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on February 23, 2012
The Note is the newest in Samsung's Galaxy series. Chances are, if you're looking at this review, you've already checked out this product line, so I'm not going to get too specific about the know it's got a nice processing speed, a great screen, a good amount of onboard memory (16GB's), and the Android operating system (2.3 at the moment, but hopefully an upgrade to 4.0 comes soon). I will, however, talk about the two things that sets it apart from the other phones on the market right now - it's size and the S-Pen stylus.

The screen is humungous...the 5.3" screen is beautiful, but could be a detriment to some. It's thin, so I could easily drop it into my work pants, but jeans...that's another story. The size is great for viewing email, watching movies, or texting, but is a hassle to use as a phone and walk around with.

The S-Pen works pretty well. It's a magnet based stylus technology that allows you to take screenshots and mark them up, process signatures, draw on pictures, etc. I wouldn't use it, but I could see why people would like this. The pen is small though, and could seem uncomfortable for normal use. It easily slides into the phone for storage.

Bottom line, if you're going to use the S-Pen and don't mind a giant phone, pick this one up. The screen is gorgeous and the performance is nice and fast.
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on August 16, 2015
I purchased this item as a refurb phone. It came with some scratches. The phone is awful and I ended up switching back to my old phone. Waste of money. It only holds a charge for about one hour. I will never buy a refurbished phone again.
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on April 2, 2012
The title sounds like i might be a "fanboi" or a shill... but I have owned (and liked) 2 iPhones (3G and 4), and an iPad, and this really is the best device I have owned. As a person that commutes a lot by train, I have carried an iPad or a laptop, my phone and other stuff in a messenger bag. My AT&T contract was ready for an upgrade, so I stopped in the local store to check out the Note. After making sure that I could deal with Android and Touchwiz, the final deciding moment was putting the phone in my pocket. I felt like I was trying on a pair of shoes, and had to walk around... sit, stand etc. It turns out... it was not to big for me... so i got one.

After living with it for about 3 weeks, I can safely say it is a great device. The display is great, the s-pen is cool for doodling or taking notes at meetings (I actually do this). What follows is my opinion on this phones pros and cons... remember, it's just an opinion.

If you are used to iTunes, you have to come up with and get used to a new strategy for syncing this device. There are options... so you have to do some research.

The battery is big enough to get me through a day without charging, but considering the size of the battery I was slightly disappointed.

AT&T Bloatware is annoying and can't be completely uninstalled without rooting the phone. Amazingly they didn't install their Visual Voicemail app which is actually useful. It can be installed... XDA Forums have the info.

You need to have a sense of humor to deal with people telling you your phone is too big.

You can add a 32gb sdhc card for around $25... 64gb for $80 if you look hard.

It's a great device for reading and browsing the web on. After installing the official Adobe Reader app, I can open pdf's that would choke my iPad.

I've had a Google account for a while. The integration with docs, gmail and everything else is very nice.

I really like the rear camera. It takes very nice snapshots with good detail. I own quite a few digital cameras, and I was pretty impressed.

If you are interested in this phone, but scared of it's humongous reputation... try it first before dismissing it. There are a lot of reviews on the web telling you that its too big to be a phone... check it out and make up your own mind. If you want a phone just to make phone calls and check your email, this is probably not the phone for you. If you like to watch movies, read, play games and take photos you should check it out.
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on February 25, 2012
What a fantastic device. I will make this short and sweet.... Battery life great! Screen is gorgeous......easy to use and very easy to get use too. At&t of course had to load this phone with pre installed can't remove software which is the only down side to this amazing device. The new google voice command than I expected. Overall if your looking to get a phone today its the best option on the market.
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on March 18, 2012
So long Nokia. So long Blackberry. I loved the N95 8G and the Torch but the Note is the best phone aka tablet on the market right now. It is the fastest and has the best graphics by far. Visit any store and watch a movie or HD clip from YouTube and you will be amazed at the clarity. The phone also takes incredible photos and shoots video in HD. Not even the current I-phone can match it and I can change my own battery when its required without sending it back to

The lists of its features have already been discussed in detail on this page and in other reviews so I will skip that. The speed and size of screen cannot be overstated. It fits in my pants pocket and dress shirt pocket without any problems provided that you purchase a slim case, which I did. I would prefer a thicker case for greater protection in the event of a drop but that's what phone insurance is for. Its worth it on this investment.

The ability to cut and paste photos or screen shots and then add comments that can be e-mailed is a real time saver when trying to graphically convey a message to someone. The camera on the front and back of the phone is also a great perk that I haven't had since my old Nokia N95 8G. Now I can see who is calling and who I am talking to in real time.

If there was a complaint it would be the lack of FM radio that does not eat into your data plan. Nokia offered that a decade ago and continues to. Of course there are about 300+ android FM radio apps so there are reasonable alternatives. This is by far the best phone I have ever owned. I hope the "phablet" trend catches on so when I upgrade, I can get another large 1080p screen from Samsung.

It so popular that the Note II was introduced later in the same year. Samsung's Galaxy based phones are now the leader of the pack!
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on April 3, 2012
I finally feel like I'm home. I instantly fell in love with the Note. You can't say enough about the screen and what 5.3" actually looks like. Everything pops, is crystal clear, and the colors are vibrant. The Note is easily the fastest phone I've ever had. My previous phone was a Samsung Captivate - and the Note absolutely blows it away in every respect speedwise. There is no comparison. Everything, from connecting to WiFi networks to closing browsers, to opening documents, to buffering and watching video is much faster with the Note. It's noticeably faster in everything.

