Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note 4G Android Phone, White (AT&T)
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on June 10, 2012
I bought this phone about 2 months ago to replace an IPhone 3GS. (I briefly upgraded to the IPhone 4 but took it back. My 3GS backlight died and I needed to replace the phone. I saw many adds for the Galaxy note and they piqued my interest. There are several things I really like about this phone when compared to my Iphone -

1. The battery is user replaceable

2. You can easily expand the memory via MicroSD cards - I added a 32Gig card, but I have read that you can use cards up to 64GB

3. The large screen size means that I can actually see web pages without having to squint or wear magnifying glasses.

4. The 8 megapixel camera is incredible.

As with the IPhone there are lots of apps.

What I don't like compared to my IPhone -

1. The battery life of the Note is much less than the battery life of my IPhone. I think it probably has to do with the increased size of the screen. Even when I enable power saving features the phone still sucks up battery life at a voracious pace. (but I can buy an extra battery)

2. I can't get one of my favorite driving apps - GPS Drive - it's only made for the IPhone.

I like this phone and think that it is much better than the 3GS that I had. I can't compare it to the IPhone 4 (any version) - I did have one for a short time when they first came out , but returned it for an IPhone 3GS.

I am happy that there is now an Otterbox case available for this phone and would recommend that anyone purchasing this phone get a good case - the phone is big and it can slip out of your hands.

On a scale of one to 10 I would give this phone an 8 to a 9 - I would give it a nine if the battery life was better. I would give it a 4.5 but there is no such rating!

Now that I have had this phone for a while I can report the following -

I am still very pleased with the phone compared to my IPhone.

You can greatly increase the battery life by turning off GPS!

You can download "Juice Defender" for free - it will help you to get much more battery life out of this phone.

The battery usage was my biggest complaint.

I have grown used to the native mapping features and though I still miss GPS drive, the supplied mapping program will get you there just fine.
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on April 7, 2012
This is my first Android phone so maybe some of what I say is Android related too.

At first the size was off putting and sometimes I was even a little embarrassed of it but now I'm totally used to it. I recently came across a friends iphone and I had this overwhelming feeling that it was too small to do anything with it!

Overall, I would definitely get this phone again though I wish we North Americans could get the nice international version for the contract price at AT&T instead of the ridiculous soft-key'd version we get. I love this phone and I'm really glad I switched from iPhone to it. Yes, it's big but you get used to it and can't live without the size.


-The size allows you to really do so much more than a smaller phone. I'm on the go between work and school for 12+ hours a day and I can't always lug my laptop around with me. This phone lets me have more capabilities without another device.

-Using swipe text input and the stylus you can text so much faster than with your finger or another input method.

-I love the customizable vibration intensity. I have it on the lowest possible setting so it's barely discernible.

-When I have LTE signal my connection is faster than my very good home wifi

-Has Flash. The main reason I left iPhone. I don't understand why Adobe is letting Apple beat them down by discontinuing mobile Flash. Yes I've heard the arguments that there are better things than Flash but Flash is everywhere now.

-I love the rooster alarm
-I love being able to download apps from anywhere
-I love the notifications bar on the top and it's versatility.


-The biggest, most irritating problem is severe lag. When I am texting and a message is sending the phone often totally freezes until the message is sent. Other times when Im navigating menus there is lag so that I end up accidentally clicking on the wrong thing. Sometimes I press the back key and nothing happens so I'm not sure I pressed it and I press it again only to find out there was just lag. This is immensely, unbelievably rage inspiring when on the 2nd page of the browser because it will cause the whole browser to close.

-The 2nd biggest con are the 4 pseudo-buttons on the bottom. I am CONSTANTLY accidentally hitting them. I just cannot imagine what we North America to deserve such ridiculous inane buttons. They are in the way, it's hard to hold the phone sometimes without pressing them, the stylus for some unimaginable reason doesn't work on them.

-When I am in a non-LTE area my connection is 1/10th the speed. Painfully Slow.

-The button on the stylus. I don't use the style for drawing or writing. I use it to navigate menus, applications, swipe text entry. I find it faster because it's more precise but I'm always accidentally pressing the button on the stylus which tends to bring up some note pad app which seems useless because it's not feasible to write or draw with the stylus.

-The button placement on the side. At first I thought I was just used to the top button of the iPhone but it is really hard to press the side button without accidentally pressing the volume button on the other side.

-The non-speaker call volume is WAY too low. I have to park very far from campus everyday and I like to talk on the phone to pass the time as I'm walking to and from my car. Sometimes I can barely hear the other person because of the ambient outside noises even though the volume is on high.

