version and also because my other components (Blu-ray player, sound bar, etc.) are Panasonic. I like the TV and the 720p picture quality is quite nice for my viewing habit. When I'm watching HD shows and movies, I can barely detect the difference between a 720p and 1080p picture (though I've never compared them side by side) to feel like I'm missing anything. The television came with enough ports (HDMI/USB, optical, sd slot, etc) for me to plug in different components. While I think the picture quality is quite nice, I cannot say the same about the sound quality. It's flat sounding and insufficient without a decent sound bar. I've had to turn the volume up pretty high (this is very subjective) sometimes just to watch the news and even then it is still hard to hear because of the "flatness". That's really the only downside that I have for this television because other than the sound quality, I think it's great! Now, if only Panasonic made their remote controls to work with all of their products, I'd be happier but as it stands now I have to use different remotes for different components even though they are all Panasonic...so much for me trying to stay with one brand. Overall, I do like this television and I think the picture quality is great despite the sound quality. I would give it a 4.0/5.0. - 09/05/2014
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on December 27, 2012
Quick note about the set up of our room where this TV is housed. We have this set mounted above our fireplace, which puts it at about 3.5 feet above the eye level of most viewers when seated comfortably, and 9 feet away from the most common viewing angles in the room. It's in a low light room that grabs some ambient outdoor light, but is mostly lit by lamps.


Aside from cost, and brand reliability, off-viewing angles was our biggest consideration when researching TV's. The off-angle viewing angles on this set are phenomenal. Colors, blacks, and picture quality hold up remarkably well when viewing the picture from most any angle. In that respect it really rivals the CRT TV it replaced and puts our Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500 1080P 120Hz 46-Inch LCD HD TV to absolute shame.

Good color representation. The reds are deep and accurate. Picture quality is crisp, but not overly glossy.

3 HDMI and 1 PC port

There are no extra lights left on when the TV is turned off (think power button lights, etc...). I prefer it that way.

Slight Disappointments:

There are two areas on the right side of the screen that exhibit some light bleed through. It's not the worst I've seen, and it's only noticeable when those areas are pitch black (think letter box).

The blacks are very good, but aren't perfect. Very good for an LED/LCD, especially at this price range, but I wish they still made plasma televisions at this screen size.

The bezel is black and glossy and a little thicker than it might need to be. There is also a small steel colored strip that runs along the bottom of the bottom bezel. None of this is overly obtrusive, but could annoy some people from a purely aesthetic perspective.

Other Stuff:

The remote is long and slender. It has just the right number of buttons/functions without becoming overly complicated.

There are a fair number of tweaking options for the picture, but other sets in this range offer more choices.

Sound isn't great, but given that the speakers are downward facing, it isn't an issue for us in that the set is mounted high and sound is pushed down.

Final Thoughts:

Viewing angles, colors, black levels, number of inputs, and pricing all came together on this set. We looked at other sets, and while the Samsung 4000 series was very good, even it couldn't match the Panasonic's very generous viewing angles.

I'd highly recommend anyone in the market for a 32 inch TV give this Panasonic a look. It isn't a set that is carried by a lot of stores, but was well worth finding one for comparisons sake. We're very happy with this purchase at this time.
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on May 10, 2013
I love this set and tried to find any reason not to like it, but I couldn't
I needed a small tv for our den, one which would be unobtrusive and fit into any small space available. I also wanted one which was reasonably attractive.

Since Panasonic is well known for it's spectacular plasma HDTV's this was a pleasant, though not entirely unexpected surprise, since I had read Consumer Reports for advise on which brand of TV to buy and they had the highest marks they have ever given televisions ever for the Panasonic Viera line. I was happy to find the price was so low too for this model.

This set looks really good and can be connected to anything pretty much. And the main thing I love about this is the colors. I am very particular when it comes to accurate colors and this is fantastically true to life, all the more surprising for such a small set.

I like the design of this set very much. It is glossy black and very simple without any big ugly logo or any other features to take away from the basic, elegant style. The side panel has the inputs out of sight. Even the design of the remote is well thought out and ergonomic. I found that the menu is intuitive also and easy to use.

For such a small size, this set has a lot of features. I have hooked this up to use as a monitor and while I hated to get rid of my excellent Hp monitor, this one shows no downgrade in picture quality, and I can switch over to tv on it whenver I want. The resolution is perfect and the monitor function works as well as my dedicated monitor.

