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on April 4, 2013
The phone conceptually is good - key pad and 1.3Meg camera, no data plan needed. That's why I bought it.

Have become frustrated in daily use-

1. Perimeter buttons of phone are over-sensitive. If I switch hands, I'm likely to hit a button and end up switching to the second line no longer hearing the person on the first line. Or I disconnect the call entirely. And my hands aren't big! If I use an earphone and bend over, I will often disconnect the call. Sadly, people I call regularly have come to expect something to happen during the call. I can lock the phone, and as I put it in my pocket, my fingers will somehow unlock the phone which leads to:

2. I pocket dial regularly - usually, it will call the last number dialed - without my knowing it. My friends and girlfriend have enjoyed overhearing my conversations. After a call I'll key dial voicemail and quickly hang up so that if it does auto dial, it will only bother voicemail. (Why is this necessary?)

3. The alarms will randomly turn off. If you were using it to wake up or remind you of an important appointment, it's a dice roll or it plain doesn't work. I've seen others complain online about this design flaw, so it's not just my unit.

4. It has a limited number of calendar events. I might have twenty events in a month and go to add a third event in a day and it blocks it saying "the maximum number of events has been exceeded." I have not been able to find a solution or instructions for this, which limits the phone's utility and renders it impractical as a personal calendar.

5. Auto brightness doesn't work. It's too bright in the dark if your eyes are trying to get accustomed to the screen and too dark outside so you cant read the screen. It's hard to switch to manual brightness control if you cant see the icons in the daylight. You have to get in a shaded area to manually change the brightness.

6. The texting program has a number of design flaws. There's no way to key to jump to the beginning or end of the line (e.g. function + -> ). Also, if you do a linefeed to start a new paragraph, it defaults to a lower case letter rather than a capital. Also the Function and Caps keys don't always switch off, so if you hit an apostrophe, the next key, too often, appears as another special character instead of the desired letter (this may be me, but it happens a lot).

On the plus side, the phone sound is clear and I usually hang on to the signal if the phone doesn't act up.


If you research the phone a lot of these complaints are design flaws and Samsung has not come up with fixes since the phone came out years ago. Verizon won't allow me to turn the phone in and get a replacement. If I could, I'd do it today. So, I'll have to wait until the contract is done. As a concept it should be great. In real use, it's terribly flawed. Look elsewhere.
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on February 5, 2013
I tried to research this phone before I bought it. I wanted kind of a pro/con list to compare what I need to the features. Couldn't find one, decided to make one myself. This is certainly not all inclusive but what I find relevant. Let it be known, I'm pretty easy to please, cell phone-wise.

The keyboard makes for quick texting.
Camera takes good photos, can use large display to view them.
(I'm really struggling to think of any more)

The side buttons are constantly getting hit, so not having a case is not an option.
The alarm does NOT regularly work.
The keyboard backlight goes off quickly, making it difficult to see the small buttons and letters.
The volume button gets stuck.
The screen backlight flashes on and off at times, so if you have to use an automated system, it gets frustrating.

All in all, this is a cheap phone given some superficial touches to make it look better than it actually is. Since it has a lot of the touch screen functions but a poorly made touch screen, things go wrong regularly. I don't recommend this phone.
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on May 11, 2012
I've had this phone for a few days now and have gotten to know it a little bit.
Pros: Great touch screen. Barely any Lag. The Sound is great(even the people I'm talking to have noticed it). the Qwerty keyboard is smooth and the keys are spaced out enough for my clunky thumbs.
Cons: On occasion when I'm texting on the screen and I hit the T9 button the phone will restart. I don't like that there is no QWERTY keyboard on screen. The texts you sent get deleted if your mailbox is full without your permission.

Overall its a great phone for the price. I'm on a family plan and only pay $30 a month which is nice. You can access the web if you want to pay for it. People say that they had issues with the main screen being a menu, well you can customize it. And if you learn to lock your phone then you'll have no issue what so ever!
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on June 9, 2013
I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this product. My last phone died and I wanted a phone in which I did not have to purchase a data plan.

I have had this phone for not even 4 months. At first, I liked it and I could deal with the touchscreen being ultra sensitive. All of a sudden, one day I went to use my phone and it said "battery charging". The battery icon was even moving, but it wasn't even plugged in. Now I have to charge it every day, sometimes even twice. The touchscreen barely works. I have to tap it numerous times before I can text or answer texts. If I call someone I cant hang up. The numbers wont work while I am on the phone so I can't do anything i.e. listen to my voicemail because I cant type my password. Also, it turns itself off whenever it feels like it.

I talked to Samsung and they had me do a "hard restore". It didn't work. It just erased all my information in my phone.

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on October 24, 2012
I bought three of these phones for my family back in the summer when it was time to upgrade. I wanted a feature phone because I don't want to pay extra for a data plan. At the time this looked like the best deal. Big mistake! The touch screen is way too sensitive and seems to have a mind of its own. (By the way I have an android tablet and love it, so I'm used to a touch screen. )Functions start themselves and it makes calls even when I don't touch it. Calls are dropped constantly. After a couple of months all my alarms ceased to function. I discovered the only way to fix them was to delete them all and all events in my calendar. Then I recreated the alarms. They work now, but I stopped using the calendar because it conflicts with the daily alarms. Customization is ok, but limited. A number of functions were better on my old flip phone. I gave it two stars because I do like the keyboard, which isn't to say that couldn't be found on another phone. I would change phones, but with my Verizon contract I have to pay full price plus a $30 activation fee and we have three of these things. Looks like I'm stuck for another year and a half.
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on November 13, 2012
After 4 years of running out of battery on my HTC Incredible, than my Rezound, when I needed to use the phone most, I decided to go to a, "Dumb phone," so I could actually
do what a cell phone is intended to to; make calls!