-The browser situation. I am a firefox fan so I downloaded it on the phone. But I can't get flash to work on it so I started using the built in browser again. Only as an fan I like to view animated gif's. They often won't work or will freeze on the built in browser but work great on the firefox app.
-If you charge it by plugging into a lap top it charges insanely slowly but if you plug it into a wall adapter it's much faster.
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on April 9, 2012
This Note is simply the best mobile computing device on the market right now.

The display is so colorful and clear you actually want to use it. And with it's ample size, you can actually read text and type on it. I've been through 4 different cell phones in the last 6 months and finally landed on this one.

The note is the phone which has ended my search for the ultimate phone. This thing can do anything and has a better display than my laptop and most TV's. The fast processor makes for a fast user experience and gaming.

In fact, I think this has gotta be the best gaming phone on the market. The S-Pen is an extra added goodie that I actually did use. But let's be clear here - the thing that separates this phone from everything on the market is that screen. The screen in both SIZE, COLOR AND CLARITY.

Some say it's too big, but I say it's beautiful.

When I first saw this at Best Buy for some reason I immediately discounted it. Like I could never afford it, or it was absurd. But every time I went to Best Buy I'd find myself playing with the phone. Amazed that the screen was so dang usable! Well, I guess now we know why Best Buy lost billions. I went home and Bought the phone on Amazon Wireless for $250! Saved me from buying it at Best Buy.

lol, this is a great phone and I cannot recommend it enough. It's changed my life - when I'm away from my computer it's not really that big of a deal because I do almost anything on my Note.

This is a revolutionary device that everyone should get the pleasure of owning.
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on November 4, 2012
Ok i've only been in the "cool phones" business for about 4 years. I had the curves and sidekicks before but that was just texting..... Ok first phone I had was the Evo 4g. The size was perfect for any phone(4.3) had that phone for about a year. Then finally after months of finding a better phone than Evo 4g i ran across the motorolla photon, sucks. then ran across the Evo 3d, felt like the Evo so that was a no for me.......Then finally I went and got the Iphone 4S my first apple device mannnnnnnn i fell in love with how the email system works and how SNAPPY the aps are, then 9 months later I joined the Ipad bandwagon......Then last week I finally decided to get something bigger, The galaxy note. After months of Samsung promoting the Galaxy line against Iphones i decided the Note is for the big boys so i'd try it out. Sold my Iphone 4s on ebay for about $400(notice the resale value in iphones compared to android phones).... Used that $400 to get a $350 note off craiglist.

Now to the Galaxy note, I tried the stock firmware for about 2 days and it was ok i wasn't fund with the big fonts and big overview of all the settings menu so i went ahead and got a custom rom. They where ok but none really stand out. there are only about 10 roms that are out there and here i was thinking everyone had a galaxy note when in really not really it's just a cool gimmick that no one else did(atlease they beat apple to it) so after a week of just apps taking forever to open COMPARED TO THE IPHONE 4s(a 2 second difference) i was like oh no, the iphone 4s is quicker. Even with apps like pandora radio the overview looks cheap. and it takes 3 seconds for the next song to come up while soon as you click next on the iphone the next song is playing......THEN youtube!!!! video playback is no problem, the interface look is ok...the problem with youtube compared to iphone/ipads versions is buffered videos. you can load a video on iphone and close the app do other stuff, then come back either play the video over or resume WITHOUT RELOADING the video. On android if you're watching a youtube video and leave come back 2 mins later your video has to redownload again. sucks

