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on October 25, 2012
I have completed 2 Ironman Triathlon's and and in the middle of training for my 3rd (Lake Placid 2013). I needed my garmin 910xt as much as my bike and sneakers. 2 months ago while running the pin came out of the strap and the screen broke when it hit the ground. I contacted garmin and they said i could send it in and they would fix it. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to get it back. It went to Amazon to get another one because i couldnt go that long without a training watch. I typed in GPS sports watch and the Motorola MOTOACTV came up as an option. I figured since it was just a backup and it was about $150 cheaper than the garmin i would give it a shot. More than anything i wanted to try the built in MP3 player. I will tell you after 5 weeks i will never go back to the garmin. I love this watch. The map feature and fastest mile feature is great. It is extremely accurate and it updates you with voice commands as you are working out. It memorizes the songs that you are listening to when you preform the best and builds a playlist based on that. The touch screen displays are very nice and you can set up multiple screens. This is an amzing device and im looking forward to years of fun with it. The garmin 910xt is a great device also but you get the same thing with the motorola plus some for half the price. You cant go wrong.
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on November 1, 2013
I have purchased 2 motoactvs. The first was fantastic and it was through a fault of my own that it broke. I loved the 16G space for music. It was easy to navigate allowing me to sync different kinds of hear rate monitors and wireless headphones. It also synced with smartphones. What was useful to me was all the options for working out indoors and outdoors. It would even prompt me to calibrate my pace so it more accurately track me. What I didn't like was the hassle of getting both motoactv sync and motocast online. It was, however, only a one time download and once figured out it was no longer an issue.
The second time I bought the motoactv, the battery died quickly and, despite charging it all night, would go from 90% to 60% to 5% and shut off in a mater of minutes. When turned back on it would jump to 60% and stay there. Sometimes it wouldn't even turn on and would have to be plugged in just to tell me it already had 50%. In addition, it would change my time and date settings so my workouts were always off. Towards the end, it wouldn't even sync my workouts. It just kept reading 'sync error'.
So bummed out and now it's discontinued. I just opted to send it back and get a refund.
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on October 7, 2012
I got this as a smart watch first and for fitness 2nd. Even though for the 149 price with wrist strap wasn't to bad I wanted it maybe foolishly to be more yes I can check my twitter feed or messages from the watch or Facebook if that's your thing, but you are limited in you can't respond which would be really cool also so let me get to the pro's and cons.

Pro's has splash resistant screen and plenty of space as I have the 16GB one.
You can answer your call or return one call via Bluetooth
As I've stated you can check messages as this app works with the moto actv app on your phone
Has the possibility to be improved with further updates
Battery is very poor with such a limited device I shouldn't have to worry about charge in a normal work day but maybe is a bug moto can address.
Not a lot of apps or customization available which could have made this way more awesome.
If you buy definitely look for deal as there may be more functional smart watches coming
In closing if you want a fitness watch for a few hours this is great or even a semmi functional smart watch I don't know if this category will really take off but there has to be a group who will buy this with some added things like more apps better battery maybe some kind of maps which could use the GPS better all in all its a kind of cool device buy with caution.
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on August 29, 2012
I purchased this device about 2 1/2 weeks ago to help track my bike commutes and training for an upcoming triathlon. It's served much better than fiddling with my cellphone. The device interface seems intuitive and despite few shortcomings (mainly integration with and design of Motorola's still "fledgling" website/portal), is now my choice for tracking my workouts (both running, biking, and both!). Their (not included, but ordered separately) bike mount works great on both my folding bike and road bike, and I've ordered the additional cadence,etc. sensor to see what new things I could learn about my riding!

Plays music well, but I find the interface that syncs with iTunes (podcasts and playlists) rather 'clunky' and difficult to select exactly which part of my expansive music library should copy.
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on October 25, 2012
I bought the MOTOACTV GPS sports watch for my boyfriend who had been running with a Garmin 205 for the past few years. He's been looking at various different Garmin and other GPS sports watch and decided on the MOTOACTV, partly because it is also a MP3 player which comes in really handy when you run by yourself. This watch also supports bluetooth enabled devices and he now pairs his watch with a wireless in-ear ear headphones that works great.
He loves the way the constantly updated stats and other features on the watch.