I tried the LG Intensity, but unless you have fingers like sewing needles, the slide out qwerty isn't much use, so I went with this one. There seems to be a love hate relationship with
this phone, but 3 of my friends have it, and love it.

I won't whine about the, "Ugly screen," as I knew it wasn't pretty going it. Lack of customizing isn't an issue, as you can move the icons around. The phone going off in you pants? Lock the screen with Settings>Phone Settings>Security>Lock Screen Now. Solved.

The pictures won't win any Ansel Adams awards, but it has a camera, and even takes video's. Not broadcast quality, but again, I'm not expecting $300.00 worth of technology in a $39.00 phone. The call quality is perfect on speaker, and hand set. I hooked up my Samsung bluetooth up in about 2 minutes, and it works perfectly.
Yes, texting is taking a little getting used to, because my "Smart Phone," had a predictive keyboard, but hey, saving $30.00 a month, ($360.00 a year) is worth typing the words out. The keys are big enough for even my fat thumbs, so I'm very pleased there.

The Ring is loud, so I never miss a call. The tools, (Calculator, alarms, Calendar) work just fine for me, and best of all, I'm getting about 3 days, not 4 hours out of a battery!!! I can talk on this phone for an hour, and the battery MAY go down 1 bar. That's better than 1/2 on my Rezound.

Ok, is this phone as nice as my Rezound?? Is a Hyundai Sonata, a BMW 5 Series?? We're dealing with two different worlds here. One is basic, and works as dependably as my Sonata does, the other is flashy, fast, and cost's a fortune for upkeep.

I've had no issues with this phone. Go into settings, and play with security, and sound settings. You will find the answers to most of the, "Problems," folks are pissed about there.

The touch screen is sensitive, but no more sensitive than my Rezound. I love this phone. It makes calls, text's my friends, gets my e mail, and even has an opera browser! At the end of the day, after heavy use, I have at least 1/2 battery life left! I use this phone, ALLOT. I'm on the music business, and need a dependable phone, like a spaceman needs oxygen. No problems here.

Do your research, and find the forums which address the problems folks talk about. There are easy fixes for them, though I've not encountered any at this point.

If you're looking for beauty, super fast processing speeds, Portrait photo quality, this isn't it, though even after a Rezound, this phone is plenty fast. If you want make calls you can hear,
and have a simple, well laid out, dependable phone, that won't leave you with a dead battery, when you need it most, give this a try.

Good luck in your search.
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on October 3, 2012
I'm one of those people who is not connected at the hip to their phone. I don't use any apps, check my email, or surf the web on my phone. For strictly texting and making calls it does the job, which is why picked it out. My only real complaint is how sensitive the screen is, which I swear on my life sometimes I don't touch it and it will do things. For some reason it always signs on to the mobile browser or apps page. Surprised I haven't unknowingly purchased anything. I'm pretty conscious about locking it though, so it's not a big problem. Sometimes when I push to call someone it doesn't register right away on the touch screen. Overall, it's not great or terrible. I think some people were in over their heads thinking this is a smart phone or close to one, which it is far from. Quite sure that's why it is labeled as a BASIC phone, so I would only recommend it if you're like me and need it for just that, the basics.
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on April 3, 2012
I was told at the Verizon store after returning another non-smart phone that the Samsung Brightside is the best in class. I bought it because of the slide keyboard. However after having it a couple of weeks, here is what I have found.

No $30 per month data fee
Talk clarity is not bad.
Nicely laid out keyboard

As mentioned in other reviews, it is way to sensitive and I am constantly going into areas I did not want to go...voice mail is the big one.
Horrible speaker phone quality.
Received text message are cut off short for no apparent reason.
When the phone is locked, it will unlock by itself in your pocket...calling VM or the web!
Camera quality is of phone produced 3 yrs ago.
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on March 29, 2012
I'm going to focus on one aspect of this phone primarily because so many others have already touched up the usual aspects of this phone. In short - as a phone this phone is great. Very clear calls, no drops. Comfortable to hold. Love the slide out keyboard for texting. UI is about as bland as you can get - buts a basic phone so oh well. And, the UI can easily turn itself on in your pocket. I found a couple of times that it activated the screen and turned on a few apps in my pocket. Guess I'll have to look and see if there is a better lock code than the simple swipe.

OK - my issue with this phone is the blue tooth. Bottom line is the blue tooth on this device sucks.

I used to have a smartphone - Droid Incredible Android phone. I had bought a blue tooth headset a few months back and between that phone and the blue tooth device it was great. Calls were clear and loud enough, no problems really with the connection between the two. I down graded my phone because I just never use the smart part of the smart phone. I use it as a phone only. So why am I paying for a plan on this thing?

With this new phone - the Blue Tooth device very often disconnects from the phone, within minutes of the device being connected. Can not reconnect unless you turn the blue tooth device off and on again. But it will often disconnect again with in minutes. Interestingly - it has not disconnected while on a call yet so thats a small plus. However, when I am talking I have noticed that the sounds on this device is not as loud as when it connected to my Android device. I would not have thought that was possible as it would be the blue tooth that controls it - but its very noticeable. I have a hard time hearing now and others have a harder time hearing me. Same blue tooth that worked beautifully on the other phone - and still works beautifully on my wife's Droid Incredible. So - this phone is not so good with blue tooth. For me - I spend a bit of time on the highway - so blue tooth was very important to me. If its not for you then I would highly recommend this phone.
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on July 7, 2016
Phone was defective and had to be returned. When talking to somebody, it sounded like you were talking in a tunnel and you could barely hear them.

Refund was issued after returning the product.
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