So if you're already a android user than i guess this phone will be ok for you. if you're looking to get away from apple well this phone want help. it's big and bulky. Also note(no pun intended) that after selling this device i went to a iphone 3gs and it works very great. Holding off until i get my iphone 5 woooooo
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on June 7, 2012
I bought this phone because I couldn't type emails on the iphone. I had a Blackberry but didn't like the apps or the web. This is perfect. I love the stylus ... use it all the time. I can use it to write emails but I don't have to because the larger phone is very easy to type emails on. It has voice search which works very well. The Google Play is great for music and I've got all my itunes music easily through Google play. Splash ID works seamlessly and there is an app for Outlook, which is why I used to be chained to Blackberry. The App for Outlook is called Deja Office and after a little bit of fiddling, it works perfectly. There is a super compass app which overlays on top of the camera. Very cool. The camera/video is great and the large screen is definitely a plus. I got the Galaxy Note cover in Orange which replaces the back of the phone, and it's very thin and terrific. This is definitely the best phone I've ever had. Really love it. Love writing notes and shopping lists with the stylus. Notepad appears whenever you tap twice on the phone ... great feature. I've had it two weeks. All my books are on Kindle app, downloaded tv shows which look great on the terrific screen, got my Outlook ... Can't say enough good things about this phone. Look out Iphone. I'm in love.
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on July 8, 2012
This is a great phone as many preious reviewers stated. The touch screen is smooth and responsive, almost as good as iPhones, and much better than my previous Samsung phones. The screen is big enough to do various kinds of reading comfortably.
The battery of this phone is really a disappointment. I only use the phone lightly, less than 10 minutes of call each day, 30 to 60 minutes's of reading, and less than 10 minutes on internet. But the phone's battery cannot last more than 8 hours, which means you have to do multiple charges during the day. What's wired about the battery is it can go from 50% battery usage to < 10% while the phone is on standby. The battery performace becomes worse and worse. Lately the battery can go from 50% to totaly drained in a few hours while it's on standby. I have tried to figure out what's going on while the phone is on standby. I turned off GPS (always when not using the navigation tool), bluetooth, WiFi, and all user applications before I let it standby. The end result is the same- the battery went from 50% to < 10%.
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on July 30, 2012
This is just the BEST wireless handset out there.

The screen is big and gorgeous. Bright and vivid color. 5.3" of pure visual honey.

The stylus is handy.

It is speedy and smooth. Apps launch fast and moving between screens is fluid.

The 2500 mAh battery is high capacity and lasts all day.

Once you have this "phablet" phone there is no going back to smaller screens.

Audio quality is quite good through the built-in speakers and the earpiece.

Highly recommended !
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on January 30, 2015
I had read such stellar reviews, that I was expecting big things. I had a 2014 MotoG but was wanting the larger screen. I suppose a one star may not be fair, because I would be comparing a 2014 to a 2012 phone. But leaping lizards, the processor is so SLOW on the Note that it reminded me of computers from the nineties booting up. I had a Samsung 3 before, and even that was much faster. I just ordered the Note3 and am hoping it has a better processor. I also found the stylus useless on the Note, and read that Samsung had incorporated the Spen much better on the Note3 and 4. As far as a Note (1st Generation), I found that I couldn't handle the slow processor and lagging picture shutter. Maybe for it's release date it was a great phone, but two years out, it is too slow to meet this user's needs. I paid $150 for a used Note. I used it for about one week. I have now ordered a Note3 (used, $300). I will update post if the Note3 made the cut, or if I will be returning to a Samsung Galaxy.
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on March 31, 2012
I purchased this phone in white on launch day in New York, 02/19/2012. My first impression was, WOW this is big!!!! Actually, it's more wide then big so to speak. I love the thinness of it, but it is taking some getting used to. Having said that, this phone is NOT for everyone. And yes, you need two hands to handle this thing. The screen is fantastic, the colors are beautiful. I have used the S pen and it is a nice addition. I doubt I will use it on a daily basis, but I have already used it to write text messages and they converted them to text. Once again, it is a nice addition. I can see myself using it to jot down to do lists and things like that. This phone is fully packed and the 4G LTE is fast. I used it at home to try it out and in Manhattan today as well. You can turn it off under the settings menu, wireless and network, and then mobile network, so you are not constantly draining your battery. The battery is good, but rest assure, if you stay on this thing constantly, you will be charging it every single day. That is why I like the on screen task killer, and monitoring what is running in the background. But since this came out in europe last year, there are so many accessories and extended batteries available. All in all, I love this phone, and just like with anything else, I will get used to it. Texting, netflix, reading or videos of ANY kind are fantastic on this thing. If you can get pass the size, which I think some people just can't, LOL, then you will love this phone. I had it in my jeans pocket today and it was fine. I hope this helps the undecided out their. I went from the Iphone 4G, to a HTC 4G Inspire, to the Galaxy Note. 3.5, to 4.3, to 5.3 inch screen. I am at my limit now, LOL. Almost got the blue/black color, but the white is really nice and the back cover is not textured like the black, it's plastic. And it looks really nice with a black cover on it. Okay, their you have it, the rest is up to you. Enjoy.
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on April 23, 2012
I give this phone 5 stars all the way around. It's fast, the screen is beautiful, and crafted very well. The operating system is awesome. If you can deal with people telling "that's a big phone" you will have no complaints with this thing. Highly recommend it.
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