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on November 16, 2012
I jumped on this deal when I saw it. The same TV was marked down to the original price here on a different site. Setting up the TV was easy, the menu is easy to work with. My only hang up with this is it takes some time to power on and power off. When I started using the TV I would end up hitting the power button a few times because I didn't think it took the first time. Then I'd watch it respond and wonder if it was coming on or off. Turning it off is a bit quicker with a popup that tells you it's shutting down. (thanks) I switched over to a universal remote and it seems to work better at turning it on. I know the universal remote is better at sending signals to devices.

Over all I think it's a great TV. I wouldn't mind having another one in a different room.
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on February 2, 2013
I got this TV for myself after my beloved RCR TV died after about 7 years of always being on. I think this TV will repeat the life of the other one and possibly last longer!

The picture is amazing for the price you pay. It is true 1080p and so far on my games they are a lot more detailed than on my previous 720p screen. And 39 inches, how could you go wrong?

The sound quality isn't as bad as others say. There really isn't bass on the stock speakers, but you don't get that with any real on-brand televisions either. The treble is good and there is no sound distortion from what I can tell so far. I've had this TV for about a week and have had no trouble out of it at all. It arrived one day ahead of time which I am very surprised with.

It has many different ports in the back for all of your devices, and three HDMI ports which is very useful. It also has a digital audio out port in case you have a speaker system like me which is definitely an added bonus.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and am glad I purchased this TV. I also got the 3 year warranty with it and hopefully will never have to use it. A great buy and definitely worth the money!
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on April 2, 2013
Bought this TV for a workout room. I don't need a great picture, or any bells and whistles, just the basics. Picture is typical for the price range.( poor) Very thick TV so not particularly good for wall mounting. I knew I was taking a risk buying an off brand like Coby, but I at least expected it to work properly out of the box. I finally realized that the remote was bad, and only by removing the battery cover and pressing hard on the batteries would it work. Being a sealed remote, I can't take it apart and re-solder the connections. Not a big deal, I was able to get it to work well enough to use it to program a learning universal remote. Still, I paid for a working remote control, so I'd like one. Emailed Coby and told them the problem. They tell me to send them a money order and they'd send me a new remote! Huh? What about a warranty? That's their way of handling a problem on their part. Instead of owning up and taking care of the customer, they lose one forever. Typical mentality of these low end TV companies. I'd hate to think what they would do if the TV itself was defective. Buying this Coby is a crapshoot, but then its a $250 TV.
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on November 28, 2012
So, my Christmas gifts are usually pretty amazing. PS3, matching dual monitors for his computer, etc, etc. This year, after hearing him complain about not having an awesome TV in our bedroom, I bought this and a swivel mount. He opened it and (he is one of those techy nerdy types) HE LOVED IT! Here are some exact quotes:
"3 HDMI? Awesome!"
"This is so lightweight!"
"This makes our room look b@d@$$!"
"You're seriously the best wife ever."
SO.... although I was worried about picking a TV without him there, I succeeded in continuing my string of amazing Christmas gifts!
The ONLY thing is that it DID NOT come with an HDMI cable. Luckily, I thought ahead and bought a couple. I would also recommend that in the future, you purchase a small sound system to improve the sound quality. We have no problems, but we have a smaller bedroom.
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on May 22, 2013
I bought this set without ever seeing a Coby monitor in my life. Risk! My first one arrived damaged, not doubt by the delivery man. I wasn't impressed with the packaging from the factory though. The second one works just fine. Thanks to amazon I had no issues returning the defective unit or getting the new one. All headaches were UPS related. I've had it running for a little over 3 months now with no issues. I like the set a lot but I'm thinking it's a bit over priced currently.

All sorts of awful. Too quiet for some sources. Always hallow, tinny and murky. No low end whatsoever. Hook up an amp and some speakers to this thing and go forth knowing you have done what needed to be done. A switched RCA out for audio would have made that simpler but then its less then 300 bucks. Digital out is good, but I'm pretty sure it will not output your analog audio sources should you have them. Never tried, but I don't think it has that kind of A to D conversion capability. If I was designing this TV I wouldn't put that in.

Not bad. Blacks aren't super black and off angle (especially from above) is poor. What do you expect for 3 bills on a TFT? I own worse, but I also own better. This set will not knock you off your feet. For less then $300 it's a monster though. Which brings us to the next point.