There are several picture options, and the blacks are deep and non grainy. I have the black level set to light, since I want to see some detail in the shadows and grey areas. There are all the expected inputs for this and it functions almost as well as any big screen set as far as ways to connect. I actually can't believe I got such a high quality little set for such a great price.

Buying any TV these days can be a big decision but I have had several Panasonics now and have never had any problems with them over the years. I really love this set and it's perfect for a small room. Even though we have a lot of windows, I can't see much glare or reflecton either. This is perfect for my den and I'm really loving this great picture quality.
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on February 28, 2013
This monitor/HDTV would have been better if it came with drivers for the monitor portion as it uses the plug and play drivers as default. My computer is older so the resolution suffered because of a antiquated graphics card. Screwing around trying to find some drivers for it helped. I still should have been able to get 1280 x 1024 instead of the 1024 x 768 numbers it set it up as. I do get the 1280 x 1024 resolution after I installed a Windows generic Digital Flat Panel display driver. As a result, I have black bars on both sides of my screen. So, it looks like the 4:3 aspect ratio of old monitor screens and not the 16 x 9 aspect ratio. That is fine with me. Including drivers would have helped, or at the very least on your website. Before installing the Windows driver, had problems with sharpness of details. I would say now, things look decent enough. Make sure to use the auto adjust for sharpness. This is located on page 2 under PC adjustments.

TV is pretty good picture. Sometimes I wonder if any company ever practices quality control as the time for the shows is always off and there is no way to adjust time through the menu. Let's say you are watching Wheel of Fortune. It comes on at 6:30 pm around here. When you press the info button, or change the channel, it will say Wheel of Fortune 7:30-8:00 pm. Any show is one hour ahead. Even when daylight saving time began, the times must have increased one hour also. Because of the time differential, I have seen it report the wrong show you are watching also. Most of the time though it gets the show correct, just the time is wrong. Wrote customer service about issue, it is like they care. Sorry they say. With the tv picture I get the full 16 x 9 aspect ratio, unless the show is being broadcast not being able to fill the whole screen. I pick up my shows over the air (broadcast).

This is their actual response I got back from their customer service regarding this issue: Thank you for your inquiry. Based on the research that I have conducted, there does not seem to be a time setting in this unit. There is a timer setting for the TV set. We do apologize for the inconvenience this might cause. Thank you for contacting Panasonic.

Miss the PIP of my old set. But this will suffice for now.
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on January 1, 2013
The speaker is in the back of the TV. I have it wall mounted with an extendable arm, and regularly have trouble hearing anything with it against the wall. If I pull it out, it's still "tinny" and hollow. I can't listen to music shows through it - it's just terrible sound. For regular programming, it's OK if you turn the sound WAY UP. In summary: A sound bar is now on my wish list.

Picture: Beautiful, crisp picture. Bright vivid color. Love it.

Nice layout, easy to get to the right button. Pleasantly surprised to have a functional remote.

Nice Added Features:
You can label your inputs - nice if you have a lot of HDMI cables going into this thing. Also, you can save favorite channels for quick, easy access. My 42" can't do that.

Game Mode:
I bought the 32" Panasonic LED TV after looking for ages for a TV this size with a game mode. As an avid gamer (I particularly love to play DDR), lag can really kill your game. This feature has not disappointed! While it's not entirely lag free for DDR, it's substantially better than my other LCD television. I think it won't get any better unless you stick to a tube-tv or projector.

PC via HDMI input:
My husband and I are pretty tech-saavy, but we can't seem to get the TV to show the right resolution when we plug in our computer to this thing. Full-screen mode still works fine if you're watching a streaming show, but it can be frustrating to get your bottom toolbars to show. I usually do it as a 2nd/extended desktop to make it easier, but it's still not as perfect as I'd hoped. We don't have this same issue with our 42" TV.

In summary:
Game mode and picture = great
Sound = mediocre
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on March 22, 2013
I have the following problems with the advertisement of this product:

1 - This product contains customer images, one of them showing the back of the television with 2 HDMI ports.

2 - The "Product Details" on this item contains a "Data Sheet" in PDF format that describes 3 HDMI ports.

3 - Under "Product Details", there is another advertisement of this product, which states only 1 HDMI port.

The information provided on this item is confusing.
I bought this item believing I would receive 2 HDMI ports on the television.
This is a problem that needs to be resolved within amazon and the sellers.

I shouldn't have to be paying for a product and receiving something I did not expect.

The television works great. It has good audio for tv speakers and good image. Everthing is in working order.
I bought this item from Best 4 Best.
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