I wasn't sold on the S-pen at first, but is so responsive and intuitive that I find myself using it all the time. The Note's battery life has been the subject of some mixed reviews, but let me say that I've only charged my Note once over a three day span and I'm using it a lot (probably 2-3 solid hours of use a day). It fits fine in my pant's pocket at work and I've had no issues with the size at all. I'm not a large man (5'10"), and the Note is easy to hold and use. It feels solid in your hand, but isn't heavy or bulky.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this phone/tablet ("phablet") to anyone. The screen size alone sold me, but there is so much more to this device that the word "impressive" doesn't really do it justice. Samsung has really hit a homerun here, and it appears that they are going to be developing S-pen enhanced apps for it. The Note's size is very inviting, prodding you to use it as more than "just a phone". Great device. I'm finally home!
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on March 22, 2012
This phone is not big; every other phone is small. After only a couple days of use this screen size was my new normal. I can't imagine using a phone with a smaller screen. My last phone was the iPhone 4S which was great but I have outgrown the screen size.

This phone has the largest screen out there and yet still matches and/or beats the quality of all the smaller ones. It is not stretched or pixelated, not ever.

I almost never use the handwriting apps yet I use the S pen often. My favorite way to "type" is to use the S pen with the Swype keyboard for Android.

At that point I don't think the Android App Market(s) will ever match the apple App Store but there is still a great selection with a quality about for all your needs and desires.

Surfing the wed on my note is far more like using a normal laptop/computer than a typical mobile phone experience.

The camera I am going to mostly hold out of this review because the shutter speed is slower than any out there so I feel like I must be doing something wrong. However I have not taken the time to tinker around in settings and see if there is something I can adjust to fix this.

I highly recommend this phone. Of course those who don't want such a sizable phone should look elsewhere. Those who see it as a great asset this is the phone to get.
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on March 26, 2012
I am a little over a week into ownership. I made the switch from iPhone 4 after owning an iPhone of some kind for the last 4 years and never owning an Android device. Was a little nervous about the switch but have to say I am liking Android a lot compared to iOS! Anyway, the phone. The phone is awesome!! The size is of course noticeable, to say the least, and seems to be the biggest "what if", so I'll start there. In short, I have quickly gotten used to the size it and enjoy it mostly. Great for surfing the internet, reading, remoting other devices, things you do on an iPhone and say "I wish I had a bigger screen for this...", etc. I still fumble around with it occasionally but have yet to drop it, although I've never really been phone dropper guy and am no more phone dropper guy with this phone. Also, I don't have a case on it as of this writing and I think once I get that, I will have an even better handle on it. The glass and back plastic can be pretty slick sometimes. I think if I had to do it again, I maybe would go a bit smaller (GS3 to have a 4.8 screen??) but it is manageable for me and the more I use it the more used to it I get and the more I like it! Then again, we'll see what happens when I get the case on there...

The S-Pen is cool, fun to play with, but I honestly haven't found a real use for it other than playing around. Performance is excellent, I am actually impressed after reading reviews of sluggishness on this new snapdragon processor. Very few hangups or app crashes so far. Some tasks, like web browsing, are jumpy feeling, not as smooth as iOS but I think that is more an Android thing than the phone. Not a deal breaker by any means.
Battery life has been pretty good. Once I was able to stop playing with it and use as normal, I got about 12-13 total hours on a full charge. About the same as iPhone, maybe a bit longer, in my experience. And it takes a looong time to charge but the battery is huge! I've started to just leave it on the charger overnight, every night.

----Some issues----
Android Market: Apparently the Android Market aka Google Play Store recognizes this phone as a tablet and therefore gives you access to only tablet apps?? So apps like 1weather (which I hear is awesome) are not available to me. I have not found a workaround for this yet but am looking. I'll try to provide an update if/when I find one.

App Resolution: Along the same lines, some apps seem to not be optimized for a screen of this size which may make them appear a little off. Scramble With Friends is an example of this, player names and scores actually overlap on screen. Annoying but again, not a deal breaker... well, until it happens in an app that matters (not a game). This could also be due to the fact that I have inadvertently installed the tab version of the app bc that was all that was available to me. Pulse news is another example, the font for article titles is very large and just looks wrong.

Call Quality: I have only made 2 calls on this phone (not a big phone talker) so take this FWIW, but one said I sounded like I was in a tunnel but on speaker phone I sounded perfect. The other caller did not mention anything. I have yet to test it out for myself but thought I would mention. Call quality reviews that I have read about this phone have been good overall.

--Overall I love this phone and I love Android. Not sure why I stayed with Apple for so long actually. Also, this phablet will be getting the ICS update (coming for AT&T in 2Q 2012) which, from what I read, should make the resolution issues go away, maybe even make battery life better, more S-Pen integration and so on. This review will be 5 stars once that comes out!
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on June 14, 2015
I returned this product for a refund. The description, "Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE", led me to believe that this was a Model 4 Note. It was actually an original Samsung Galaxy Note. Big disappointment.
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on March 19, 2015
Iwanted a note 4 at&t phone. The headline read galaxy note 4 and on the at&t line it said g at&t
So I made the order and received a first Gen galaxy note so after I thought about the situation I realized what had happened the advertisement said galaxy note 4 than on the next line g at&t So if you look at it in one line you get galaxy note 4G at&t disappointed in myself and the seller and after I get the phone I had to take it to a repair shop to get the charge port replaced and a new battery so I spent 160 plus 80 that's 240 for a first Gen note. Got me good don't let it happen to you.
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