We took it to Hawaii with us (from CA), and it located the satellite without skipping a beat. We both would highly recommend this watch for anyone that's looking for an upgrade for their GPS sports watch.
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on June 24, 2012
This is an update to a review I gave after first purchasing. The problems started a month ago with the volume. When I was running the volume would either go all the way up or all the way down. Seemed to be pretty random when it would want to do this but it would happen on every run. This week it stopped playing music or giving audio feedback like pace, mileage, etc. I can move the volume up and down and hear the beeps each time up press the up or down volume, so I know the headphones work. It just doesn't play anything else. I'm going to just buy another IPOD shuffle and use the motoactv for gps tracking only, but only until I can research a different GPS device. I only owned this thing for 3 months, my running shoes last longer than that! What a waste of money.
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on October 6, 2012
I'm in love with this watch, I have used ipod and nano, wanted a GPS watch with music for running , this gives me both and much more, able to see and /or hear miles run, miles left, pace per mile and total time on the road.Also after the run breaks down each mile and pace and shows my route that I just ran-so cool!! The only problem I have had was when I down loaded my playlist from itunes it
combined a lot of my playlist with similiar titles and mixed up some of the order I had them in. Minor problem, also would have much easier to program with a manuel, the one included wasn't enough for me, but I finally figured it out. But over all It's well worth the purchase.
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on August 8, 2012
The GPS works really well on the MOTOACTV. I never have a problem picking up my location and I live out in the middle of nowhere. It seems to be very accurate too. The MOTOACTV is very easy to use. I really like the sports headphones that came with it. The sound is great and they stay on while exercising.

The one problem that I have with it is that it doesn't sync my workouts very often. Rarely, it will sync right after a workout but most of the time it will be days later. It won't let me sync it manually, so I just have to wait until it finally does the sync on its own.

Overall I am very happy with my MOTOACTV.
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on November 20, 2013
I really like this device and before I bought I thought why in the world would someone want a device other than your phone to use while cycling and then I started looking for a device that would last longer than my iPhone about 3-4 hrs and play music.
This device works pretty good but while playing will only last about 4+ hrs but I have figured for rides longer than that I bring an extra battery charger and all is well
I think the software is a little behind times but it not too bad
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on August 4, 2012
I have never written a review for a product I purchased on Amazon, but I felt compelled to do so after my experience with the 16gb Motoactv. I had such high hopes for this watch. It had everything I was looking for. At the time I purchased it, the reviews had been mostly positive. Reading the Motoactv forum I could see that Motorola was responsive in listening to customer's concerns and proactive in fixing software issues. I felt confident I was buying a great product. Fast forward a month and a half later and my Motoactv just stopped working. I had just passed Amazon's 30 day return window so I had to deal with Motorola directly. Motorola instructed me to send it in for evaluation. They determined it had suffered "liquid damage" which is not covered by their warranty. Even if I wanted to pay them to fix it they will not. I wore the watch with the included wristband and was always careful not to get it wet even though it's advertised as being water resistant. I am a runner and I do sweat, but you would think a "sports watch" would be better equipped to handle perspiration. It is not. Now the Motoactv forum is filled with complaints and Motorola's representatives are not even responding anymore. Not to mention the bugs with their useless portal. With rumors that this product is now discontinued, it's obvious support for this device is gone. It makes me sick to think that I spent two hundred and sixty dollars on this thing and it dies after less than six weeks of gentle use. Not to mention the added cost of purchasing a compatible heart-rate monitor and bluetooth headphones. In an effort to prevent a total financial loss, I am now going to send it to a reputable third party vendor who will hopefully be able to fix the damage to this ill-engineered device. Buyer Beware!
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