It's $400ish right now. I'm sure you can do better if it's at the $400 price point. Coby has a LED 39" for about $320 on Amazon right now. Go shop around. $400 is at least a hundy too much for me! That's why it only gets 3 stars. If it was still sub 300 I'd give it 4.
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on January 21, 2013
I bought this TV because I thought it had the greatest mix of value vs price and I believe I was right. The TV looks pretty good, about what I was expecting, the sound is pretty good, about what I was expecting as well. It has plenty of inputs and works great.

I had some issues initially with the TV turning itself off after about an hour but I think that was because for some reason the factory settings had it in sleep mode for 1 hour, but it hasn't done anything like that since I bought it and I've had it for about 4 months now. My only other complaint with the TV is that it can be tricky to turn on with the remote. It takes a few seconds to get fired up and most of the time I can't actually tell if the TV has processed my pushing the ON button, I usually just turn it on manually.

But given the price and how it works I'm very happy with my purchase. Don't expect top of the line performance from this TV, but knowing that I would definitely recommend this TV.
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on February 23, 2013
This TV design/look is modern. The picture, especially with the HD cable, is great!
As a matter of fact, I really like everything about it EXCEPT the sound.
This was a Christmas gift to myself. I initially had it in an old style entertainment center. So, when the sound wasn't coming out loud enough (even at top volume), I attributed it to the speakers (which are on the sides) being blocked in.
So, I finally purchased a new TV stand; one that allowed the TV to be set on top - speakers no longer encased/blocked.
It really made no difference.
Ultimately, I purchased a sound bar.
This is my first HDTV, so I can't compare to any other personal similar experiences. But, from acquaintances and even sampling them in stores, I truly feel the sound quality is below average on this unit.
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on December 12, 2012
I was highly annoyed to find that the very first TV I received was broken. I went through the trouble of unpacking it, setting up all the connections, etc.; then when I turned it facing forward and removed the final thin sheet of foam from the screen and turned it on ... there were spider webs and a glow. It was a pain to repack, deal with Amazon customer support in another country (bad phone connection), then wait another two days for another TV to come. Shipping was already delayed due to the holiday.

On the second TV, the sound seems not as good as the first for whatever reason, unless I just don't remember correctly, so I'm unsure if I got a somewhat faulty unit. Not returning this one. In any event, the sound DOES SUCK -- all the reviews are correct.

I expected the sound to be subpar when I purchased this, so I'm not very surprised. However, I thought the other reviewers were just being too critical/picky, or expected movie theater quality sound. I thought, "Surely it can't be that bad."

It is.

I'm definitely getting a surround sound system when I can afford it. Admittedly, I'm a bit spoiled, having moved from a Toshiba rear projection with amazing surround sound simulation and theater quality sound. However, the sound is tinny on this TV, as others have said. Imagine listening to a movie through those old-school foam-covered personal headphones that you used to use with a Walkman. Now imagine if you're sitting next to someone blasting music through their Walkman speakers. THAT is how this TV sounds -- like you're that "external listener," getting a taste of someone else's music from a few seats away.

I tried using one speaker more than the others, as suggested as a "fix" by one online reviewer for this TV, but didn't notice any improvement at all. I've played with all the sound settings available, using the preset ones (Theater, News, Standard, etc.), then trying a "Custom" combo of my own -- sound still wack.

How's the picture? I can't comment on its potential there, as I don't have HD cable nor an HD or Blueray DVD player. Is the sound wackness enough to leave this TV on its virtual shelf? Negative. I got this for a very good deal near Black Friday 2012 ($240) to replace our 46" living room TV that died. This TV would be better in a bedroom or smaller room, but I think it's worth the purchase. Just prepare to eventually channel the sound to a more capable system.
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on July 14, 2013
The audio( almost impossible to turn up the volume enough to hear it at just 10ft away) and overall quality was on the lowest end of the scale. Very cheaply made. If you enjoy unpacking and repacking and returning things, then this is for you. Because you will have to do just that. Unpack it just to find out you are going to have to re-pack it and return it. DON'T try to get another one for replacement. If you do buy it, get your money back and buy one that is worth taking out of the box. You'll have a much better chance of getting something you won't have to return if you avoid this one.
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on December 27, 2012
I bought this Coby LCD HDTV at a great price, and while it's not the best HDTV on the market, you really can't beat the value of a 39" lcd hdtv for under $300. If you are looking for a tv for the kids room or guest room that has a nice picture and decent sound, this hdtv will work great for that. If you are looking for a high end hdtv for the living room, this set won't be the one, and you simply can't find on anywhere near this price range. For what you pay for this tv, it is an outstanding value.
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